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Author MacQueen, Benjamin, author

Title An introduction to Middle East politics / Benjamin MacQueen
Published London : SAGE, 2013
London SAGE, 2013


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Description xxxv, 408 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
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Contents Contents note continued: British Colonialism in Iraq -- Conclusion -- 3.Superpower Rivalry and the Cold War in the Middle East -- Introduction -- World War II and a New International Relations of the Middle East -- The Establishment of Israel -- The Jewish Revolt and the End of the Palestine Mandate -- The 1947-8 War of Independence/al/-Nakhba -- The Cold War in the Middle East -- The Dawn of the Cold War in the Middle East -- Republics and Monarchies -- The Myth of Superpower Control -- The Suez Crisis -- Geopolitics and Cold War Allegiances in the Middle East -- The ̀High' Cold War in the Middle East -- US Cold War Policy in the Middle East: Doctrines and Containment -- An Arab Cold War: Egypt and Saudi Arabia -- The Yemen Civil War -- The Lebanese Civil War -- The Origins of the Lebanese Civil War -- Confessionalism in Lebanon -- Lebanon and the Palestinian Question -- Civil War and External Involvement in Lebanon -- Syria and Lebanon -- Israel and Lebanon --
Contents note continued: Case Study: Republican Authoritarianism in Syria (1970-2000) -- Case Study: Absolute Monarchy in Saudi Arabia (1953-82) -- Case Study: Military-Backed Totalitarian Regime in Iraq (1979-90) -- Case Study: Hybrid Regime in Turkey (1950-97) -- Conclusion -- 6.Oil, Economy and Development in the Middle East -- Introduction -- An Economic Overview of the Middle East -- Structural Weakness and Economies of the Middle East -- Multi-Track Economies -- The Formal and Informal Economy -- Alternative Economic Measurements and the Middle East -- The Human Development Index and the Millennium Development Goals -- The Politics of Oil -- The Establishment of the Oil Economy in the Middle East -- The ̀Resources Curse' -- The West and Middle East Oil -- Oil Companies and Oil Politics -- OPEC -- The 1973 Oil Price Crisis -- Liberalisation and Reform -- Liberalisation and Globalisation -- The Dynamics of Neoliberal Reforms in the Middle East --
Contents note continued: Iran and Lebanon -- An End to the War -- The Iran-Iraq War and Cold War Machinations -- History of Iraq-Iran Tensions -- The Role of the US -- The Course of the War -- The Iran-Contra Affair -- The Legacy of the War -- Conclusion -- 4.Nationalism, Islamism and the Politics of Ideology -- Introduction -- Ideology and Politics in the Middle East -- Ideology and Politics -- Ideology and Modernity in the Middle East -- Nationalism -- Middle Eastern Nationalisms -- Arab Nationalism at a Glance -- The Origins of Arab Nationalism -- The 1967 War and its Impacts on Arab Nationalism -- Political Islam -- Islam: A Snapshot -- The Basic Tenets of Islam -- Qur'an and Hadith -- Shari'ah -- Sunni and Shi a Islam -- Legal Schools, the Ulama and Religious Authority -- The Origins of Modern Political Islam -- The Origins of Contemporary Islamist Political Discourse -- Islamist Organisations -- The Muslim Brotherhood -- Islam and Political Confrontation --
Contents note continued: Islam and Democracy -- The US and ̀Democracy Promotion' in the Middle East -- Uprisings, War and Transition in the Arab World -- The Background to the Arab Uprisings -- The Arab spring and Information Technology -- Satellite Television and the A1 Jazeera Phenomenon -- The Internet, Social Media and Political Unrest -- The Arab Uprisings -- Case Study: Tunisia -- Case Study: Egypt -- Case Study: Libya -- Case Study: Yemen -- Case Study: Bahrain -- Case Study: Syria
Contents note continued: Sayyid Qutb's Ideology -- Jihad 1S3 -- Islam as a Political Ideology in the Contemporary Middle East -- Islam and Political Authority -- Islam and Authority in Sadat's Egypt -- The Islamic Revolution in Iran -- Iran, the US and the ̀White Revolution' -- Islam and Revolutionary Ideology -- The Islamic Revolution and Structure of the Islamic Republic -- Conclusion -- pt. II Political Dynamics of the Modem Middle East -- 5.Authoritarianism in the Middle East -- Introduction -- Understanding Authoritarianism -- Defining Authoritarianism -- Authoritarianism and Ideology -- Authoritarian Rule in the Middle East -- The ̀Authoritarian Exception' in the Middle East -- Freedom House and the Middle East -- Beyond the Exceptionalist Debate? -- The Mechanics of Authoritarian Rule -- Republics and Monarchies -- Formal and Informal Political Participation -- The ̀Social Contract' in the Middle East -- Examples of Authoritarianism in the Middle East --
Contents note continued: The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process -- The Intifada and the Impacts of the Gulf War -- The Peace Process -- The Parameters of Negotiations -- Israeli Settlements -- Palestinian Refugees and the Right of Return -- The Origins of the Refugee Crisis -- The ̀Right of Return' -- The Occupation, Borders and Territory -- The Two-State Solution and Palestinian Statehood -- East Jerusalem and the Old City -- The Palestinian Declaration of Statehood -- Competing Norms and Competing Narratives -- National Security and the Question of Violence -- Checkpoints and the ̀Security Barrier' -- Identity Politics in Israel -- Israel as a Jewish State -- Palestinian Nationalism and Identity -- The Israeli-US Relationship -- Towards the ̀Special Relationship' -- The Israel Lobby Controversy -- Conclusion -- 10.Democratisation and the Arab Uprisings -- Introduction -- Understanding Democratisation in the Arab Middle East -- Democracy and Democratisation in the Middle East --
