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Title Avoiding common errors in the emergency department / editors Amal Mattu, Arjun Chanmugam, Stuart Swadron, Dale P. Woolridge, Michael E. Winters ; series editor Lisa Marcucci
Edition Second edition
Published Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2017
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Description 1 online resource (xxxii, 862 pages) : illustrations
Contents $$a Ingested foreign bodies: When to intervene? / Brian Doane -- Severe acute pancreatitis can be sneaky / Dennis Hsieh -- Use restraint when imagining patients with acute pancreatitis / Derek K. Richardson, Barry Schlansky -- The "pain" in chronic pancreatitis / Delphine J. Huang -- Abdominal pain in inflammatory bowel disease: A flare or emergent complication? / Margaret Huang -- Not every pregnant patients with vomiting has hyperemesis gravidarum / Rolando G. Valenzuela, William K. Mallon -- Beward of the patients with painless jaundice / Andrés Guzmán, Rolando G. Valenzuela -- ERCP can cause a lot of complications! / Abraham Flinders -- Don't be afraid to order a CT on a pregnant patient if she really needs it / Marita M. Harris-Naddell, Michelle D. Lall -- How how to deal with displaced PEG tube / Julie V. Valenzuela, Rolando G. Valenzuela -- Common pitfalls in point of care ultrasound of the gallbladder! / Kristin Berona -- Section V: Cutaneous -- Don't miss necrotizing fasciitis! / Shaughn Keating -- SJS and TEN: Are they different? / Arun Nair -- The spectrum of TEN / Alexander Jenson -- Mimics in cellulitis / Shabana Walia -- Chickenpox and shingles: More than just a rash / Aaryn K. Hammond -- Do not rely on orthostatic vital signs to diagnose volume depletion / Anand K. Swaminathan, Gordon Wu -- HHS: When high sugars have got you down! / Stephanie Lareau -- Do not over treat hypo- or hypernatremia / Nicole Cimino-Fiallos, Wan-Tsu Wendy Chang -- A 3-pronged approach to the treatment of hyperkalemia / Erica B. Shaver, Christopher S. Keifer -- Know hot to recognize and treat thyroid storm / Henderson D. McGinnis -- Understand the role of magnesium in the treatment of hypolakemia / Erica B. Shaver, Christopher S. Keifer -- How to recognize and treat thyroid storm / Henderson D. McGinnis -- Understand the role of magnesium in the treatment of hypokalemia / Farhad Aziz, Justin Boone Rose -- How to interpret the venous blood gas / Joshua (Josh) Nichols, Corey Heitz -- Know the indications for bicarbonate therapy / Kimberly Boswell -- Section VII: Environment -- Not so fast! Rewarming the cold patient / Kubwimana Moses Mhayamaguru, Christopher G. Williams -- Acclimatize or die of descend / Clinton G. Keilman -- Aggressive cooling is (almost) always the correct approach to the critical, environmentally hyperthermic patient / Christopher G. Williams -- Smoke inhalation: Commonly overtreated and undertreated aspects / Dennis Allin -- CO poisoning: It takes more than O2 / Bryan Wilson, Christopher G. Williams -- A rash that is more than "just a rash" / Nash Whitaker -- Diving inhuries: Don't miss these serious injuries because you failed to get the history! / Michael Iacono, Tracy Leigh LeGros -- Section VIII: HEENT -- Giant cell arteries / Who the heck is Horton and why should I worry about his headache? / Aisha Parker, James Aiken -- Sight-threatening ZOSTER ophthalmicus: How to recognize and treat / Suh H. Lee, John Villani -- And the eyes have it / Summer Stears-Ellis -- "Your patient has a retrobulbar hematoma. I think he's going to need a canthotomy." / Jonathan Dangers -- Beware the sore throat that kills / Diane Rimple -- Consider a deep space neck infection in a child with a fever and neck pain or torticollis / Joanna Schwartz -- Lemierre Syndrome: Lemierre syndrome: A royal pain in the neck / Frank J. Edwards -- Peritonsillar abscess / Ben Leeson, Kimberly Leeson -- Peritonsillar abscess / Ben Leeson, Kimberly Leeson -- Don't misdiagnose, overtreat, or cause perforation of the tympanic membrane / John Herrick -- If it ain't cancer, why do I call this malignant otitis externa? / Allison D. Lane -- Approach to the red eye / Lindsey Retterath, Hans Bradshaw -- Eyeing the causes of acute vision loss / Benjamin