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Author International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots (12th : 2009 : Istanbul, Turkey)

Title Mobile robotics : solutions and challenges : proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots and the Support Technologies for Mobile Machines, Istanbul, Turkey, 9-11 September 2009 / edited by O. Tosun ... [and others]
Published Singapore ; Hackensack, N.J. : World Scientific Pub. Co., [2010]
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Description 1 online resource (xxiii, 1173 pages) : illustrations
Contents Section 1 : plenary presentations. From 1st order embodiment to 2nd order embodiment : toward a cognitive walker / H. Cruse. Strategy selection and learning in teams of intelligent robots / M.M. Veloso. Toyota partner robots -- development and implementation vision / Y. Ota -- Section 2 : autonomous robots. Design and control of an autonomous arena ice making vehicle / D. Zhang and M. Bina. Navigation method of autonomous robot backward motion by remembered landmarks / S.V Petukhov and M. Yu. Rachkov. Reactive avoidance of dynamic obstacles using the behavior network of the interactive behavior-operated shopping trolley InEOT / M. Göller ... [et al.]. An energy-efficient multi-modal adaptive control scheme and its proposed implementation on a prototype climbing robot / S.A. Jacobs and A.A. Dehghani-Sanij. A robot design and modelling concept based on omni-directional mobility / M. Taheri ... [et al.]. Autonomous navigation systems for mobile robots base on omnidirectional vision system / S.H. Mohades Kasaei ... [et al.]. Energy based feedback control of a two wheeled vehicle with an extended rod / K.M.K. Goher and M.O. Tokhi. GA-optimised steering and position control of a two-wheeled vehicle with an extended rod -- a simulation study / K.M.K. Goher and M.O. Tokhi. Performing collaborative tasks with the humanoid robot RH-l -- a novel control architecture / C.A. Monje, P. Pierro and C. Balaguer. Feature selection for depth estimation in 2D images on an autonomous ground vehicle / F. Serhan Danis and H. Levent Akin. HMI for multi robotic inspection system for risky intervention and environmental surveillance / J. Bedkowski, P. Kowalski and J. Piszczek. Dealing with uncertainty in structured environments : a robot soccer case study / T. Mericli ... [et al.]. Distributed mobile robots / T. Sattar, T. Patel and H. Leon Rodriguez. Design and control of biped robot with minimum number of actuators / F.A. Siddiky, N.H. Siddique and M.O. Tokhi -- Section 3 : benchmarking and standardisation. Toward refutable robotics research in CLA WAR systems / F.P. Bonsignorio. Service robot ethics / S. Dogramadzi ... [et al.]. International standardization activities in robotic fields / S. Moon ... [et al.]. Safety standard for personal care robots / G.S. Virk. Developments in vocabulary standardization for robots and robotic devices / C. Harper, S. Dogramadzi and M.O. Tokhi -- Section 4 : biologically-inspired systems and solutions. Towards a biologically inspired ape-like robot / D. Kühn ... [et al.]. Design of a musculoskeletal athlete robot : a biomechanical approach / R. Niiyama and Y Kuniyoshi. Biologically inspired motion synthesis method of two-legged robot / T Zielinska and A. Chmielniak. Emerging gait pattern for a multipedal loosely coupled locomotion system / F.P. Bonsignorio. Design aspects of a climbing hexapod / L.R. Palmer III, E.D. Diller and R.D. Quinn. Morphological design of the bio-inspired reconfigurable HexaQuaBip robot / A. Veinguertener ... [et al.]. Biomimetic design and control of a robotic leg for agile locomotion / E. Garcia and P.G. de Santos -- Section 5 : biomedical and personal robotic assistance. Peristaltic crawling robot with artificial rubber muscles for large intestine endoscopy / Y. Hidaka, T. Nakamura and Y. Hori. Evaluation of robotics in surgery : clinical need and efficacy / M.D.O. Toole ... [et al.]. Analytical safety in autonomous surgical drilling / M.D.O. Toole ... [et al.]. A real-time EMG driven virtual prosthesis hand / A.E. Özdemir ... [et al.]. Height extension of chair on two-wheeled wheelchair / S. Ahmad and M.O. Tokhi -- Section 6 : flexible mechanisms and manoeuvring systems. Passive running of rimless wheel with springs / H. Miyamoto ... [et al.]