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Author International Conference on Operations Research (2012 : Leibniz Universität Hannover) (Leibniz Universitat)

Title Operations Research Proceedings 2012 : selected papers of the International Annual Conference of the German Operations Research Society (GOR), Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany, September 5-7, 2012 / edited by Stefan Helber [and eight others]
Published Cham : Springer, 2014
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Contents Part I. Award Winners -- Product Line Design with Pricing Kits / Pascal Lutter -- Sparsity of Lift-and-Project Cutting Planes / Matthias Walter -- Railway Track Allocation / Thomas Schlechte -- Integrating Routing Decisions in Network Problems / Marie Schmidt -- Supply Chain Coordination in Case of Asymmetric Information: Information Sharing and Contracting in a Just-in-Time Environment / Guido Voigt
Part II. Applied Probability and Stochastic Programming, Forecasting -- Financial Crisis, VaR Forecasts and the Performance of Time Varying EVT-Copulas / Theo Berger
Part III. Continuous Optimization -- The Linear Sum-of-Ratios Optimization Problem: A PSO-Based Algorithm / João Paulo Costa and Maria João Alves
Part IV. Decision Analysis and Multiple Criteria Decision Making -- Selection of Socially Responsible Portfolios Using Hedonic Prices / A. Bilbao-Terol, M. Arenas-Parra, V. Canal-Fernandez and C. Bilbao-Terol -- Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Measures in Compressed Air Systems: A PROMETHEE Approach for Groups Facing Uncertainty / Simon Hirzel and Grit Walther -- Competitive Ratio as Coherent Measure of Risk / Iftikhar Ahmad, Esther Mohr and Günter Schmidt -- Binomial Lattice Model: Application on Carbon Credits Market / Natália Addas Porto and Paulo de Barros Correia -- Sustainability Assessment of Concepts for Energetic Use of Biomass: A Multi-Criteria Decision Support Approach / Nils Lerche, Meike Schmehl and Jutta Geldermann -- A Comparison of Two Visualisation Methods for Decision Support in MCDM Problems / Bastian Schmidtmann, Genoveva Uskova, Harald Uhlemair and Jutta Geldermann
Part V. Discrete and Combinatorial Optimization, Graphs and Networks -- Energy Efficiency in Extensive IP-Over-WDM Networks with Protection / Andreas Betker, Dirk Kosiankowski, Christoph Lange, Frank Pfeuffer, Christian Raack and Axel Werner -- Simultaneous Optimization of Berth Allocation, Quay Crane Assignment and Quay Crane Scheduling Problems in Container Terminals / Necati Aras, Yavuz Türkoğulları, Z. Caner Taşkın and Kuban Altınel -- A Genetic Algorithm for the Unequal Area Facility Layout Problem / Udo Buscher, Birgit Mayer and Tobias Ehrig -- A New Theoretical Framework for Robust Optimization Under Multi-Band Uncertainty / Christina Büsing and Fabio D'Andreagiovanni -- Relevant Network Distances for Approximate Approach to Large p-Median Problems / Jaroslav Janacek and Marek Kvet -- Impact of Utility Function to Service Center Location in Public Service System / Michal Kohani, Lubos Buzna and Jaroslav Janacek -- How Does Network Topology Determine the Synchronization Threshold in a Network of Oscillators? / Lubos Buzna, Sergi Lozano and Albert Díaz-Guilera -- Approximating Combinatorial Optimization Problems with Uncertain Costs and the OWA Criterion / Adam Kasperski and Paweł Zieliński -- Recoverable Robust Combinatorial Optimization Problems / Adam Kasperski, Adam Kurpisz and Paweł Zieliński
Part VI. Energy and Environment -- A MILP-Based Approach for Hydrothermal Scheduling / Dewan Fayzur Rahman, Ana Viana and João Pedro Pedroso -- Mixing Behavioral and Technological Data in Mathematical Programming Framework / Roman Kanala and Emmanuel Fragnière -- Profit Optimization of the Cross-Border Trade Between the Nordic and Russian Electricity Markets / Olga Gore, Satu Viljainen, Kalevi Kylaheiko and Ari Jantunen -- Dynamic Portfolio Optimization for Power Generation Assets / B. Glensk and R. Madlener -- Optimizing Storage Placement in Electricity Distribution Networks / J.M. van den Akker, S.L. Leemhuis and G.A. Bloemhof -- Optimizing Electrical Vehicle Charging Cycle to Increase Efficiency of Electrical Market Participants / Y. Hermans, S. Lannez, B. Le Cun and J.-C. Passelergue
Part VII. Financial Modeling, Banking and Insurance -- Near Term Investment Decision Support for Currency Options / Rouven Wiegard, Cornelius Köpp, Hans-Jörg von Metthenheim and Michael H. Breitner -- An Efficient Method for Option Pricing with Finite Elements: An Endogenous Element Length Approach / Tomoya Horiuchi, Kei Takahashi and Takahiro Ohno
