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Author International Conference on Logistics, Informatics and Services Sciences (2nd : 2012 : Beijing Jiaotong University, China)

Title LISS 2012 : proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Logistics, Informatics and Service Science / Zhenji Zhang, Runtong Zhang, Juliang Zhang, editors
Published Berlin ; London : Springer, 2013
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Contents Keynote Lectures. Constructing the Theoretical System of Comprehensive Material Flow (CMF) Engineering / Shoubo Xu -- Decision and Process Intelligence for Services / Jan Vanthienen -- Information Architecture in Pervasive Healthcare / Kecheng Liu -- Logistics Management. The Discussion About the Development Strategy of Low-Carbon Logistic in Changzhutan Area / Fang Wei, Feng Ling -- Trade Off Under Low-Carbon Economy: Ocean Shipping Vessel Speed, Carbon Emission or Shipowner's Profit / Gang Li, Huan Xu, Wei Liu -- The Research of Low-Carbon Supply Chain Design of Manufacturing Firm / Fanrong Mu, Dan Chang -- Supply Chain Disruption Assessment Based on the Perspective of Trade-off in Newsvendor Model / Li Yisong, Jia Lu, Chen Xiaofei -- Multi-objective Emergency Logistics Vehicle Routing Problem: 'Road Congestion', 'Unilateralism Time Window' / Miaomiao Du, Hua Yi -- Analysis on Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction for Non-ferrous Metals Industry / Chunyan Cheng, Wenjia Yu
Decision Model for the Subsides to Low-Carbon Production by the Government Under the Emission Trading Scheme / Sheng Qu, Xianliang Shi, Guowei Hua -- Game Theory Application in Government's Guide on the Implementation of Enterprises Recovery Reverse Logistics / Chundi Liu -- Empirical Analysis on Network Structure of the Inter-Regional Oil Railway Transportation / Wang Zhe, Wang Wei -- Inventory Rationing Based on Different Shortage Cost: A Stable Inventory Demand Case / Qifan Chen, Jie Xu -- Absolute Stability Decision Models of Supplier Selection Problem Under Uncertain Demand / Jianhua Ma, Yong Fang -- On Optimization of Logistics Operation Models for Warehouse & Port Enterprises / Junyang Li, Xiaomin Zhu -- The Competitive Model and Simulation Research of Logistics Enterprises' Resource Acquisition Process / Yunlong Hou [and others] -- Integrated Logistics Network Design in Hybrid Manufacturing/Remanufacturing System Under Low-Carbon Restriction / Yacan Wang, Tao Lu, Chunhui Zhang
Classification and Application on Food Cold Chain Collaborative Distribution Models / Hongjie Lan, Hailin Xue, Yongbin Tian -- Optimization of the Vehicle Route of Express Company with Multiple-Dynamic Saving Algorithm / Jun-chao Liu, Wei Liu -- A Novel Method on Layout Planning for Internal Functional Areas of Logistic Parks / Xiaomin Zhu, Qian Zhang -- Research on Supply Chain Disruption Risk and Its Hedge Based on Reliability Theory / Fu Shaochuan, Han Qingming -- The Location-Routing Problem in the Food Waste Reverse Logistics System / Shisen Li, Li Wang, Haiping Wu, Shiqiang Bai -- Application of Quality Cost and Quality Loss Function in Food Supply Chain Systems Modeling / Tianyuan Zheng, Michael Wang -- A Comparative Study on Increasing Efficiency of Chinese and Korean Major Container Terminals / Bo Lu, Xiao Lin Wang -- Evaluation on Logistics Enterprise Normalization Degree Based on Fuzzy Analysis / Lina Ma, Zhenji Zhang, Xiao Xiao
Analysis of the Impact of Return Price on Competing Supply Chains / Jian Liu, Haiyan Wang -- Studies on the Supply Chain Risk Management Using Complex Network / Yi Cong-qin, Meng Shao-dong, Zhang Da-min -- Research on the Mode and Countermeasure of Closed Supply Chain Management about Green Agricultural Products Logistics System / Xiaolin Zhang, Xiaodong Zhang -- Channel Selection and Co-op Advertising in Ecommerce Age / Yongmei Liu, Yuhua Sun -- The Extension of Third-Party Logistics Value-Added Services in the Financial Field / Chengkai Lv, Xuedong Chen -- Evaluation System of the Supply Chain Stability / Hanlin Liu, Yue Cao -- Research on Circulation Efficiency Evaluation of Agricultural Products Based on Supply Chain Management / Zhao Feng -- A Study of Eco-Performane of Logistics Services in Food Supply Chains / Dong Li, Zurina Hanafi -- Research on a Combined Port Cargo-Throughput-Forecast Model / Chi Zhang, Lei Huang, Zhichao Zhao -- Research on Dynamic Berth Assignment of Bulk Cargo Port Based on Ant Colony Algorithm / Chunfang Guo, Zhongliang Guan, Yan Song