Contents note continued: The Politics of ̀Structural Adjustment' -- The Politics of US Aid in the Middle East -- Conclusion -- 7.The Military, Security and Politics in the Middle East -- Introduction -- The Military and Politics in the Middle East -- The Military Landscape of the Middle East -- Regional Security Issues -- Ongoing Territorial Disputes -- The Middle East and the Nuclear Question -- Nuclear Programmes in the Middle East -- Israel's Nuclear Programme: ̀Deliberate Ambiguity' -- Iran's Nuclear Programme: Peaceful or Aggressive? -- Terrorism and Political Violence in the Middle East -- Defining Terrorism -- Terrorist Ideologies -- National Liberation -- Jihadism and Neo-Jihadism -- Middle Eastern Terrorist Organisations -- The Middle East and the ̀War on Terror' -- Al-Qaeda -- US Counter-Terrorism Policy in the Middle East -- Conclusion -- pt. III Continuing Crises in the Middle East -- 8.US Military Intervention in the Middle East -- Introduction --
Contents note continued: US Intervention in Iraq -- The Road to War in Iraq -- Lead-Up to the War -- ̀Operation Iraqi Freedom' -- ̀Shock and Awe' -- The Looting of Baghdad and the Disintegration of the Iraqi State -- The Coalition Provisional Authority and ̀Operation Iraqi Prosperity' -- The Iraqi Insurgency and the Ramifications of the Invasion 2003-2008 -- The Human and Material Costs of the Conflict -- Declining Violence -- US Withdrawal- and the Future of Iraq -- The New Iraqi Political System -- US Intervention in Afghanistan -- The Taleban, Pakistan and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan -- ̀Operation Enduring Freedom' -- The Ramifications of Continued Conflict in Afghanistan -- The New Afghan Political System -- Drone Strikes, US Security and its Legacy -- Post-Iraq US Interventionism in the Middle East -- The Politics of Drone Strikes -- US Interventions in Yemen -- US Interventions in Somalia -- Conclusion -- 9.Israel, the Palestinians and the Peace Process -- Introduction --
Contents note continued: ̀Total Colonisation' in Algeria -- Economic Domination in Tunisia -- Culture, Politics and British Rule in Egypt -- Colonialism and Independence in the Gulf -- World War I and Turkey -- The Arab Revolt and the Hussein-McMahon Correspondence -- Balfour Declaration -- Sykes-Picot Agreement -- Versailles Treaty and the League of Nations Mandates -- The Republic of Turkey -- Colonies, Protectorates and Client States -- The Interplay of Ottoman and Colonial Legacies -- Centralised Rule -- A Focus on Security -- New Elites and New Institutions -- New Political Elites -- Control of the Religious Sphere -- The Cultural Challenge -- Said and Orientalism -- Dependency -- Palestine and Israel -- Zionism -- The King--Crane Commission -- The Ambiguity of the King--Crane Commission -- The British White Papers and the Arab Revolt -- The 1922 (Churchill) White Paper -- The Arab Revolt and the 1937 Peel Commission -- The 1939 (MacDonald) White Paper --
Machine generated contents note: pt. I The Formation of the Modern State System -- 1.The Ottoman Empire and its Legacy in the Middle East -- Introduction -- The Middle East in the Imperial Era -- The Middle East's Religious and Imperial Heritage -- Judaism -- Christianity -- Islam -- The People of the Ottoman Empire -- The Millet System -- The Emergence of National Identities -- Origins of Turkish National Identity -- Origins of Arab National Identity -- Emerging Ethnic and Nationalist Tensions -- The Legacy of Ottoman Rule in the Middle East -- Ottoman Rule in the Middle East -- The Tanzimat Reforms and ̀Modernisation' -- The Tanzimat -- The Reform Process and the Decline of Ottoman Authority -- The Military and Political Authority -- The Military and Politics in the Ottoman Empire -- Europe and the Ottoman ̀Sick Man' -- Conclusion -- 2.The Colonial Period in the Middle East -- Introduction -- The Dawn of European Colonialism in the Middle East -- Early European Colonialism --
Summary The Middle East has undergone enormous change since 9/11, from the invasion and occupation of Iraq to the events of the 'Arab Spring'. Here, attention is focused on questions of democratization and political reform. An Introduction to Middle East Politics addresses these issues in an engaging and accessible way, covering: - Historical Legacies; The Ottoman Empire, WWI, Colonialism and the Cold War; Nationalism and Islamist Politics - Authoritarianism in Egypt, Algeria and Syria; political changes in Iran; the politics of oil in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States; Israel, the Palestinians and the Arab States - Intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq - The recent uprisings in the Arab World, human rights, social movements and social media Each chapter opens with helpful learning objectives and concludes with study questions. Annotated bibliographies aid further reading, whilst the companion website provides links to useful online journal articles. An Introduction to Middle East Politics will prove a fascinating read for both undergraduate and postgraduate students of Middle East Politics and related courses across Politics and International Relations
Analysis Arabs
Civil war
Cold War
Defence civilian relations
Deployment of forces
Islamic fundamentalism
Israel-Palestine conflict
Middle East
Oil and gas
Overseas item
Political conditions
Political stability
Political violence
Power (International relations)
Economic conditions
Regional security
United States
Notes Includes index
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index
Subject Middle East -- Politics and government.
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