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Author Hemophilia Symposium (36th : 2005 : Hamburg, Germany)

Title 36th Hemophilia Symposium : Hamburg 2005 / editors, I. Scharrer, W. Schramm ; scientific board, I. Scharrer, W. Schramm ; chairmen, G. Auerswald [and others]
Published Berlin ; New York : Springer, [2007]
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Description 1 online resource (xxxiv, 319 pages) : illustrations
Contents I. Epidemiology. HIV infection and causes of death in patients with hemophilia in Germany (Year 2004/2005 Survey) / H. Krebs, W. Schramm on Behalf of the Participating German Hemophilia Centers ; Development of the German Hemophilia Register / B. Haschberger, J. Hesse, M. Heiden, and R. Seitz ; National Hemophilia Registry : source of information about the quality of hemophilia medical care in a developing country / D. Lighezan, F. Vladareanu, V. Uscatescu, C. Petrescu, C. Jinca, D. Mihailov, M. Bătăneant, L. Pop, W. Schramm, and M. Serban -- II. Hemophilia therapy : management of bleedings and inhibitors. Regulation of Factor VIII life-cycle by receptors from LDL receptor superfamily / E.L. Saenko ; Update of the inhibitor-immunology-study / I. Wieland, C. Wermes, B. Eifrig, K. Holstein, H. Pollmann, B. Siegmund, A. Nimtz-Talaska, C. Niekrens, R. Eisert, A. Tiede, K. Welte, and K.-W. Sykora ; Therapy of acquired hemophilia : immunoadsorption and rituximab treatment for immunosuppression and substitution of coagulation factors / H.-H. Wolf, A. Harba, O. Dorligschaw, And H.-J. Schmoll -- III. Orthopedic treatment in hemophiliacs. Osteoporosis and hemophilia : is there a correlation and is there a problem? / A. Kurth ; Orthopedic evaluation of the lower extremity in 249 children : a multicenter trial / A. Seuser and E. Kusch ; Simultaneous bilateral total knee arthroplasty in hemophilic arthropathy / H.H. Eickhoff, F.W. Koch, G. Goldmann, H.-H. Brackmann, and J. Oldenburg ; Alternative therapy such as the acupuncture of the skull for hemophilic arthropathy / T.A. Wallny, H.-H. Brackmann, G. Gunia, P. Wilbertz, J. Oldenburg, and CN. Kraft ; Endoprosthetics of large joints in patients infected with HIV / B. Habermann, M. Krause, I. Scharrer, and A. Kurth -- IV. Hemostaseologic diagnostics. Factor VIII methods : which assay principle for which indication? / D. Peetz ; Global ECAT survey on Factor VIII inhibitor testing : results of an interlaboratory pilot study / P. Meijer, H. Verbruggen, J. Arnout, and M. Spannagl ; A practical concept for pre-operative identification and improved management of patients at risk for bleeding / J. Koscielny, S. Ziemer, H. Radtke, P. Sinha, A. Salama, and H. Kiesewetter -- V. Pediatric hemostaseology. Intravascular tissue factor in cord vs adult whole blood / G. Cvirn, M. Köstenberger, J. Kutschera, U. Ferstl, W. Muntean, P. Sedlmayr, G. Juergens, and S. Gallistl ; Perioperative coagulation screening in children : reasons and results / C. Bidlingmaier, F. Sax, and K. Kurnik ; Thrombin generation in children / A. Siegemund, S. Horneff, and R. Schobess -- VI. Free lectures. Working-group of the German Hemophilia Assistants : history, purpose and goals / K. Andritschke, H. Ringkamp for the Working Group of the German Hemophilia Assistants ; The endogenous thrombin potential as a new parameter for the perioperative monitoring in conjunction with endo-prosthetic supply due to hemophilic arthropathy / U. Scholz, A. Siegemund, T. Siegemund, and R. Scholz ; Identification of inhibitor epitopes in acquired hemophilia by phage display / CH. Königs, CH. Kessel, S. Scholz, M. Krause, I. Scharrer, and W. Kreuz ; Spectrum of molecular defects and mutation detection rate in patients with mild and moderate hemophilia / A N. Bogdanova, A. Markoff, U. Nowak-Göttl, R. Eisert, C. Wermes, H. Pollmann, A. Todorova, A. Eigel, B. Dworniczak, and J. Horst ; Recombinant Factor VIIa for major surgery in severe Factor XI deficiency : pharmacodynamic monitoring using thromboelastometry / H. Dehmel, J. Priesack, R. Eisert, and A. Tiede
