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Author ICHIT 2012 (2012 : Taejŏn-si, Korea)

Title Convergence and hybrid information technology : 6th International Conference, ICHIT 2012, Daejeon, Korea, August 23-25, 2012, Proceedings / Geuk Lee [and others] (eds.)
Published Heidelberg ; New York : Springer, [2012]
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Series Communications in computer and information science ; 310
Communications in computer and information science ; 310
Contents Part 1. Communications and Networking -- Load-Balanced Handover Based on Adaptive Hysteresis in a Femto-Cell System / Kwang-hyun Cho and Dongho Kim -- Management Framework Based on a Vending Machine Scenario / Ya-Ting Wei, Jae-Hyoung Cho and Jae-Oh Lee -- A Geographic Routing Protocol for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks / Shu Li and Jeong Geun Kim -- A New Algorithm for Network Topology Determination Using Distributed Recursive Wave / Hong-Ngoc Hoang and Quoc-Trung Ha -- Optimization of System Chip Rate in Adaptive DS/CDMA Communications over Nakagami Fading Channels / Ye Hoon Lee -- Synchronization Control and Compensation of STO and CFO by Sub-Sampling Method / Xin Wang and Heung-Gyoon Ryu -- PER Measurement of Vehicular Communication Systems with Adjacent Channel Interferences / Woong Cho, Geuk Lee and Byungjoo Park -- Internet of Information and Services (IoIS) / Antonio Marcos Alberti, Rodrigo Carneiro Brandão, Agostinho Manuel Vaz and Bruno Magalhães Martins -- Searching for Synergies among Future Internet Ingredients / Antonio Marcos Alberti -- QoS Multicast Routing Scheduling for Multimedia Applications in Wireless Mesh Networks / Moonsik Kang -- An Indoor Localization Pre-Processing with Optimal Channel Selection Considering Channel Interference / Minchul Shin, Hyunjin Jeong and Inwhee Joe -- Nomadic Device Based CRL Acquisition Method for Vehicular Networks / HyunGon Kim, Tae Hwan Oh and Young B. Choi -- Solving Non-Blocking Atomic Commitment Problem in Asynchronous Distributed Systems with Unreliable Failure Detectors / Sung-Hoon Park and Seon-Hyong Lee
Part 2. Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems -- A Study of Knowledge Management System Activation Methods Based on Knowledge Market Theory / Soonki Jeong, Jongchang Ahn and Byungho Rhee -- Improvement Scheme and Analysis of Intelligent Web-Based Housing Price Index / Youngwoo Nam, Junyon Kim and Jinsul Kim -- A Multi-classifier System Using Mean Field Genetic Algorithm / Yeongjoon Kim and Chuleui Hong -- Investigation of Entropy Nets Induced by Oblique Decision Trees for Target Detection in Ocean SAR / Rafael L. Paes and Ivo P. Medeiros -- Optimising Flash Memory for Differing Usage Scenarios: Goals and Approach / Tom Arbuckle, Damien Hogan and Conor Ryan -- Composite Pattern Ontology on Steel House / Jung-Soo Han, Gui-Jung Kim and Myeong-Ho Lee -- A Novel Evolution Model of Collaboration Network Based on Scale-Free Network / Hong-tao Liu, Dong Pei and Yu Wu -- A Goal Oriented Attention Model for Efficient Object Search / Kyung Joo Cheoi -- An Efficient Workload Redistribution Algorithm in Grid Computing Systems Using Genetic Information / Byung-Tae Chun and Seong-Hoon Lee -- Rule Based Authorization Management Using User Context and ROLE / SungWook Ahn and SungYul Rhew -- Call Prediction Model Based on Smartphone Users Behavior / SeokHoon Kang, Hangil Won, Gwanggil Jeon and Young-Sup Lee -- Design and Implementation of an Integrated Management System for Smart Libraries / Byung-Won Min
