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Author International Conference On Transportation Engineering (5th : 2015 : Dalian Shi, China)

Title ICTE 2015 : proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Transportation Engineering : September 26-27, 2015, Dalian, China / sponsored by Southwest Jiaotong University, Dalian Jiaotong University, Transportation & Development Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers ; edited by Qiyuan Peng, Kelvin C. P. Wang, Xiaobo Liu, Bingzhi Chen
Published Reston, Virginia : American Society of Civil Engineers, [2015]
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Description 1 online resource (xl, 3250 pages) : illustrations (some color), maps
Contents Acceleration Length Model of an Eight-Lane Freeway with a Two-Lane Ramp Based on Driving Behavior -- Hypermap Model for Geological Environment Recognition and Railway Location Technology -- BRT Approach Capacity Calculation Method at an Intersection in an Elastic Route BRT System -- Integrated Simulation Platform of VISSIM, VC ++, and MATLAB -- Intersection Signal Priority Mode of Trams on Condition of Delays -- Performance of Left-Turning Motor Vehicles from a Minor Road Approach at Non-Signalized At-Grade Intersections -- Bicyclists' Running Red Lights at Signalized Intersections -- A Parking Space Detection Algorithm Based on Magnetic Sensors -- Detection and Compensation for Coded Odometer Errors Due to Train Wheel Slips and Slides -- Evaluation of the Information Transfer Ability of a High-Speed Railway Dispatching System Based on the Structural Entropy Theory -- Optimizing Traffic Organization in Urban Intersections : A Simulation Study -- Prediction of Market Segmentation Based on Attitudes towards Bus Trips and Risk Preference in an Urban Transit System by Bayesian Network -- Transfer Study of Public Transport Modes -- Optimal Path Choice Based on Multi-Modal Public Transport A Case Study of the Chengdu Qinghua Road Area -- Short-Time Traffic Flow Forecasting Based on the K-Nearest Neighbor Model -- Impact Analysis of a Downstream Stretching Segment on Traffic Capacity at a Signalized Intersection -- Correlation between Road Networks' Structural Characteristics and the Distribution of Traffic Volume Based on ArcGIS -- Speed Guiding-Based Multi-Objective Coordinated Control Strategy for Tram Operation at an Intersection -- A Method of Intersection Traffic Volume Statistics Using Aerial Video -- Generalized Speed-Density Models for Urban Freeways under Rainy Weather
Analysis and Treatment of Mountain Roads' Dangerous Sections -- Multiple Attribute Group Decision Making by Analytical Hierarchy Process in Pavement Preventive Maintenance -- Microstructure of Modified Asphalt of PPA in Conjunction with SBS -- Effect of Elongated and Flaky Particles Content on the Durability of Concrete -- Calculation Method for the Cable Zone Beams of a Single Cable Plane Low-Pylon Cable-Stayed Bridge with a Wide Box Girder -- A Theoretical Model of Rail Corrugation on a Slab Track -- Development Regulation of Rutting Deformation Based on an Accelerate Pavement Test -- Vertical Vibration Characteristics of a Concrete Sleeper with Cracks in a Heavy-Haul Railway -- Influences of the Material Properties of Cement Asphalt Mortar on Box Bridge Structure Vibration-Born Noise -- Seismic Isolation and Energy Absorption Properties Research for a Dry Joint Segment Fabricated Pier Viaduct in a Highly Seismic Region -- Analysis of Visual Adaptability in the Threshold Zone of Tunnels -- Design and Analysis on Rail Anti-Head Check Profile for a Curve Rail of a Heavy-Haul Railway -- Effect of Crumb Rubber Powder on the Pavement Performance of Cement Concrete -- Mechanical Properties of Concrete Containing Ceramsite Sand -- Influence of Heavy Axles on the Dynamic Response of the Existing Railway Ballast Track under Freight Vehicle Running -- Study of Mineral Powder Effects on the Performance of an Asphalt Rubber Mixture