. Fuzzy control scheme for set-point tracking of a flexible manoeuvring system / M. Omar, F.M. Aldebrez and M.O. Tokhi. Parametric modelling of a twin rotor system / S.F. Toha, M.O. Takhi and S. Md Salleh. PID controller design for a twin rotor MIMO system using real coded GA optimisation / S.F. Toha and M.O. Tokhi. Modelling and simulation of a single link flexible manipulator in vertical motion / B.A. Md Zain and M.O. Tokhi. Dynamic modelling of a single link flexible manipulator in vertical motion using swarm and genetic optimisation / B.A. Md Zain, M.O. Tokhi and S.F. Toha. Mechanistic analysis of the kick-and-bounce strategy for mobile robots with repeated impulse forces / T. Tsuda, H. Machiyama and H. Fujimoto -- Section 7 : gripping, inspection and non-destructive testing. Sliding mode contact force control for slip prevention in a robotic gripper / M.D. O'Toole ... [et al.]. The stability of grippers for MERO modular walking roboL / I. Ion, S. Ion V. Luig and V. Aurelian. Tripillar : miniature magnetic caterpillar climbing robot with plane transition ability / F. Rochat ... [et al.]. Dynamics of miniature robot with sliding supports / V. Gradetsky and V. Chaschuhin. Communication system for the underwater platform POSEIBOT / R. Alves ... [et al.]. Robotic device for cleaning photovoltaic panel arrays / M. Anderson ... [et al.] -- Section 8 : humanitarian rescue robotics. Selective visual attention for urban search and rescue (USAR) systems / R. Abdullah, R. Hamila and D. Vernon. Application of neural networks in mine detection / A. Gyorgy ... [et al.]. View-finder : robotics assistance to fire-fighting services / Y. Baudoin ... [et al.]. Experiment of maneuverability of flexible mono-tread mobile track and differential-type tracked vehicle / T. Haji ... [et al.]. Robust autonomous stair climbing by a tracked robot using accelerometer sensors / J. Ferraz and R. Ventura. 2D binaural sound localization for urban search and rescue robotics / A.R. Kulaib, M. AI-Mualla, and D. Vernon -- Section 9 : Innovative design of CLAWAR. Development of a wave propagation type wall-climbing robot using a fan and slider cranks / T. Hayakawa, T. Nakamura and H. Suzuki. Design of a climbing robot for cylindro-conic poles based on rolling self-locking / J.-C. Fauroux and J. Morillon. Inspection of high voltage power lines -- a new approach / M. Bühringer ... [et al.]. Foldable magnetic wheeled climbing robot for the inspection of gas turbines / W. Fischer ... [et al.]. RH-2 an upgraded full-size humanoid platform / C.P. Martinez ... [et al.]. Rolling locomotion of deformable tensegrity structure / M. Shibata and S. Hirai. Mechanical design of a six legged walking robot with SARRUS-2 (3-RPS) leg mechanism / G. Figiiolini, P. Rea and M. Conte. Reliability analysis of robots by fault trees : a novel methodology / G. Latif-Shabgahi and F. Tajarrod. Development of a photosynthetically active radiation measurement platform for the KAMANBARÉ robot / R. De Bernardi, J.M.F. Maia and J.J. Da Cruz -- Section 10 : locomotion. Dynamic model, gait generation and control of the amru5 hexapod robot / Q. Bombled and O. Verlinden. Adaptive filtering for biped robots sensorial systems / R. Caballero and M. Armada. A comparison of static gait patterns for quadrupeds / C. Kara, T. Brandt and D. Schramm. Inverse kinematics of redundant leg-mechanisms using linear optimization techniques / W. Lalo, T. Brandt and D. Schramm. Presentation of a new biped robot "ROTTO" / M. Konyev ... [et al.]. Low-level control system of a new biped robot "ROTTO" / M. Konyev ... [et al.]. Dynamic model and fuzzy-pd type control offour-Iegged quadrupedal robot with a pronking gait / S. Soyguder and H. Alli. Heuristic control of bipedal running : steady-state and accelerated / A.D. Perkins and K.J. Waldron. Simplified walking : a new way to generate flexible biped patterns / J. Liu, X. Chen and M. Veloso. Six-legged walking in rough terrain based on foot point planning / A. Roennau ... [et al.]. Learning robust and energy-efficient biped walking patterns using qwalking / J. Ma and S.A. Cameron. Disturbance avoidance control from environments for a biped walking vehicle / K. Hashimoto ... [et al.]. Realization of walking by FFT-based online pattern generation / H. Kondo ... [et al.]. Positive velocity feedback on a six-legged walking robot / A. Schneider ... [et al.]