Part 3. Medical Information and Bioinformatics -- Effects of Rehabilitation Program on Isokinetic Strength in Young Women with Chronic Ankle Instability / Lee Chong Hoon and You Saek Kyou -- Community-Based Social Media for Low-Income Pediatric Asthma Patients / Jongmyung Choi and Rosa I. Arriaga -- Web-Based Individualized Interactive Education for the Elderly Using Age Friendly Interface / Myonghwa Park and Mihyun Lee -- Design and Implementation of a Personalized Health-Care System / Jun-Il Choi and Joong Hyuk Chang -- The Development of e-Pedigree Model for Securing Transparent Pharmaceutical Distribution Channel in Korea / Kwang NamGung, Yongjung Choi, Seongjin Park and Chulwoo Jun -- Mobile U-Health Service System for Personalized Diagnosis Based on Ontology / Byung-Won Min -- A Binary PSO-Based Optimal EEG Channel Selection Method for a Motor Imagery Based BCI System / Jun-Yeup Kim, Seung-Min Park, Kwang-Eung Ko and Kwee-Bo Sim
Part 4. Security and Safety Systems -- A Robust Security Methodology for Supporting Reliable Multimedia Database System / Jeahwan Kim, Woong Cho, Byungjoo Park and Sunguk Lee -- Design Considerations on Constructing an Early Detection Framework for Detecting Large-Scale Malware Attacks / Manhee Lee -- A Study on Evidence Data Collection through iPhone Forensic / Jae-Hyun Lee and Dea-Woo Park -- Finding Vulnerabilities in Binary Codes Using Tainting/Fuzzing Analysis / Seong Oun Hwang -- A Conceptual Study on Knowledge-Based Personal Information Gathering Methods for Conducting Psychological Warfare in Cyberspace / Sangho Lee, Jung-Ho Eom, Bonghan Lee and Jin-Hyuk Choi -- Development of Transcription Tools That Improved Safety and Convenience / Sun-Dong Kwak and Moon-Soo Chang
Part 5. HCI and Data Mining -- Color Pencil Rendering of Photographs / Heekyung Yang and Kyungha Min -- Introduction of a Virtual Fitting System for Garment-Online-Retailing Using Front and Back Images of Garment / Ran Choi and Chang-Suk Cho -- Fairy Tale Storytelling System: Using Both Prosody and Text for Emotional Speech Synthesis / Ho-Joon Lee -- Reusing User Interfaces for Multiple Embedded Systems via Differential Logical UI Modeling / Saehwa Kim -- LasAR: Laser Pointer Based Mobile Augmented Reality for E-Commerce Services / TaeGyu Kim and Jun Park -- Application Tag System Based on Experience and Pleasure for Hedonic Searches / Taesuk Kihl, Juno Chang and So-Young Park -- Designing Mashup View Navigations Using Data Binding Approach / Eunjung Lee and Hyung-Joo Joo -- An Analysis of the Flow Experience Formation Process of Robot Programming Lesson Participants / Seung Young Shin -- A Mobile Course Management System: Case Study / Yasemin Koc, Onur Cikrikcili, Ahmet Yucel, Hong-In Cheng and Y. Batu Salman -- A Web-Based Virtual Collaboration System in Multiple Conferences / Yeongjoon Kim and Chuleui Hong -- An A* Algorithm for Extracting Feature Curves from 3D Meshes / Kyungha Min -- Speed Up of Index Creation for Time-Series Similarity Search with Handling Distortions / Myeong-Seon Gil, Bum-Soo Kim, Yang-Sae Moon and Mi-Jung Choi -- Efficient Collaborative Recommendation with Users Clustered for IPTV Services / Myung-Won Kim, Won-Moon Song, Sung-Yeol Song and Eun-Ju Kim -- A Trigger Based Approach for Mining Frequent Structures of XML / Jeong Hee Hwang and Mi Sug Gu
