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Title Advances in fish science and technology : papers presented at the Jubilee Conference of the Torry Research Station, Aberdeen, Scotland, 23-27 July 1979 / edited by J.J. Connell
Published Farnham, Eng. : Fishing News, [1980]


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Description xiv, 512 pages : illustrations ; 31 cm
Contents Past, present and future of fish technology. How changes in fish resources and in the regime of the sea are affecting fisheries management, development and utilization -- Response to change: the influence of fish science and technology on fish industries -- Past, present and future of fish handling methods --Fish preservation methods -- Past, present and future methods of utilization -- Methods of marketing, distribution and quality assurance -- Past, present and future of fish science. Sensory and non-sensory assessment of fish -- Structure and proteins of fish and shellfish -- Structure and proteins of fish and shellfish -- Fish lipids -- Other organic components and inorganic components -- Fish in human and animal nutrition -- Biological factors affecting processing and utilization -- Microbiology in fishery science -- Physical properties and processes -- The application of engineering science to fish preservation -- The application of engineering science to fish preservation -- Minced fish. The Cornell experience with minced fish -- Effect of time, temperature, raw material type, processing and use of cryoprotective agents on mince quality -- The use of response surface methodology to determine the effects of salt, tripolyphosphate and sodium alginate on the quality of fish patties prepared from minced fish, croaker -- Spiced minced fish from tilapia -- Stabilization of fish mince from gadoid species by pre-treatment of fish -- Studies on a minced squid product. Effect of raw material and ingredients on the texture of the product -- Process and new product investigations. A study of canned fish behaviour during storage -- The technology of Spanish canned mussels (Mytilus edulis L) from raft cultivation -- The use of dilute solutions of hydrogen peroxide to whiten fish flesh -- Alternatives to the production of fish portions from frozen fillet blocks -- -- Tissue degradation and belly bursting in capelin -- Studies on the auto-oxidation of sardine oil -- A computer programme for the numerical calculation of heating and cooling processes in blocks of fish -- Belt selection for a continuous air blast freezer -- Aspects of optimal utilization of the food fish resource through product innovation -- Smoking. Inhibition of the trimethylamine oxide degrading enzyme in frozen smoked cod -- Recovery of phenols from fish using a solvent extraction technique -- The development of analytical methods for investigating chemical changes during fish smoking -- The utilization of Mediterranean sardines by means of smoking -- Chilled and frozen storage. Storage of chilled cod under vacuum and at various concentrations of carbon dioxide -- Correlation of microbiological status with organoleptic quality of chilled Cape hake -- Some observations on the ambient and chill storage of blue whiting ( Micromesistius poutassou ) -- Preliminary investigation into the chill and frozen storage characteristics of scad ( Tracharus tracharus ) and its acceptability for human consumption -- Krill. Preliminary estimates on the quality and shelf life of krill meat -- Composition and properties of krill fingers -- Economic evaluations of krill fishing systems -- Development of matured krill sausage -- Dietary influences on the feeding of various fish meals and a soya-based meal to chickens and laying hens -- Nutritional experiments with krill -- By-products. Utilization of big-eye fish (Brachydeuterus auritus) for fish meal and fish protein concentrate production. A preliminary biochemical and nutritional evaluation -- Preliminary studies of two techniques for the removal of oil from fish silage using commercial equipment -- Propionic acid as a preservative for industrial fish -- Nutritional value of ensilaged by-catch fish from Indonesian shrimp trawlers -- Fish silage: why not use propionic and formic acid? -- Recovery, utilization and treatment of seafood processing wastes -- Fish technology and its transfer. The context of fish technology -- Technology transfer to a small business sector in the fisheries and related industries -- Seasonal changes. A seasonal study of the storage characteristics of mackerel stored at chill and ambient temperatures -- Seasonal variability in blue whiting (Micromesistius poutassou) and its influence on processing -- The effects of season and processing on the lipids of mandi (Pimelodus clarias, Bloch) a Brazilian freshwater fish -- Quality assessment. A comparison of different methods of freshness assessment of herring -- Assessment of the freshness of fillets by the GR Torrymeter -- Consumer and instrumental edibility measures for grouping of fish species -- Texture profile panelling: a systematic subjective method for describing and comparing the textures of fish materials, particularly partial comminutes -- Spoilage patterns of wet and thawed frozen Cape hake during chilled storage -- Protein studies. Analysis of the salt-soluble protein fraction of cod muscle by gel filtration -- Studies of the changes in the proteins of cod-frame minces during frozen storage at -15 degrees centigrade -- The nature of the cross-bridges constituting aggregates of frozen stored carp myosin and actomysin -- Evidence for the formation of covalent cross-linked myocin in frozen-stored cod minces -- A review of some recent applications of electrophoresis and iso-electric focusing in the identification of species of fish in fish and fish products -- The use of electrophoresis of the water-soluble muscle proteins in the quantitative analysis of the species components of a fish mince mixture -- Fish tissue degradation by trypsin type enzymes --Effects of formaldehyde addition at different ionic strengths on the salt-soluble proteins of fish muscle -- Microbiology. Biochemical and fatty acids analyses of coliform bacteria isolated from fish fillets in violet red bile agar -- Induced synthesis of membrane-bound c-type cytochromes and trimethylamine oxide reductase in Escherichia coli -- Toxin production by Clostridium botulinum type E in smoked fish in relation to the measured oxidation reduction potential (Eh), packaging method and the associated microflora -- Psychotropic Lactobacillus plantarum from fish and it's ability to produce antibiotic substances -- Low molecular weight compounds. The analysis of a range of non-volatile constituents of cooked haddock (Gadus aeglefinus) and the influence of these on flavour -- The formation of diamines and polyamines during storage of mackerel (Scomber scombrus) -- Water in fish. Water in fish tissue - a proton relaxation study of post rigor minced cod -- Modes of dehydration of frozen fish flesh -- Histology. The histology of blue whiting
Analysis Food: Fish Production
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Subject Fish culture.
Fishery technology -- Congresses.
Genre/Form Conference papers and proceedings.
Author Connell, J. J. (John J.)
Torry Research Station.
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ISBN 0852381085
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