Three-Level and Dynamic Optimization Model for Allocating Medical Resources Based on Epidemic Diffusion Model / Ming Liu, Peiyong Zhang -- Optimal Selling Strategy in Dual-Channel Supply Chains / Yong He, Houfei Song, Peng Zhang -- The Optimization Model and Empirical Analysis for Vehicle Routing Problems with Time Windows Based on C-W Algorithm / Lijuan Fan, Qiuli Qin -- Study on the Pricing Model of China's Parallel Rail Lines Under the Diversified Property Rights / Shaoni Zhou, Qiusheng Zhang, Xiaowei Wu -- Analysis and Prediction of Logistics Enterprise Competitiveness by Using a Real GA-Based Support Vector Machine / Ning Ding, Hanqing Li, Hongqi Wang -- The Research of 3G Development Capability of Chinese Telecom Operators / Sha Jing, Ding Huiping -- Pricing and Coordination Research for TPL Based on Different Logistics Service Level / Xuehui He, Wei Li, Kai Nie -- ERP Implementation Risk Assessment Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process / Li Huang, Bing Zhu, Bing Han
Research on Performance Evaluation of IT Projects Based Value Management / Wang Xindi, Chen Li, Sheng Fushen -- A Declarative Approach for Modeling Logistics Service Processes / Ying Wang, Lei Huang, Yi Guo -- A Model for the Door-to-Airport Passenger Transportation Problem / Yuan Kong, Jianbing Liu, Ji Yang -- Analysis of the Influence Factor in Urban Residents Travel Based on Rough Set Theory / Liping Shao, Xiaodan Shi -- Research on Management Strategies of Reverse Logistics in E-Commerce Environments / Wenming Wang, Yan Liu, Yingjie Wei -- Constructing Butting Elements System Between Agro-products Market and Production Base Based on Coordination Game Theory / Fen Peng, Anguo Xu -- Research on Logistics Distribution Networks of Online Retailers / Wei Wang -- Research on Two-Stage Supply Chain Ordering Strategy Optimization Based on System Dynamics / Lian Qi, Lingjia Su -- The Optimal Taxation of Logistics Industry in China / Dongmei Wang, Cairong Zhou, Hejie Sun
New Error Correction Scheme for Multi-level Optical Storage System / Zhang Xiaotian, Pei Jing, Xu Haizheng -- A Study on the Performance Evaluation of Third-Party Logistics Enterprises Based on DEA / Xu Zhang, Weixin Luan, Quande Cai -- Manufacturers' Outsourcing Decision Based on the Quantity Competition / Zhang Chi, Ai XingZheng, Tang XiaoWo -- Study on Mobile E-Commerce Business Process Optimization / Rongxiang Li -- Ordering Decision-Making Model for a Dual Sourcing Supply Chain with Disruptions / Jingjing Zhu, Shaochuan Fu -- Establishment and Application of Logistics Enterprises' Low-Carbon Factors Index System / Meng Yang, Yuan Tian -- The Information Construction of Third-Party Warehousing in the Cold Chain Logistics / Qin Zhang, Keming Zhang, Bohui Song -- The Research on Traffic Flow Simulation and Optimization of Beijing West Railway Station / Zhanping Liu, Xiaochun Lu -- The Risk Assessment of Logistic Finance Based on the Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process / Xiaolong Li, Runtong Zhang
A Queueing-Inventory System with Registration and Orbital Searching Processes / Jianan Cui, Jinting Wang -- Study on Warehousing Management System Information Performance Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process-Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method / Bing Han, Bing Zhu, Li Huang -- Service Management. Study on Simulation Method for Intersection Hybrid Traffic Flow / Yalong Zhao [and others] -- Study on Train Dispatching Model During Holidays / Fei Dou [and others] -- How Can High Speed Railway Survive the Competition from Civil Aviation? / Hongchang Li, Xujuan Kuang -- Model of Passenger Route Choice in the Urban Rail Transit Network / Qiao Ke, Zhao Peng, Qin Zhi-peng -- Modeling on Dynamic Passenger Flow Distribution in Urban Mass Transit Network / Xiang-ming Yao [and others] -- Semiotics-Oriented Method for Generation of Clinical Pathways / Jasmine Tehrani, Kecheng Liu, Vaughan Michell -- Improving Mental Models Through Learning and Training -- Solutions to the Employment Problem / Xiang Kaibiao, Xian Heng