Karfunkle, Anna McFarlin -- Face-eating fungus: Rhinocerebral mucormycosis / Eric C. Funk, Casey M. Clements -- Digging for gold: Some nuggets about epistaxis / Josh Mugele -- Ludwig Angina---"The German Stranglehold" / Dustin Leigh -- Dental exams are not just for dentists; Remember to identify and treat oral infections / Ashley Sievers -- The infection behind the infection: Distinguishing periorbital from orbital cellulitis / Samuel J. Tate, John S. Rose -- Section IX: HEME ONC -- When kidneys explode; Everything is wrong with tumor lysis syndrome / Daniel Cabrera -- Immune thrombocytopenia: Oh the platelets, you'll go / Nicole Muhlbauer, Neha Bhasin -- Thrombotic thrombocytopenic Purpura and hemolytic uremic syndrome: Bloody zebras with a bad bite / Stephen A. Manganaro -- High temps and low counts: Treat febrile neutropenic patients with early and appropriate antibiotics / Matthew W. Connelly, Steven Roumpf -- My chest! My back! My sickle cell attack! / Cullen Clark, Anna McMarlin -- Warfarin reversal: Factor it in / William B. Stubblefield, Daren M. Beam -- Emergent anticoagulant reversal: Be appropriately aggressive / Keith Azevedo, Isaac Tawil -- Recognize leukostasis and know when to consult for emergent treatment / Cameron Hypes -- Section X: Immune -- Don't get stung by anaphylaxis / Vincent Devlin, Jerussa Aita-Levy -- Angioedema and anaphylaxis are not the same, they just happen to present similarly / Lui Caleon, Pierre Detiege -- Treacherous transplant toxicities / Christopher J. Edwards, Tsz Yee (Janice) Tsui -- Think outside the "graft box" when evaluating the transplant patient / Timothy S. Davie -- Do's and don'ts for managing heart transplant patients in the ED / Lawrence DeLuca Jr., -- Anaphylaxis and epinephrine--Can you have one without the other? / Ronna L. Campbell -- Section XI: Infectious disease -- Avoid relying on the presence of SIRS to diagnose sepsis / Kami M. Hu, Joseph P. Martinez -- Prevent catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) in the emergency room / Stephen Y. Liang -- Know the embolic complications of infective endocarditis / Brian Edwards -- The don't miss diagnosis: Acute retroviral syndrome / Adeolu Ogunbodede, Joseph P. Martinez -- Understand when and how to initiate HIV postexposure prophylaxis in the emergency department / Stephen Y. Liang, Ed Casabar -- Recognize the presentation of bioterrorism agents / Stephen P. Shaheen, Jon Mark Hirshon -- Staphylococcal toxic shock syndrome: Do not hesitate--resuscitate / Sarah B. Dubbs -- Do not be misled by the traditional myths of diarrhea / Michael Nitzberg, Kevin Reed -- Meningitis doesn't have to be a pain in the neck! / Nick Tsipis, Liesl. A. Curtis -- Know emerging infections / Travis Thompson, Lindsey White -- TB and syphilis: Infections you can't forget about / Kayla Dewey, Ghofrane Benghanem -- Avoiding common pitfalls in influenza treatment / Eric Stephen Kiechle, Maryann Mazer-Amirshahi -- Appropriate antibiotic choices for resistant organisms / Jessica E. Shackman, Kathryn M. Kellogg -- Know infection prevention / Lindsey DeGeorge, Lauren Wiesner -- Treating pneumonia in COPD / Diana Ladkany, Jeffrey Dubin -- Diagnose and treat necrotizing soft tissue infections quickly! / Tabitha Gargano, Korin Hudson -- What is the best way to measure core temperature? / Matthew Morrison -- Section XII: MS Nontrauma -- Ugh! Another repeat visit for back pain?! Keep epidural abscesses on the differential! / Courtney K. Soley, Heather Miller Fleming -- Section XII: MS Nontrauma -- Ugh! Another rapid repeat visit?! / Courtney L. Solely, Heather Miller Flemming -- Under pressure : Rapidly diagnosing and treating and treating acute compartment syndrome of the extremities / Anna L. Waterbrook -- Physical exam and bloodwork do not adequately differentiate infections from inflammatory arthritis / Derick D. Jones, Casey M. Clements -- Don't get broken up about muscle breakdown / H. Shae Sauncy -- When back pain is an emergency / James Bohan -- Rheumatoid arthritis and spondyloarthropathies / J. Stephan Stapeczynski
