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Book Cover
Author Dorf, Richard C., author University of California, Davis, USA

Title Electronics, power electronics, optoelectronics, microwaves, electromagnetics, and radar / edited by Richard C. Dorf
Edition 1st
Published Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2018
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Description 1 online resource : illustrations (black and white)
Series Electrical engineering handbook
Contents <B><i>Electronics</i></b> <br><b>Semiconductors</b> <br><b>. </b>Physical Properties; <i>Gennady Sh. Gildenblat and Boris Gelmont</i> <br>. Diodes; <i>Miran Milkovic</i> <br>. Electrical Equivalent Circuit Models and Device Simulators for Semiconductor Devices; <i>Aicha Elshabini-Riad, F.W. Stephenson, and Imran A. Bhutta</i> <br><b>Semiconductor Manufacturing</b> <br><b>. </b>Processes; <i>Harold G. Parks</i> <br>. Testing; <i>Wayne Needham</i> <br>. Electrical Characterization of Interconnections; <i>S. Rajaram</i> <br>. Microlithography for Microfabrication; <i>Benjamin Y. Park, Rabih Zaouk, and Marc J. Madou</i> <br><b>Transistors</b> <br><b>. </b>Junction Field-Effect Transistors; <i>Sidney Soclof</i> <br>. Bipolar Transistors; <i>Joseph Watson</i> <br>. The Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (MOSFET); <i>John R. Brews (revised by Harvey J. Stiegler)</i> <br>. Single Electron Transistors; <i>James E. Morris</i> <br><b>Integrated Circuits</b> <br><b>. </b>Integrated Circuit Technology; <i>Joe E. Brewer</i> <br>. Layout, Placement, and Routing; <i>Mehdi R. Zargham and Spyros Tragoudas</i> <br>. Application-Specific Integrated Circuits; <i>S.K. Tewksbury</i> <br>. Low-Power Design Techniques; <i>Christian Piguet</i> <br><b>Surface Mount Technology</b>; <i>Glenn R. Blackwell</i> <br><b>Ideal and Practical Models</b>; <i>E.J. Kennedy and John V. Wait</i> <br><b>Amplifiers</b> <br><b>. </b>Large Signal Analysis; <i>Gordon L. Carpenter</i> <br>. Small Signal Analysis; <i>John Choma, Jr.</i> <br><b>Active Filters</b> <br><b>. </b>Synthesis of Low-Pass Forms; <i>John E. Ayers</i> <br>. Realization; <i>J.W. Steadman and B.M. Wilamowski</i> <br><b>Power Electronics</b> <br><b>. </b>Power Semiconductor Devices; <i>Andrew Marshall</i> <br>. Power Conversion; <i>Kaushik Rajashekara</i> <br>. Power Supplies; <i>Ashoka K.S. Bhat</i> <br>. Converter Control of Machines; <i>Bimal K. Bose</i> <br>. Photoconductive Devices in Power Electronics; <i>Sudip K. Mazumder, Tirthajyoti Sarkar, Mitra Dutta, and Michael S. Mazzola</i> <br>. Nonlinear Control of Interactive Power-Electronics Systems; <i>Sudip K. Mazumder</i> <br>. Uninterruptible Power Supplies; <i>Ayse E. Amac and Ali Emadi</i> <br><b>Optoelectronics</b> <br><b>. </b>Lasers; <i>Jeff Hecht</i> <br>. Sources and Detectors; <i>Laurence S. Watkins</i> <br>. Circuits; <i>R.A. Becker</i> <br><b>D/A and A/D Converters</b> <br><b>. </b>Introduction; <i>Fang Lin Luo and Hong Ye</i> <br>. D/A and A/D Circuits; <i>Fang Lin Luo, Hong Ye, and Susan A.R. Garrod</i> <br>. DAC and ADC Performance Criteria; <i>Susan A.R. Garrod, Fang Lin Luo, and Hong Ye</i> <br>. Errors, Resolution, Noises, and