Part VIII. Game Theory and Experimental Economics -- Simulation of Bribes and Consequences of Leniency Policy. Results from an Experimental Study / Alexandra Christöfl, Ulrike Leopold-Wildburger and Arleta Rasmußen -- Two-Stage Market with a Random Factor / Ekaterina Daylova and Alexander Vasin -- A New Allocation Method for Simple Bargaining Problems: The Shapley Rule / Francesc Carreras and Guillermo Owen -- Does SFE Correspond to Expected Behavior in the Uniform Price Auction? / Alexander Vasin and Marina Dolmatova
Part IX. Health Care Management -- A Three-Objective Optimization Approach to Cost Effectiveness Analysis Under Uncertainty / Walter J. Gutjahr
Part X. Information Systems, Neural Nets and Fuzzy Systems -- Spot and Freight Rate Futures in the Tanker Shipping Market: Short-Term Forecasting with Linear and Non-Linear Methods / Christian von Spreckelsen, Hans-Joerg von Mettenheim and Michael H. Breitner -- Forecasting Daily Highs and Lows of Liquid Assets with Neural Networks / Hans-Jörg von Mettenheim and Michael H. Breitner
Part XI. Managerial Accounting -- Modeling Aggregation and Measurement Errors in ABC Systems / Jan-Gerrit Heidgen, Stephan Lengsfeld and Arndt Rüdlin
Part XII. Production and Operations Management -- Condition-Based Release of Maintenance Jobs in a Decentralized Multi-Stage Production/Maintenance System / Ralf Gössinger and Michael Kaluzny -- An Exact Approach for the Combined Cell Layout Problem / Philipp Hungerländer and Miguel F. Anjos -- A Cutting Stock Problem with Alternatives: The Tubes Rolling Process / Markus Siepermann, Richard Lackes and Torsten Noll
Part XIII. Renewable Energy and New Mobility -- E-mobility: Assessing the Market Potential for Public and Private Charging Infrastructure / Robert Rieg, Stefan Ferber and Sandrina Finger -- A Decentralized Heuristic for Multiple-Choice Combinatorial Optimization Problems / Christian Hinrichs, Sebastian Lehnhoff and Michael Sonnenschein -- An E-Clearinghouse for Energy and Infrastructure Services in E-Mobility / Andreas Pfeiffer and Markus Bach -- Decision Support Tool for Offshore Wind Parks in the Context of Project Financing / André Koukal and Michael H. Breitner -- Optimization Strategies for Combined Heat and Power Range Extended Electric Vehicles / H. Juraschka, K.K.T. Thanapalan, L.O. Gusig and G.C. Premier -- Towards a Decision Support System for Real-Time Pricing of Electricity Rates: Design and Application / Cornelius Köpp, Hans-Jörg von Mettenheim and Michael H. Breitner -- 100 % Renewable Fuel in Germany 2050: A Quantitative Scenario Analysis / Maria-Isabella Eickenjäger and Michael H. Breitner -- Multi-objective Planning of Large-Scale Photovoltaic Power Plants / M. Bischoff, H. Ewe, K. Plociennik and I. Schüle -- Market Modeling in an Integrated Grid and Power Market Simulation / Torsten Rendel and Lutz Hofmann -- Customer-Oriented Delay Management in Public Transportation Networks Offering Navigation Services / Lucienne Günster and Michael Schröder -- Sustainability Assessment and Relevant Indicators of Steel Support Structures for Offshore Wind Turbines / Peter Schaumann and Anne Bechtel -- A Quantitative Car Sharing Business Model for Students / Michael H. Breitner and Judith Klein -- The Canola Oil Industry and EU Trade Integration: A Gravity Model Approach / Dirk Röttgers, Anja Faße and Ulrike Grote -- Modeling the Transformation of the German Energy System Until 2050:A Multi-Criteria, Long Term Optimization Problem with Many Constraints / Michael H. Breitner
Part XIV. Revenue Management and Pricing -- Optimization of Strategic Flight Ticket Purchase / Kathrin Armborst and Brigitte Werners -- Advertisement Scheduling-Revenue Management with TV Break Preference-Based Cancellations / Michael Mohaupt and Andreas Hilbert -- An Integrated Approach to Pricing, Inventory, and Market Segmentation Decisions with Demand Leakage / Syed Asif Raza -- Capacity Allocation and Pricing for Take-or-Pay Reservation Contracts / Mehdi Sharifyazdi and Hoda Davarzani
Part XV. Scheduling and Project Management -- Two Dedicated Parallel Machines Scheduling Problem with Precedence Relations / Evgeny R. Gafarov, Alexandre Dolgui and Frédéric Grimaud -- MILP-Formulations for the Total Adjustment Cost Problem / Stefan Kreter, Julia Rieck and Jürgen Zimmermann -- Minimizing Weighted Earliness and Tardiness on Parallel Machines Using a Multi-Agent System / S. Polyakovskiy and R. M' Hallah -- Multiprocessor Scheduling with Availability Constraints / Liliana Grigoriu -- First Results on Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling with Model-Endogenous Decision on the Project Structure / Carolin Kellenbrink
Part XVI. Simulation and System Dynamics -- Market Penetration of Alternative Fuel Vehicles in Iceland: A Hybrid Modeling Approach / Ehsan Shafiei, Hlynur Stefansson, Eyjólfur Ingi Ásgeirsson and Brynhildur Davidsdottir -- Balancing of Energy Supply and Residential Demand / Martin Bock and Grit Walther -- IT-Based Decision Support for Turning on Germany's Energy Transition / Bo Hu, Armin Leopold and Stefan Pickl
