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Uniform Title Merritt's neurology (Online)
Title Merritt's neurology
Edition Eleventh edition / edited by Lewis P. Rowland
Published Philadelphia : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins ; [New York, N.Y.] : Ovid Technologies, [2005]
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Description 1 online resource (xxiii, 1271 pages), 2 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations
Contents Section I Symptoms of neurologic disorders -- Delirium and dementia / Scott A. Small and Richard Mayeux -- Aphasia, apraxia, and agnosia / J.P. Mohr -- Syncope, seizures and their mimics / Lawrence J. Hirsch, Dewey K. Ziegler, and Timothy A. Pedley -- Coma / John C.M. Brust -- Diagnosis of pain and paresthesias / Lewis P. Rowland -- Dizziness and hearing loss / Ian Storper -- Impaired vision / Myles M. Behrens -- Headache / Neil H. Raskin and Mark W. Green -- Involuntary movements / Stanley Fahn -- Syndromes caused by weak muscles / Lewis P. Rowland -- Gait disorders / Sid Gilman -- Signs and symptoms in neurologic diagnosis / Lewis P. Rowland -- Section II How to select diagnostic tests -- Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging / Robert DeLaPaz -- Electroencephalography and evoked potentials / Ronald G. Emerson, Thaddeus S. Walczak, and Timothy A. Pedley -- Electromyography, nerve conduction studies, and magnetic stimulation / Clifton L. Gooch and Seth Pullman -- Neurovascular imaging / J.P. Mohr and Robert DeLaPaz -- Endovascular surgical neuroradiology / Philip M. Myers and Sean D. Lavine -- Lumbar puncture and cerebrospinal fluid examination / Robert A. Fishman -- Muscle and nerve biopsy / Arthur P. Hays and Michael D. Daras -- Neuropsychologic evaluation / Yaakov Stern -- DNA diagnosis / Lewis P. Rowland, Salvatore DiMauro, and Michio Hirano -- Section III Infections of the nervous system -- Bacterial infections / Burk Jubelt -- Focal infections / Gary L. Bernardini -- Viral infections / Burk Jubelt -- Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) / Carolyn Barley Britton -- Fungal and yeast infections / Leon D. Prockop -- Neurosarcoidosis / John C.M. Brust -- Spirochete infections: Neurosyphilis / Leonidas Stefanis and Lewis P. Rowland -- Spirochete infections: Leptospirosis / Burk Jubelt -- Spirochete infections: Lyme Disease / Burk Jubelt -- Parasitic infections / Burk Jubelt -- Bacterial toxins / Burk Jubelt -- Reye Syndrome / Darryl C. De Vivo -- Prion diseases / Burk Jubelt -- Whipple Disease / Elan D. Louis -- Section IV Vascular diseases -- Pathogenesis, classification and epidemiology of cerebrovascular disease / Ralph L. Sacco -- Examination of the patient with cerebrovascular disease / Randolph S. Marshall -- Transient ischemic attack / John C.M. Brust -- Cerebral infarction / John C.M. Brust -- Cerebral and cerebellar hemorrhage / J.P. Mohr and C. Stapf -- Genetics of stroke / Suh-hang Hank Juo and Ralph L. Sacco -- Other cerebrovascular syndromes / Frank M. Yatsu -- Differential diagnosis of stroke / Mitchell S.V. Elkind and J.P. Mohr -- Stroke in children / Arnold P. Gold and Marc C. Patterson -- Treatment and prevention of strokes / Frank M. Yatsu -- Subarachnoid hemorrhage / Stephan A. Mayer, Gary I. Bernardini, Robert A. Solomon and John C.M. Brust -- Cerebral veins and sinuses / Robert A. Fishman -- Vascular disease of the spinal cord / Leon A. Weisberg -- Section V Disorders of cerebrospinal and brain fluids -- Hydrocephalus / Leon D. Prockop -- Brain edema and disorders of intracranial pressure / Robert A. Fishman -- Superficial siderosis of the central nervous system / Robert A. Fishman -- Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Nonketotic Syndrome / Stephan A. Mayer and Leon D. Prockop
