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Coalbed methane -- See Also Firedamp

Here are entered works on methane as a combustible gas formed in coal mines. Works on methane present in a stratum of coal are entered under Coalbed methane
2 Coalbed methane.   10
3 Coalbed methane -- Australia.   2
4 Coalbed methane -- Economic aspects.   8
5 Coalbed methane -- Environmental aspects.   27
6 Coalbed methane -- Environmental aspects -- Alberta : Unconventional gas : the environmental challenges of coalbed methane development in Alberta / Mary Griffiths and Chris Severson-Baker  2003 1
7 Coalbed methane -- Environmental aspects -- Australia. : What the frack? : everything you need to know about coal seam gas / Paddy Manning  2012 1
8 Coalbed methane -- West (U.S.) : Management and effects of coalbed methane produced water in the western United States / Committee on Management and Effects of Coalbed Methane Development and Produced Water in the Western United States, Committee on Earth Resources, Board on Earth Sciences and Resources, Water Science and Technology Board, Division on Earth and Life Studies, National Research Council of the National Academies  2010 1
9 Coalbed methane -- Wyoming. : Coalbed natural gas : energy and environment / editor, K.J. Reddy  2010 1
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