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Author International Echinoderm Conference (12th : 2006 : Durham, N.H.)

Title Echinoderms : Durham : proceedings of the 12th International Echinoderm Conference, 7-11 August 2006, Durham, New Hampshire, U.S.A. / edited by Larry G. Harris [and others]
Published Boca Raton, Fla. : CRC ; London : Taylor & Francis [distributor], 2009
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Description 1 online resource (xxxvi, 679 pages) : illustrations
Contents Approaches to the study of sea urchin nutrition / S.A. Watts, J.M. Lawrence & A.L. Lawrence -- Neuropeptide-amidating activity in the radial nerve cord of Asterias rubens / P. Bailly, P. Becker & P. Flammang -- Bioluminescence as a functional marker of brachial regeneration in Amphiura filiformis (O.F Muller, 1776) (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea) / S. Delval & J. Mallefet -- Proximal to distal gradient of luminescence in the arm of Amphiura filiformis (Echinodermata-Ophiuroidea) / S. Delval & J. Mallefet -- Markers for immunity deficiency in lead-treated holothurians / L.S. Dolmatova & I. Yu. Dolmatov -- The digestive system of the ophiuroid Amphipholis kochii : morphology and regeneration / L.T. Frolova & I. Yu. Dolmatov -- Effects of dietary phospholipids and cholesterol on growth and organ production in the sea urchin, Lytechinus variegatus / V.K. Gibbs [and others] -- Effect of dietary menhaden oil and soy oil on consumption, somatic growth and gonad production in the sea urchin, Lytechinus variegatus / H.S. Hammer [and others] -- Evaluation of the effect of dietary zinc, iron and manganese supplementation on growth and survival of the sea urchin, Lytechinus variegatus / W.T Jones [and others] -- Effect of dietary calcium, magnesium and phosphorus on growth of the sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus / M.L. Powell [and others] -- The importance of dietary beta-carotene for somatic growth of juvenile green sea urchins (Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis) / S.M.C. Robinson [and others] -- Effects of seasonal variation in water and air temperature on the righting response of Leptasterias spp. from the west coast of North America / W.B. Stickle & S.D. Rice -- Food sources of the coral reef ophiuroid Ophiocoma scolopendrina / Y. Tamura & M. Tsuchiya -- How do brittle stars control their light emission? / C. Vanderlinden, Ph. Gailly & J. Mallefet -- Abstracts by C. Ansell & S. Stancyk [and others] -- The role of the major yolk protein in sea urchin reproduction and its relevance to aquaculture / T. Unuma & C.W. Walker -- Comparison of the reproductive features of two asteroid species: Henricia abyssicola and Styracaster elongatus from the bathyal and abyssal N.E. Atlantic Ocean / F. Benítez-Villalobos, J.P. Díaz-Martínez & P.A. Tyler -- The effect of temperature on early embryonic development in Lytechinus variegatus embryos from adults with different thermal histories / A.W. Cunningham & S.A. Watts -- Studies on function of the MC5 molecule that is a novel membrane-type metalloproteinase of astacin family during morphogenesis of the starfish, Asterina pectinifera / G. Hamanaka [and others] -- Competent larva in the starfish, Asterina pectinifera shifts from larval growth to juvenile formation by using environmental cue(s) / N. Murabe, H. Kaneko & Y. Nakajima -- Sexual reproduction of the small fissiparous seastar Aquilonastra conandae (Asteroidea: Asterinidae) in La Réunion Island / S. Ooka [and others] -- Genetic contribution of sexual and asexual reproduction to the recruitment of a sexually unbalanced population of Coscinasterias tenuispina (Echinodermata: Asteroidea) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / C.E.M. Pazoto, C.R.R. Ventura & E.P. Silva -- Development of the fissiparous and multiarmed seastar, Coscinasterias acutispina (Stimpson) / D. Shibata [and others] -- Reproductive cycle of Holothuria (Selenkothuria) lubrica Selenka, 1867 (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea) in Bahía de La Paz, México / J.S. López [and others] -- Sexual dimorphism in genital papillae of Tripneustes ventricosus / R.L. Turner, M.L. Lyon & D.J. Carroll -- Abstracts by J.D. Allen & R.D. Podolsky [and others] -- Molecular markers of oocyte and primordial germ cell development in the sea urchin / G.M. Wessel [and others] -- Site-directed mutagenesis study of starfish phospholipase