Modeling and Analyzing of Railway Container Hub Scheduling System Based on Multi-agent System / Wang Li, Zhu Xiaoning, Xie Zhengyu -- An Integration Framework for HTML5-Based Mobile Applications / Donghua Chen, Xiaomin Zhu -- Investment Risk Prediction Based on Multi-dimensional Tail Dependence Empirical Study / Wang-Xiaoping, Gao-Huimin -- Ticket Pricing Model for Group Passenger Based on Dynamic Programming / Gao Ronghuan -- Barrier Identification and Removal Based on Process Analysis / Yichao Liu, Weining Fang -- Information Technology Investment and Firm Performance in Developing Economies: The Relationship Between Management Practices and Performance / David Phiri, Fang Weiguo -- A Comparative Study on Predict Effects of Railway Passenger Travel Choice Based on Two Soft Computing Methods / Yan Xi [and others] -- Application of Integer Programming in the Surgical Scheduling / Lihui Dai, Zhenping Li, Liang Zhao -- Ranking the Technical Requirements of the Airport for Maximum Passenger Satisfaction / Sema Kayapınar, Nihal Erginel
The Impacts of Network Competence, Knowledge Sharing on Service Innovation Performance: Moderating Role of Relationship Quality / Zhaoquan Jian, Chen Wang -- Study on Profits Distribution of Internet of Things Industry Value Chain Led by Operators / XiYan Lv, RunTong Zhang, Haizhou Sun -- Equilibrium Services of Telecom Operators: An Idea of Service Resources Allocation / Mengru Shen, Feng Luo, Jianqiu Zeng -- A Review on Tourist Satisfaction of Tourism Destinations / Yining Chen, Hui Zhang, Li Qiu -- Practical Research and Establishment for Product Quality Evaluation System Based on AHP Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation / Xi Xi, Qiuli Qin -- Influence of Actors in Alliance Game Based on Social Network Analysis Theory and Its Application / Yuanguang Fu -- Customers' Equilibrium Balking Strategies in an M/M/1 Queue with Variable Service Rate / Le Li, Jinting Wang, Feng Zhang -- Optimal Balking Strategies in Single-Server Queues with Erlangian Service and Setup Times / Ping Huang, Jinting Wang, Li Fu
The Antecedents and Consequences of Service Climate in G2B e-Government Service Providers: A Case Study of China / Dongyuan Wang, Zirui Men, Hong Ge, Yuqiang Feng -- Equilibrium Analysis of the Markovian Queues with Repairs and Vacations / Ceng Li, Jinting Wang, Feng Zhang -- Fresh Produce Supply Chain Management Decisions with Circulation Loss and Options Contracts / Chong Wang, Xu Chen -- Analyzing Competing Behaviors for Graduate Scholarship in China: An Evolutionary Game Theory Approach / Jiang Wu, Hui Zhang, Tiaobo He -- A Risk Control Method Based on Two-Factor Theory / Lu Ming, Fan Yunxiao -- Dynamic Quantitative Analysis on Chinese Urbanization and Growth of Service Sector / Congjun Cheng -- Research on Probability Distribution of Impulse Noise Power Correlation Coefficient in Multi-carrier Communications / Zhu Yong -- A Modeling of the Description of Urban Residents' Traveling Decision Based on Simple Genetic Algorithm / Chenxu Long, Jing Li, Heping Dong
The Design of Public Information Service System Based on Public Demand / Chunfang Guo, Chongying Sun -- Customer Evaluation Model Based on the Catering Industry's Supply Chain Ecosystem / Rui Chai, Juanqiong Gou, Guguan Shen -- A New Signal Coordination Control Model of Joint Area at the Expressway Conventional Network / Xingqiang Zhang, Pan Chen, Yangyang Xun -- Information Management. A Preliminary Panel Data Study About the Progress of Media Richness / Vicenc Fernandez [and others] -- The Construction of Service Quality Assessment System in G2B E-Government Market: A Case Study in China / Xuan Wang [and others] -- Study of Architecture of Railway Freight Station Information System Based on the Internet of Things / Zhiheng Sun, Lei Huang, Linan Chen -- Game Analysis and Strategy Study on Information Sharing of Grid Mobile Commerce Process -- Danqing Li, Dan Chang, Baowei Chen -- Undergraduate Tourism Management Education in Shanghai: Are Universities Incorporating ICT? / Baoqing Cheng