$$a Know the radiographic signs of scapholunate dislocation / Nicholas Abraham, Stuart Swadron -- Know the difference between Jones and Pseudo-Jones fractures / Brian R. Sharp -- Search for other injuries in patients with scapular fracture / John W. Martel -- Do you know how to do ABIs? / John C. Ray -- Don't miss the proximal fibula fracture in patients with ankle fracture / Shawn K. Kaku, Stuart Swadron -- Boxer's fracture? Check for rotational deformity! / Jennifer Marvil -- Think of Achilles tendon rupture in patients with sprained ankle / Jennifer Farah -- Reduce hip dislocations in a timely manner / Erik A. Berg -- Check for snuffbox tenderness and don't miss a scaphoid fracture / Benjamin D. Musser -- Calcaneal fracture? Don't miss a spinal injury! / Sara Khaghani -- Beward of benign-appearing high-pressure injection injuries / Jennifer Farah -- Lisfranc injury: Danger in the midfoot / Lee Plantmason -- The dorsal chip: Is it a trequetral fracture? / Caroline Brandon -- Lunate and perilunate dislocations: Pick these up on initial presentation! / Todd Schneberk -- Red flags for intimate partner violence and human trafficking / Kristi Stanley -- Section XX: Procedures/Skills/Anesth -- Sedation pearls and pitfalls: Procedural sedation in the emergency department / Chidubem Ilobachie, Dena Reiter -- Capnography in the ED: Qualitative or quantitative monitoring? For CPR and a whole lot more / Arun Nair -- To transfuse or not to transfuse / Debra Ravert -- Transfusion confusion: Types and management of transfusion reactions / Scott E. Sutherland -- Arthrocentesis tips / Christine Mlynarek, Ashley Sullivan -- Lumbar puncture and the Champagne tap / Chelsea Williamson -- Tapping the belly: Paracentesis in the emergency department / Thaer Ahmad, Leonard Bunting -- Careful with that tap: Accessing the VP shunt / Derrick Ashong -- No IV, consider the IO / Daniel B. Savage -- What nerve! Ultrasound-guided regional nerve blocks / Casey Lee Wilson -- A needling issue: Decompressing tension pneumothorax / Arun Nair -- Which line is it? Central line placement / Dilmaz Panjwani, Richard Paul -- Size matters: Spontaneous pneumothorax: Chest tube versus pigtail / Derrick Ashong -- Section XXI -- Recognize child abuse early / Clifford C. Ellingson -- Tips for managing all that is pediatric resuscitation / Jason Saunders, Heather Saavedra -- Keep the baby warm! And other steps in neonatal resuscitation / Ashley Grigsby, Jessica Kanis -- The pediatric airway: Learn it, live it, control it! / Garrett S. Pacheco -- All that barks is not croup / Sheryl Yanger -- Don't get in hot water by not knowing how to treat pediatric burns / Megan Litzau, Sheryl E. Allen -- My baby won't stop crying! / J. Adam Hawkins, Timothy Ruttan -- Pediatric procedural sedation in the ED: Easier than you may think / Jordan Alexander Justice -- The ins and outs of intussusception / Geoffrey P. Hays, Debra S. Rusk -- Do not rely on urinalysis to exclude urinary tract infections in children younger than two years / Arturo S. Gastañaduy -- A bundle of joy! The sick neonate / Robert Vezzetti -- Beware pediatric appendicitis / Julia Schweizer -- Diagnoses not to miss in the acutely limping child / Guyon J. Hill -- Don't diagnose sepsis in an alkalotic infant / Lisa D. Mills, Julianne Awrey -- BRUE: The diagnosis formerly known as ALTE / Julia N. Magana, Taylor Stayton -- "Kid ECGs are not just little adult ECGs" / Krista Young -- Not all pediatric head injuries require a head CT / Heather Miller Fleming, Kara Kowalczyk -- Easy does it: Be cautious with the cyanotic postoperative pediatric cardiac patient / Timothy Ruttan -- Not too sweet: Getting it just right in initial pediatric DKA management / Dariush Garber, Nathan Kupperman -- Pediatric concussion: A levelheaded approach / Kendra Grether-Jones, Erin Osiecki -- Section XXII: Geriatrics -- Do not underestimate the potential morbidity of abdominal pain in older adults / Christina L. Shenvi -- Think about ACS in older adults--Even without chest pain / Christina L. Shenvi -- ACS the geriatric patient: Atypical is typical treatment differences in ACS in the geriatric patient / Terrence Mulligan -- Follow your elders' footsteps, they may be ataxic / Jennifer L. Plitt, Michelle Rhodes -- Hip and vertebral compression fractures / Sang Keun, "Sam" Yi, Paul Blackburn -- Be sure to build a safety net around the weak