A₂ / T. Abe, H. Kishimura & H. Saeki -- Polar-group specificity of G54K mutant of the starfish phospholipase A₂ / H. Kishimura, R. Sawada & H. Saeki -- Application of proteomics to the study of gonad development in sea urchins / M.A. Sewell & S.D.H. Bishop -- Isolation of an autonomy-promoting factor from a Japanese sea star Asterias amurensis / K. Ukai, T. Nakazawa & M. Namikoshi -- Abstracts by R.A. Cameron & E.H. Davidson [and others] -- The history of the Chilean urchin fishery : chronicle of an announced death? / W.B. Stotz -- Protozoan disease in larval culture of the edible sea cucumber Isostichopus fuscus / P. Becker [and others] -- The sea cucumber resources and fisheries management in the western Indian Ocean : current status and preliminary results from a WIOMSA regional research project / C. Conand & N. Muthiga -- Abstracts by P. Becker, D. Gillian & I. Eeckhaut [and others] -- Bioactive compounds from echinoderms : ecological and evolutionary perspectives / M. Slattery -- Pollution induced mass-deformities in Tripneustes : biomechanical aspects / J. Dafni -- Dynamics of Holothuria atra at Enewetak Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands, based on tetracycline tagging / T.A. Ebert -- Community structure of conspicuous echinoderms of three islands from the Gulf of California, México / M.D. Herrero Pérezrul, S. Rojero León & H. Reyes Bonilla -- Dense beds of Ophiura sarsii limited by food supply in the Sea of Japan / Y. Kogure -- Population dynamics disparities of the common brittle-star Ophiothrix fragilis between three localities of the English Channel / D. Muths, D. Jollivet & D. Davoult -- Long-term population changes in sea stars at three contrasting sites / J.S. Pearse [and others] -- Symbiotic relation between Antarctic ophiuroids of genus Ophiacantha / I.S. Smirnov -- Sediment utilization and feeding-niche breadth of Meoma ventricosa grandis Lamarck, 1816 (Echinodermata: Brissidae) at Boca Chica channel, Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico / M.A. Torres-Martínez & F.A. Solís-Marín -- Abstracts by M.F. Barker & M.P. Russell [and others]
Echinoderms today / C. Messing -- Austin Hobart Clark (1880-1954) : his echinoderm research and contacts with his colleagues / D.L. Pawson and D.J. Vance -- Echinoderm evolution since 1972 and since the Cambrian : tales from a dozen IECs / B. David, B. Lefebvre & R. Mooi -- Almost within grasp : crinoid organs rendered 3-dimensionally / B. Aschauer, T. Heinzeller & P. Weinert -- Bdellacoma in the Hunsrück slate (Lower Devonian) : reidentification of Urasterella verruculosa (Asteroidea, Bdellacomidae) / F.H.C. Hotchkiss & A. Glass -- Preliminary report on new echinoderm Lagerstätten from the Upper Ordovician of the eastern Anti-Atlas, Morocco / A.W. Hunter [and others] -- Paleoenvironment of fossil ophiuroids in Plio-Pleistocene Hijikata Formation in Shizuoka Prefecture, central Japan / Y. Ishida [and others] -- New Ordovician mitrates (Echinodermata, Stylophora) from the Ancenis Basin (South Armorican Domain, France) : palaeogeographic and palaeoenvironmental implications / B. Lefebvre [and others] -- Reappraisal of ambulacral branching patterns in blastozoans / E. Nardin [and others] -- Evolution and diversification of ophiocistioids (Echinodermata: Echinozoa) / M. Reich -- The early evolution and diversification of holothurians (Echinozoa) / M. Reich -- The 'Swabian Caput Medusae' (Jurassic Crinoidea, Germany) / M. Reich -- Cyclocystoids (Echinodermata: Echinozoa) from the Silurian of Gotland, Sweden / M. Reich & M. Kutscher -- Epibionts on late Carboniferous through early Permian echinoid spines from Texas, USA / C.L. Schneider -- Echinoderm remains in the offerings of the great temple of the Aztecs / F.A. Solís-Marín [and others] -- Abstracts by C. Franzen [and others] -- Speciation in sea urchins / H.A. Lessios -- Isla del Coco (Costa Rica) echinoderms : state of knowledge / J.J. Alvarado -- Tubes, sacs, cones, pyramids, and proboscises : toward a homology-based understanding and terminology for plated, erect hindgut structures among the Crinoidea / W.I. Ausich & T.W. Kammer -- Relationship between the preservation of spatangoid spines and water temperature / T. Banno, T. Kamiya & K. Kanazawa -- Crown-group asteroid phylogeny : an enduring quandary / D.B. Blake -- Species of the complex Amphipholis squamata (Ophiuroidae) from Marseilles / E. Boissin, A. Chenuil & J.