Application of an Improved Genetic Algorithm to the Path Optimization of Urban Medical Waste Recovery -- Disruption Risk Analysis and Management Strategies for Fresh Agricultural Produce Supply Chains in China -- Trust Mechanisms for Food Cold Chains -- Macroscopic Logistics Cost Accounting from an Environmental Perspective -- Site Selection with TOPSIS and Entropy Weight for Network Nodes in a Closed-Loop Military Supply Chain -- A Study on the Effects of Network Centrality and Efficiency on the Throughput of Korean and Chinese Container Ports -- Spatial Model of City Logistics Nodes and Its Optimizing Algorithm -- Reliability Analysis of a Cold Chain Logistics System Based on the Fault Bayesian Network -- System Design for the Order Management System of a Pallet Pool System -- The Identification and Prioritization of Optimal Logistics Nodes Planning of Yanting County -- Supply Chain Inventory Control Strategy Based on Risk Attitude -- Optimal Ordering Policy of Competitive Retailers with Different Risk Preferences -- The Design of an Interests Allocation Mechanism in a Scraped Car Reverse Supply Chain -- Diffusion Model Based on a Complex Network of Green Supply Chain Management -- On the Market Access System of Logistics Enterprises From a View of Comparison between National Road Transport Regulation and Provincial Road Transport Regulation -- Modelling a Construction Materials Supply Chain for a Construction Project under VMI -- "Both Ends" Logistics Distribution Mode of Railway Express Freight Transportation -- Price Decision in a Two Stage Supply Chain with Carbon Tax and Green Subsidies
Definition of the Radiation Scope of the Logistics Park Based on Applying the Road Accessibility Analysis to a Potential Model -- Location-Allocation Model of Maritime Emergency Supplies Repertory under Joint of Government and Enterprise -- Selection of Express-Logistical Operation Mode in a High-Speed Railway Organization -- Optimization Research of Sales and Delivery Processes Based on ExtendSim -- The Re-Engineering of Iron and Steel Enterprise Procurement Processes Based on the ABC Method -- Third-Party Cold Chain Logistics Cost Accounting Based on Activity-Based Costing -- Contract Design of Income Distribution for Banks and Logistics Enterprises in Uniform Credit Financing Mode -- Analysis of International Logistics Demand in Sichuan -- Location Selection of a Great Sports Event Logistics Distribution Center Based on GIS and a Genetic Algorithm -- An Analysis of the Co-Integration Relationship between Port Logistics and Economic Growth in the Ningbo Region -- Management System Implementations and Application Research of Supply Chain Enterprise Based on Multi-Agent Technology -- Mile Mismatch Correction Method of Track Geometry Data and Its Application -- Turnout Geometry Linetype Design System Based on the Plane-Parameter Theory -- Transient Analysis of Track Circuits -- Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Risks in Subway Station Construction -- Influence of Shield Tunnel Construction beneath a Railway on a Culvert-Embankment Transition Zone
Estimation of the Carbon Emissions of Ningbo Port and Low-Carbon Emissions Solutions -- Risk Assessment of Water Traffic Safety on the Wuhu Section of the Yangtze River -- Lifeline Road Planning Method in Disaster-Prone Areas -- Research Review of Rail Transit and Urban Space Integration Development -- Problems and Improvement Measures of Highway Traffic Safety Facilities -- Transportation Security Assessment Method for a Mountainous Freeway Using a Bayesian Network -- Application of Fuzzy Set Pair Analysis in Poor Shunting Early Warning for a Track Circuit -- Strategies for the Safety Management of Road Transportation Infrastructure under Severe Weather Conditions in China -- Motor Vehicle Crashes on the Sutong Yangtze River Highway Bridge -- Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation on the Risk of Fatigue for Air Traffic Controllers Based on Improved AHP -- Humanized Transportation Design Research Based on the Sustainable Development of Urban Roads -- Analysis of Roadside Traffic Accidents on Arterial Highways and Roadside Security Protect
Fault Diagnosis of the Rectifying Circuit of Electric Locomotives -- Safety Evaluation of a Bridge-Tunnel Connecting Section of Mountainous Highways Based on Drivers' Heart Rate -- Sensor Fault-Tolerant Control of Electric Power Steering for Electric Vehicles -- Reliability Evaluation of a Freeway Guidance System -- Press-Assembly Depth Analysis of the Sealed Cowling for Freight Car Bearings -- Effect of Lubricating Material on the Slewing Performance of a Sliding Slewing Bearing -- Reliability Prediction Method of an EMU Bogie -- Safety Limit Study of the Gravity Center Height for a Loaded Wagon under Cross-Wind -- Elastic-Plastic Analysis on the Contact of Wagon Wheels and Heavy Haul Frogs -- Monitoring and Simulation Analysis of Composite Foundations on Bearing Characteristics for a High-Speed Railway -- Widening Methods of Existing Cast-in-Situ Continuous Curved Beams -- A Decision-Making Sequencing Model of a Mixed-Model Assembly Line Considering the Leveling of Material and Assembly Switch Cost -- Nonparametric Approach to Analyze the Effects of Heterogeneity on Travel Duration -- Simulation and Analysis of the Crowd Evacuation in Subway Station -- Analysis on Cluster Dispatching Resources in a Marshalling Yard -- Analysis of the Main Influence Factors of the Capacity Coordination Problem between Freight Stations and Marshalling Yards under the "Real-Freight System" -- Optimizing System Design for Departure Time Domains of Passenger Trains