3-D Assembly Process Information Generation Technology Based on Virtual Assembly / Zhang Dan, Zuo Dunwen, Xue Shanliang -- A Survey on All-IP Wireless Sensor Network / Quan Zhou, Runtong Zhang -- Eco-Efficiency of Circular Economy Development in Hunan Province / Han Qinglan, Cheng Xiaojuan, Quan Chunguang -- The Linkage Between Knowledge Management Practices and Company Performance: Empirical Evidence / Nausheen Syed, Lin Xiaoyan -- A Game Model of Knowledge Sharing in Logistic Alliance / Xiangdong Zhang, Jiansheng Hu -- Mapping from SHOIN(D) to Basic-Element and Complex-Element of Extenics / Wen Bin, Gan Jian-hou -- An Ontological Approach to Personalized Medical Knowledge Recommendation / Huiying Gao, Xiuxiu Chen, Kecheng Liu -- An Evidential Reasoning Method for Multiple Attributive Group Decision Making Under Linguistic Setting / Ming Li, Chen Yu, Zhengwei Ma -- The Evolution of Technical Cooperation Networks: A Perspective from Complex Network Theory / Ruize Gao [and others]
Research on Customer Classification of Beijing-Tianjin Passenger Dedicated Line Based on Customer Value / Yutian Song, Yu Zhao -- A Model for Real-Time Systems Using Multi-Cost Timed Process Algebra / Zhuo Guo, Jianzhong Qiao, Shukuan Lin -- On the Satisfaction Survey and Sustainable Development of NRCMS Under the Background of New Medical Reform -- From the Perspective of Stakeholder of Nonprofit Organization / Weizhen Yu, Guowei Wan -- Study on Degree Change and Approaches of GEM Earnings Management / Xiao Xiang, Xue Feng, Yue Yao -- A Model of Targeted Advertising Based on Consumer Purchase History / Jianqiang Zhang, Weijun Zhong, Shue Mei -- Effects of Quality Improvement in a Mobile Value Chain with Duopoly MNOs / Li-li Jiang, Shu-e Mei, Wei-jun Zhong -- ASME Evaluation on the Process of Mobile E-commerce Based on Grid Management / Wei Liao, Dan Chang -- The Construction and Simulation of Mobile Commerce Process Based on Grid Management / Dan Chang, Danqing Li, Wei Liao
Interorganizational IT Capability in China: Exploring the Differences Between State-Owned and Non-State-Owned Enterprises / Jin-Nan Wu [and others] -- Analysis of Urban Road Intersection Model Based on Cellular Automaton / Dou Shuihai [and others] -- A Study of Courier Service Quality Improvement Based on a Two-Stage QFD / Baoqin Yu [and others] -- Integrating Local E-Governments of China to Provide Better Public Services Based on Cloud Computing / Jian Liang, Haihe Jin -- Operational Mode of Intelligence Living Space / Lili Huang, Xuedong Chen -- Analysis and Calculation of Read Distance in Passive Backscatter RFID Systems / Yanghua Gao [and others] -- A Cloud Framework for Electronic Commerce Applications / Guigang Zhang [and others] -- An Intelligent Campus Space Model Based on the Service Encapsulation / Ying Chen [and others] -- A Simulation Model for Container Terminal Dynamic Operation System Using Real-Time Positioning Approach / Bo Lu, Dan Wang -- Applying RFID and GPS Tracker for Ensuring Cargo Transportation Security / Ruijian Zhang
Semantic++ Digital Library Service Framework in the Cloud Environment / Guigang Zhang [and others] -- Research on Training Performance Evaluation System of Telecom Industry Talents / Li kaixin Ph. D. -- Task Scheduling Policy Based on Ant Colony Optimization in Cloud Computing Environment / Lin Wang, Lihua Ai -- The Design and Application of Low-Cost Smart Home Under the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing Platform / Xiaoling Wei, Qiuli Qin -- An Evaluation Framework for Migrating Application to the Cloud: Software as a Service / Chekfoung Tan, Kecheng Liu, Lily Sun, Cameron Spence -- Research on Web-Aware Under the Environment of Cloud Computing / Ya Li, Runtong Zhang, Xiaopu Shang, Dandan Li -- Humanism Design of Road Intersections Based on Integration of Hierarchical Modeling / Shuyan Guo, Juanqiong Gou -- Research on the Integration Information Platform of High Quality Teaching Resources in Beijing Universities Based on the Cloud Storage / Shugang Zhang, Zhenji Zhang, Xiaolan Guan
