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1   Transfer (Law) -- 5 Related Subjects   5
2 Transfer (Law)   4
3 Transfer (Law) -- Australia.   2
4 Transfer (Law) -- Australia -- Victoria. : The law relating to the transfer of land, comprising the Transfer of Land Act 1928 (Victoria) and other acts affecting the transfer of land with commentary, notes of Australasian decisions, forms in general use and rulings and practice of the Office of Titles / by H. Dallas Wiseman  1931 1

Transfer (Law) Conflict of laws -- See Conflict of laws Transfer

6 Transfer (Law) -- Europe. : National reports on the transfer of movables in Europe Vol. 3, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Hungary / edited by Wolfgang Faber, Brigitta Lurger (eds.)  2011 1
7 Transfer (Law) -- Europe -- Congresses. : Rules for the transfer of movables : a candidate for European harmonisation or national reform? / edited by Wolfgang Faber, Brigitta Lurger  2008 1
8 Transfer (Law) -- European Union countries. : Acquisition and loss of ownership of goods (PEL Acq. Own.) / prep. by Brigitta Lurger, Wolfgang Faber ; in co-operation with Anastasios Moraitis [and others] ; with advice from the Advisory Council and the Drafting Committee approved by the Co-ordinating Group ; particular advice on the drafting of the articles from Eric Clive  2011 1
9 Transfer (Law) -- Germany. : Die Entstehung der Vorschriften des BGB ├╝ber Besitz und Eigentums├╝bertragung : Ein Beitrag zur Entstehungsgeschichte des BGB / Werner Schubert  2016 1
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