Part 6. Software and Hardware Engineering -- Run-Time Fault Detection Using Automatically Generated Fault Tree Based on UML / Junhee Kim, Shinwook Ghang and Eunseok Lee -- Proposal of Scenario and Stakeholder for the Software Reliability Based on MFP (Management Focus on Personnel) Process / Eun-Ser Lee -- A Study on a Framework for Persistence Layer Supportable Web Services in Distributed Environments / Eun-Cheon Lim, Se-Hoon Jung and Chun-Bo Sim -- A Study on Techniques for Measuring Requirement Suitability Considering Project Objectives and Constraints / JungWon Byun, SungYul Rhew and ManSoo Hwang -- Mobile Software Architecture Technique and Application for Using Business Logic and View / Hyeyoung Jeon and SungYul Rhew -- Overcoming Amdahl's Law by Distributing Workload Asymmetrically / Heegon Kim, Sungju Lee and Yongwha Chung -- RAIC: Redundant Array of Inexpensive Cloud / Huajian Mao, Nong Xiao and Yutong Lu -- Asynchronous Circuit Design on an FPGA: MIPS Processor Case Study / Seung-Joon Lee, Deok-Young Lee, Young-Woong Ko and Jeong-Gun Lee -- A Delay and Distance Aware Code Mapping Technique for Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Array Processors / Jonghee Youn and Doosan Cho -- Design of a Dual Processor Structure Sensor Node for Energy Harvesting Environments / Jung Kyu Yang, Yeong Rak Seong, Jun-Seok Park and Ha-Ryoung Oh
Part 7. Image Processing and Pattern Recognition -- A Classifier for Big Data / Byung Joo Kim -- A Continuous Wavelet Transform Based Method for Detecting Heart Valve Disorders Using Phonocardiograph Signals / Shivnarayan Patidar and Ram Bilas Pachori -- Detection of Correlated Microarray Expressions Using Difference Values / Gouchol Pok, ChengHao Jin, Oyun-Erdene Namsrai and Keun Ho Ryu -- MSER and SVM-Based Vehicle License Plate Detection and Recognition System / Jong-Bae Kim -- SVM-Based Sound Classification Based on MPEG-7 Audio LLDs and Related Enhanced Features / Chang-Hong Lin, Meng-Chi Tu, Yu-Hau Chin, Wei-Jun Liao and Cheng-Shu Hsu, et al. -- Filter Bank Approach to Clutter Filtering in Ultrasound Imaging / Seop-Hyeong Park, Moo-Ho Bae and Seong-Ho Song -- Linear Color Correction of Tongue Diagnosis Image / Fangping Mou, Sung-Jong Eun, Ki-jung Lee and Taeg-Keun Whangbo -- A Filter-Based Format Conversion Approach / Gwanggil Jeon, SeokHoon Kang and Young-Sup Lee -- Affective Real-Time Video Abstraction Using CUDA / Heekyung Yang and Kyungha Min
Part 8. Robotics and RFID Technologies -- Development and Control of a Personal Robotic Vehicle for Amusement / Hyunwook Kim and Seul Jung -- A Study of User-Controlled Robot Simulation on Augmented Reality / Hoe-Jun Jung and Dea-Woo Park -- Simulation of Collaborative Multi-robots / Sunghae Kim and Gihwon Kwon -- Privacy and Security Issues for RFID Healthcare System in Wireless Sensor Networks / Jung Tae Kim -- Development of SMD Chip Inductors for RF System Applications / Jae-Wook Kim, Chang-Kuen Ryu and Young-Oh Han -- The RFID Effectiveness Statistical Analysis Tool (RESAT) for Comparing RFID and Barcode in Logistics Operations / Yongjung Choi, Heoncheol Ha, Heungsun Park, Hyunsoo Kim and Kwang NamGung