Section VI Tumors -- General considerations / Lisa M. DeAngelis -- Tumors of the skull and cranial nerves / Lisa M. DeAngelis and Jeffrey N. Bruce -- Tumors of the meninges / Lisa M. DeAngelis and Jeffrey N. Bruce -- Gliomas / Lisa M. DeAngelis -- Lymphomas / Lisa M. DeAngelis and Cosilda M. Balmaceda -- Pineal region tumors / Lisa M. DeAngelis and Jeffrey N. Bruce -- Tumors of the Pituitary Gland / Lisa M. DeAngelis, Pamda U. Freda, and Jeffrey N. Bruce -- Congenital and childhood central nervous system tumors / James H. Garvin, Jr., Neil A. Feldstein, and Saadi Ghatan -- Vascular tumors and malformations / J.P. Mohr and John Pile-Spellman -- Metastatic tumors / Lisa M. De Angelis -- Spinal tumors / Paul C. McCormick and Lewis P. Rowland -- VII -- Trauma -- Head injury / Stephan A. Mayer -- Spinal injury / Joseph T. Marotta, Nazli Janjua, and Christian Commichatt -- Intervertebral disks and radiculopathy / Paul C. McCormick -- Cervical spondylotic myclopathy / Lewis P. Rowland and Paul C. McCormick -- Lumbar spondylosis / Lewis P. Rowland and Paul C. McCormick -- Cranial and peripheral nerve lesions / Clifton L. Gooch, Dale J. Lange, and Werner Trojaborg -- Thoracic Outlet Syndrome / Lewis P. Rowland and Louis H. Weimer -- Neuropathic pain / Clifton L. Gooch -- Radiation injury / Steven R. Isaacson, Casilda Balmaceda, and Michael D. Daras -- Electrical and lightning injury / Lewis P. Rowland -- Decompression sickness / Leon D. Prockop -- Section VIII Birth injuries and developmental abnormalities -- Neonatal neurology / M. Richard Koenigsberger, Ram Kairam, Douglas R. Nordli, Jr., and Timothy A. Pedley -- Floppy infant syndrome / Juan M. Pascual and Darryl C. De Vivo -- Static disorders of brain development / Isabelle Rapin -- Laurence-Moon-Biedl Syndrome / Melvin Greer -- Structural malformations / Melvin Greer " -- Marcus Gunn and Möbius Syndromes / Lewis P. Rowland and Marc C. Patterson -- Section IX Genetic diseases of the central nervous system -- Chromosomal diseases / Ching H. Wang -- Disorders of amino acid metabolism / John H. Menkes -- Disorders of purine and pyrimidine metabolism / Marc C. Patterson and Lewis P. Rowland -- Lysosomal and other storage diseases / Marc C. Patterson and William G. Johnson -- Disorders of carbohydrate metabolism / Salvatore DiMauro -- Glucose Transporter Type 1 Deficiency Syndrome / Darryl C. De Vivo -- Disorders of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) maintenance, transcription, and translation / Marc C. Patterson -- Hyperammonemia / Marc C. Patterson -- Peroxisomal diseases: Adrenoleucodystrophy, Zellweger Syndrome, and Refsum Disease / Marc C. Patterson and Darryl C. DeVivo -- Organic acidurias / Stefano Di Donato and Graziella Uziel -- Disorders of metal metabolism / John H. Menkes -- Acute intermittent porphyria / Lewis P. Rowland -- Neurologic syndromes with acanthocytes / Christopher Min, Timothy A. Pedley, and Lewis P. Rowland -- Cerebral degenerations of childhood / Eveline C. Traeger and Isabelle Rapin -- Diffuse sclerosis / Lewis P. Rowland -- Differential diagnosis / Eveline C. Traeger and Isabelle Rapin -- Section X Disorders of Mitochondrial DNA -- Mitochondrial encephalomyopathies: diseases of Mitochondrial DNA / Salvatore DiMauro, Eric A. Schon, Michio Hirano, and Lewis P. Rowland -- Leber hereditary optic neuropathy / Myles M. Behrens and Michio Hirano -- Mitochondrial Diseases with mutations of nuclear DNA / Darryl C. De Vivo and Michio Hirano
Section XI Neurocutaneous disorders -- Neurofibromatosis / Arnold P. Gold and Marc C. Patterson -- Encephalotrigeminal Angiomatosis / Arnold P. Gold and Marc C. Patterson -- Incontinentia Pigmenti / Arnold P. Gold and Marc C. Patterson -- Tuberous sclerosis complex / Arnold P. Gold and Marc C. Patterson -- Section XII Peripheral neuropathies -- General considerations / Norman Latov -- Hereditary neuropathies / Michael E. Shy -- Acquired neuropathies / Thomas H. Brannagan III, Louis H. Weimer, and Norman Latov -- Section XIII Dementias -- Alzheimer Disease and related dementias / Scott A. Small and Richard Mayeux -- Section XIV Ataxias -- Hereditary Ataxias / Susan B. Bressman, Rachel J. Saunders-Pullman, and Roger N. Rosenberg -- Section XV Movement Disorders -- Huntington Disease / Stanley Fahn -- Sydenham and other forms of Chorea / Stanley Fahn -- Myoclonus / Stanley Fahn -- Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome / Stanley Fahn -- Dystonia / Stanley Fahn and Susan B. Bressman -- Essential tremor / Elan D. Louis -- Parkinsonism / Stanley Fahn and Serge Przedborski -- Progressive supranuclear