geriatric patient you send home / Eric M. LeFebvre -- Grandma is loopy: Special considerations for altered mental status in the older adult / Christine R. Stehman -- The geriatric trauma patient is sicker than you realize / Rebecca Milligan, Michelle Rhodes -- A normal physical exam does not exclude infections in the geriatric patient / Danya Khoujah -- Respecting they elders: Defining, detecting, and reporting elder abuse / Patricia Bayless -- How to avoid snowing seniors: Pain medications and procedural sedation in older adults / Lisa C. Goldberg, Michelle Rhodes -- The consequences of grandpa's loaded medicine cabinet / Ryan Gallagher, Stephen Thornton -- Communicating and understanding the elder patient / Collyn T. Murray, Kevin Biese -- Section XXIII: Wound care -- Deep sutures: When, why, and why not? / Hollynn Larrabee, R. Alissa Mussell -- Pitfalls in emergency department abscess incision and drainage / David Wein, Jesse Dubey -- Keep it clean: Pitfalls in traumatic wound irrigation / Anand K. Swaminathan, Elicia Skelton -- Plantar puncture wound pearls and pitfalls / R. Gentry Wilkerson -- Do not believe the adage that epinephrine cannot be used for digital blocks / Feras Khan -- When are prophylactic antibiotics indicated for wounds? / Dale Cotton -- Do not miss a foreign body in a wound / Jason W. Wilson, Constantino Diaz -- Know how to treat mammalian bites / Christopher I. Doty -- Is that skin lesion an infection or an envenomation? / Spencer Greene, Veronica Tucci -- Know how to treat snake bites / Frederick C. Blum, Shabnam Nourparvar -- Eyelid lacerations: When to repair and when to refer / Erin Setzer -- Ear injuries and lacerations / Anas Sawas, Eric J. Morley -- Know which wounds to close ... and which ones to leave open / Raymond Beyda, Mark Silverberg -- Section XXIV: Clinical practice and legal issues -- Consult communications: Optimal communications with consultants / Hugh F. Hill -- Treating the patient and not the disease: Tips for patient satisfaction / Dylan Sean Kellogg -- Your patient has died, now focus on the family: How to deliver bad news to family members / Dylan Sean Kellogg -- Don't be afraid to discuss end-of-life decisions with the patient and family / Emily Streyer Carlisle -- Too many at one time? Emergency department overcrowding / Ryan Brooks, Arjun Chanmugam -- Discharge documentation: Keep it clear, concise, yet complete / David Rose -- Resident and advanced practice provider supervision / Patricia Petrella Nouhan -- What to do with so many? Strategies for reducing emergency department overcrowding / Ryan Brooks, Arjun Chanmugam -- What to do when the registered letter arrives / Kevin M. Klauer -- Your deposition / Kevin M. Klauer -- Surviving a lawsuit / Hugh F. Hill III
$$a Section I: Crashing patient -- Don't lose that airway! Imminent airway loss: Who needs endotracheal intubation? / Nicholas Sauber, Dena Reiter -- Preoxygenation / Michael R. Ehmann -- Airway adjuncts: Know your backup plans / Nicholas Sauber -- Know your RSI meds / Daniel Swedien -- Did you maximize your laryngeal view? / Devin M. Keefe -- Don't fear the blade: Surgical airway / Ernest Mavunga -- Do not rely on clinical examination alone for confirmation of endotracheal tube placement / Robert B. Takla, Ashwin Sabbani -- The art of bagging / Devin M. Keefe -- BP still low? Postintubation hypotension / Alison Traver -- Finding the site: Site selection and minimizing complications for central line placement / Dilnaz Panjwani, Richard Paul -- Managing cardiac arrest / E. Timpano -- Medications in cardiac arrest: Time for a requiem? / Bachar Hamade -- What are your vent settings, Bud? / Kelley Crane -- After the cardiac arrest : Postarrest care / Chidubem Iloabachie -- Cooling, how low do you go? Therapeutic hypothermia in the postarrest patient / Bachar Hamade -- Activate the cardiac Cath team following sudden cardiac arrest--don't be afraid to call / Matthew J. Levy -- Rush to resuscitation / Daniel Sheets, Randall T. Rhyne -- Do not delay the administration of epinephrine for patients with anaphylaxis / Nour Al Jalbout -- Putting on the squeeze ... vasopressors / Zachary E. Smith -- How much is enough? Transfusions in the bleeding patient: Don't forget the rest of the blood / Emily Streyer Carlisle -- Fluid therapy: Beware of (AB)normal saline ---saline choose your resuscitation fluids carefully / Nicole Alexander -- ECMO / Casey Carr -- Needle this: Do not assume that needle decompression of a tension pneumothorax is reliable and effective / Bahrenegash Getachew -- Resuscitative thoracotomy / Michael R. Ehmann, Nathan Woltman -- Increased ICP in resuscitation / Nicole Heidenreich -- Massive pulmonary thromboembolism and thrombolytics / Nour Al Jalbout -- Fluid in the sac? Cardiac tamponade / Ngozi Nweze -- Is it wide or is it narrow? PEA: A simplified approach to pulseless electrical activity / Nicholas Risko -- Undifferentiated shock / Daniel Sheets, Randall T. Rhyne -- Know how to identify abdominal compartment syndrome / Ruben Troncoso Jr., Debjeet Sarkar -- Cardiogenic shock / Kevin K. Chung -- Know when to administer sodium bicarbonate in the critically ill poisoned patient / Harry E. Heverling, Tiffany C. Fong -- Think big vessels: Vascular catastrophes / Kevin K. Chung -- Stop the bleeding! Novel therapies: REBOA / Casey Lee Wilson -- Avoid the tube! Noninvasive ventilation strategies / Rodica Retezar -- Be wary of intubation in the asthma patient / Daniel B. Savage -- Section II: Critical care -- Stop using benzodiazepines to sedate your critically ill intubated patient / Krystle Shafer, Lillian L. Emlet -- Monitor the plateau pressure in intubated ED patients / Brian J. Wright -- Forget CVP! Use dynamic markers of volume responsiveness to guide fluid resuscitation in the critically ill patient / Michael Allison -- Consider abdominal compartment syndrome in patients with refractory hypotension / Cindy H. Hsu -- Know the thresholds for red blood cell transfusion in the critically ill / Michael C. Scott -- Perform these simple interventions that make a big difference in preventing ventilator-associated pneumonia / Nicholas Johnson -- Know how to care for the ICU boarder in your ED / Joshua D. Farkas -- Know how to evaluate and manage the intubated patient with refractory hypoxemia / Thomas H. Rozen, Christopher P. Nickson -- Ready for prime time? Extracorporeal life support in the ED / Zachary Shinar -- Rapidly reverse life-threatening hemorrhage in the patient taking on oral anticoagulant medications / Rory Spiegel -- Be ready to discuss and deliver end-of-life care in the emergency department / Ashley Shreves -- Section III: Cardiology -- Recognize atypical presentations of acute coronary syndrome / Amita Sudhir -- Type A behavior: Consider aortic dissection in patients with chest pain and ischemic electrocardiograms / Jessica Balderston, Jeffrey D. Ferguson -- Contents under pressure: Aggressive hemodynamic management in patients with acute aortic dissection / Jeffrey D. Ferguson, Jessica Balderston -- Do not confuse multifocal atrial tachycardia with atrial fibrillation / Christopher Greene -- Do not confuse Mobitz Type I and Mobitz Type II atrioventricular block / C. Blayke Gibson, J. Jeremy Thomas -- Be able to recognize electrocardiographic artifact from dysrhythmia / George Glass -- Management of atrial fibrillation: Rate control versus rhythm conversion / Charles Khoury, J. Jeremy Thomas -- Management of atrial fibrillation with rapid ventricular response / Brian L. Bauerband, J. Jeremy Thomas -- Atrial fibrillation in the Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome / William J. Brady, Heather T. Streich -- Never mistake ventricular tachycardia for supraventricular tachycardia with aberrant conduction / Heather Groth -- Know the mimics of ventricular tachycardia / William C. Ferguson, J. Jeremy Thomas -- Do not exclude cardiac causes of chest pain because the patient does not have traditional risk factors for acute coronary syndrome / Christopher N. White, J. Jeremy Thomas -- Do not forget to consider nontraditional risk factors for coronary artery disease in patients with chest pain / Thomas Hartka -- Do not forget about the non-ACS causes of chest pain / Patrick Siler, J. Jeremy Thomas -- Be cautious diagnosing "anxiety" or "panic disorder" in patients with chest pain and anxiety / Adam E. Nevel -- One and done: Rapid rule-out protocols / Maite Anna Huis in 't