VII. Poster. a) Hemophilia establishment of a web-based documentation system for quality assurance of hemophilia treatment in Mecklenburg/Western Pomeranian : a pilot study / B. Steiner, P. Bruhn, B. Berthold, D. Hähling, B. Meyer, A. Grainacher, F. Herrmann, U. Kyank, B. Gombert, C. Burstein, and M. Freund ; Successful angiographic embolization of recurrent elbow joint bleeds in one patient with severe hemophilia / A R. Klamroth, S. Gottstein, E. Essers, M. Orlovic, and M. Wilaschek ; Evaluation of thrombotic events in hemophiliacs undergoing major orthopaedic surgery without thrombosis prophylaxis / M. Krause, CH. Von Auer, A. Kurth, M. Böhm, L. Hovy, and I. Scharrer ; Motivating patients and parents to document treatment correctly / S. Jenkins ; Fit for Life Competition : Everyone's a Winner / A. Seuser, G. Auerswald, W. Eberl, S. Gutsche, P. Böhm, R. Klamroth, and A. Kurme ; Blood borne infections in hemophiliacs in a developing country : a single center experience / M. Serban, M. Pop, St. Jenariu, L. Pop, C. Jinca, D. Mihailov, S. Arghirescu, M. Bătăneant, and W. Schramm ; Hemophilia Center Frankfurt -- Twinning Center for Nairobi/Kenya / W. Miesbach, G. Asmelash, M. Boehm, and I. Scharrer ; Economic evaluation of orthopedic and surgical interventions in hemophiliacs : not only direct medical costs matter / D. Mihailov, M. Serban, R. Badeti, P. Tepeneu, W. Schramm, and D. Lighezan -- b) Inhibitors in hemophilia the occurrence of Factor VIII inhibitor in a patient with mild hemophilia A during treatment with interferon for chronic hepatitis / C W. Miesbach, B. Llugaliu, G. Asmelash, CH. Von Auer, and I. Scharrer ; Severe hemophilia A patient with high-titer inhibitor, use of TGA in the monitoring of bypassing therapy / A. Hluší, P. Nowák, V. Krčová, and L. Slavǐk ; EUREKA : an European registry for orthopedic surgery in hemophiliacs with inhibitors / A. Kurth -- c) Casuistics double balloon enteroscopy (DBE) with argon plasma laser coagulation (APC) for a patient with Heyde's syndrome / A. Trummer, F. Wiedbrauck, and S. Hollerbach ; Successful liver transplantation in a patient with anti-thrombocyte antibodies and severe hemophilia / A W. Miesbach, C. Zapletal, G. Asmelash, B. Llugalio, W.O. Bechstein, and I. Scharrer ; Peri- and postoperative course of 95 patients with von-Willebrand's disease / CH. Von Auer, K. Lotter, S. Heinsdorf, and I. Scharrer ; Pregnancy in a patient with congenital antithrombin deficiency / B. Maak, L. Kochhan, CH. Estel, and P. Heuchel ; Successful inhibitor-elimination with rituximab in acquired hemophilia A and a patient with a carrier status for hemophilia A : two case reports / P. Lages, A. Huth-Kühne, and R. Zimmermann ; An interesting family case of von-Willebrand-syndrome / S. Gottstein, R. Schneppenheim, U. Budde, and R. Klamroth ; Clinical manifestations of dysfibrinogenemia in relation to the fibrinogen gene mutation / W. Miesbach, V. Catania, M. Böhm, Th. Vigh, CH. Von Auer, and I. Scharrer ; Thrombin generation in a hemophilic newborn / P. Fritsch, D. Zach, G. Cvirn, K. Baier, M. Köstenberger, B. Leschnik, and W. Muntean -- d) Diagnostics rapid and sensitive detection of heterozygous deletions of one or more exons in hemophilia A females by multiplex PCR and DHPLC technique / A. Pavlova, J. Schröder, D. Delev, C.R. Müller, E. Seifried, and J. Oldenburg ; Molecular genetic analysis in patients with inherited Factor V deficiency / A. Pavlova, D. Delev, E. Seifried, and J. Oldenburg ; Expression analysis