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Title Neurological disorders : course and treatment / edited by Thomas Brandt ... [and others]
Published San Diego : Academic Press, [1996]


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Description xiv, 1150 pages : illustrations ; 29 cm
Contents Machine derived contents note: Table of contents for Neurological disorders : course and treatment / edited by Thomas Brandt [et al.]. -- Bibliographic record and links to related information available from the Library of Congress catalog -- Information from electronic data provided by the publisher. May be incomplete or contain other coding. -- Acute and Chronic Pain: -- H.C. Diener and R.C. Peatfield , Migraine. -- T. Brandt and R.C. Peatfield , Cluster Headache and Chronic Paroxysmal Hemicrania. -- J. Olesen and H.C. Diener , Tension-Type and Cervicogenic Headache. -- J. Dichgans and M.J. Hoffert , Headache Associated with Substances or Their Withdrawal. -- M. Dieterich and V. Pfaffenrath , Atypical Facial Pain. -- T. Brandt, R.D. Illingworth, and R.C. Peatfield , Trigeminal and Glossopharyngeal Neuralgias. -- M. Dieterich and G.D. Perkin , Postlumbar Puncture Headache Syndrome. -- M. Keidel and J.M.S. Pearce , Whiplash Injury. -- T. Anand and U.W. Buettner , Acute and Chronic Pain. -- Cranial Nerves and Brain Stem: -- W. Paulus and I. Bodis-Wollner , Optic Nerve Lesions. -- A. Straube and C. Kennard , Ocular Motor Disorders. -- V. Schrader and A. Sumner , Idopathic (Bell's) Facial Palsy. -- T. Brandt , Vertigo. -- J.W.P. Hazell , Tinnitus. -- M. Fetter and C. Kennard , Hiccup. -- Cognitive and Behavioral Disorders: -- T. Klockgether , Disorders of Sleep. -- D. Schmidt and S.D. Shorvon , The Epilepsies. -- S. Noachtar, H.-O. Luders, and E.B. Bromfield , Surgical Therapy of Epilepsy. -- C.M. Wiles and H. Ackermann , Dysarthria and Dysphonia. -- C.M. Wiles and H. Ackermann , Dysphagia. -- J. Zihl and C. Kennard , Disorders of Higher Visual Function. -- W. Ziegler and M.P. Alexander , Aphasia. -- U. Schuri, B.A. Wilson, and J.R. Hodges , Memory Disorders. -- D.Y. von Cramon and G. Matthes-von Cramon , Remediation of Thought Impairment. -- M. Folstein and L.R. Caplan , Delirium. H.J. Sagar and H. Ackermann , Dementia. -- Cerebrovascular Disorders: -- L.R. Caplan and H.C. Diener , Cerebral Ischemia. -- C.S. Kase and L.R. Caplan , Therapy of Intracerebral Hemorrhage. -- R.L. Haberl and E.C. Haley, Jr. , Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. -- K.M. Einheupl and M.-G. Bousser , Cerebral Venous and Sinus Thrombosis. -- A. Villringer and P.M. Moore , Vasculitides and Other Nonatherosclerotic Vasculopathies of the Nervous System. -- J.J. Corbett and A. Melms , Giant Cell Arteritis and Polymyalgia Rheumatica. -- S. Bien, K. Voigt, L. R. Caplan , Interventional Neuroradiology in the Brain, Head, and Neck Region. -- S. Bien and L.R. Caplan , Vascular Malformations and Interventional Neuroradiology of the Spinal Cord. -- Infections and Inflammatory Diseases: -- H.W. Pfister and T.P. Bleck , Bacterial Infections. -- H.W. Pfister and W.M. Scheld , Brain and Spinal Cord Abscess. -- R.S. Kocen and H.W. Pfister , Tuberculosus Meningitis. -- B.J. Stern , Neurosarcoidiosis. H.W. Pfister and H. Angstwurm , Neurosyphilis. -- H.W. Pfister and K.L. Tyler , Other Spirochetal Infections. -- R.A. Shakirand H.W. Pfister , Parasitic Infections -- R. Malessa and K.L. Tyler , Viral Infections of the Central Nervous System. -- R.J. Guiloff, R. Malessa, and H.W. Pfister , Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infections--Neurological Manifestations. -- M. Risener and G. Fuller , Fungal Infections of the Central Nervous System. -- R. Martin, R. Hohlfeld, and H.F. McFarland , Multiple Sclerosis. -- Intensive Care in Neurology: -- K.M. Einheul and J.I. Frank , Neurocritical Care. -- F. von Rosen and E.P.Guazzo , Increased Intracranial Pressure. -- M. Keidel and J.D. Miller , Head Trauma. -- T.N. Witt and J. Willner , Malignant Hyperthermia. -- F. von Rosen and J.C.M. Brust , Acute Intoxications. -- E.P. Guazzo and M. Behr , Hydrocephalus. -- Tumors