Game Analysis on Trade Diversion Effect of China's Anti-dumping / Chundi Liu -- Study on Tourist Perceptions of Urban Tourism Brand Image in Ningbo / Libing Shu, Haolan Zhang -- The Research of Improved Apriori Algorithm / Bi Xujing, Xu Weixiang -- The Operation Problem of Smart Vending Machine Systems / Yang-Byung Park, Jun-Su Yoo -- The Influence of Hotel Organizational Career Management on Career Competencies / Haiyan Kong -- Price Competition Model in Centralized and Decentralized Supply Chains with Demand Disruption / Wenlong Chai [and others] -- Difference Analysis of the Business Model of Economic Circle of Railway Station / Jinjin Fu, Xiaochun Lu -- Analysis of Transportation Producers' Economic Benefits in Overload Controlling / Wei Wang, Dong Mu -- Forecast of Food Refrigerated Warehouse in Beijing / Hongjie Lan, Yongbin Tian, Jinshi Wei -- Commitment Contract in Dual Channel Drop Shipping Supply Chain / Jinshi Zhao [and others] -- Resource on the Operating Mechanism for Economic Models of the Economic Model Resource Platform / Qin Ran [and others]
Improvement of Traceability Processes in the Farmed Fish Supply Chain / Alfredo Parreño Marchante [and others] -- Research of Regional Logistics Intelligent Information Platform Based on Internet of Things / Zou Chenguang, Zhang Meiqing -- Combined Evaluation of Logistics Service Providers Based on Correlation / Qiu Heting, Li Xuemei, Li Xuewei -- Research on the Driving Force Mechanism of Ecosystem of Cyber-Society Based on the ISM / Xiaolan Guan, Zhenji Zhang -- Business Model Analysis for Chinese Social Networking Website / Jingyi Yang -- Pricing Decision Analysis for Information Services of the Internet of Things Based on Stackelberg Game / Lijun Mei, Wei Li, Kai Nie -- Campus One-Card System Design / Wang Longjie -- Information Construction of Port Logistics Park / Zhen Liu, Runtong Zhang -- The B2B2C Integrated E-Commerce Model Design Based on SaaS / Zhao Li, Li Xiaolong -- The Analysis to the Logistics Mode Decision of B2C / Xiao Xiao [and others] -- Service-Oriented Catering Supply Chain Performance Evaluation Model / Guguan Shen, Juanqiong Gou, Rui Chai
Drag Effects of Urban-Rural Digital Divide on Urbanization: Evidence from China's Panel Data / XingLong Xie, DeWei Qi -- Engineering Management. The Research of Transaction Costs Between Real Estate Developers and Their Partners / Zhenzhen Xie, Jingjing Yin, Jingjuan Guo -- A Dissimilarity Measurement Method for Hierarchy Variable with Different Structures / Zhao XiuLi -- Research on Competency and Relationship Between Competency and Performance of Teachers in Research Universities / Xu Anguo -- The Decision-Making Model for Aviation Project's Supplier Selection Based on Improved TOPSIS / Meng Zhao, Rong-rong Ren -- The Measurement of Complexity of Organization Coordination Network of Major Scientific and Technological Projects / Xin Wen He, Yan Wang, Xiao Hong Chen -- The Operation Research on Authority-Linked Management Model of Organization Coordination Network of Major Scientific and Technological Project / Xin Wen He, Yan Wang, Guang Ming Hou -- Study on the Real Estate Credit Risk Based on System Dynamics / Jingjing Yin, Zhenzhen Xie, Jingjuan Guo
Theory of Industrial Security and Development. The Cost Analyses of Straw Generating Electricity and Straw Rational Utilization / Tianshu Li -- The Security of Industrial Distribution in Resource-Based Regions: A Case Study of Inner Mongolia / Dong Tong, Kai Zheng -- Potentials of Forest Bioenergy in China Based on Forest Ecological Security / Lan Zhang, Caihong Zhang -- A Knowledge-Based Fast Recognition Method of Urban Traffic Flow States / Ling Wang -- Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation of the Security Degree for Chinese Iron and Steel Industry / Zhucui Jing [and others] -- Price Regulation Mode Selection of Electric Power Industry in China / Hanchun Wang, Kai Zheng -- Tourism Management. Spatial Changes in the Structure of Capital Region in China / Naihui Zhou, Ping Yin -- Status and Prospect of Tourism Education in China / Linsheng Zhong, Junhui Qi, Chengcai Tang -- Estimation of the Energy Consumption in Tourism Industry of Beijing City / Ling Feng, Lu Cheng -- Cultural Landscape Evolution Under Rapid Urban Development: A Case Study of Shichahai Historical Area in Beijing, China / Mingdi Tang, Tongchun Chen
