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Author Frankel, Susy, author

Title The Internet and the emerging importance of new forms of intellectual property / edited by Susy Frankel, Daniel Gervais
Published Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands Kluwer Law International B. V., [2016]


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Description xx, 332 pages ; 25 cm
Series Information law series ; volume 37
Information law series ; v. 37
Contents Contents note continued: 10.2.2.The Scope of Remedies / Sharon K. Sandeen -- 10.2.3.The Third Party Problem / Sharon K. Sandeen -- 10.2.4.Other Limiting Principles / Sharon K. Sandeen -- 10.3.Seeking Balance: Explicit Exceptions in the EU Trade Secret Directive / Sharon K. Sandeen -- 10.3.1.Competition Concerns / Sharon K. Sandeen -- 10.3.2.Employee Mobility Concerns / Sharon K. Sandeen -- 10.3.3.Innovation Concerns / Sharon K. Sandeen -- 10.3.4.Free Expression Concerns / Sharon K. Sandeen -- 10.3.5.Privacy Concerns / Sharon K. Sandeen -- 10.3.6.Regulatory Concerns / Sharon K. Sandeen -- 10.3.7.Procedural and Equitable Concerns / Sharon K. Sandeen -- 10.4.Observations on the Striking the Right Balance / Sharon K. Sandeen -- ch. 11 China's Approach to Trade Secrets Protection: Is a Uniform Trade Secrets Law in China Needed? / Sharon K. Sandeen -- 11.1.Introduction / Ping Xiong -- 11.2.Specific Laws in the Protection of Trade Secrets / Ping Xiong --
Contents note continued: 11.2.1.The Legal Framework / Ping Xiong -- 11.2.2.Features of the Legal Framework / Ping Xiong -- of Overarching Duty of Confidentiality / Ping Xiong -- Line between Trade Secrets and State Secrets / Ping Xiong -- of Trade Secrets / Ping Xiong -- Issues with the Definition of Trade Secrets Protection and the State Secrets Puzzle / Ping Xiong -- 11.2.3.Elements to Establish Infringement Are Not Complete / Ping Xiong -- under LAUC / Ping Xiong -- Fide Third Party's Liability / Ping Xiong -- 11.2.4.Prescriptive Nature of Employee Infringement / Ping Xiong -- Trade Secrets Infringement / Ping Xiong -- Covenants / Ping Xiong -- 11.2.5.Remedies Are Spread Out in Different Laws / Ping Xiong -- 11.3.Possible Reforms / Ping Xiong -- ch. 12 Enforcement: A Neglected Child in the Intellectual Property Family / Ping Xiong --
Contents note continued: 12.1.Introduction / Peter K. Yu -- 12.2.Four Types of Enforcement Issues / Peter K. Yu -- 12.2.1.Domestic Enforcement / Peter K. Yu -- 12.2.2.Cross-Border Enforcement / Peter K. Yu -- 12.2.3.Enforcement Facilitation / Peter K. Yu -- 12.2.4.Digital Enforcement / Peter K. Yu -- 12.3.Enforcement as a Neglected Child / Peter K. Yu -- 12.3.1.Doctrinal Challenges / Peter K. Yu -- 12.3.2.The Divide between Developed and Developing Countries / Peter K. Yu -- 12.3.3.Historical Neglect / Peter K. Yu -- 12.3.4.Technological Complications / Peter K. Yu -- 12.4.Integrating Enforcement Back into the Intellectual Property Family / Peter K. Yu -- 12.4.1.Digital Track / Peter K. Yu -- 12.4.2.Global Track / Peter K. Yu -- 12.5.Conclusion / Peter K. Yu -- ch. 13 Are New Modes of Criminal and Civil Enforcement a New Form of Intellectual Property? / Peter K. Yu -- 13.1.Relevance of Enforcement / Reto M. Hilty -- 13.2.Foundation of Enforcement / Reto M. Hilty --
Contents note continued: 13.3.Categorisation of Enforcement Possibilities / Reto M. Hilty -- 13.3.1.Technological Protection Measures / Reto M. Hilty -- 13.3.2.Exclusive Legal Protection: Enforcement with Erga Omnes Effect / Reto M. Hilty -- 13.3.3.Lacking (Exclusive) Protection: Inter Partes Enforcement / Reto M. Hilty -- 13.3.4.Certain Legal Protection: Unclear Enforcement / Reto M. Hilty -- 13.3.5.Is There Life outside the Copyright, Patent, and Trademark Regimes? / Reto M. Hilty -- 13.4.Enforcement Today / Reto M. Hilty -- 13.4.1.Recent Legislative or Judicative Adjustments / Reto M. Hilty -- 13.4.2.Changing Behaviors of Right Holders / Reto M. Hilty -- 13.4.3.Impacts of Technical Measures and Contracts / Reto M. Hilty -- 13.4.4.Role of Third Parties / Reto M. Hilty -- 13.5.Consequences and Remedies / Reto M. Hilty