Veld, Semhar Z. Tewelde -- Beware of the "highly sensitive" troponin / Maite Anna Huis in 't Veld, Semhar -- When good VADs go bad / Christina Lynn Tupe -- Don't stress the stress test in suspected ACS / Christina Lynn Tupe -- Remember to obtain a right-sided electrocardiogram in a patient with an inferior myocardial infarction / Carmen Avendano, Semhar Z. Tewelde -- Pitfalls in hypertensive emergencies / Stephen D. Lee -- Know the differential for ST-segment elevation: It's more than just acute coronary syndrome / Kathleen Stephanos, Semhar Z. Tewelde -- Know how to diagnose acute MI in patients with an LBBB or pacemaker / Anthony Roggio -- Getting ahead of cardiogenic pulmonary edema: Aggressive nitroglycerin usage / Semhar Z. Tewelde -- Beyond diuresis: Treatment adjunctions in cardiogenic pulmonary edema / Nicholas Goodmanson -- Know how to differentiate cardiac versus noncardiac causes of syncope / Omoyemi Abebayo -- Pearls in syncope ECG interpretation / Omoyemi Adebayo -- Pearls in syncope ECG interpretation / Carmen Avendano, Semhar Z. Tewelde -- Section IV: Gastroenterology -- When an apply doesn't follow the rules / Caroline Brandon -- Analgesia for the patient with acute abdominal pain: Don't delay! / Adrian Flores -- Get to it early: Sigmoid volvulus / Jorge Ontiveros -- Cecal volvulus: Don't miss it! / Jan Marie Shoenberger -- Altered mental status in a child: Don't forget about intussusception! / Aaron K. Kornblith, Jeffrey Bullard-Berent -- Don't miss aortoenteric fistula: A rare but life-threatening case of gastrointestinal bleeding! / Kristin Berona -- Acute mesenteric ischemia: A true abdominal catastophe / Talib Omer -- Not all epigastric pain is benign / Alessandra Conforto -- Don't underestimate an acute variceal hemorrhage! / Lee Plantmason -- Don't be fooled by a subtle presentation---SBP can be deadly! / Alessandro Conforto -- Ascending cholangitis aka Biliary Sepsis aka "That other pus under pressure" / Prathap Sooriyakumaran -- Acalculous cholecystitis: No stones, no problems? / Christopher Martin, Lauren Longyear -- Anticipate bleeding and reverse coagulopathies in patients with live failure / Derek K. Richardson, Barry Schlansky -- Boerhave Syndrome: No all life-threatening chest pain involves the heart and lungs / Christopher J
Coyne -- Caustic indigestions: Don't make it worse / Erika Flores Uribe, Christopher R. Peabody
$$a Section XIII: Neuro -- An update on ideiopathic intracranial hypertension / Evelyn Lee, Ramin Tabatabai -- Normal diagnosis studies do not rule out shunt malfunction / Amy Buckowski -- Don't be fooled into erroneously diagnosing peripheral vertigo / Daniel Mindlin -- Diagnosing cervical artery dissection in the ED: A real pain in the neck! / Erik R. Hofmann, Ramin Tabatabai -- Posterior circulation ischemic stroke: If you don't think about it, you'll miss it / Craig Torres-Ness -- Understand the utility and limitations of diagnostic imaging in nontraumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage / Manuel R. Montano -- Don't forgot atypical causes of status epilepiticus! / R. James Salway -- Leave it alone: Blood pressure measurement in ischemic stroke / Amir A. Rouhani -- Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis: A rare diagnosis with a common chief complaint / Margarita Santiago-Martinez, Stuart Swadron -- Great imitators of acute stroke / Aarti Fain -- Blood pressure in the patient with intracranial hemorrhage--Bring it down! / Daniel R. Ruiz, Edward Stettner -- How to disposition the patient with suspected TIA / Allen Chiou, Mindi Guptill -- The elusive brain abscess / Shikha Kapil, Jeffrey N. Siegelman -- Bulbar symptoms in the ED: Watch the airway / Ariel Bowman -- Multiple sclerosis in the ED: Rule out other diagnoses first / Christopher Bodle, Melissa White -- Section XIV: OB/GYN -- Early pregnancy: Sifting out the potential catastrophes from the worried well / Jared T. Marx -- Pitfalls in the pursuit of ovarian torsion / Matthew C. DeLaney -- Anti-D in the ED / Brent Lorenzen -- Seizing young woman? Think eclampsia. Thinking eclampsia? Think again. / Kenneth D. Marshall -- Vaginal bleeding in late pregnancy / Heather A. Heaton -- Predict the unpredictable: Preterm labor / Priya