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Description ProQuest Ebook Central is a multi-disciplinary platform for e-books offering titles in a wide range of subjects featuring content from hundreds of publishers.
Subject area Multi-disciplinary
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ProQuest Ebook Central 10 Perspectives on Innovation in Education
ProQuest Ebook Central 100 creative writing activities to promote positive thinking / Karen Holford
ProQuest Ebook Central 100 Cases in UK Paramedic Practice
ProQuest Ebook Central 100 notable names from general practice / edited by Neil Metcalfe
ProQuest Ebook Central The 100X leader : how to become someone worth following / Jeremie Kubicek & Steve Cockram
ProQuest Ebook Central 101 ways to save money on your tax - legally! 2019-20 : the essential guide for all Australian taxpayers / Adrian Raftery
ProQuest Ebook Central 12 days that made modern Britain / Andrew Hindmoor
ProQuest Ebook Central 130 Years of Catching Up with the West : A Comparative Perspective on Hungarian Science and Technology Policy-making Since Industrialization / Peter S. Biegelbauer
ProQuest Ebook Central 1789 the French Revolution begins / Robert H. Blackman
ProQuest Ebook Central The 1916 preparedness day bombings : anarchy and terrorism in progressive era America / by Jeffrey A. Johnson
ProQuest Ebook Central 1917 AND THE CONSEQUENCES
ProQuest Ebook Central Guide to the Exhibition of Architecture, Town-Planning and Building Research
ProQuest Ebook Central 1968 Mexico : constellations of freedom and democracy / Susana Draper
ProQuest Ebook Central 1989 and the West / Eleni Braat and Pepijn Corduwener, [editors]
ProQuest Ebook Central The 2 x 4 Model : A Neuroscience-Based Blueprint for the Modern Integrated Addiction and Mental Health Treatment System / Robert Andrew Chambers
ProQuest Ebook Central 20 formative assessment strategies that work : a guide across content and grade levels / Kate Wolfe Maxlow and Karen L. Sanzo
ProQuest Ebook Central 21st century airlines : connecting the dots / Nawal K. Taneja
ProQuest Ebook Central The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road : challenges and opportunities for Asia and Europe / edited by Keyuan Zou, Shicun Wu and Qiang Ye
ProQuest Ebook Central 3-system theory of the cognitive brain : a post-Piagetian approach to cognitive development / Olivier Houdé
ProQuest Ebook Central 3D data acquisition for bioarchaeology, forensic anthropology, and archaeology / editors, Noriko Seguchi, Beatrix Dudzik