Analysis of Breakthrough Pathway for Further Development of Regional Tourism Cooperation / Xuefeng Wang, Hui Zhang -- Information Technology Application in Tourism Distribution Channels in China / Ping Yin -- Spatial Strategic Research on Tourism Development of Bohai Circle / Zheng Wei -- Advanced Research on Logistics/Supply Chain Management. Research on Revenue Sharing Contract in Retailer-Leading Supply Chain / Ying Qu, Fang Wang, Feng Liu -- Distribution Network Optimization Analysis for Chinese E-commerce Enterprise / Hanqing Li [and others] -- Research of Crop Risk Factor Data Acquisition Technology Based on GSM / Shudong Zhang [and others] -- Supply Chain Risk Evaluation Model in Fuzzy Environment / Ruijiang Wang, Xiaoxia Zhu, Fachao Li -- E-infrastructures and Technology. A Technology Acceptance Model for E-health Services for the Elderly Population in China / Qiao Peng, Su Hong, Jeffrey Soar -- The EUChinaHealthCloud Project Towards Open Science in the Twenty-first Century / Ying Su, Carlos Morais Pires, YunPing Li
Children's Mental Health Evaluation Using Chemical Sensor / Jiahui Wei [and others] -- How Are You? The Next Generation E-Health Platform / Dawson King [and others] -- An Ontology Model for User-Centered e-Government in China / Jun Zhao [and others] -- Evaluating Information Quality Dimensions in e-Government Services / Ying Su, Li YunPing, Yu Xingliang -- Modeling and Its Application for Network Information Management -- Application of Vague Set in Recommender Systems / Cui Chunsheng [and others] -- The Arc Learning Algorithm Based on Extended Functional Dependency / Ying Qu [and others] -- A Linear Programming Approximation for Network Capacity Control Problem with Customer Choice / Feng Liu, Ying Qu, Yanan Wang -- Research for a Query and Analysis System of Legal Affairs Information Based on Clouding Computing / Chen Wang, Lele Qin -- Operation Entropy-Based Method for Evaluating Purchase Mode of Supermarket Vegetable / Wei Pang, Keming Zhang, Bohui Song
Modeling Methods for Logistics Systems and Supply Chain. An Integrated Optimization Model of a Closed-Loop Supply Chain Under Uncertainty / Xiaoxia Zhu, Xiuquan XU -- The Analysis Based on the Two Main Applications of Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm / Yanfei Wang, Jun Xie, Zhengguang Xian -- Management Platform Architecture of Modern Tobacco Logistics Based on Internet of Things Technologies / Jia Jiang, Kai Su -- Public Panic Behavior Based on Food Safety Incidents: A Case of Additive / Shan Lijie [and others] -- Integrated Service Management. An Analysis on Agricultural Insurance Subsidy Resource Allocation: A Principal-Agent Perspective / Shuxin Zhao -- Second Innovation Process Based on Extension Engineering Method / Zhenchun Zang, Ying Wang -- Application of TOPSIS Method on Evaluating Campus Emergency Management Capacity / Yanan Wang [and others] -- A Study of the Motor Vehicle Parking Management in China's Major Cities / Xinqiao Xiao -- Markov Chain Analysis and Prediction on the Fluctuation Cycle of Vegetable Price / Xiaoxia Zhu [and others] -- Research on Information Management Platform of Logistics Parks Based on Cloud Computing / Lele Qin, Xiaoxia Zhu
Summary Information and communication technology has helped to provide a more effective network infrastructure and development platform for logistics and service operations. In order to meet the needs of consumers, and particularly to promote low-carbon development processes, new types of services will also emerge. LISS 2012 is a prime international forum for both researchers and industry practitioners to exchange the latest fundamental advances in the state of the art and practice of logistics, informatics, service operations and service science. Experts and researchers from related fields will discuss current issues and future development opportunities, discuss and analyze developing trends and exchange the latest research and academic thought. The theme of the conference is Logistics and Service Science based on the Internet of Things
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