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Description Social Work Online is a is a multimedia resource that combines video documentaries and client demonstrations with relevant text content to illustrate the complex and challenging realities social work students will face as practitioners.
Subject area Health Sciences and Allied Health
  Social Work
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Social Work Online 100% asphalt / [produced by Forward Film Productions]
Social Work Online About divorce / director - Sue Polan ; Listen 2 Kids Productions
Social Work Online Achieving successful transitions for young people with disabilities : a practical guide / Jill Hughes, Natalie Lackenby
Social Work Online Adult Drug and Alcohol Problems, Children's Needs : An Interdisciplinary Training Resource for Professionals -- with Practice and Assessment Tools, Exercises and Pro Formas / Joy Barlow MBE, Di Hart and Jane Powell
Social Work Online Advancing human rights in social work education / edited by Kathryn R. Libal, Megan Berthold, Rebecca L. Thomas, and Lynne M. Healy
Social Work Online Affirmative practice with LBGTQ clients / [with] Mark Gianino ; Alexander Street, A Proquest Company
Social Work Online Afraid of dark : exploring black masculinity / a Shoot Films, Not People production ; a film by Mya B. ; written by Mya B. ; produced by Shoot Films, Not People Productions
Social Work Online African American Children and Families in Child Welfare : cultural adaptation of services / Ramona W. Denby and Carla M. Curtis
Social Work Online African Americans and depression : signs, awareness, treatments, and interventions / Julia F. Hastings, Lani V. Jones, and Pamela P. Martin
Social Work Online Alienated : undocumented immigrant youth / Educational Video Center presents a YO-TV production ; a Youth Organizers Television production ; YO-TV producers, Adam Gutierrez [and 5 others] ; YO-TV program director, Lindsay Fauntleroy
Social Work Online American drug war. 2, Cannabis destiny / S.C.P Enterprises ; Patterson Productions presents ; Sacred Cow Productions ; a film by Kevin Booth ; written, directed, produced, Kevin Booth ; produced by Vaedynn Erlandson
Social Work Online Are the Keys in the Freezer? : An Advocate's Guide for Alzheimer's and Other Dementias / Patricia Woodell, Brenda Niblock, and Jeri Warner
Social Work Online Assessment and intervention with mothers and partners following child sexual abuse : empowering to protect / Jenny Still
Social Work Online Baby Boomers of Color : implications for social work policy and practice / Melvin Delgado
Social Work Online Becoming a social worker with older adults : real students, real clients, real growth / Developing Images presents ; producer and director, Judith R Smith
Social Work Online Beyond bullying / produced by: Diego Ojeda [and 11 others] ; Educational Video Center
Social Work Online Beyond caring labor to provisioning work / Sheila M. Neysmith, Marge Reitsma-Street, Stephanie Baker Collins, and Elaine Porter ; with Judy Cerny and Sandra Tam
Social Work Online Beyond the echo of the drum / directed by Lori Webster ; produced by Chao Thao
Social Work Online Bill W. / directed by Kevin Hanlon ; produced by Dan Carracino
Social Work Online Billy Says ... "Foster Carers Can Help" / Joanne Alper