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Bills, Private -- See Also the narrower term Local laws

Here are entered collections of texts of laws passed by state legislatures relating to several individual local jurisdictions and works about these laws. Collections of laws relating to an individual local jurisdiction are entered under Law--[place]. Collections of municipal ordinances of an individual municipality not limited to a specific topic are entered under Ordinances, Municipal--[place]
2 Bills, Private.   2
3 Bills, Private -- Australia. : Private senators' bill - consideration : bills relying on delegated legislation arrangements for the opening of parliament  2010 1
4 Bills, Private -- England. : Municipal origins : an account of English private bill legislation relating to local government, 1740-1835 ; with a chapter on private bill procedure / by Frederick H. Spencer ; with a preface by Edward Clark  1911 1
5 Bills, Private -- Great Britain. : A Practical treatise of passing private bills through both houses of parliament : containing full directions for members who have charge of private bills and for solicitors, &c. with a supplement correcting the practice to the commencement of the session 1838, and appendices containing the standing orders and tables of fees, of Lords and Commons / by John Halcombe  1838 1
6 Bills, Private -- Great Britain -- History   2
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