of C1-inhibitor mutants confirms causality of missense mutations for hereditary angioedema / T. Förster, C.R. Müller, and J. Oldenburg ; Expression of the [gamma]-Glutamyl Carboxylase (GGCX) containing the Arg485Pro mutation found in two unrelated VKCFD1 patients / S. Rost, A. Fregin, V. Mutucumarana, D. Stafford, C.R. Müller, and J. Oldenburg ; Concentration of soluble endothelial protein C receptor (EPCR) in plasma in relation to age, sex, BMI and hemostasis parameters / G. Siegert, P. Goez, H. Kostka, S. Gehrisch, E. Kuhlisch, and S.M. Schellong ; Thrombin generation is age-dependent in children as well as in adults / H. Haidl, C. Cimenti, B. Leschnik, D. Zach, and W. Muntean ; Effects of PFA-100 in preoperative screening for von Willebrand disease in 310 Patients / B. Roschitz, C. Weitzer, M. Lindinger, A. Wirnsberger, S. Gindl, M. Köstenberger, and W. Muntean ; Control of aspirin effect in chronic cardiovascular patients using two whole blood platelet function assays : PFA-100 and multiple electrode aggregometry / K.-W. Von Pape, M. Dzijan-Horn, J. Bohner, M. Spannagl, H. Weisser, and A. Calatzis -- e) Miscellaneous. Difficulties in the interpretation of the term "patient-related" in the scope of the introduction of a remuneration of additional payments according to the OPS / K.H. Beck, P. Dirschedl, M. Mohrmann, and B. Waibel ; Factor VIII as positive regulator of activated platelets / A. Sturm, A. Obergfell, U. Walter, and R. Grossmann ; Characterization of three novel mutations in the sodium binding site of coagulation Factor X / R.F. Strey, K. Wulff, W. Schröder, and F.H. Herrmann ; Characterization of a mutation in the 5' flanking region and a novel IVS7 splice site mutation in a patient with severe FVII deficiency / W. Schröder, K. Wulff, R. Tech, R. Grempler, A. Ruiz-Saez, and F.H. Herrmann ; On the molecular basis of warfarin resistance in rats / M. Hünerberg, S. Rost, A. Fregin, H.J. Pelz, C.R. Müller, and J. Oldenburg ; Influence of Factor VHR2 on endogenous thrombin potential and clinical phenotype in Factor VII deficiency / R.F. Strey, A. Siegemund, T. Siegemund, C. Schubert, G. Schuster, K. Wulff, and F.H. Herrmann ; Splice site mutations effect on the F8 mRNA splicing / O. El-Maarri, C. Klein, J. Junen, J. Schröder, C.R. Müller, and J. Oldenburg ; Species-specific variation of VKORC1-activity and resistance to warfarin / A. Fregin, S. Rost, C.R. Müller, and J. Oldenburg ; Various missense mutations in the Vitamin K Epoxide reductase complex subunit 1 (VKORC1) cause hereditary coumarin resistance / C. Geisen, S. Rost, G. Spohn, A. Fregin, M. Watzka, D.M. Dimichele, H. Haubelt, M. Heistinger, J. Kadar, B. Kemkes-Matthes, P. Lages, E. Lindhoff-Last, B. Luxembourg, H. Pollmann, R. Zimmermann, C.R. Müller, E. Seifried, and J. Oldenburg ; Establishment of an International Registry of Patients with Congenital FXIII Deficiency / V. Ivaskevicius, R. Seitz, H.P. Kohler, L. Muszbek, R.A.S. Ariens, E. Seifried, and J. Oldenburg ; The impact of freezing of plasma samples, AB0 blood group and acute-phase reaction on detecting mild Factor VIII deficiency and increased Factor VIII levels as a risk factor for venous thromboembolism / J. Bach, H. Haubelt, U. Seyfert, A. Vogt, P. Hoerdt, and P. Hellstern ; Thrombin generation in severely obese children / C. Cimenti, H. Mangge, B. Leschnik, H. Haidl, D. Zach, and W Muntean
Notes "Presentation: epidemiology, hemophilia therapy - management of bleedings and inhibitors, orthopedic treatment in hemophiliacs, hemostaseologic diagnostics, pediatric hemostaseology, free lectures."
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Author Scharrer, I.
Schramm, W., 1943-
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Other Titles Thirty-sixth Hemophilia Symposium