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Title [Natural sciences]
Published 1892-
Table of Contents
Box 1:1 Birth of kangaroos and other marsupials 
Box 2:13 British fresh-water fishes, sea-water fishes, insects and reptiles, common objects of the sea shore : descriptive handbook of charts / J. & J. Colman 
Box 2:8 Catalogue of the Australian birds in the Australian museum at Sydney, N.S.W. : part 3 Psittaci. 1891 / E. P. Ramsay 
Box 2:1 Catalogue of the Australian birds in the Australian museum at Sydney, N.S.W. : part 4 picariæ. Suborder halcyones, 1894 / E. P. Ramsay 
Box 2:2 Catalogue of the marine shells of Australia and Tasmania : part 1 cephalopoda, 1892 / John Brazier 
Box 2:3 Catalogue of the marine shells of Australia and Tasmania : part 2 pteropoda, 1892 / John Brazier 
Box 2:4 Catalogue of the marine shells of Australia and Tasmania : part 3 gasteropoda murex, 1893 / John Brazier 
Box 1:2 Coming lava flow : our most serious responsibility, 1934 1871-1953 / Thomas A. Jaggar 
Box 1:3 Item removed and added as indiv. title (maria) 
SeriesInternational year of deserts and desertification 
  Box 2:14 Desert fauna 
  Box 2:15 Desert flora 
  Box 2:16 Desertification a global issue 
  Box 2:17 Desert people of Ulura-Kata Tjuta National Park 
  Box 2:18 Deserts in Australia 
Box 1:18 Dialectics in theory and practice : a clear and concise account of this much misunderstood subject, 1946 / Edgar W. Pritchard 
Box 1:19 Earth, the sun, and the moon, 1927 / George Forbes 
Box 2:19 Ecological communities and the EPBC Act : a new approach to listing ecological communities, May 2006 
Box 2:5 Engels and science / J. D. Bernal 
Box 2:20 Elizabeth and Middleton reefs marine : national nature reserve, 2006 
Box 1:20 Evolutionary humanism, 1954 / Julian Huxley 
Box 1:4 Fairy wrens, 1948 1890-1977 / Alec H. Chisholm 
Box 2:24Flowers of our bush, 1929 / Estelle Thomson 
Box 2:25Forests and flowers of Mount Wellington Tasmania / Winifred M. Curtis 
Box 2:6 Gippsland East : its geology and mining development, 1936 
Box 1:5 Goldfish [postcards], 1966 
Box 1:6 Guide to Australian waterfowl, 1985 / G. Goodrick 
Box 1:7 Inadequacy of natural selection, 1893 / Herbert Spencer 
Box 1:8 Kangaroo and his kin, 1943 1879-1959 / Charles Barrett 
Box 1:9 List of the principal species of Australian eucalypts and other indigenous trees showing their distribution, 1924 
Box 1:10 Monkey to man, 1929 / L. H. Dudley Buxton 
  Box 2:21Tasmanian devil (sarcophilus harrisii), July 2006 
  Box 2:23White box Yellow box Blakely's Red gum grassy woodlands and derived native grasslands, May 2006 
Box 1:21 Nature's reaction to man, 1928 / Professor W. M. Tattersall 
Box 2:22 Ningaloo marine park : Commonwealth water, 2006 
Box 1:11 Nouvelles statuettes paléolithiques modelées découvertes dans la station aurignacienne de vestonice en moravie 1933-1934, 1935 
Box 2:9 Protecting whales and dolphins, 2006 / Australian Government 
Box 1:12 Red kangaroo, 1965 
Box 1:13 Sea-birds of Bonaventure Island, 1973 / Canadian Wildlife Service 
Box 1:14 Short book list of evolutionary biology / M. G. Adams 
Box 1:22 Short guide to the exhibition for the XVII International Geological Congress, 1937 
Box 1:15 Small native animals : nature's farmhands 
Box 1:16 Thylacine : Tasmania's tiger, 1991 / Joan M. Dixon 
Box 2:12 Watching whales and dolphins : keep a safe distance! / Australian Government Department of the Environment and Heritage Community Information Unit 
Box 2:10 Whale research, 2006 / Australian Government 
Box 2:7 What to read on evolution, 1928 / J. Arthur Thomson 
Box 1:17 Your weather service [: the Meteorological Office and how it can help you], 1955 


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Description 0.16 m.(pamphlet boxes) : ill.
Series [Pamphlet collection]
Summary Consists of pamphlets collected over an extended period of time covering the broad subject area of natural sciences. Includes material from a variety of countries, from 1893-, more specifically on animal science, animal locomotion, evolutionary biology, Australian indigenous trees, and natural selection.
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Subject Royal Humane Society (Australasia)
Aboriginal Australians -- Cultural assimilation
Animal locomotion
Eucalyptus -- Australia
Evolution (Biology)
Fairy wrens
Mammals -- Australia
Marine animals -- Great Britain
Natural selection
Sea birds -- Canada
Seashore animals -- Great Britain
Seashore biology
Vegetation mapping -- Australia
Volcanoes -- Hawaii
Volcanological research -- Hawaii
Weather forecasting