Kuppusamy -- A bump on the bump: Minor abdominal trauma in pregnancy / Elias J. Jaffa, Sreeja Natesan -- Stable is the new abnormal: Beware the normal vital signs in pregnancy / Priya Kuppusamy -- Don't fear the cord! / Erika Hoenke McMahon, Kristina Colbenson -- Timas a wastin': Perimortem Cesarean section/ Vivienne Ng -- Clotted lungs: Not all shortness of breath in pregnancy is from Lamaze class / Jeremy Lux -- Postpartum complications / Heather A. Heaton -- There is no single test to rule out PID: Just treat it! / Theresa Q. Tran, Casey M. Clements -- Don't dismiss the young, female patient with shortness of breathe without considering peripartum cardiomyopathy / Kathi Glauner -- Section XV: Psych -- Delirium / Casey Carr -- Restraint with restraints: Patient restraint / Grant Nelson, Robert B. Dunne -- Mental status concern? Consider psychosis / Sarika Walia, Shabana Walia -- Ask about suicide risk / Trent R. Malcolm, Donald W. Alves -- Strange behavior? Personality disorders in the ED / Kerri N. Booker -- Don't ignore affective disorders! / Trent R. Malcolm -- Drug-seeking behavior in the emergency department / Michael Wolfe Pierce -- Anxiety in the emergency department / Sachin Moonat -- Address it in the ED, substance abuse in the emergency department / Sachin Moonat -- Section XVI: Genitourinary -- Don't let dialysis disequilibrium syndrome catch you off-balance / Carmen Wolfe -- Fournier Gangrene: A lethal infection you can't sit on! / Shoma Desai -- Testicular torsion trickery / Solomon Behar -- Hemodialysis: Who needs it now? / Michael Levine -- To thrill or not to thrill: When dialysis access sites go wrong / Caroline Brandon -- Wrap your head around this: Avoiding the pitfalls of phimosis and paraphimosis management / Kelly A. Painter -- Pyelonephritis: When it's complicated urine trouble / Molly Hartrich, Sophie Terp -- What goes up must come down / Jessica Lange Osterman -- Streamlining urethritis: Don't let an STD escape your ED / Clare Roepke -- I don't think my urine is supposed to look like this! / Landon A. Jones -- Section XVII: Thoracic -- Do not forget to administer steroids in patients with acute asthma exacerbations / Michele Callahan -- Do not withhold oxygen in a hypoxic patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease / Brian J. Lin, Anand K. Swaminathan -- Know acute illnesses that lead to rapid deterioration in the patient with pulmonary hypertension / Dhaval Thakkar, James Mathew Dargin -- Know the critical issues in resuscitation of the decompensated patient with pulmonary hypertension / Jacob C. Jentzer, James Mathew -- Know the evaluation and management of the patient with sarcoidosis / Harman S. Gill -- Properly risk stratify the patient with suspected pulmonary embolism / Kelly Williamson -- Know how to diagnose and treat pulmonary embolism / Ryan Dick-Perez, Nicholas M. Mohr -- Know which patients with submassive pulmonary embolism may benefit from thrombolytic therapy / Sangeeth Dubbireddi, Lillian L. Emlet -- Know which patients with submassive pulmonary embolism may benefit from thrombolytic therapy / Sangeeth Dubbireddi, Lilliam L. Emlet -- Understand proper ventilator management in patients with acute asthma exacerbations / Salim Rezaie, Anand K. Swaminathan -- Know the causes, evaluation, and management of hemoptysis / Matthew P. Borloz -- Use high-flow nasal cannula in patients with mild to moderate respiratory distress from hypoxemia / Ross McCormack, Jonathan Elmer -- Section XVIII: Tox -- Alcohol intoxication and withdrawal / Candice Jordan -- Acetaminophen toxicity: Getting reacquanted with Matthew and Rumack / David Rose -- Mixed disturbance: Think salicylate poisoning / Harry E. Heverling, Tiffany C. Fong -- Toxic alcohols / Candice Jordan -- The five stages iron toxicity: Beware of the latent period / Christina Clark -- Don't miss anticholinergic syndromes! / Theodore Fagrelius -- Cholinergic poisoning / Theodore Fagrelius -- An old favorite heart medication: Digoxin / Daniel B. Savage -- Did you consider intravenous lipid emulsion therapy? / Aaryn K. Hammond, Donald W. Alves -- Managing the hot and bothered: Sympathomimetic overdoses / Arun Nair -- Engaging drugs of abuse / Chelsea Williamson -- Cyanide poisoning: A tale of two antidotes / Scott E. Sutherland -- Methemoglobinemia: Blue pearls / Dilnaz Panjwani, Mitchell Louis Judge Li -- Should I take that? Nutritional supplements / Edmund Timpano, Sarika Walia -- Section XIX: Trauma/Ortho -- Electrical injuries: Shocking or subtle? / Tim Horeczko -- "Don't tase me bro!" The TASERed patient in the ED / Peter Milano -- Managing penetrating neck injuries: Hard or soft, superficial or deep? / Melissa Joseph -- To crack or not to crack: Indications for an ED thoracotomy / Sanjay Blatt -- Save a limb! Vascular injury in penetrating extremity trauma / Taylor McCormick -- Judicious abdominal imaging in trauma / Erick A. Eiting -- Severe traumatic brain injury: Avoid making it worse! / Ashkon Ansari -- Fluid resuscitation in trauma: Five pitfalls / Erick A. Eiting -- How do you fill a tank with holes in it? Optimal vascular access in trauma resuscitation / Benjamin D. Musser -- Don't be afraid to place a chest tube / Dhara P. Amin -- Massive transfusion in trauma: A changing landscape / Tarlan Hedayati -- Reversal of warfarin in trauma / Joseph S. Palter -- Reversal of novel anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents / Dhara P. Amin -- When to suspect cervical vascular injury / Tarlan Hedayati, Stuart Swadron -- Alternatives to packed red blood cells: The latest / Tarla Hedayati -- Tough break: Assessing and treating rib fractures / Michael Gottlieb -- Not so FAST: Perils and pitfalls with the FAST exam / Michael Gottlieb -- Closing the book: Using a bedsheet to stabilize pelvic fractures / Michael Gottlieb, Stuard Swadron -- Is spinal immobilization still necessary? / Joseph Palter -- Are vital signs reliable at assessing degree of hemorrhage? / Michael K. Safa -- The ABCs of major burns / Mary L. Cheffers, Stuart Swadron -- When can interventional radiology (IR) be your friend in trauma? / Lee Plantmason, Eric Wei -- Don't miss the gamekeeper thumb? / Brian R
Sharp -- Admit displaced supracondylar fractures for neurovascular checks / Allison S. Luu, Eric Wei
Summary "In a conversational, easy-to-read style, Avoiding Common Errors in the Emergency Department, 2nd Edition, discusses 365 errors commonly made in the practice of emergency medicine and gives practical, easy-to-remember tips for avoiding these pitfalls. Chapters are brief, approachable, and evidence-based, suitable for reading immediately before the start of a rotation, used for quick reference on call, or read daily over the course of one year for personal assessment and review. Key Features: Coverage includes psychiatry, pediatrics, poisonings, cardiology, obstetrics and gynecology, trauma, general surgery, orthopedics, infectious diseases, gastroenterology, renal, anesthesia and airway management, urology, ENT, and oral and maxillofacial surgery. Completely revised and rewritten by many new authors, as well as returning authors who bring a fresh perspective to new subjects. New key points at the end of each chapter present must-know information in an easy-access, bulleted format. Ideal for emergency medicine physicians, residents, and attendings; emergency nurse practitioners, PAs who practice in the ED, and primary care physicians in urgent care centers. Your book purchase includes a complimentary download of the enhanced eBook for iOS, Android, PC & Mac. Take advantage of these practical features that will improve your eBook experience: the ability to download the eBook on multiple devices at one time -- providing a seamless reading experience online or offline. Powerful search tools and smart navigation cross-links allow you to search within this book, or across your entire library of VitalSource eBooks Multiple viewing options offer the ability to scale images and text to any size without losing page clarity as well as responsive design. The ability to highlight text and add notes with one click"--Provided by publisher
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Author Chanmugam, Arjun S., editor
Marcucci, Lisa, editor
Mattu, Amal, editor
Swadron, Stuart P., editor
Winters, Michael E., editor
Woolridge, Dale, editor
LC no. 2016054696
ISBN 1496380312 (electronic book) (ePub)
9781496380319 (electronic book) (ePub)