Contents note continued: 2.5.Knowledge Governance: Some Legal Hacks / Margaret Chon -- 2.6.Conclusion: Information - From Dumb to Smarter? / Margaret Chon -- ch. 3 Passing Off, the Internet, and the Global Marketplace / Margaret Chon -- 3.1.Introduction / Barbra Lauriat -- 3.2.The Expanding Tort of Passing Off / Barbra Lauriat -- 3.3.Protection of Foreign Traders / Barbra Lauriat -- 3.3.1.Starbucks versus British Sky Broadcasting LLP / Barbra Lauriat -- 3.4.Goodwill and Reputation of Foreign Marks in the Common Law World / Barbra Lauriat -- 3.5.Domain Names / Barbra Lauriat -- 3.6.Conclusion / Barbra Lauriat -- ch. 4 The Right of Publicity: A Cautionary Tale from the United States / Barbra Lauriat -- 4.1.The Right of Publicity in the United States / Stacey L. Dogan -- 4.2.Image, Licensing, and False Endorsement / Stacey L. Dogan -- 4.3.Conclusion / Stacey L. Dogan -- ch. 5 Pictorial Publics, the Visual Internet and Image Rights / Stacey L. Dogan --
Contents note continued: 5.1.Introduction / Megan Richardson / Julian Thomas -- 5.2.Inventing Tradition / Megan Richardson / Julian Thomas -- 5.3.The Internet as an Accumulator of Earlier Traditions / Megan Richardson / Julian Thomas -- ch. 6 Sui Generis Protection for Sporting Emblems and Words: A Triumph of Pragmatism over Principle / Megan Richardson / Julian Thomas -- 6.1.Introduction / Susan Corbett / Alexandra Sims -- 6.2.International Protection for the Olympic Brand / Susan Corbett / Alexandra Sims -- 6.3.Domestic Events Management Laws / Susan Corbett / Alexandra Sims -- 6.3.1.Events Management Law in New Zealand / Susan Corbett / Alexandra Sims -- 6.3.2.Events Management Laws in Other Jurisdictions / Susan Corbett / Alexandra Sims -- 6.4.Do Events Management Laws Constitute a Sui Generis Regime? / Susan Corbett / Alexandra Sims -- 6.5.Protection for Major Events Internationally- Recommendations / Susan Corbett / Alexandra Sims --
Contents note continued: 9.2.1.Timeline / P. Bernt Hugenholtz -- 9.2.2.The Sui Generis Conquers the World - Well, Not Quite / P. Bernt Hugenholtz -- 9.3.Typology of the Database Right / P. Bernt Hugenholtz -- 9.3.1.Overview / P. Bernt Hugenholtz -- of 'Database' / P. Bernt Hugenholtz -- Investment / P. Bernt Hugenholtz --, Limitations and Duration of Database Right / P. Bernt Hugenholtz -- 9.3.2.Main Differences from Copyright Protection / P. Bernt Hugenholtz -- 9.3.3.Legal Nature of the Database Right: National Treatment / P. Bernt Hugenholtz -- 9.4.Evaluation and Conclusion / P. Bernt Hugenholtz -- ch. 10 Trade Secret Harmonization and the Search for Balance / P. Bernt Hugenholtz -- 10.1.Introduction / Sharon K. Sandeen -- 10.2.Harmonization and the Limits of US Trade Secret Law and the Trade Secret Directive / Sharon K. Sandeen -- 10.2.1.Definitional Concerns / Sharon K. Sandeen --
Contents note continued: ch. 7 Reconciling Tradition and Innovation: Geographical Indications of Origin as Incentives for Local Development and Expressions of a "Good Quality Life" / Susan Corbett / Alexandra Sims -- 7.1.Introduction / Irene Calboli -- 7.2.A Necessary Primer on Geographical Indications of Origin: From TRIPS and the Doha Development Agenda to the Multilateral Gridlock and the Rise of FTAs as Discussion Fora / Irene Calboli -- 7.3.The Still Contested Contours of Geographical Indications as Collective Rights and Incentives for Local Development: Is Sui Generis Protection the Answer? / Irene Calboli -- 7.4.Addressing Criticism and Proposing Normative Limitations to Safeguard Competition and the Public Interest / Irene Calboli -- 7.5.The Role of Cultural Differences in the Debate over Geographical Indications of Origin: Is a Reconciliation Possible? / Irene Calboli -- 7.6.Conclusion / Irene Calboli --
