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Author Cairo University International MDP Conference (7th : 2000 : Cairo, Egypt)

Title Current advances in mechanical design and production VII : proceedings of the Seventh Cairo University International MDP Conference ; Cairo-Egypt, February 15-17, 2000 / edited by Mohamed F. Hassan and Said M. Megahed
Published Amsterdam ; New York : Pergamon, 2000


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Description xiv, 647 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Contents Machine derived contents note: Section 1: SYSTEM DYNAMICS -- 1.1 Autonomous Control of Complex Systems: Robotic Applications -- Jamhldi, M. (USA) -- 1.2 A Simplified Inverse Kinematic Model Calculation Method for All 6R -- 'Type Manipulators -- Renaud, M. (France) -- 13 A Systematic Algorithm for Flexible Manipulators Simulation -- Megahed, S.M. and Hamza, K.T. (Egypt) -- 1.4 Non-Linear Trajectory Control of Flexible Joint Manipulators -- Bravo, R.R. and Dokainish, M.A. (Canada) -- 1.5 Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Integrated Structure/Control -- Design of High Speed Flexible Robot Arm -- Fanni, M. and El-Keran, A.A. (Egypt) -- 1.6 Generalized Path Generation for a Mobile Manipulator -- Bayle, B., Fourquet, J.-Y. and Renaud, M. (France) -- 1.7 Fuzzy Guidance Control for a Mobile Robot -- Gharieb, W. and Nagib, G. (Egypt) -- 1.8 Fuzzy Logic Sliding Mode Controller for DC Drive -- Ibraheem, A.A., Bahgat, A. and Abdel Motelb, M.S. (Egypt) -- 1.9 Driver Modeling using Fuzzy Logic Controls for Human-in-the-Loop -- Vehicle Simulations -- Zeyada, Y., El-Beheiry, E., El-Arabi, M. and Karnopp, D. -- (Egypt, USA) -- 1.10 Optimal Active Suspension with Preview for a Quarter-Car Model -- Incorporating Integral Constraint and Vibration Absorber -- Abduljabbar, Z.S. and ElMadany, M.M. (S. Arabia) -- 1.11 Dynamic Ride Properties of a Roll-Connected Vehicle Suspension -- Rakheja, S., Ahmed, A.K.W., Liu, P. and Richard, M.J. -- (Canada, USA) -- -- -- -- 1.12 Bilinear Control Theory of Smart Damping Systems -- El-Beheiry, E. (Egypt) -- 1.13 A Neural Adaptive Approach for Relative Guidance of Aircraft -- Shahzad, M., Slama, J.G. and Mora-Camino, F. (France, Brazil) -- 1.14 Simulation of Turbulence-Induced Vibration of Loosely Supported Heat -- Exchanger Tubes -- Hassan, M., Dokainish, M. and Weaver, D. (Canada) -- 1.15 Effect of Port Plate Silencing Grooves on Performance of Swash Plate -- Axial Piston Pumps -- Kassem, S.A. and Bahr, M.K (Egypt) -- Section II: SOLID MECHANICS -- II.1 The Modeling of Inelastic Compressibility and Incompressibility using the -- Viscoplasticity Theory Based on Overstress (VBO) -- Krempl, E. and Ho, K. (USA) -- II.2 On the Mechanical Integrity of Aeroengine Compressor Disc Assemblies -- Meguid, S.A. (Canada) -- 11.3 Effect of Void Growth on the Plastic Instability of Uniaxially Loaded -- Sheets -- Saleh, Ch.A.R. and Ragab, A.R. (Egypt) -- 11.4 Shakedown Analysis of an Infinite Plate with a Central Hole under Biaxial -- Tension -- Attia, M.S., Abdel-Karim, M. and Megahed, M.M. (Egypt) -- 11.5 Experimental and Analytical Investigations of Residual Stresses Induced by -- Autofrettage -- El-Shaer, Y.I., Aref, N.A., Abdel-Kader, M.S., El-Maddah, M. M. and -- Megahed, M.M. (Egypt) -- 11.6 A