palsy / Paul E. Greene -- Tardive Dyskinesia and other neuroleptic-induced syndromes / Stanley Fahn and Robert E. Burke -- Section XVI Spinal cord diseases -- Hereditary and acquired spastic paraplegia / Lewis P. Rowland and Paul H. Gordon -- Hereditary and acquired motor neuron diseases / Lewis P. Rowland, Hiroshi Mitsumoto, and Darryl C. DeVivo -- Syringomyelia / Elliott L. Mancall -- Section XVII Disorders of the neuromuscular junction -- Myasthenia Gravis / Audrey S. Penn and Lewis P. Rowland -- Lambert-Eaton Syndrome / Audrey S. Penn -- Botulism and antibiotic-induced neuromuscular disorders / Audrey S. Penn -- Acute quadriplegic myopathy / Michio Hirano and Louis H. Weimer -- Section XVIII Myopathies -- Identifying disorders of the motor unit / Lewis P. Rowland -- Progressive muscular dystrophies / Petra Kaufmann, Louis H. Weimer, and Lewis P. Rowland -- Familial periodic paralysis / Lewis P. Rowland and Paul H. Gordon -- Congenital disorders of muscle / O. Williams -- Myoglobinuria / Lewis P. Rowland -- Muscle cramps and stiffness / Robert B. Layzer and Lewis P. Rowland -- Dermatomyositis / Lewis P. Rowland -- Polymyositis, inclusion body myositis, and related myopathies / Lewis P. Rowland -- Myositis Ossificans / Lewis P. Rowland -- Section XIX Demyelinating diseases -- Multiple Sclerosis / Saud A. Sadiq -- Marchiafava-Bignami Disease / Lewis P. Rowland -- Central Pontine Myelinolysis / Gary L. Bernadini and Elliott L. Mancall -- Section XX Autonomic disorders -- Neurogenic Orthostatic Hypotension and autonomic failure / Louis H. Weimer -- Acute autonomic neuropathy / Louis H. Weimer -- Familial dysautonomia / Alan M. Aron -- Section XXI Paroxysmal disorders -- Migraine and other headaches / Neil H. Raskin and Mark W. Green -- Epilepsy / Carl W. Bazil, Martha J. Morrell, and Timothy A. Pedley -- Febrile seizures / Linda Leary, Douglas R. Nordli, Jr., and Timothy A. Pedley -- Transient global amnesia / John C.M. Brust -- Mèniére Syndrome / Ian S. Storper -- Sleep disorders / June M. Fry and Bradley V. Vaughn
Section XXII Systemic diseases and general medicine -- Endocrine diseases / Gary M. Abrams and Earl A. Zimmerman -- Hematologic and related diseases / Robert W. Pratt, David J. Adams, and Casilda M. Balmaceda -- Hepatic disease / Neil H. Raskin and Peter Y. Kim -- Cerebral complications of cardiac surgery / Mitchell S.V. Elkind and Eric J. Heyer -- Bone disease / Roger N. Rosenberg -- Renal disease / Neil H. Raskin and J. Kirk Roberts -- Respiratory support for neurologic diseases / Stephan A. Mayer and Matthew E. Fink -- Paraneoplastic syndromes / Lisa M. DeAngelis and Lewis P. Rowland -- Nutritional disorders: malnutrition, malabsorption, and B12 and other vitamin deficiencies / Lewis P. Rowland and Bradford B. Worrall -- Vasculitis syndromes / Lewis P. Rowland and Marcelo R. Olarte -- Hypertrophic Pachymeningitis / John C.M. Brust -- Neurologic disease during pregnancy / Alison M. Pack and Martha J. Morrell -- Hashimoto Encephalopathy / Ji Chong -- Section XXIII Psychiatry and neurology -- Mood disorders / Ralph N. Wharton -- Anxiety disorders / Ralph N. Wharton -- Schizophrenia / Arielle D. Stanford, Cheryl Corcoran, and Dolores Malaspina -- Somatoform disorders / Daniel T. Williams -- Section XXIV Environmental neurology -- Alcoholism / John C.M. Brust -- Drug dependence / John C.M. Brust -- Iatrogenic disease / Louis H. Weimer and Lewis P. Rowland -- Complications of cancer chemotherapy / Lisa M. DeAngelis and Casilda M. Balmaceda -- Occupational and environmental neurotoxicology / Leon D. Prockop and Lewis P. Rowland -- HIV, fetal alcohol and drug effects, and the battered child / Claudia A. Chiriboga -- Falls in the elderly / Gary M. Abrams and Lewis P. Rowland -- Section XXV Rehabilitation -- Neurologic rehabilitation / Laura Lennihan and Glenn M. Seliger -- Section XXVI Ethical and legal guidelines -- End-of-life issues in neurology / Lewis P. Rowland
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index
Subject Nervous system -- Diseases.
Nervous System Diseases.
Form Electronic book
Author Merritt, H. Houston (Hiram Houston), 1902-1979.
Rowland, Lewis P.
ISBN 0781753112
Other Titles Neurology