Contents note continued: ch. 8 Traditional Cultural Heritage and Alternative Means of Regulation: Issues of Access and Restriction Online / Irene Calboli -- 8.1.Introduction / Jessica C. Lai -- 8.2.Alternative Means of Regulation / Jessica C. Lai -- 8.2.1.Industry Codes of Conduct in the Media / Jessica C. Lai -- 8.2.2.Nga Taonga Sound & Vision / Jessica C. Lai -- 8.2.3.National Library of New Zealand / Jessica C. Lai -- 8.2.4.Te Papa / Jessica C. Lai -- 8.3.Alternative Regulation versus Legal Regulation / Jessica C. Lai -- 8.4.Following in Copyright Owners' Footsteps? / Jessica C. Lai -- 8.4.1.Technical Protection Measures / Jessica C. Lai -- 8.4.2.Using ISPs / Jessica C. Lai -- 8.4.3.Europe's 'Right to Be Forgotten' / Jessica C. Lai -- 8.5.Conclusion / Jessica C. Lai -- ch. 9 Something Completely Different: Europe's Sui Generis Database Right / Jessica C. Lai -- 9.1.Introduction / P. Bernt Hugenholtz -- 9.2.History of the Database Right / P. Bernt Hugenholtz --
Machine generated contents note: ch. 1 Enforcing Intellectual Property Claims Globally When Rights Are Defined Territorially / Susy Frankel / Daniel Gervais -- 1.1.Substantive Approaches to the Territoriality Problem / Rochelle C. Dreyfuss -- 1.1.1.Extraterritorial Application of Local Law / Rochelle C. Dreyfuss -- 1.1.2.Harmonization / Rochelle C. Dreyfuss -- 1.1.3.Criminalization / Rochelle C. Dreyfuss -- 1.1.4.Private Ordering / Rochelle C. Dreyfuss -- 1.2.Procedural Approaches to the Territoriality Problem / Rochelle C. Dreyfuss -- 1.3.Conclusion / Rochelle C. Dreyfuss -- ch. 2 An Economy of Scarcity (of Smart Information) / Rochelle C. Dreyfuss -- 2.1.Introduction / Margaret Chon -- 2.2.Nobody's Perfect: The Privileged Economic Assumptions of IP / Margaret Chon -- 2.3.Buyer Beware: The Trust Mechanisms of Global Value Networks / Margaret Chon -- 2.4.Cognitive Capitalism: Intellectual Property in Global Value Networks / Margaret Chon --
Summary "The Internet and the Emerging Importance of New Forms of Intellectual Property scrutinizes the existence of commonalities in the realm of intellectual property (IP) rights. The term 'intellectual property' has come to include numerous intangible rights beyond the traditional 'Big Three' (patent, trademark and copyright) - rights that force us to reconsider and maybe also change the object and purpose of IP. Not only do these rights generally have less solid normative footing and few, if any, well-understood inherent limits, but the borders of their misappropriation are hard to draw as well. This book poses the question of what risks and advantages accrue to such IP or 'IP-like' rights."--Back cover
Notes "The chapters in this book were first presented at a conference, "Intellectual property on the Internet: is there life outside of the big three?" in November, 2014 ... The conference was held under the auspices of the New Zealand Centre of International Economic Law (NZCIEL), a research centre at the Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington"--Preface
Formerly CIP. Uk
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index
Subject Intellectual property -- Congresses.
Intellectual property.
Internet governance -- Law and legislation.
Internet governance.
Internet -- Congresses.
Internet -- Law and legislation -- Congresses.
Internet -- Law and legislation.
Genre/Form Conference papers and proceedings.
Author Frankel, Susy, editor
Gervais, Daniel J., 1963- editor
New Zealand Centre of International Economic Law.
Victoria University of Wellington, host institution
Intellectual property on the Internet: is there life outside of the big three? (2014 : Victoria University of Wellington)
LC no. 2016479294
ISBN 9789041167897