-P. Féral -- On two new records of family Brisingidae (Echinodermata: Asteroidea) from the Brazilian continental margin / L.S. Campos [and others] -- ROV imaging of deep-sea echinoderms from the Brazilian continental margin, southwest Atlantic / L.S. Campos [and others] -- Morphology of the juxtaligamental system in the ophiuroid Amphipholis kochii / N.A. Charlina [and others] -- Comparing substitution rates in spatangoid sea urchins with putatively different effective sizes, and other echinoderm datasets / A. Chenuil [and others] -- Development and evolution of the muscle system in the Echinodermata / I. Yu. Dolmatov -- Small-scale morphological differentiation in three brooding sea star species with limited dispersal / D.W. Foltz & J.M. Flowers -- Southwest Atlantic deep-sea brittle stars (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea) from Campos Basin, Brazil / R. Frensel [and others] -- The digestive system of the ophiuroid Amphipholis kochii : morphology and regeneration / L.T. Frolova & I. Yu. Dolmatov -- Phylogeography of Pisaster ochrnceus Brant, 1835 (Echinodermata: Asteroidea) / S.C. Frontana-Uribe [and others] -- Ophiacanthidae (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea) collected from the Sagami Sea, central Japan : a preliminary report / T. Fujita, Y. Ishida & S. Irimura -- Organs of the axial hemal complex in crinoids -- structure and occurrence / T. Heinzeller, U. Welsch & N. Améziane -- The establishment of a neotype for Luidia clathrata (Say, 1825) and a new species within the genus Luidia (Asteroidea: Paxillosida: Luidiidae) / T.S. Hopkins & K.E. Knott -- Morphological dimensional differences between Encope emarginata (Leske) from the western Caribbean (Colombia and Panama) and Encope emarginata? from two previously studied sites on the southwest Atlantic Brazilian coast / B.R. Kuhajda & T.S. Hopkins -- Scaling of Aristotle's lantern in sea urchins Lytechinus and Tripneustes / J.M. Lawrence [and others] -- Fine structure of the polian vesicle in the holothurians Eupentacta fraudatrix and Cucumaria japonica / V.S. Mashanov, I. Yu. Dolmatov & E.S. Zvereva -- Revision of genera Cassidulus and Rhyncholampas / A. Martínez-Melo & F.A. Solís-Marín -- Structure of the arm-spine articulation ridges as a basis for taxonomy of Ophiuroidea (a preliminary report) / A.V. Martynov -- Colour patterns of Pentaster obtusatus, St. Vincent, 1827 (Oreasteridae, Asteroidea, Echinodermata) / H. Moosleitner -- Synallactidae (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea) from Campos Basin, southwest Atlantic / R.B. Moura [and others] -- On the Holothuroidea from the collection of Echinodermata, Institute of Biology, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / R.B. Moura [and others] -- Creation on-line illustration keys of polar brittlestars with help WebKey-X system / I.S. Smirnov [and others] -- Echinoderm fauna of anchialine caves in Cozumel Island, Mexico / F.A. Solís-Marín [and others] -- Bridges between radial wedges (septs) in two diadematid spine types / S.R. Stock [and others] -- A model for elemental homology for the peristome and ambulacra in blastozoan echinoderms / C.D. Sumrall -- Sexual dimorphism in genital papillae of Tripneustes ventricosus / R.L. Turner, M.L. Lyon & D.J. Carroll -- On the collection of Asteroidea from the Institute of Biology, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / R.F. Vasconcelos [and others] -- Morphological variation among seven populations of the sand dollar Encope emarginata (Leske) from the southern to northeastern coast of Brazil / C.R.R. Ventura, E.S. Martins & P.C. Paiva -- Plate construction of the spatangoid test / T. Yamaguchi & K. Kanazawa -- Modeling echinoid skeletal growth : a first principles approach / L.G. Zachos -- Sea urchin (Echinoidea) anatomy revealed by magnetic resonance imaging and 3D visualization / A. Ziegler, T. Bartolomaeus & S. Mueller -- Abstracts by M. Benavides-Serrato & M.A. Lozano [and others]
Notes Selected conference papers
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index
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Subject Echinodermata -- Congresses.
Genre/Form Conference papers and proceedings.
Conference papers and proceedings.
Form Electronic book
Author Harris, Larry G.
ISBN 0203869540 (ebk.)
Other Titles Proceedings of the 12th International Echinoderm Conference, Durham, New Hampshire, USA, 7-11 August 2006