Field Test of Vehicles' Speed Driving Behavior in Multi-Lane Freeway Interchange Diverging Areas -- Urban Traveler Travel Mode Choice Equilibrium Model under the Condition of Bus Lanes -- Forecast Model of Conventional Public Transit Passenger Volume in Small- and Medium-Sized Cities Based on the IHGA-LS-SVM with Grey Correlation Analysis -- Technical Methods and Application Modes of Lancang River Waterway Modern Management -- GIS, GPS, and BIM-Based Risk Control of Subway Station Construction -- Site Optimization for Entrances and Exits of Underground Roads -- Attribute Mathematical Recognition Model of the Congestion Level of Urban Traffic -- Traffic Volume Prediction Algorithm Based on Traffic Flow Sequence Partition and a Neural Network -- Dynamic Response of the Track Irregularity State in a Subway Turnout Zone -- Data Model of 3D Geological Modeling and Realization -- Simulation of Pedestrian Evacuation Flow Based on Crowd Space -- Evaluation Methods of the Chengdu Expressway's Traffic Congestion -- Community Bus Demand Characteristics Analysis Based on Smart Card Data and GPS Data -- Key Problems of Urban Rail Transit CBTC Simulation Laboratory Construction -- Full-Induction Control Method of Urban Arterial Highway Intersections -- Potential Conflict Number Prediction of an Intersection's Mixed Traffic Flow -- Improving Measures for Transition Sections of Barriers at Tunnel Entrances in Expressways
Forecasting Method for Urban Rail Transit Ridership at the Station-Level Using a Weighted Population Variable and Genetic Algorithm Back Propagation Neural Network -- Bus System Evaluation Based on a Structure Entropy Weight-Matter Element Analysis Method -- Operation and Management of Urban Rail Transit Education Reform Based on CDIO -- Urban Rail Transport Coordination Based on Travel Time Cost -- New Cable Insulation Detection Approach and Design for a Subway Train -- Analysis of the Coordination of the Chengdu Metro and the Intercity Railway Ticketing Organization -- Optimization Analysis of the Energy-Absorbing Structures in a Subway Train -- Urban Transit Systems' Efficiency Evaluation Model Based on DEA -- Compiling Operative Plans of Rail Transit Turn-Back Stations -- UML Modeling and Development of an Urban Rail Transit Network Passenger Travel Process -- Optimization Method Study for Capacity Coordination between Urban Rail Transit Lines -- Research on the Urban Rail Traffic ATS Simulation System -- Suspended Monorail System : A New Development of an Urban Rail Transit System with Low Passenger Capacity -- Application of Pedestrian Microscopic Simulation Technology in Researching the Influenced Realm around Urban Rail Transit Stations -- Influence Law of Urban Rail Transit Delay Propagation under Network Operation -- Urban Rail Simulation Platform Control System Design Based on Fault Detection -- Motion Simulation of a Vessel Based on Standard Environmental Conditions and Dynamic Assessment -- Reform of a Load Balancing Mechanism for a Railway Freight Vehicle -- Application of an Optimal Control Algorithm on ABS for an Electric Vehicle -- Physical Model Selection in Numerical Simulation and Structural Optimization of a Locomotive Traction Motor's Air Cooling Channel -- Structural Improvement of a Lifting Platform for a MultiFunction Operation Car -- Optimization Plan of Refrigerated Container Refueling Strategies in Transit
Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation for the Implementation Effect of Credit Policy on Post-Disaster Reconstruction -- Connection-Consider Decision-Making Model of Emergency Rescue Scheduling under an Earthquake -- Analysis of Forbidden Policy's Impact on Motorcycles in Changzhou, China -- Traffic Characteristics of Electric Bicycles and Application Management -- Network Development of Modern Trams -- Lightweight Design of Vehicles under Green Traffic -- Design and Simulation of a Battery Swap Station for Electric Battery Buses -- Pricing Model of Railway Cargo Protocol Transport Based on Option Theory -- Analysis of Heavy Hual Railway Wear on Wheel/Rail Contact Geometry -- Influence of Axle Loads on Rail Wear in Heavy Haul Railways under Different Gross Tonnage -- Application of the ARMA Model in Railway Freight Volume Analysis -- Evaluation on High-Speed Railway Product Adaptability -- Effects of Curve Parameters on Wheel-Rail Dynamic Characteristics of Heavy Haul Railway -- Analysis of Effect Parameters of Track Settlement in Heavy Haul Railways -- Reconstruction and Modeling Method for Rail Head Checks in Heavy-Haul Railways Based on X-Ray Computed Tomography and the Extended Finite Element Method -- Operation Scheme Optimization Model of Heavy-Haul Train Loading Area -- Network Assignment Model of Passenger Train Scheme on a High-Speed Railway -- Analysis of Local Vibration Characteristics and Influencing Factors of the High-Speed Railway Box Beam -- Calculation Method for High-Speed Railway Running Cost under the Condition of Mixed Passenger and Cargo Marshalling -- Exploration of Night Train Plans and Window Setting for High-Speed Railways
IC Card-Based Data Mining Characteristics of Urban Public Bicycles -- High-Speed Railway Train Diagram Planning Based on Big Data Analysis -- Application and Influence of Big Data in the Logistics Industry Take Cainiao Network as an Example -- Structure Sensitivity of the CRH3 EMU Based on FEM -- Lectotype and Quantity Optimization of Handling Machines for Railway Freight Transport : The Case of Kunming Railway Bureau -- Strength Analysis of Mounting Brackets and Connecting Bolts on an EMU Inner End Door -- Subjective and Objective Evaluation of High-Speed EMU Interior Sound Quality Preference and Correlation Analysis -- Analysis for the Harmonics of an Air-Gap Magnetic Field in Asynchronous Magnetic Coupling -- Fine Modelling and Strength Analysis of Metro Car Body Structures -- Vibration Characteristic Analysis of Elevated Maglev Transportation -- Health Status Evaluation Approach of Critical Equipment in an Urban Rail Transit System -- Fault Diagnosis for the Gearbox of a High-Speed Train on Generalized Congruence Neural Networks -- Numerical Analysis on Welding Deformation and Residual Stress of an Aluminum Alloy Floor of EMU Bodywork -- Solutions for Plane Strain Consolidation of a Saturated Medium -- An Assessment of Two Methods for Fatigue Life Prediction of an Aluminum Alloy Car Body -- Structural Optimization for Head Cars of High-Speed Trains in Light of Aerodynamics -- Influence of Structure Parameters of Sonar Domes on Sailing Resistance -- Numerical Analysis of the Internal Flow Field of a Marine Centrifugal Compressor and the Structural Optimization of a Vaned Diffuser -- Characteristics of Passenger Car Side Pole Impacts
Influence of Geometry on the Capacity of the MIMO System in Transportation Tunnels -- Safety Assessment Methods of a Rail Transit Signal System -- Railway Information Sharing Platform Security Management Technologies Analysis -- Evaluation of Travel Time Estimation Models with Different Inputs -- A Method to Determine the Number of Parking Spaces in a Taxi Station Based on the Queuing Theory -- Berthing Speed Control Law for Large Vessels Based on AIS Data -- Design of Variable Message Signs for Real-Time Berth Guidance in Indoor Parking -- BRT Signal Priority Control Strategy Model Based on Travel Social Benefits -- Distribution Characteristics of Headway at Weaving Section of Signalized Intersection Upstream -- Highway Application Service Framework Based on ETC Data -- Assessment of Urban Bus Signal Priority Strategy -- Calculation Model of Variable Parking Lots in Urban Synthesis -- Appropriate Volume on the SHUMA Roundabout -- Multi-Period Signal Control Methods at One Single Point -- Summarization of Analytic Studies of Bus IC Cards and GPS Data Integration -- The Design of a U-Turn Lane Right Set and Its Control Mode at an Intersection -- Specification for the Construction of Traffic Information Backbone Network Interconnection -- China Railway Special Line Information Management System Framework Design -- Dynamic OD Matrix Estimation Algorithm Based on Information Extraction -- Customized Shuttle Bus or Car? Analysis on Travel Mode Choice Behavior of Commuters -- Field Test Research on Vehicles Crossing the Lane Lines and Lane-Changing Locations Traffic Behavior in Multi-Lane Freeway Diverging and Merging Areas
