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Author Mechanics of Hearing Workshop (10th : 2008 : Staffordshire, England)

Title Concepts and challenges in the biophysics of hearing : proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on the Mechanics of Hearing, Keele University, Staffordshire, UK, 27-31 July 2008 / editors, Nigel P Cooper, David T Kemp
Published Singapore ; Hackensack, N.J. : World Scientific Pub. Co., [2009]
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Description 1 online resource (xxviii, 506 pages) : illustrations (some color)
Contents section I. Sound transmission to and from the inner ear, and wave propagation within it. Time average holography study of human tympanic membrane with altered middle ear ossicular chain / J. T. Cheng ... [et al.]. Measurements of middle ear pressure gain and cochlear input impedance in the chinchilla / M. C. C. Slama ... [et al.]. A middle-ear reverse transfer function computed from vibration measurements of otoacoustic emissions on the ear drum of the guinea pig / E. Dalhoff, D. Turcanu and A. W. Gummer. Differential intracochlear sound pressure measurements in normal human temporal bones / H. H. Nakajima ... [et al.]. Comparing otoacoustic emissions and basilar membrane motion in individual ears / N. P. Cooper and C. A. Shera. The role of compression and traveling wave pressures in the transmission of sound out of the gerbil cochlea / W. Dong and E. S. Olson. Obvious and 'hidden' waves in the cochlea / E. de Boer and A. L. Nuttall. DP phases in mammalian cochleae, predicted from liquid-surface-wave formulas / R. Frosch. Distortion product emissions : where do they come from? / X. Zhang and D. C. Mountain. Retrograde propagation of cochlear distortion / S. T. Neely and Y.-W. Liu. Retrograde waves in the cochlea / S. T. Neely and J. B. Allen. Cochlear reflectivity and teoae transfer function / R. Sisto, A. Moleti and F. Sanjust. Time domain model of a nonlinear inhomogeneous cochlea / S. J. Elliott, E. M. Ku and B. Lineton. Periodicity in the spectrum of modelled spontaneous otoacoustic emissions / E. M. Ku, S. J. Elliott and B. Lineton. Modeling stimulus-frequency otoacoustic emissions in the gecko / C. Bergevin and C. A. Shera -- section II. Cochlear amplification : characteristics, modulation and control. Nonlinear cochlear signal processing and phoneme perception / J. B. Allen ... [et al.]. Determining the identity of the cochlear amplifier : electrical stimulation of the Tecta mouse cochlea / M. M. Mellado Lagarde ... [et al.]. Differential measurement of basilar membrane vibration in sensitive gerbil cochleae / T. Ren and W. He. Amplification in the cochlear apex / A. Fridberger and S. Jacob. Quantifying the passive substrate for active cochlear tuning / E. S. Olson, O. de la Rochefoucauld and W. Dong. Organ of corti micromechanics with local electrical stimulation / F. Chen ... [et al.]. Does the cochlea compromise on sensitivity and frequency selectivity? / A. N. Lukashkin ... [et al.]. Novel roles for prestin in frequency tuning and neural excitation in the mouse cochlea / M. M. Mellado Lagarde ... [et al.]. Bias-tone effects on the first-peak versus later peaks of auditory-nerve responses / J. J. Guinan Jr. Dual tuning in the mammalian cochlea : dissociation of neural and basilar membrane responses at supra-threshold sound levels - a meta-analysis / M. Braun. Slow oscillatory cochlear adaptation to brief over stimulation : cochlear homeostasis dynamics / D. T. Kemp and O. J. Brill. Adaptive behaviour shown in ear-canal pressures related to distortion product magnitudes / E. L. LePage and N. M. Murray. The influence of language experience on contralateral suppression of click-evoked otoacoustic emissions in young adults / S. P. Bhagat and J. Xu. Amplitude and frequency modulations of spontaneous otoacoustic emissions / L. Bian. Shifting the operating point of cochlear amplification? Impact of low frequency biasing and contralateral sound stimulation on