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1   Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- 11 Related Subjects   11
2 Encyclopedias and dictionaries.   80
3 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Abbreviations. : Abbreviations dictionary : abbreviations, acronyms, anonyms and eponyms, appellations, contractions, geographical equivalents, historical and mythological characters, initials and nicknames, short forms and slang shortcuts, signs and symbols / Ralph De Sola  1978 1
4 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Agriculture. : First stage agriculture being the elementary principles of agriculture scientifically explained, and exactly adapted to the first or elementary stage of the science and art department / By Alfred T. Burgess  1893 1
5 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Aquatic sports : The arts of rowing and training, with an appendix containing the laws of boat-racing : &c. By "Argonaut"  1866 1
6 Encyclopedias and dictionaries, Arabic. : The construction of knowledge in Islamic civilization : Qudāma b. Jaʻfar and his Kitāb al-Kharāj wa-ṣināʻat al-kitāba / by Paul L. Heck  2002 1
7 Encyclopedias and dictionaries, Arabic -- History and criticism.   2
8 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Australia -- History. : The ADB's story / edited by Melanie Nolan and Christine Fernon  2013 1
9 Encyclopedias and dictionaries, Australian   3
10 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Authorship. : Textual curation : authorship, agency, and technology in Wikipedia and Chambers's Cyclopædia / Krista Kennedy  2016 1
11 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Bibliography.   2
12 Encyclopedias and dictionaries, British : The Fontana dictionary of modern thought / edited by Alan Bullock and Oliver Stallybrass  1977 1
13 Encyclopedias and dictionaries, Chinese. : Ci hai / Ci hai bian ji wei yuan hui bian  1979 1
14 Encyclopedias and dictionaries, Chinese -- History and criticism. : Chinese encyclopaedias of new global knowledge (1870-1930) : changing ways of thought / Milena Dolezelová-Velingerová, Rudolf G. Wagner, editors  2013 1
15 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Early works to 1600.   3
16 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Early works to 1600 -- History and criticism.   2
17 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Early works to 1800. : Lexicon technicum, or, An universal English dictionary of arts and sciences / by John Harris  1966 1
18 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- England -- Geography. : A topographical dictionary of England : comprising the several counties, cities, boroughs, corporate and market towns, parishes, chapelries, and townships, and the islands of Guernsey, Jersey, and Man, with historical and statistical descriptions; illustrated by maps of the different counties and islands; a map of England, shewing the principal towns, roads, railways, navigable rivers, and canals; and a plan of London and its environs; ... Third edition. With a supplementary volume, comprising a representative history of England, with plans describing the electoral divisions of the several counties, and the former and present boundaries of the cities and boroughs. By Samuel Lewis. In five volumes  1835 1

Encyclopedias and dictionaries, English -- See Encyclopedias and dictionaries

Here are entered comprehensive reference works in the English language consisting of explanatory articles arranged alphabetically or topically and not limited to a specific topic. Works of this type in other languages are entered under headings of the type Encyclopedias and dictionaries, [language], e.g. Encyclopedias and dictionaries, French; Encyclopedias and dictionaries, Spanish. Works about encyclopedias and dictionaries in general, and works about English-language encyclopedias and dictionaries, are entered under Encyclopedias and dictionaries with further subdivision, e.g. Encyclopedias and dictionaries--History and criticism. Works consisting of comprehensive alphabetical lists of the words of a specific language, usually with definitions, are entered under the heading for the language with subdivision Dictionaries, e.g. English language--Dictionaries. Works about dictionaries of a specific language are entered under the heading for the language with subdivision Lexicography, e.g. English language--Lexicography