. Lateral motion analysis of passive dynamic walking with flat feet -- analytic solution and stability for one DOF system / T. Kinugasa and K. Yoshida. Spring-legged locomotion on uneven ground : a control approach to keep the running speed constant / M. Ernst, H. Geyer and R. Blickhan. Design of an articulated robotic leg with nonlinear series elastic actuation / M. Hutter, C.D. Remy and R. Siegwart. Simulation based study of a semi-passive dynamic walking for a human size humanoid robot / A.M.M. Omer ... [et al.]. Optimal gait synthesis of biped robot pasibot using artificial intelligence based predictive control / A.J. Huete, J.G.-Q. Alvarez and A.G. Fernandez. Energy efficient CLAWAR machines -- Implications for design and control / D. Howard ... [et al.]. Attitude compensation control for biped humanoid robot / H.-J. Kang ... [et al.]. From gaits to robot, a hybrid methodology for a biped walker / N. Rokbani ... [et al.]. An analytical solution to the stance dynamics of passive spring-loaded inverted pendulum with damping / M.M. Ankarali, O. Arslan and U. Saranli. Mechanical design of walking robot PASIBOT -- parametric model and gait analysis / H. Rubio ... [et al.]. Kinematics of quadruped walking on discontinuous terrain without a priori knowledge of the terrain / N. Ilgen ... [et al.]. Modeling and optimal control of a bipedal pogo-leg running robot / T. Lang ... [et al.]. Modeling passivity-based seven-link bipeds with dynamic switching of walking phases / Y. Huang, Q. Wang and L. Wang. Parameter optimization of a signal-based biped locomotion approach using evolutionary strategies / B. Gökce and H. Levent Akin. Generalized dog motion measurements to support a simple model of rotary galloping locomotion / S.P.N. Singh and K.J. Waldron
Study of leg arrangement for hexapod walking robot with a gait seek algorithm / K. Inagaki. Force and traction controlled propulsion of the omnidirectional wheeled climbing robot CROMSCI / C. Marx ... [et al.]. Improving obstacle climbing with the hybrid mobile robot openwheel i3R / J.-C Fauroux, B.-C Bouzgarrou and F. Chapelle. Terrain surface estimation using body configuration information / D. Chugo ... [et al.]. Trajectory analysis of an independently driven wheeled robot and it's experimental verification / T. Okada ... [et al.]. Optimal actuator torques distribution of articulated rovers on rough terrain / F. Ben Amar ... [et al.] -- Section 11 : Manufacturing, construction, co-operative and tele-operated robots. Field trials of a cell of climbing cooperating robots for fast and flexible manufacturing oflarge scale engineering structures / B. Bridge ... [et al.]. Development of a robotic cutting device for contaminated structure decommissioning / P. Matteucci and R. Molfino. Trajectory generation for a formation of mobile robots via a flexible virtual structure approach / A.E. El Kamel ... [et al.]. Multi-vehicle consensus with target capturing and obstacle avoidance / M.A. El Kamel, L. Beji and A. Abichou. Haptic control for the teleoperation of a climbing parallel robot / I. Banfield ... [et al.]. Hierarchical control architecture for a multi-segmented inspection robot / C. Birkenhofer and R. Dillmann -- Section 12 : modelling and simulation of CLAWAR. Mathematical modelling and inverse dynamic analysis of human motion / N.M. Dag̮han, M.E. Toygar and M. Cakmakci. Efficient gait learning in simulation : crossing the reality gap by evolutionary model identification / D. Belter and P. Skrzypczyński. Modelling of hopping robot with active vibroisolation for onboard equipment / S. Jatsun, I. Lupekhina and A. Yatsun. Adaptive control of a biped walking model / A. Olens̮ek and Z. Matjac̮ić. Ankle actuation for three-dimensional limit cycle walkers in lateral balance / Q. Wang, W. Chen and L. Wang. Modelling of an innovative actuator for climbing robot adhesion / F. Bonaccorso, D. Longo and G. Muscato -- Section 13 : Perception, sensing and actuation. Torso pose estimator for a robot imitation framework / A. Cruz, J.P. Bandera and F. Sandoval. Omnidirectional stereo vision head for humanoid robots / H. Montes ... [et al.]. An insole shear force monitoring system for optimum alignment in lower limb amputees / K.S. Tee ... [et al.]. Integration of 2D images and range data for object segmentation and recognition / N. Bayramoglu ... [et al.]. Resonance nonlinear dual actuator for walking robots / R. Fernández. T. Akinfiev and M. Armada. Development of an intelligent joint actuator prototype for climbing and walking robots / J. Hilljegerdes ... [et al.]