Part XVII. Software Applications and Modelling Systems -- The Multiple Watermarking on Digital Medical Image for Mobility and Authenticity / Adiwijaya, T.A.B. Wirayuda, S.D. Winanjuar and U. Muslimah -- A Novel Approach to Strategic Planning of Rail Freight Transport / Reyk Weiß, Jens Opitz and Karl Nachtigall -- Proximal Bundle Methods in Unit Commitment Optimization / Tim Drees, Roland Schuster and Albert Moser -- Hybrid Algorithm for Blind Equalization of QAM Signals / Abdenour Labed -- Automatic Scheduling of Periodic Event Networks by SAT Solving / Peter Großmann -- The Importance of Automatic Timetabling for a Railway Infrastructure Company / Daniel Poehle and Werner Weigand -- Study of a Process of Task Accumulation and Distribution in a GRID-System / Zoia Runovska -- Balancing Load Distribution on Baggage Belts at Airports / Frank Delonge
Part XVIII. Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Inventory -- On the Application of a Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm to the LORA-Spares Problem / Derek Cranshaw, Raman Pall and Slawomir Wesolkowski -- Evaluation of a New Supply Strategy for a Fashion Discounter / Miriam Kießling, Tobias Kreisel, Sascha Kurz and Jörg Rambau -- Heuristic Strategies for a Multi-Allocation Problem in LTL Logistics / Uwe Clausen and J. Fabian Meier -- Contracting Under Asymmetric Holding Cost Information in a Serial Supply Chain with a Nearly Profit Maximizing Buyer / Guido Voigt -- A Genetic Algorithm for the Integrated Scheduling of Production and Transport Systems / Jens Hartmann, Thomas Makuschewitz, Enzo M Frazzon and Bernd Scholz-Reiter -- A Dynamic Model for Facility Location in Closed-Loop Supply Chain Design / Orapadee Joochim -- Pricing Indirect Behavioral Effects in a Supply Chain: From the Perspective of "Contracts as Reference Point" / Isik Bicer -- Two-Stage Versus Single-Stage Inventory Models with or without Repair Ability / Ismail Serdar Bakal, Serkan Ozpamukcu and Pelin Bayindir
Part XIX. Traffic and Transportation -- Bi-Objective Network Equilibrium, Traffic Assignment and Road Pricing / Judith Y.T. Wang and Matthias Ehrgott -- Contraction Hierarchies with Turn Restrictions / Curt Nowak, Felix Hahne and Klaus Ambrosi -- Empirical and Mechanistic Models for Flight Delay Risk Distributions / Lucian Ionescu, Claus Gwiggner and Natalia Kliewer -- Energy-Optimized Routing of Electric Vehicles in Urban Delivery Systems / Henning Preis, Stefan Frank and Karl Nachtigall -- Integrated Network Design and Routing: An Application in the Timber Trade Industry / Julia Rieck and Carsten Ehrenberg
Award Winners -- Applied Probability and Stochastic Programming, Forecasting -- Continuous Optimization -- Decision Analysis and Multiple Criteria Decision Making -- Discrete and Combinatorial Optimization, Graphs and Networks -- Energy and Environment -- Financial Modeling, Banking and Insurance -- Game theory and Experimental Economics -- Health Care Management -- Information Systems, Neural Nets and Fuzzy Systems -- Managerial Accounting -- Production and Operations Management -- Renewable Energy and New Mobility -- Revenue Management and Pricing -- Scheduling and Project Management -- Simulation and System Dynamics -- Software Applications and Modelling Systems -- Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Inventory -- Traffic and Transportation
Summary This book contains selected papers presented at the "International Annual Conference of the German Operations Research Society (OR2012)" which was held September 4-7, 2012 at the Leibniz Universitt Hannover, Germany. The international conference, which also serves as the annual meeting of the German Operations Research Society (GOR), attracted more than 500 participants from more than 39 countries. Special attention at the conference was given to the three topics "Energy, Markets and Mobility". The OR2012 conference has addressed these topics from an OR perspective, treating them not only in isolation, but also with respect to their numerous and exciting interconnections, such as new energy for new mobility concepts and new market mechanisms for sustainable energy production to name but a few. The proceedings show that this conference topic is an important and promising area to apply Operations Research. The book also contains numerous papers addressing the full scope of fields in Operations Research
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Conference papers and proceedings.
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Author Helber, Stefan, 1963- editor
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