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Description ABC CLIO ebooks collection of business and economics titles focuses on business and economic literacy.
Subject area Business
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ABC CLIO ebooks 10 strategies for reentering the workforce : career advice for anyone who needs a good (or better) job now / Mary E. Ghilani
ABC CLIO ebooks The 2010 meltdown : solving the impending jobs crisis / Edward E. Gordon
ABC CLIO ebooks 9/11 and the future of transportation security / R. William Johnstone
ABC CLIO ebooks The accountable corporation / Marc J. Epstein, Kirk O. Hanson [editors]
ABC CLIO ebooks Advertising 2.0 : Social media marketing in a Web 2.0 world
ABC CLIO ebooks Advice from the presidents : the student's guide to reaching the top in business and politics / G. Scott Thomas
ABC CLIO ebooks Advice from the top : what minority women say about their career success / Valencia Campbell
ABC CLIO ebooks The affluent consumer : marketing and selling the luxury lifestyle / Ronald D. Michman and Edward M. Mazze
ABC CLIO ebooks Aging : lifestyles, work, and money / Elizabeth Vierck and Kris Hodges
ABC CLIO ebooks Aging nation : the economics and politics of growing older in America / James H. Schulz and Robert H. Binstock
ABC CLIO ebooks All the presidents' spokesmen : spinning the news, White House press secretaries from Franklin D. Roosevelt to George W. Bush / Woody Klein ; forewords by Marlin Fitzwater and Dee Dee Myers
ABC CLIO ebooks The American economy : a historical encyclopedia / Cynthia L. Clark, editor
ABC CLIO ebooks America for sale : how the foreign pack circled and devoured Esmark / Craig T. Bouchard and James V. Koch
ABC CLIO ebooks America's service meltdown : restoring service excellence in the age of the customer / Raul Pupo
ABC CLIO ebooks Anatomy of a business : what it is, what it does, and how it works / Sasha Galbraith
ABC CLIO ebooks Apple Inc. / Jason D. O'Grady
ABC CLIO ebooks Arbitrage, hedging, and speculation : the foreign exchange market / Ephraim Clark and Dilip K. Ghosh
ABC CLIO ebooks Are there any good jobs left? : career management in the age of the disposable worker / R. William Holland
ABC CLIO ebooks Are you your own worst enemy? : the nine inner strengths you need to overcome self-defeating tendencies at work / Charles E. Watson and Thomas A. Idinopulos
ABC CLIO ebooks Aviation security management / edited by Andrew R. Thomas