Conversion Speed; <i>Fang Lin Luo and Hong Ye</i> <br>. D/A Conversion Processes and DAC ICs; <i>Susan A.R. Garrod, Fang Lin Luo, and Hong Ye</i> <br>. A/D Conversion Processes and ADC ICs; <i>Susan A.R. Garrod, Fang Lin Luo, and Hong Ye</i> <br>. Grounding and Bypassing on D/A and A/D ICs; <i>Susan A.R. Garrod, Fang Lin Luo, and Hong Ye</i> <br>. Selection Criteria for D/A and A/D Converter ICs; <i>Susan A.R. Garrod, Fang Lin Luo, and Hong Ye</i> <br><b>Digital and Analog Electronic Design Automation</b>; <i>Allen Dewey</i> <br><b>Electronic Data Analysis Using PSPICE and MATLAB</b>; <i>John Okyere Attia</i> <br><b><i>Electromagnetics</i></b> <br><b>Electromagnetic Fields</b>; <i>Banmali S. Rawat and Moncef B. Tayahi</i> <br><b>Magnetism and Magnetic Fields</b> <br><b>. </b>Magnetism; <i>Geoffrey Bate</i> <br>. Magnetic Recording; <i>Mark H. Kryder</i> <br><b>Wave Propagation</b> <br><b>. </b>Space Propagation; <i>Matthew N.O. Sadiku</i> <br>. Waveguides; <i>Kenneth Demarest</i> <br><b>Antennas</b> <br><b>. </b>Wire; <i>Nicholas J. Kolias and Richard C. Compton</i> <br>. Aperture; <i>J. Patrick Fitch</i> <br>. The Fresnel Zone Plate Antenna; <i>James C. Wiltse</i> <br><b>Microwave Devices</b> <br><b>. </b>Passive Microwave Devices; <i>Michael B. Steer</i> <br>. Active Microwave Devices; <i>Robert J. Trew</i> <br><b>Compatibility</b> <br><b>. </b>Grounding, Shielding, and Filtering; <i>Leland H. Hemming and Ken Kaiser</i> <br>. Spectrum, Specifications, and Measurement Techniques; <i>Halit Eren and Bert Wong</i> <br>. Lightning; <i>Martin A. Uman</i> <br><b>Radar</b> <br><b>. </b>Pulse Radar; <i>Melvin L. Belcher and Josh T. Nessmith</i> <br>. Continuous Wave Radar; <i>Samuel O. Piper and James C. Wiltse</i> <br><b>Lightwave</b> <br><b>. </b>Lightwave Waveguides; <i>Samuel O. Agbo</i> <br>. Optical Fibers and Cables; <i>Gerd Keiser</i> <br><b>Solid State Circuits</b>; <i>Ian D. Robertson and Inder J. Bahl</i> <br><b>Computational Electromagnetics</b>; <i>Matthew N.O. Sadiku and Sudarshan Rao Nelatury</i> <br><b><i>Electrical Effects and Devices</i></b> <br><b>Electroacoustic Transducers</b>; <i>Peter H. Rogers, Charles H. Sherman, and Mark B. Moffett</i> <br><b>Ferroelectric and Piezoelectric Materials</b>; <i>K.F. Etzold</i> <br><b>Electrostriction</b>; <i>R. Yimnirun, V. Sundar, and Robert E. Newnham</i> <br><b>The Hall Effect</b>; <i>Alexander C. Ehrlich</i> <br><b>Superconductivity</b>; <i>Kevin A. Delin and Terry P. Orlando</i> <br><b>Dielectrics and Insulators</b>; <i>R. Bartnikas</i> <br><b><i>Mathematics, Symbols, and Physical Constants</i></b> <br><b>Introduction</b>; <i>Ronald J. Tallarida</i> <br>. Greek Alphabet <br>. International System of Units (SI) <br>. Conversion Constants and Multipliers <br>. Physical Constants <br>. Symbols and Terminology for Physical and Chemical Quantities <br>. Credits <br>. Probability for Electrical and Computer Engineers; <i>Charles W. Therrien</i> <br><b><i>Index</i></b>
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Subject Electrical engineering
Power electronics
Electrical engineering.
Power electronics.
Form Electronic book
Author Dorf, Richard C., editor.
ISBN 1315222159