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Description Provides access to chapters from hundreds of books and referenced works published by IGI Global, a international publisher in information science and technology.
Subject area Information Systems and Business Analytics
  Information Technology
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  Info Sci Books


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InfoSci-Books The 2nd digital revolution / Stephen J. Andriole
InfoSci-Books 3-D surface geometry and reconstruction : developing concepts and applications / Umesh Chandra Pati, editor
InfoSci-Books 3D modeling and animation : synthesis and analysis techniques for the human body / Nikos Sarris, Michael G. Strintzis [editors]
InfoSci-Books Academic podcasting and mobile assisted language learning : applications and outcomes / Betty Rose Facer and Mohammed Abdous, editors
InfoSci-Books Achieving federated and self-manageable cloud infrastructures : theory and practice / Massimo Villari, Ivona Brandic, and Francesco Tusa, editors
InfoSci-Books Achieving real-time in distributed computing : from grids to clouds / Dimosthenis P. Kyriazis, Theordora A. Varvarigou, and Kleopatra Konstanteli, editors
InfoSci-Books Active citizen participation in e-government : a global perspective / Aroon Manoharan and Marc Holzer, editors
InfoSci-Books Actor-network theory and technology innovation : advancements and new concepts / Arthur Tatnall, editor
InfoSci-Books Adaptable and adaptive hypermedia systems / [edited by] Sherry Y. Chen, George D. Magoulas
InfoSci-Books Adaptive evolutionary information systems / Nandish V. Patel
InfoSci-Books Adapting information and communication technologies for effective education / Lawrence Tomei [editor]
InfoSci-Books Adaptation, resistance, and access to instructional technologies : assessing future trends in education / Steven D'Agustino, editor
InfoSci-Books Adaptive technologies and business integration : social, managerial, and organizational dimensions / Maria Manuela Cunha, Bruno Concei̐Μưc̐Μưao Cortes, Goran D. Putnik [editors]
InfoSci-Books Adolescent online social communication and behavior : relationship formation on the Internet / [edited by] Robert Zheng, Jason Burrow-Sanchez, Clifford Drew
InfoSci-Books Adoption, usage, and global impact of broadband technologies : diffusion, practice, and policy / Yogesh K. Dwivedi, editor
InfoSci-Books Adult learning in the digital age : perspectives on online technologies and outcomes / [edited by] Terry T. Kidd, Jared Keengwe
InfoSci-Books Advanced applications and structures in XML processing : label streams, semantics utilization, and data query technologies / Changqing Li and Tok Wang Ling, editors
InfoSci-Books Advancing artificial intelligence through biological process applications / Ana B. Porto Pazos, Alejandro Pazos Sierra, Washington Bu̐Μưno Buceta, [editors]
InfoSci-Books Advanced analytics for green and sustainable economic development : supply chain models and financial technologies / Zongwei Luo, editor
InfoSci-Books Advanced automated software testing : frameworks for refined practice / Izzat Alsmadi, editor