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Title The tests of time : readings in the development of physical theory / edited by Lisa M. Dolling, Arthur F. Gianelli, Glenn N. Statile
Published Princeton : Princeton University Press, ©2003
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Description 1 online resource (xlii, 716 pages) : illustrations
Contents Philosophical introduction: Philosophy of science and physical theory -- The heliocentric theory. The physical foundation for the geocentric universe / Aristotle -- An early version of heliocentrism / Aristarchus -- The case for geocentrism / Claudius Ptolemy -- First thoughts on heliocentrism ; The heliocentric theory / Nicholaus Copernicus -- The supernova of 1572 ; Observational evidence against the Aristotelian cosmology / Tycho Brahe -- The sun as the source of planetary motions / Johannes Kepler -- Telescopic observations in support of Copernicus / Galileo Galilei -- The superiority of the Copernican system / Johannes Kepler -- The coherence of the Copernican theory / Galileo Galilei -- The physical foundations of heliocentrism / Isaac Newton -- The discovery of stellar parallax / John Herschel -- Electromagnetic field theory. The properties of magnets / William Gilbert -- The law of electric force / Charles Coulomb -- The effect of a current of electricity on a magnetic needle / Hans Christian Oersted -- A positivist approach to electromagnetism / Andre Marie Ampere -- The particle theory of light / Isaac Newton -- The wave theory of light / Christiaan Huygens -- The vindication of the wave theory of light / Thomas Young -- The transverse nature of light waves / Augustin Fresnel, Dominique Arago -- Electromagnetic induction ; The concept of an electromagnetic field / Michael Faraday -- The theory of the electromagnetic field ; The electromagnetic theory of light ; The medium for electromagnetic action / James Clerk Maxwell -- The production of electromagnetic waves / Heinrich Hertz -- The theory of relativity. The ether / James Clerk Maxwell -- The ether and optical experiments / Albert Michelson -- The contraction hypothesis / George F. Fitzgerald -- The contraction hypothesis / Hendrik A. Lorentz -- A prelude to relativity / Henri Poincare -- The postulates of the special theory of relativity / Albert Einstein -- The space-time continuum / Herman Minkowski -- The foundation of the general theory of relativity ; The ramifications of the special and general theories of relativity / Albert Einstein -- The bending of light rays / Arthur Eddington -- Ether and realitiivy ; Later comments on general relativity ; M=MC[squared] / Albert Einstein
Quantum theory. Historical and conceptual development. The quantum hypothesis / Max Planck -- The photon / Albert Einstein -- The quantum character of the atom / Niels Bohr -- The wave nature of the electron / Louis de Broglie -- Complementarity and the new quantum theory ; The debate with Einstein / Neils Bohr -- Response to Bohr / Albert Einstein -- A brief history of quantum theory ; The Copenhagen interpretation / Werner Heisenberg -- The fundamental idea of wave mechanics ; Are there quantum jumps? / Erwin Schrodinger -- The conceptual difficulties of quantum theory / P.A.M. Dirac -- Observer-created reality / John Archibald Wheeler -- The completeness debate. The EPR paradox / Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky, Nathan Rosen -- The argument for incompleteness / Albert Einstein -- Response to EPR / Niels Bohr -- The hidden variables hypothesis / David Bohm -- Comment on the hidden variables hypothesis ; A Conceptual analysis of the EPR thought experiment of David Bohm / John Stewart Bell -- Philosophical reflections on the completeness debate / Abner Shimony -- Big bang cosmological theory. Variables in the magellanic clouds ; The variability-luminosity relationship / Henrietta Leavitt -- The radial velocity of the Andromenda Nebula ; The discovery of the red shift of Nebulae / Vesto Slipper -- The measurement of great distances / Harlow Shapley -- Relativity and cosmology / Willem de Sitter -- The structure of the universe ; The velocity-distance relation / Edwin Hubble -- The expanding universe / Arthur Eddington -- The beginning of big bang cosmology / Georges Lemaitre -- The discovery of background radiation / Arno Penzias, Robert Wilson -- An explanation of the Penzias and Wilson discovery / R.H. Dicke, P.J.E. Peebles, P.G. Roll. D.T. Wilkinson -- The cosmic microwave radiation background / Steven Weinberg -- The inflationary universe / Alan Guth, Paul Steinhardt -- Wrinkles in time / George Smoot, Keay Davidson -- The edge of spacetime / Stephen Hawking -- Epilogue. Physical theory : present and future / Helge Kragh
Summary The development of physical theory is one of our greatest intellectual achievements. Its products--the currently prevailing theories of physics, astronomy, and cosmology--have proved themselves to possess intrinsic beauty and to have enormous explanatory and predictive power. This anthology of primary readings chronicles the birth and maturation of five such theories (the heliocentric theory, the electromagnetic field theory, special and general relativity, quantum theory, and the big bang theory) in the words of the scientists who brought them to life. It is the first historical account that captures the rich substance of these theories, each of which represents a fascinating story of the interplay of evidence and insight--and of dialogue among great minds
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Subject Physical sciences -- History.
Science -- Philosophy.
Genre/Form History.
Form Electronic book
Author Dolling, Lisa M., 1962-
Gianelli, Arthur F.
Statile, Glenn N., 1956-
ISBN 1400889162 (electronic bk.)
9781400889167 (electronic bk.)