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Description Peter Lang academic publisher specialises in the Humanities and Social Sciences.
Subject area Humanities
  Social Sciences
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Peter Lang Open Access About Russia, its revolutions, its development and its present / Michal Reiman
Peter Lang Open Access Acoustics of the vowel : preliminaries / Dieter Maurer
Peter Lang Open Access Adult education and lifelong learning in Europe and beyond : comparative perspectives from the 2015 Würzburg Winter School / Regina Egetenmeyer (ed.)
Peter Lang Open Access Adult education and work contexts : international perspectives and challenges : comparative perspectives from the 2017 Würzburg Winter School / Regina Egetenmeyer, Monica Fedeli, editors
Peter Lang Open Access Agency Theory: Methodology, Analysis : A Structured Approach to Writing Contracts / Alexander Stremitzer
Peter Lang Open Access Agglomeration and regional unemployment disparities : a theoretical analysis with reference to the European Union / Jens Südekum
Peter Lang Open Access Aspects of poverty and inequality in Cameroon / Wokia-azi Ndangle Kumase
Peter Lang Open Access At the origins of classical opera : Carlo Goldoni and the "dramma giocoso per musica" / Pervinca Rista
Peter Lang Open Access The Austrian business cycle in the European context / Marcus Scheiblecker
Peter Lang Open Access Between creed, rhetoric façade, and disregard : dissemination and theorization of corporate social responsibility in Austria / Markus A. Höllerer
Peter Lang Open Access Big Data in Organizations and the Role of Human Resource Management
Peter Lang Open Access Borderland studies meets child studies : a European encounter / Machteld Venken (ed.)
Peter Lang Open Access Capitalism without Conscience / Michel Santi
Peter Lang Open Access Cartographies of differences : interdisciplinary perspectives / edited by Ulrike M. Vieten and Gill Valentine
Peter Lang Open Access China in transition : poverty, income decomposition and labor allocation of agricultural households in Hebei province / Christian Böber
Peter Lang Open Access China - The New Developmental State : An Empirical Analysis of the Automotive Industry / Nicola Meier
Peter Lang Open Access Climate change as a threat to peace : impacts on cultural heritage and cultural diversity / Sabine von Schorlemer, Sylvia Maus (eds.)
Peter Lang Open Access Commercialised history : popular history magazines in Europe : approaches to a historico-cultural phenomenon as the basis for history teaching / Susanne Popp, Jutta Schumann, Miriam Hannig (eds.)
Peter Lang Open Access A contribution to the empirics of economic and human development / Sebastian Vollmer
Peter Lang Open Access Conversational writing : a multidimensional study of synchronous and supersynchronous computer-mediated communication