. Emerging actuators for agile locomotion / E. Garcia. H. Montes and P.G. de Santos. Design of autonomous underwater climbing robot / T. Akinfiev. R. Fernandez and M. Armada -- Section 14 : planetary exploration, navigation and robotic education. New prioritized multi-robot exploration strategy based on percolation model in unknown environments / S. Topal. I. Erkmen and A.M. Erkmen. Fast lane tracking using HMM and MHT for autonomous urban driving / K. Kaplan. C. Kurtul and H. Levent Akin. A new distributed software architecture within the Pyro environment for a quadruped robot / G. Gini. P. Belluco and T. Ferrari. Introduction to autonomous robotics with lego mindstorms / H. Levent Akin ... [et al.]. Web-based e-learning for studying flexible manipulator systems / A.K.M Azad. M.O. Tokhi and M.H. Shaheed -- Section 15 : planning and control. Shuffle tum with both feet of humanoid robot by controlling load distribution of soles / M. Koeda, T. Ito and T. Yoshikawa. Trajectory tracking control of robot manipulator using flatness based approach / S. Bououden ... [et al.]. Force-position control of a holonomic mobile manipulator / S. Djebrani, A. Benali and F. Abdessemed. Leg trajectory planning for a hexapod robot / P. Petrov and L. Dimitrov. Synthesis of control law considering wheel-ground interaction and contact stability / T. Zielinska and A. Chmielniak. Dynamic equations in MMC networks : construction of a dynamic body model / M. Schilling. Efficient learning control of point-to-point robot motion / K. Kiryazov and P. Kiriazov. Control system adaptation of a synchro drive mobile robot for target approximation / H. Marin-Reyes and M.O. Tokhi. Outdoor motion planning using fast marching / L. De Sanctis ... [et al.]. LQP controller design for generic whole body motion / J. Salini, S. Barthélemy and Ph. Bidaud. A genetic approach to optimize the coverage performance of multiple random path-planning robots / M.A. Habib ... [et al.]. FPGA-based artificial vision system for robot and obstacles detection under strong luminosity variability / C. Pérez-Dárpino ... [et al.] -- Section 16 : rehabilitation and function restoration. Dynamic simulation of the biped normal and amputee human gait / M. Akbari Shandiz, F. Farahmand and H. Zohour. Dynamic analysis of a 3-link biped model to investigate the RGO assisted paraplegic gait / K. Nakhaee and F. Farahmand. Passive stiffness and viscosity of dynamic leg model : comparison between GA and PSO / R. Jailani ... [et al.]. Proportional derivative like fuzzy logic control of dynamic walking with crutches / R. Jaiiani ... [et al.]. Knee joint model identification using genetic algorithms / B.S.K.K. Ibrahim ... [et al.]. Dynamically inclined rowing machine : effect on FES-assisted indoor rowing exercise performance / Z. Hussain ... [et al.]. New BCI system for trajectories determination in manipulation tasks / T.G. Egea ... [et al.]
Summary This book provides state-of-the-art scientific and engineering research findings and developments in the area of mobile robotics and associated support technologies. The book contains peer reviewed articles presented at the CLAWAR 2008 conference. Robots are no longer confined to industrial manufacturing environments with a great deal of interest being invested in the use of robots outside the factory environment. The CLAWAR conference series, established as a high profile international event, acts as a platform for the dissemination of research and development findings and supports such a trend to address the current interest in mobile robotics in meeting the needs of mankind in various sectors of the society. These include personal care, public health, and services in the domestic, public and industrial environments. The editors of the book have extensive research experience and publications in the area of robotics specifically in mobile robotics, and their experience is reflected in the careful editing of the contents in the book
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and author index
Subject Mobile robots -- Congresses.
Robots, Industrial -- Congresses.
Genre/Form Conference papers and proceedings.
Form Electronic book
Author Tosun, O. (Oguz)
World Scientific (Firm)
ISBN 9789814291262
9789814291279 (electronic bk.)
9814291277 (electronic bk.)