Method of Making Trains Diagram with Computers -- Calculation Method of the Carrying Capacity of High-Speed Railways Considering the Characteristics of Time Using -- Collaborative Optimization between a Passenger Train Operation Scheme and a Comprehensive Maintenance Gap in the Net of a Passenger-Dedicated Line -- Port Rating Scale and the Structural Optimization of the Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River -- An Optimization Model for Designing a Pedestrian-Oriented Signage System in a Large Passenger Hub -- Critical Gap of a Roundabout Based on a Logit Model -- The Present Situation, Problems, and Prospects of the Nanchang Bus Special Service Corporation -- Energy-Efficient Train Control : Analysis of Local and Global Optimization -- Reasonable Site Selection of Urban Rail Transit Park-and-Ride Facilities -- Incorporating Social Interaction Effects into a Travel Mode Choice Behavior Model -- Electric Vehicle Charging Station Location Problem Research -- Prediction of a Reasonable Highway Network Scale in Wenzhou -- Preliminary Exploration in Choice Behavior of a Parking Lot in a S/M City with a Logit Model -- Rational Allocation of Passenger Transportation Structures in a Metropolitan Area -- Non-Motorized Vehicle Parking Demand at a Suburban Railway Station -- Comprehensive Development Scale of a High-Speed Railway Station Based on TOD -- Ranking of Transit Network Optimization Schemes Based on Set Pair and Entropy Analysis -- Construction Sequence of an Urban Rail Transit System Based on Multi-Objective Lattice Order Decision Making
Models and Heuristics for the Split Delivery Vehicle Routing Problem -- Genetic Optimization of an Operation Scheme for the Flow Assignment Method Based on Level Classification -- Effects of a Single Price Coefficient Change on the Test Number in a Transportation Problem -- Optimal Algorithm of the M3 Scheduling Problem -- Train Combination Model of a Passenger Train Plan for a High-Speed Railway -- Passenger Transfer Volume Prediction Method of an Urban Comprehensive Passenger Transport Hub -- System Design for Express Freight Train Diagraming Programming -- Discussion about the Product Structure of Bulk and Direct Freight Based on Transport Benefits -- Design for Cooperation between the Locomotive Scheduling System and the Train Scheduling System -- Selection and Application of Organization Modes of Container Drop-and-Pull Transport Based on Different Service Objects -- Research on Urban Rail Train Routing Optimization -- Business Process Reengineering of Railway Freight Transport by Petri-Net Based on Supply Chains -- Design for the Production Organization and Safety Management System of a Railway Passenger Transportation Depot -- Schedule Design for Liner Shipping Based on Wave Optimization -- Passenger Flow Organization of Large Passenger Stations during the Period of Spring Festival Transport -- Security Analysis about a Train Control Center Based on a Bayesian Network -- Train Timetable Buffer Time Setting Strategy and Affection -- Optimization for a Direct Freight Train Plan in Loading Place Based on Logistics Cost -- Analysis of the Demand and Supply of Regular Buses
Multimodal Transport Path Optimization Modeling of a Single Variety of Goods -- Preponderant Haul Distance of the Harbin-Dalian High-Speed Railway under Competition -- CVaR Model and Algorithm for the Risk Assessment Problem of Hazmat Multi-Modal Transportation -- Equilibrium Model under the Condition of Multi-Mode to Travel Choice and the Mixed Traffic -- Service Demand Forecast for an Inland Waterway Service Area : A Case Study on the Grand Canal, China -- Prediction of Taxi Passenger Volume Based on a Gray Linear Regression Combined Model -- Exploring the Coupling Relationship between Urbanization and Regional Transportation -- Traffic Flow Characteristics at Different Sites on an Urban Expressway from Loop Counts -- Influence Analysis of the Railway Freight Transport Reformation on the Ningbo Road General Freight Transport Industry -- Fuzzy Chance-Constrained Programming for Optimal Containership Slot Exchange and Allocation in Liner Alliances -- Cohesion of Urban Rail Transit and Other Transportation -- Optimization of the Structure of Comprehensive Transportation Systems Based on Energy Consumption -- Key Problems of the Development of Piggyback Transport in China -- Attraction Area Model for Urban Rail Transit Stations Compared with Different Traffic Tools -- Research on a Freight Modal Split Model Based on Transportation Distance
Personnel Psychological Metaphor System about Time-Space Conversion in Intelligent Transportation Processes -- Design and Achievement of the Vehicle Information Terminal Based on the Internet of Vehicles -- Distributed Hierarchical Control for an Urban Rail Transit Intelligent Transportation System Based on Multi-Agent -- Intelligent Train Dispatching for Urban Rail Transit Based on Fuzzy Neural Network -- Lane Changing Model Based on a Discrete Dynamic Game in an ICT Environment -- Real-Time Traveling Information System Based on Wearable Technology -- Analyzing Travel Time Variability on Transit Route Using GPS Data