--subdivisions Dictionaries or Encyclopedias under subjects
20 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Europe -- History and criticism. : Die Erfindung des allgemeinen Wissens : enzyklopädisches Schreiben im Zeitalter der Aufklärung / Ulrich Johannes Schneider  2013 1
21 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Fiction. : Lenny's book of everything / Karen Foxlee  2018 1
22 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Fishing. : The angler's guide; the most complete and practical ever written : Containing every instruction necessary to make all who may feel disposed to try their skill masters of the art. With a minute description of tackle, baits, times, seasons, fish, and the method of cooking them, and all the places for angling within twenty miles of London. The whole forming a compendious manual for every angler. To which is added, a graphic and laughable story, entitled, "The Three Jolly Anglers." By the Rev. James Martin  1854 1
23 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- France -- History. : Le sens en partage : dictionnaires et théories du sens : XIXe-XXe siècles / Valentina Bisconti ; preface de Tullio De Mauro  2017 1
24 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- French   3
25 Encyclopedias and dictionaries, French -- History and criticism.   2
26 Gardening -- Encyclopedias and dictionaries : The amateur gardener's year-book. A guide for those who cultivate their own gardens, in the principles and practice of horticulture / By the Rev. Henry Burgess  1854 1
27 Encyclopedias and dictionaries, German -- History and criticism -- Congresses. : Altertumskunde-- Altertumswissenschaft-- Kulturwissenschaft : Erträge und Perspektiven nach 40 Jahren Reallexikon der Germanischen Altertumskunde / herausgegeben von Heinrich Beck, Dieter Geuenich und Heiko Steuer  2012 1
28 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Health and hygiene.   2
29 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- History.   2
30 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- History -- 18th century. : The encyclopaedic dictionary in the eighteenth century : architecture, arts, and crafts / [compiled by] Terence M. Russell  1997 1
31 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- History and criticism.   32
32 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- History and criticism -- Bibliography. : Pedagogical Lexicography Today : a Critical Bibliography on Learners' Dictionaries with Special Emphasis on Language Learners and Dictionary Users / Fredric Thomas Dolezal, Don R. McCreary  1999 1
33 Home economics -- Encyclopedias and dictionaries   4
34 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Industry : Knight's cyclopædia of the industry of all nations. 1851  1851 1
35 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Juvenile fiction.   4
36 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Juvenile literature.   3
37 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Latin America. : The geographical and historical dictionary of America and the West Indies : Containing an entire translation of the Spanish work of Colonel Don Antonio de Alcedo, Captain of the Royal Spanish Guards, and member of The Royal Academy of History: with large additions and compilations from modern voyages and travels, and from original and authentic information. By G.A. Thompson, Esq. In five volumes  1812- 1
38 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Medicine.   2
39 Music -- Australia -- Encyclopedias and dictionaries : A dictionary of Australian music / edited by Warren Bebbington  1998 1
40 Palms -- Encyclopedias and dictionaries : An encyclopedia of cultivated palms / by Robert Lee Riffle and Paul Craft  2003 1
41 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Parliament : A key to both Houses of Parliament consisting of alphabetical notices of the Lords and Commons of Great Britain and Ireland : the regulations and standing orders of both Houses, respecting privileges, private bills, fees, fines, and committees; lists of the Lords of His Majesty's Privy Council, and of the Scottish and Irish nobility who do not sit in the House of Peers: with every other species of information respecting the constitution, history, and usages of Parliament  1832 1
42 Performing arts -- Australia -- Encyclopedias and dictionaries : Companion to theatre in Australia / general editor Philip Parsons with Victoria Chance  1995 1
43 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Physiology. : A manual of popular physiology: being an attempt to explain the science of life in untechnical language / By Henry Lawson  1863 1
44 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Problems, exercises, etc.   2
45 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Publishing -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia -- History -- 18th century. : Dobson's Encyclopaedia : the publisher, text, and publication of America's first Britannica, 1789-1803 / Robert D. Arner  1991 1
46 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Sermons. : The art of preaching, and the composition of sermons : with an introductory essay on the present position and influence of the pulpit of the Church of England. Designed chiefly for the use of theological students and the younger clergy. By the Rev. Henry Burgess  1881 1

Encyclopedias and dictionaries Software -- See Electronic encyclopedias

Here are entered general encyclopedias issued in electronic form, as well as works about such encyclopedias. Electronic encyclopedias limited to a specific subject are entered under the subject with subdivision Encyclopedias

--subdivision Encyclopedias under subjects
48 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Southern States. : Encyclopedia of Southern culture / Charles Reagan Wilson & William Ferris, coeditors ; Ann J. Abadie & Mary L. Hart, associate editors  1989 1
49 Encyclopedias and dictionaries -- Soviet Union. : The Cambridge encyclopedia of Russia and the Soviet Union / general editors, Archie Brown ... [and others]  1982 1
50 Encyclopedias and dictionaries, Spanish -- History and criticism. : Los diccionarios del español en su perspectiva histórica / Dolores Azorín Fernández  2000? 1
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