Mathematical Model for the Study of the Dynamic-Visco-Elastic Contact -- Problems -- Ali-Eldin, S.S., Aly, M. F. and Mahmoud, F.F. (Egypt) -- 11.7 Elastic-Plastic Analysis of Notch Root Stress-Strain and Deformation -- Fields under Cyclic Loading -- Hammouda, M.M.I. and Seleem, M.H. (Egypt) -- 11.8 Elasto-Plastic Thermal Stresses in Functionally Graded Materials -- Considering Microstructure Effects -- Shabana, Y., Noda, N. and Tohgo, K. (Japan) -- -- -- -- 11.9 Fracture Modeling of a Cruciform Welded Joint During Weld Cooling -- Behnam, W.M., Alkhoja, J., Recho, N. and Zhang, X.B. -- (Egypt, France) -- II.10 Application of Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics Criteria to Specimens -- Cut From Plastic Pipes -- El-Zoghby, A.A. and Al-Bastaki, N.M. (Egypt, Bahrain) -- II.11 Acoustic Emission Detection of Micro-Cracks Initiation and Growth in -- Polymeric Materials -- Abo-EI-Ezz, A.E. (Egypt) -- 11.12 Evaluating the Stress Concentration due to Elongated Defects in Welded -- Area -- Abd El-Ghany, K.M., El-Mahallawi, I. And El-Koussy, M.R. (Egypt) -- 11.13 Mechanics of Fracture in Fibrous Metal Matrix Composites -- Bahei-EI-Din, Y.A. and Elrafei, A.M. (Egypt) -- 11.14 On Simultaneous Failure of Cross-Ply and Angle-Ply Composite Laminates -- Khalil, M., Bakhiet, E. and El-Zoghby, A. (Egypt) -- 11.15 Modelling of Shape Rolling using Three-Dimensional Finite Element -- Technique -- Abo-Elkhier, M. (Egypt) -- 11.16 Shape Optimization of Metal Backing for Cemented Acetabular Cup -- Hedia, H.S., Abdel-Shafi, A.A.A. and Fouda, N. (Egypt) -- 11.17 Properties of Cementitious Composites Containing Non-Recyclable Glass -- as a Fine Aggregate -- Shehata, I.H., Elsawy, A.H., Varzavand, S. and Fahmy, M.F. (USA) -- Section Im: MATERIAL SCIENCE -- III.1 A Shape Memory Behavior Newly Revealed in Cu-Be Alloy -- Masoud, M.I., Naito, K., Era, H. and Kishitake, K. (Japan) -- III.2 Poisoning of Grain Refinement of Some Aluminium Alloys -- Abdel-Hamid, A.A. and Zaid, A.I.O. (Jordan) -- 111.3 Effect of Shot Peening on the Fatigue Strength of 2024-T3 Aluminum -- Alloy in the Unwelded and Welded Conditions -- Zaid, A.I.O., Ababneh, M.A. and Al-Haddid, T.N. (Jordan) -- 111.4 Creep Behavior of Solid Solution Alloys: Role of Dynamic-Strain Aging -- Soliman, M.S. and Almakhdoub, S.A. (S. Arabia) -- -- -- -- 111.5 Influence of Intense Plastic Straining on Room Temperature Mechanical -- Properties of Al-Cu-Li Base Alloys -- Salem, H.A. and Goforth, RE. (Egypt, USA) -- 111.6 Structure and Engineering Properties of Some Ductile Irons -- Refaey, A., Hafiz, M. and Fatahalla, N. (Egypt) -- 111.7 Conventional Versus Thin Slab Casting: A Numerical Simulation -- Approach for the Comparison of Microstructural Properties -- Youssef, Y.M., Megahed, G.M. and Lee, P.D. (Egypt, UK) -- III.8 Simulation and Control of the Cooling of Hot Rolled Steel Wire Rod -- Labib, H.F., Megahed, G.M., El-Mahallwi, I., Dashwood, RJ. and -- Lee, P.D. (Egypt, UK) -- III.9 Effect of Alumina Additions on the Mechanical Behavior of PM MMC -- with Low Strength Matrix -- Mazen, A.A. and Ahmed, A.Y. (Egypt) -- III.10 Evaluation of Damping Behavior of Spray Deposited SiC Particulates -- Reinforced Al Composites -- Abo El-Naser, A.A. (Egypt) -- III.11 Bonding and Properties of Explosively Compacted Copper Powder and -- Polypropylene Granules -- Hegazy, A. Abosree. (Egypt) -- Section IV: MANUFACTURING PROCESSES -- IV.1 New Trends in CIM: Virtual Manufacturing Systems for Next Generation -- Manufacturing -- Choi, B.K. and Kim, B.H. (South Korea) -- IV.2 Intelligent Machining Systems: Challenges and Opportunities -- Teltz, R. and Elbestawi, M.A. (Canada) -- IV.3 CAM System for Efficient Generation of Part-Programs for Wire-EDM -- El-Midany, T.T., El-Keran, A.A. and Radwan, H.T. (Egypt) -- IV.4 On the Prediction of Surface Roughness in Turning using Artificial -- Neural Networks -- El-Sonbaty, I. and Megahed, A.A. (Egypt) -- IV.5 On the Adjustment and Validation of Finite Element Models for -- Hemispherical Cup Forming -- Wifi, A.S., Ragab, M.S., Hussein, A.A. and Abdel-Hamid, A. -- (S. Arabia, Egypt) -- -- -- -- IV.6 Development of Spot-Weld Bonded Low Carbon Steel Damping Sheets -- Darwish, S.M.H and Ghanya, A. (S. Arabia, Egypt) -- Section V: DESIGN AND TRIBOLOGY -- V.1 Contribution of CAD-CAM and Reverse Engineering Technology to the -- Biomedical Field -- Hosni, Y.A. (USA) -- V.2 Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA): Concepts, Benefits and -- Applications -- Bayoumi, A.M.E. (USA) -- V.3 Inversion of Frusta as Impact Energy Absorbers -- Aljawi, A.A.N. and Alghamdi, A.A. (S. Arabia) -- V.4 Effect of Laser Surface Treatment and Work Hardening on the Fretting -- Wear Resistance of Zr-2.5Nb Alloy at High Temperature -- Attia, M.H. (Canada) -- V.5 In-Vitro Model to Evaluate the Effect of Attachment Designs on Stresses -- Transferred to Surroundings in Implant-Retained Overdentures -- El-Wakad, M.T. (Egypt) -- V.6 Assessment of Reliability Parameters for Maintenance Based Units using -- Linearized Weibull Model -- Mostafa, A.A-F. and Khattab, A.A. (Egypt) -- Section VI: INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING -- VI.1 Optimal Replacement of Components Subject to Degradation -- Elsayed, E.A
(USA) -- VI.2 Feature Recognition Algorithm for Process Selection -- McCormack, A.D. and Ibrahim, R. N. (Australia) -- VI.3 Development of a Genetic Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Logic Sets for -- Solving Facility Layout Problems -- Ramadan, M.Z. and Abou El-Ez, S.R.S. (Egypt) -- VI.4 Manufacturing Cell Formation Problem: A Graph Partitioning Approach -- Selim, H.M. (UAE) -- VI.5 An Investigation of the Group Scheduling Heuristics in a Flow-Line Cell -- Hozayyin, A.S., Badr, M.A. and Helal, M.E. (Egypt) -- -- -- -- VI.6 Scheduling Approach for Mixed Networked Batch Processes -- Soltan, H.A.M. (Egypt) -- VI.7 A Fuzzy Reactive Approach for the Crew Rostering Problem -- El Moudani, W., Brochado, M.R, Handou, M. and Mora-Camino, F. -- (France, Brazil, Niger) -- VI.8 Effects of Static and Dynamic Mean Variation on the Process Capability -- Mohammed, H.H. (Egypt) -- VI.9 Short Term Management of Water Resource Systems -- Faye, RM., Sawadogo, S., Gonzalez-Rojo, S. and Mora-Camino, F. -- (France, Senegal, Mexico)
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Subject Machine design -- Congresses.
Materials -- Congresses.
Production engineering -- Congresses.
Genre/Form Conference papers and proceedings.
Author Hassan, Mohamed F. (Mohamed Fahim), 1947-
Megahed, Saïd M.
Jāmiʻat al-Qāhirah.
LC no. 2001271791
ISBN 0080437117 (alk. paper)