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Han'guk Simni Hakhoe. / : Individualism and collectivism : theory, method, and applications / Uichol Kim ... [and others], editors  1994 1
Hanʼguk Singmul Hakhoe : Journal of plant biology    1

Hanʼguk Singmul Poho Hakhoe -- See Also the later heading Hanʼguk Ŭngyong Konchʻung Hakhoe

Han'guk Singmul Pyŏngni Hakhoe : The plant pathology journal  1999- 1
Han'guk Sirhŏm Tongmul Hakhoe : Laboratory animal research    1

Han'guk Soa Simjang Yŏn'guhoe -- See Also the later heading Taehan Soa Simjang Hakhoe


Han'guk Sŏngin Kanho Hakhoe -- See Also Sŏngin Kanho Hakhoe


Han'guk Sujŏngnan Isik Yŏn'guhoe -- See Also Han'guk Sujŏngnan Isik Hakhoe

Han'guk Susan Kwahakhoe : Fisheries and aquatic sciences (Online)  2009- 1
Hanʼguk Tʻaepʻyŏngyang Kyŏngje Hyŏmnyŏk Wiwŏnhoe.   3

Han'guk Tijain Sanŏp Yŏn'gu Sent'ŏ -- See Sŏul Taehakkyo. Han'guk Tijain Sanŏp Yŏn'gu Sent'ŏ

Hanʼguk Toksŏng Hakhoe : Toxicological research    1
Hanʼguk Tʻonghap Saengmul Hakhoe : Animal cells and systems (Online)  2008- 1
Hanʼguk Tongmul Chawŏn Kwahakhoe : Journal of animal science and technology  2018 1
Hanʼguk Tongmul Hakhoe   2
Han'guk Tongmul Pullyu Hakhoe : Animal systematics, evolution and diversity  c2012- 1
Hanʻguk Tongnama Hakhoe. / : Asean and Korea : trends in economic and labour relations / edited by Daljit Singh, Reza Y. Siregar  1997 1
Han'guk T'ongsin Hakhoe   2
Han'guk Ŭihak Kyoyuk Hakhoe : Korean journal of medical education  2009- 1
Han'guk Undong Chaehwal Hakhoe. / : Journal of exercise rehabilitation    1
Hanʼguk Ŭngyong Konchʻung Hakhoe : Journal of Asia-Pacific entomology  1998 1
Han'guk Ŭngyong Saengmyŏng Hwahakhoe : Applied biological chemistry  2016 1
Hanʼguk Unyong Kwahakhoe. / : Management science and financial engineering  2012- 1
Han'guk Ŭnyong Yangmul Hakhoe. / : Biomolecules & therapeutics    1
Han'guk Wŏnjaryŏk Hakhoe : Nuclear engineering and technology    1
Han'guk Wŏnye Hakhoe : Horticulture, environment, and biotechnology    1
Hanʼguk Yakche Hakhoe. / : Journal of pharmaceutical investigation  2011 1
Han'guk Yesul Chonghap Hakkyo,   87
Han'guk Yŏk Hakhoe : Epidemiology and health  2009- 1
Han'guk Yŏksa Yŏn'guhoe, : Everyday life in Joseon-era Korea : economy and society / the Organization of Korean Historians, Seoul ; edited and translated by Michael D. Shin ; co-translated by Edward Park  2014 1
Han'guk Yŏnghwa Ak'ademi,   100
Han'guk Yŏngyang Hakhoe.   2

Han'guk Yoŏp Hakhoe -- See Also the later heading Han'guk Seramik Hakhoe


Han'guk Yŏsŏng Yŏn'guso -- See Also the earlier heading Han'guk Yŏsŏng Yŏn'guhoe

Han'guk Yujŏn Hakhoe. / : Genes & genomics  2008- 1
Han'guk Yujŏnch'e Hakhoe. / : Genomics & informatics    1
Han'guk Yukchong Hakhoe : Han'guk Yukchong Hakhoe chi    1
Han'guk Yuksu Hakhoe : Journal of ecology and environment    1

Han'guk Yunesŭk'o Wiwŏnhoe -- See Yunesŭk'o Han'guk Wiwŏnhoe


Han'gukhak Chungang Yŏn'guwŏn -- See Also the earlier heading Han'guk Chŏngsin Munhwa Yŏn'guwŏn


Han'gŭl Hakhoe -- See Also the earlier heading Chosŏnŏ Hakhoe (Korea)


Hanguo guo gi jiao liu cai tuan -- See Han'guk Kukche Kyoryu Chaedan

Hangzhou Chen Tao shi nei she ji you xian gong si. / : Oriental style hotels : collection of Hangzhou Chen Tao Interior Design Ltd. = Dong fang feng ge jiu dian : Hangzhou Chen Tao shi nei she ji you xian gong si zuo pin ji / [Hangzhou Chen Tao shi nei she ji you xian gong si ; Gao Wei bian]  2012 1
Hangzhou da xue : Hangzhou da xue xue bao. Zhe xue she hui ke xue ban = Hangzhou daxue xuebao  1998 1

Hangzhou Institute of Commerce -- See Hangzhou shang xue yuan


Hangzhou Normal University -- See Hangzhou shi fan da xue

Hangzhou shang xue yuan : Shang ye jing ji yu guan li Shangye jingji yu guanli / Hangzhou shang xue yuan    1
Hangzhou Shi (China). Yuan lin wen wu guan li ju. / : Feng jing ming sheng = National park of China    1
Hangzhou shi fan da xue.   2

Hangzhou shi fan xue yuan -- See Also Hangzhou shi fan da xue

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