DPOAE / A. Wittekindt, C. Abel and M. Kèossl. The effect of ear canal pressure on spontaneous otoacoustic emissions : comparison between human and lizard ears / P. van Dijk and G. A. Manley. Dependence of distortion-product otoacoustic emission components on primary-level ratio / G. R. Long, C. Jeung and C. L. Talmadge. Otoacoustic emissions evoked by two-tone bursts using linear and non-linear protocol / W. W. Jedrzejczak ... [et al.] -- section III. New measurement techniques. Distortion product otoacoustic emissions evoked by tone complexes / S. W. F. Meenderink and M. van der Heijden. Removal of the DPOAE second generation source with a pulsed paradigm method improves hearing threshold estimation in humans D. Turcanu ... [et al.]. Hard X-rays can be used to visualize cochlear soft tissue displacements in a closed cochlea / C.-P. Richter ... [et al.] -- section IV. Micromechanics : BM, TM and sub-tectorial space. Frequency-selective response of the tectorial membrane in the frog basilar papilla / R. L. M. Schoffelen, J. M. Segenhout and P. van Dijk. Mechanical response of the basilar membrane to lateral micromanipulation / S. O. Newburg ... [et al.]. Traveling waves... on the tectorial membrane / R. Ghaffari, A. J. Aranyosi and D. M. Freeman. The anisotropy of the tectorial membrane guides stereocilia deflection / R. Gueta ... [et al.]. Tectorial membrane traveling waves : a new mechanism for longitudinal coupling / A. J. Aranyosi, R. Ghaffari and D. M. Freeman. Modeling Hensen's stripe as a topographic waveguide that defines the roles of the OHC and IHC / J. T. Fulton. Measurement of anisotropic mechanical properties of the tectorial membrane / N. Gavara and R. S. Chadwick. Deflection of IHC stereocilia in response to somatic OHC electromotility / C. Chiaradia, M. Nowotny and A. W. Gummer. Fluid mechanics in the subtectorial space / J. Baumgart ... [et al.] -- section V. Modelling the cochlear amplifier and the cochlear's dynamics. Is stereocilia velocity or displacement feedback used in the cochlear amplifier? / S. Lu, D. C. Mountain and A. Hubbard. Cellular basis of the cochlear amplifier / K. H. Iwasa ... [et al.]. Tilt of the outer hair cell lattice : origin of dual tuning tips and cochlear bandwidth / A. Bell and T. Maddess. Acoustic streaming in the cochlea / F. Bèohnke and M. Scharff. Hook region represented in a cochlear model / C. R. Steele, N. Kim and S. Puria. Cochlear modeling using "time-averaged Lagrangian" method : comparison with V[symbol], P[symbol], and Z[symbol] measurements / Y. Yoon ... [et al.]. A lumped-element model of the apical cochlea at low frequencies / T. Marquardt and J. Hensel. Cochlear mechanics : a sideways look / A. R. Gardner-Medwin. Nonlinear responses of a nonlinear cochlear model with the function of an outer hair cell model / Y. Murakami and M. Unoki. The influence on predicted harmonic generation of the position of the nonlinearity within micromechanical models / J. How, S. J. Elliott and B. Lineton. Brownian energy depot model of the BM-OHC system / Y. Zhang ... [et al.]. Conjoined cochlear models : the TWAMP and the sandwich / A. Hubbard -- section VI. Hair cells and electro-mechanical transduction. Firing up the amplifier : temperature, pressure and voltage jump studies on OHC motor capacitance / J. Santos-Sacchi, L. Song and X. Li. Modeling the cochlear microphonic in prestin knockout mice / M. A. Cheatham ... [et al.]. Using a large scale computational model to study the effect of longitudinal and radial electrical coupling in the cochlea / P. Mistrâik and J. F. Ashmore. Voltage and frequency dependence of charge transfer by prestin : an electro-diffusion model / S. Sun ... [et al.]. Topological characterization by atomic force microscopy of prestin in the plasma membrane of prestin-transfected Chinese hamster ovary cells using quantum dots / H. Wada ... [et al.]. Membrane composition tunes the outer hair cell motor / L. Rajagopalan ... [et al.]