Prediction of the Traffic Volume of Henan Province with a BP Neural Network -- A Comparison Experiment of the Time Benefit between Bus Navigation and Car Navigation -- Gray Markov Model in the Intersection of Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction -- Establishment and Application of a Grey Forecasting Model -- Exploring Transit Use Regularity Using Smart Card Data of Students -- Theory and Application Technology of Railway Intelligent Transportation Systems -- Route Optimization of Multimodal Military Logistics Transportation -- Analysis of Logistics Network Equilibrium Assignment Framework Based on User Equilibrium -- Strategy of Constructing a Green Logistics System for the Pearl River Delta -- A Location Method for a Distribution Center Based on the Gravity Model and the Bi-Level Programming Model -- Selection of Enterprise Logistics Mode Based on Two-Tuple Linguistic and Grey Correlation Analysis -- Buyback Contracts Considering Return Logistics Costs -- Evaluation and Selection of a Third Party Logistics Supplier in a Chemical Company -- Logistics Cost Control Performance Evaluation of Third Party Logistics Enterprises -- The Nature and Value of Strategic Alliances in Global Logistics -- Optimization of Distribution Centers Based on Flexsim -- Synchronous Supply Model of the Automotive Components at an Assembly Plant
RITS-Based Intelligent Railway Dispatching System's Vision -- Operation Effects of a Factory Rail Line on a Traffic Artery -- Intelligent Decision-Making Optimization Model of a Traffic Emergency Based on Learning Bayesian Network -- Railway Time Management System Base on Beidou Navigation System -- Network Access Solution in a High-Speed Railway Carriage -- New Challenges in Managing Staff Competency for a Driverless Urban Rail Transit System -- Simulation of Optimal Allocation of Self-Service Check-in Kiosks at the Airport -- Internet of Things Technologies for Urban Public Transport Systems : A Case Application in Chengdu, China -- Signal Priority Control Methods of Modern Tram at Intersections -- Intelligent Transport Systems in the Big Cities of China Based on Public Service -- Detecting the Synergy between Talent Accumulation and the Effect of Intelligent Transportation Systems -- Traffic Flow Parameter Detection Based on Epipolar Plane Image -- Traffic Guidance Strategy of Urban Freeways Based on Model Predictive Control -- Model and Algorithm of Urban Road Discrete Network Design Based on CO Emissions -- A New Calculation Method of Bus Punctuality Based on AVL Data -- Multiple-Depot Multiple-Type Vehicle Routing Problems Considering the Real Network -- Maintenance Network Planning of RFID Facilities Considering the Validity of Communication Nodes
Random Vibration Analysis of the Underframe Structure on a High-Speed Train -- Dynamic Response Analysis of CRTSII Bi-Block Ballastless Track on a Viaduct of a High-Speed Railway -- Track Measuring Methods in Maglev Engineering -- Research on Natural Ventilation Intelligent Control Technology of a Highway Tunnel -- Mechanism Analysis of the Box-Type Anti-Slide Pile with Vertical End-Curve-Arrangement Prestressed Tendons in Landslide Control -- Remaining Life Prediction for Composite Airport Pavement -- An Evaluation of Characteristics of Efficiency and Flexibility of the Eurasian Continental Bridge -- Durability Assessment of an RC Railway Bridge Pier under a Chloride-Induced Corrosion Environment -- Numerical Analysis of a Geogrid-Reinforced High Embankment -- Ambient Temperature and Vehicle Loading Effects on Asphalt Concrete Pavement Rutting Development -- Urban Road Speed Humps Setting Technology -- An Improved Method of Evaluating Technical Conditions of a Concrete Bridge -- Development of Capacity Models for Twelve-Lane Freeways in China -- Analysis of the Macro Factors Influencing Dalian Road Traffic Safety Based on the Gray Correlation Method -- Impact Analysis of Concrete Shrinkage and Creep on a Prestressed Concrete Box Girder Bridge -- Both the Highway Tunnel Secondary Lining Crack Damage Causes and the Renovation -- Metrological Traceability Technology for the Pavement Frictional Coefficient Using the Law of Conservation of Energy -- Properties of Natural Bitumen Gilsonite Modified Bitumen
