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Anti-satellite weapons -- See Also Artificial satellites

Here are entered works on artificial satellites in general and on the satellites orbiting around Earth. Works on artificial satellites of other celestial bodies are entered under Artificial satellites subdivided by the name of the body, e.g. Artificial satellites--SunThis heading may be subdivided geographically only by names of celestial bodies

--names of individual artificial satellites
2 Anti-satellite weapons.   5
3 Anti-satellite weapons -- China : China, space weapons, and U.S. security / Bruce W. MacDonald  2008 1
4 Anti-satellite weapons -- Congresses. : Space weapons--the arms control dilemma / edited by Bhupendra Jasani ; Stockholm International Peace Research Institute  1984 1
5 Anti-satellite weapons -- Soviet Union. : Mr. Reagan's "star wars' : towards a new strategic era? / by Harry Gelber  1984 1
6 Anti-satellite weapons -- United States.   3
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