. Measurement of outer hair cell electromotility using a fast voltage clamp / M. G. Evans and R. Fettiplace. Assessment of the activity of purified prestin and the effect of salicylate on prestin-chloride binding studied by isothermal titration calorimetry / K. Iida ... [et al.]. Increase in the activity by mutations of the motor protein prestin / S. Kumano ... [et al.]. Prestin distribution in rat outer cells - an ultrastructural study / S. Mahendrasingam ... [et al.] -- section VII. Hair bundles and mechano-electrical transduction. Active hair-bundle motility by the vertebrate hair cell / J-Y. Tinevez, P. Martin and F. Jèulicher. In vivo dissection of fly auditory mechanotransduction / J. T. Albert ... [et al.]. Transducer-based active amplification in the hearing organ of drosophila melanogaster / B. Nadrowski, J. T. Albert and M. C. Gèopfert. The dynein motor is the basis of active oscillations of mosquito antennae / B. Warren, A. N. Lukashkin and I. J. Russell. Trafficking of aminoglycosides into endolymph in vivo / Q. Wang and P. S Steyger. Big and powerful : a model of the contribution of bundle motility to mechanical amplification in hair cells of the bird basilar papilla / C. Kèoppl, K. H. Iwasa and B. Sul. The interplay between active hair bundle mechanics and electromotility in the cochlea / D. âO Maoilâeidigh and F. Jèulicher. Mechanical properties of coupled hair bundles / K. Dierkes, B. Lindner and F. Jèulicher. Connections between stereociliary rootlets and lateral wall : a possible route for interactions between bundle and prestin based cochlear amplification? / D. N. Furness, S. Mahendrasingam and C. M. Hackney -- section VIII. Discussion. Edited transcripts of the open discussion session held at Keele University on July 31, 2008. C. A. Shera and D. C. Mountain. 1. Introduction. 2. Experimental evidence of power amplification. 3. Overcoming the outer hair cell's time constant. 4. Stimulating inner hair cells. 5. Differences between the base and apex of the cochlea. 6. The role of compression waves in forwards transduction. 7. Robustness of measurement techniques. 8. Tectorial membrane motion. 9. Directions for future study
Summary This book extends our understanding of the mechanics and biophysics of hearing by bringing together the latest research on the topic by experts in cell and molecular biology, physiology, physics, engineering and mathematics. It contains the proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on the Mechanics of Hearing that was held at Keele University in the United Kingdom at the end of July, 2008. Topics for discussion included theoretical and experimental research at the molecular, cellular and systems levels. Separate sections of the book deal with: the transmission of sound energy to and from the inner ear, and wave propagation within the inner ear; the enhancement of stimulus wave motion that occurs in the inner ear; new measurement techniques that will underpin future innovative studies; the micro-mechanics of the basilar and tectorial membranes and the organ of Corti; cochlear dynamics; sensory hair cells and electromechanical transduction; and sensory hair-bundles and mechano-electrical transduction. The book concludes with the transcript of an open discussion session between the participants of the workshop, highlighting areas of uncertainty and controversy in the field, and pointing the way to the solutions to be sought in future research. This book reviews and synthesizes current concepts and challenges in the biophysics of hearing, and will be an invaluable guide to researchers and students in all branches of auditory science
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Subject Biomechanics -- Congresses.
Biophysics -- Congresses.
Hearing -- Congresses.
Hearing -- Physiological aspects -- Congresses.
Human mechanics -- Congresses.
Genre/Form Conference papers and proceedings.
Form Electronic book
Author Cooper, Nigel P. (Nigel Paul)
Kemp, D. T.
World Scientific (Firm)
ISBN 9789812833778
9789812833785 (electronic bk.)