and Developmental Disorders: -- D.G. Porter, O. Bandmann, and D.G.T. Thomas , Primary Intracranial and Spinal Tumors in Adulthold. -- M. Schabet and L.M. De Angelis , Lymphoma. -- M. Schabet and J.G. Cairncross , Brain Mestastases from Systemic Solid Tumors. -- M. Schabet and H.S. Greenberg , Leptomeningeal Mestastasis. -- C.W. Zimmermann and H.S. Greenberg , Paraneoplastic Syndromes. -- U. Wullner and J.J. Corbett , Pseudotumor Cerebri. -- V. Dietz and R.R. Young , The Syndromes of Spinal Cord Dysfunction. -- U.W. Buettner and L.R. Caplan , Syringomyelia and Syringobulbia. -- M. Behr and N.P. Rosman , Cerebral Malformations and Neurocutaneous Disorders. -- Metabolic and Progressive Disorders: -- P. Thier , Acute and Chronic Alcohol-Related Disorders. -- A.I. Arieff and T. Klockgether , Metabolic and Toxic Encephalopathies. -- T. Klockgether and J. Dichgans , Inherited and Noninherited Ataxias. -- Movement Disorders: -- W.H. Oertel and N.P. Quinn , Parkinsonism. -- C. Gerloff and J.D. Pickard , Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus. -- F. Muller, J. Dichgans, and J. Jankovic , Dyskinesias. -- T. Gasser and A.E. Harding , Huntington's Disease and Sydenham's Chorea. -- A. Straube and P.D. Swanson , Wilson's Disease. -- G. D.Borasio, S.H. Appel, and U. W. Buttner , Upper and Lower Motor Neuron Disorders. -- A. Danek, C. Trenkwalder, and E.L. Logigian , Restless Legs Syndrome. -- J. Quintern and R. Jeger , Neural Prosthesis. -- S.R.G. Stodieck and P.D. Thompson , Myoclonus. -- L.J. Findley and U.W. Buttner , Tremor. -- V. Dietz and R.R. Young , The Syndrome of Spastic Paresis. -- Muscle and Peripheral Nervous System: -- N. Sommer and J.B. Winer , Inflammatory and Infectious Polyneuropathy. -- N. Sommer, M. Donaghy, and H. Wietholter , Noninflammatory Polyneuropathy. -- T.N. Witt, L. Mayr-Pfister, and M. Swash , Disorders of Nerve Roots Due to Bony and Disk Diseases. -- E. Koenig and D.M. Dawson , Compartment Syndromes of Peripheral Nerves (Arm and Hand). -- K. Schepelmann, D.M. Dawson, and M. Stihr , Entrapment Neuropathies of the Lower Extremities. -- A. Melms and M. Stihr , Nerve Injuries. -- M. Stihr and W.F. Brown , Compartment Syndromes and Other Ischemic Lesions of Nerve and Muscle. -- M. Stihr and W.F. Brown , Delayed Radiotherapy Injury. -- R. Hohlfield, A. Melms, K.V. Toyka, and D.B. Drachman , Therapy for Myasthenia Gravis and Myasthenic Syndromes. -- D. Pongratz and M.C. Dalakas , Inflammatory Myopathies. -- C.W. Zimmerman, T.L. Munsat, and A. Danek , Myopathias. -- C.W. Zimmerman and R.J.M. Lane , Muscle Symptoms Induced by Therapeutic Drugs, Toxic Substances, or Nutritional Deficits. -- T.N. Witt and R.J.M. Lane , Myotonias. -- T.N. Witt and R.J.M. Lane , Dyskalemic Periodic Paralyses. -- H. Topka and E.L. Logigian , Cramps. -- Endocrine and Autonomic Function: -- A. Stevens and A.B. Pleet , Neuroendocrine Disorders. -- E. Koenig and C.J. Mathias , Autonomic Dysfunction. -- B. Wild and C.J. Fowler , Neurogenic Disorders of Micturition, Defecation, and Sexual Function. -- S. Laicher and M. Linzer , Syncope. -- Neurological Side Effects of Therapy: -- H.C. Diener and E. Feldmann , Side Effects of Drug Therapy in Neurology. -- Molecular Genetics of Neurological Disorders: -- T. Gasser and A.E. Harding , Molecular Genetic Diagnosis of Neurological Disorders. -- C. Urban and H.C. Diener , Appendix 1: List of Drugs and Their Proprietary Names. -- C. Urban and H.C. Diener , Appendix 2: List of Drugs and Chapters Where Cited. -- Subject Index. -- Library of Congress subject headings for this publication: Neurology, Nervous system Diseases, Nervous System Diseases physiopathology, Nervous System Diseases therapy
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index
Subject Nervous system -- Diseases -- Pathophysiology.
Nervous system -- Diseases -- Treatment.
Nervous system -- Diseases.
Nervous System Diseases -- physiopathology.
Nervous System Diseases -- therapy.
Nervous System Diseases -- physiopathology.
Nervous System Diseases -- therapy.
Author Brandt, Thomas, 1943-
LC no. 95015214
ISBN 0121258300 (alk. paper)