Part 9. Convergence in Information Technology -- Universal Multiple Processing Unit Using Graph / Chun-Myoung Park -- Study on Predictor Measurement for Risk Management in Financial Information System / TaeHong Kang and SungYul Rhew -- Design of the OpenAPI Adaptor for Realizing the Convergence among Home Networks / Seung-Jun Cha and Kyu-Chul Lee -- Smart Acupuncture System Using Intelligence / You-Sik Hong, Hongkyun Kim, Hyun-Sook Park, Taewoon Yoon and Geuk Lee, et al. -- A Study on the Forensic Data Extraction Method for SMS, Photo and Mobile Image of Google Android and Windows Mobile Smart Phone / Woo-Sung Chun and Dea-Woo Park -- A Study on the Education Program for Specialized High Schools on the Development of App Contents Based Authoring Tool / Young-Hyun Chang, Kyu-Jin Lee, Jae-Min An and Dea-Woo Park -- A Study on the Buffer Sizing Method of CCPM Technique Using Statistical Analysis / Jingchao Liu and Taeg-Keun Whangbo
Part 10. Workshop on Advanced Smart Convergence (IWASC) -- Performance Evaluation of a LED-IT-Sensor Integrated Streetlight System in USN / Sun Jin Oh -- A Study on Improving Accuracy of LPC Transmission Parameter under Digital Mobile Telephone Network / Geumran Baek, Eunhwan Kim and Myung-Jin Bae -- The Architecture of User-End Client for Mobile Clout Service / Nam-Uk Kim, Jung-Ho Eom, Sung-Hwan Kim and Tai-Myoung Chung -- The Study for Next Mobile UX Based on Touch Technology / Jang-Mook Kang and You-Jin Song -- Automobile Traffic Accidents Prediction Model Using by Artificial Neural Networks / Yong Gyu Jung and Jong Han Lim -- Low Latency Scheduling on Multi BOOST Environment / Byung Ki Kim, Jeong-Gun Lee, Seon Woo Lee and Young Woong Ko -- Low Overhead File Synchronization Mechanism / Ho Min Jung, Sun Jeong Kim, Chang Geun Song and Young Woong Ko -- Stabilizing of the Static Posture Balance Based on the Physical Control System / Jeong-lae Kim and Ki-young Lee -- Estimating of the Dynamic Postural Stability on the Bio-sensor Processing System / Jeong-lae Kim and Ho-jun Yeom
A Discovery Technique of Overlapping Cluster in Self-Organizing Network / Paul Kim and Sangwook Kim -- The Standardization of Categorizing Voice Tones by V7B / Doo-Heon Kyon, Myung-Sook Kim and Myung-Jin Bae -- A Seamless Multimedia Service Technique for Mobile Digital Library / Seungyeol Lee, Jaeho Choi and Iksoo Kim -- A Multi-phase Semi-supersense Tagging of Korean Unknown Nouns / Young-Bum Kim, Jung-Kuk Lee and Yu-Seop Kim -- Pitch Detection Based on Signal-to-Noise-Ratio Estimation and Compensation for Continuous Speech Signal / Hyung-Woo Park, A-Ra Khil and Myung-Jin Bae -- Design of the Adaptive Encryption Using Parallel TCP in the Open IPTV / Hyoungyill Park, Sangdo Lee and Yongtae Shin -- Development of an Optimal Load Balancing Algorithm Based on ANFIS Modeling for the Clustering Web-Server / Seok-Pil Lee and Eui-Seok Nahm -- A Study of Smart Driving Information Check System Design for No-Driving Day Car Insurance in Korea / Minyoung Kim and Jong-Wook Jang -- Cloud Computing Availability: Multi-clouds for Big Data Service / Sangdo Lee, Hyoungyill Park and Yongtae Shin
Summary This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Convergence and Hybrid Information Technology, ICHIT 2012, held in Daejeon, Korea, in August 2012. The 102 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 196 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on communications and networking; soft computing and intelligent systems; medical information and bioinformatics; security and safety systems; HCI and data mining; software and hardware engineering; image processing and pattern recognition; robotics and RFID technologies; convergence in information technology; workshop on advanced smart convergence (IWASC)
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