Reasonable Matching Train Speed of Chinese High-Speed Railways -- Operation Mode and Rational Travelling Distance of Overnight Trains in Chinese High Speed Railways -- Prediction of High Speed Railway Passenger Demand Volume Based on Grey Relational Analysis -- A Particular Waiting Mode for Overnight Operation of the Chinese Beijing-Guanghzou High-Speed Railway -- Transport Organization Modes under a High-Speed Railway Network -- Calculation Methods of Minimal Headway for High-Speed Railways -- Method of Cross-Line Timetable Optimization Based on a Single Depot for Cluster Scheduling -- Feasibility of Mixed Marshalling of Passenger and Cargo Transportation on a High-Speed Railway -- 3D Model of Seaplane Domain during Takeoff and Landing Based on Ship Domain Theory -- Benefits of the Tram System in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China -- Optimization of Transport Capacity Combinatorial Procurement in Container Sea-Rail Intermodal Transport -- Railway Passenger Dynamic E-Business Based on Web Services and RFID -- Research of Complementary between Rail Transit and Conventional Bus -- Multimodal Transportation Government Subsidies Strategy Based Stackelberg Game and DEA -- Analysis of Combined Modes Choice Characteristic of Non-Motorized Modes and Motorized Modes -- Quality Evaluation Indicator System for Rail Freight Service
Reform of a Public Transport Operating Model in Luotian County Based on Game Theory -- An SMDP-Based Optimization Model for Railway Passenger Ticketing -- Analysis of Social Risk Causes of Rail Transit Construction Projects Based on DEMATEL-ISM -- Trade Credit Term Decisions under Centralized Decisions -- Production Function of a Railway Transportation Economy Analysis Method of Transfer -- Implications of Foreign Policy to the Development of Railway Freight -- Particular Cultivation for Outstanding Talent in the Transportation Industry -- Customer Satisfaction Evaluation of Rail Door-to-Door Transport Service -- Impact of Rural Road Infrastructure on Poverty Reduction Based on the Analysis of Sichuan Province -- Operation Cost Research of Railway Freight Transportation Enterprise Based on the Advanced Activity-Based Costing Theory -- Railway Freight Transportation Economic Benefit Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis -- Exploration of "Alliance of Agriculture and Community" Based on Third-Party Trading Enterprises -- Analysis of Transportation and Economic Development in Jiangxi -- Game Model of Taxi Service Pricing Based on Deregulation -- Modeling and Application of an Early Warning System of China's Foreign Trade Container Shipping Market -- Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Enterprises' Sustainability : Empirical Evidence from Listed Companies in the Transportation Industry
Safety Effectiveness and Safeguards of Electronic Traffic Enforcement -- Analysis of the Risk of Air Traffic Controllers' Fatigue Based on the SHEL Model -- Risk Assessment of Rail Transit Financing Mode Using Land Reserve Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method -- Study on the Influencing Factors of Recycling Household Electronic Waste Based on Consumer Participation under the EPR System -- Frontal Structure Safety Analysis of Minibuses Based on Chinese In-Depth Accident Studies -- Traffic Relief Based on the Construction Characteristics of Urban Roads -- Analysis of the Safety of the Linchuan Section on Donglin Highway -- Road Traffic Accident Forecasts Based on Cointegration Analysis -- Hazardous Location Identification of Multi-Lane Expressways -- Research of Chengdu's Sustainable Development Based on a DEA Model -- Building and Simulation of a Modified Cell Transmission Model for an Urban Expressway -- Relationship between Traffic Accidents and the Road Traffic Operation Index A Case Study of Beijing -- How to Evaluate the Road Consistency and Driving Comfort of a Newly-Built Freeway A Case Study of the Wu-Liu Freeway in Guangxi -- Car-Following Model Based on Ahead Acceleration and Velocity Differences -- Effect of Break Time on an Evaluation Index of Driving Characteristics -- Risk Assessment on the Effect of Weather Factors on Civil Engineering Facilities in a Metro System -- Cabinets of Comprehensive Inspection Train Random Vibration Analysis -- Risk-Sharing Rationalization of an Intercity Railway PPP Project
Short-Term Travel Time Prediction for a Car Dynamic Navigation System -- Travel Time Characteristics of Vehicles on Urban Arterial Roads Analysis Based on License Plate Data -- Speed Guidance Model of Urban Expressways Based on a Meso-Traffic Simulation Model under Severe Weather -- Research on the Method and Application for a Vehicle's Online Diagnosis Based on a Testability Model -- A New Computational Method of the Friction Power Loss of Spiral Bevel Gears of a Helicopter Reducer -- City Transit Ridership Forecasting Based on Weather Conditions Case Study of the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) -- Development of a Traffic Demand Prediction Model for a Transport Corridor Based on Multivariate Regression Analysis -- Transport Priority and Economic Growth in China's Ethnic Area : A Case Study of Guizhou Province -- Spatial Spillover Effects of Highway Transport Infrastructure on Economic Growth in Northwest China -- Legislation of Chinese Urban Public Transport -- Impact of a Freight Network from Railway Freight Organizational Reforms -- Design and Development of Units of Rail Transport Products Based on the Internet of Things -- A Systematic Evaluation Strategy of Car-Following Models -- Rail Transit Impact on the Development of Commercial Space in Zhuhai -- Economic Integration Development of Port Cluster and Port City -- Evaluation of the Service Quality for an Urban Rail Transit Station Based on Characteristics of the Elderly
Socioeconomic Determinant Analysis of Influencing the Urban Transit Share in China -- Task Allocation Algorithm of Concurrent Engineering for Railways -- Price Optimization of Express Rail Freight Transportation in a Competitive Context -- Characteristics of Resident Trips and Countermeasures of Transport Development in Nanchang, China -- Synergetic Analysis of the Public Transit System and Urban Form for Small- and Medium-Sized Cities -- Revelation of America's VMT Charging Mode to Chinese Highway Financing -- Analysis for Deciding Intercity Rail Fares -- Trip Activity Chain Pattern Recognition and Travel Trajectory Data Mining -- Analysis of Dynamic Passenger Flow in Urban Rail Transit Based on Data Mining -- Abnormal Vessel Trajectories Detection in a Port Area Based on AIS Data -- Study of EMU Process Data and Message Data Communication Technology in UIC Gateway and Simulation -- Lateral Distribution Regularity of Ships' Sailing Positions within a Channel Based on AIS Data -- IOT Big Data Process Based on Context Temporal-Spatial Characteristics in Petroleum Products Distribution -- Railway Freight Demand Analysis Based on Multidimensional Association Rules Mining -- Discussion about Rail Freight Market Reclassification Based on Freight Production Data -- Analysis of a Freight Pallet Pooling System Based on Spatial Data Mining in GIS -- Analysis of a Commercial Mode for the Pallet Pooling System -- The Trend of Urban Freight Regulatory Path under the Cloud -- Application of Data Mining Technology in an Integrative Intelligent Transportation System -- A Method of Data Cleaning Based on IC Card and GPS Data in Chengdu
Urban Traffic Corridor System Configuration Optimization Research under the Background of Low Carbon -- Freight Transportation Network Expansion Plan to Meet Urban Logistics -- A Quantitative Method of Urban Road Hierarchy -- Study on Macro Regularity and Control Strategies of Road Traffic Accidents Take Jiangxi Province as an Example -- Reasonable Shoreline Length of a Fishing Port by Simulation Software Arena -- Traffic Safety Evaluation Based on the Inherent Safety Principle -- Combined Effects of Road Pricing and Rail Transit on Land Use, Transportation Systems, and Vehicle Emissions -- Hazard and Operability Analysis on Risk Factors of Railway Dangerous Goods Transport -- Bayesian Belief Net Model-Based Traffic Safety Analysis on the Freeway Environment -- Impact of Speed Guidance on Vehicle Exhaust Emissions at Signalized Intersections Based on Microscopic Simulation -- Impacts of Vehicle Information on Reaction Time Based on Driving Simulations -- Analysis of Long-Distance Passenger Transportation Based on a Highway Network Using the SWOT-AHP Method -- Highway Landscape Planning Based on "3S" Technologies Taking the Sichuan-Tibet Highway (Kanding Section) as an Example -- Vessel Behavior Analysis on a Narrow Waterway -- Ability Measurement of Urban Traffic Sustainable Development in China -- Carbon Emissions of Chengdu Road Passenger Transport Based on LMDI -- Green Inland Navigation Developing Path of Zhejiang Province -- Method of Selecting the Fault Detection Point for the Onboard Power Controller of a Maglev Train -- An Augmented [epsilon]-Constraint Algorithm to the Hazardous Waste LocationRouting Problem
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Conference papers and proceedings.
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Author Chen, Bingzhi, editor
Liu, Xiaobo, 1974- editor
Peng, Qiyuan, editor
Wang, Kelvin C. P., editor
American Society of Civil Engineers, issuing body
Dalian jiao tong da xue, sponsor
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ISBN 0784479380 (electronic bk)
1523101709 (electronic bk)
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Other Titles Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Transportation Engineering