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Author International Conference on Low-carbon Transportation and Logistics, and Green Buildings (2012 : Beijing, China)

Title LTLGB 2012 : proceedings of International Conference on Low-carbon Transportation and Logistics, Green Buildings, Beijing, China, October 12-13, 2012. Volume 1 / Feng Chen, Yisheng Liu, Guowei Hua, editors
Published Berlin ; New York : Springer, [2013]
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Description 1 online resource (xxix, 1084 pages)
Contents Keynote Lectures. Environmental Material Flow Theory and System in China / Shoubo Xu -- Green Supply Chain Design and Management / Zuo-Jun Max Shen -- Integrating the Environment, Urban Planning, and Transport: Where Does Economics Fit in? / Kenneth Button -- The History and Challenges of Japan's Low-Carbon Transportation Systems / Takayuki Morikawa -- Low Carbon Urban Design / Peter Boelsterli -- Interdisciplinary Behavior Studies for Cross-Sector Energy Policies / Junyi Zhang -- International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics: An Insider's Perspective / Y.H. Venus Lun -- The Roles of Railway Freight Transport in Developing the Low-Carbon Society and Relevant Issues / Guoquan Li -- Chinese Condition Must be Considered on Developing Green Building in China / Youguo Qin -- Low Carbon Transportation. Study on Traffic and Infrastructure Construction Performance Assessment Based on Sustainable Development / Jie Zhang [and others] -- Sustainable Development of China's Road Transportation Infrastructure: Situation and Prospect / Jie Zhang, Kai Liu, Yurong Zhang
Energy Demand and Emission from Transport Sector in China / Yin Huang, Mengjun Wang -- Exploring the Effect of Inter-Stop Transport Distances on Traction Energy Cost Intensities of Freight Trains / Xuesong Feng, Haidong Liu, Keqi Wu -- A Freeway/Expressway Shockwave Elimination Method Based on IoT / Ling Huang, Jianping Wu -- Allocating the Subsidy Among Urban Public Transport Enterprises for Good Performance and Low Carbon Transportation: An Application of DEA / Qianzhi Dai [and others] -- What Counts in the Bus Use for Commuting? A Probe Survey Based on Extended Theory of Planned Behavior / Wen Wu, Dong Ding, Ping Wu -- Evaluation Study on the City Bicycle Rental System / Jianyou Zhao, Yunjiao Zhang, Cheng Zhang -- The Green Traffic Strategy in Low Carbon Community / Zesong Wei, Xia Wang, Xiaolong Pang -- Discussion on Countermeasures of China's Low-Carbon Tourism Development / Xuefeng Wang, Hui Zhang -- A Study of Vehicle Tax Policy Adjustment Based on System Dynamics in the Background of Low-Carbon Transport / Feifei Xie, Xuemei Li
Economic Evaluation of Energy Saving and Emission Reduction for ETC / Jia-hua Gan, Xiao-ming Zhang, Ze-bin Huang -- Model Calculating on Integrated Traffic Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions in Beijing / Ying-yue Hu [and others] -- Evaluation Indexes of Public Bicycle System / Yue Ma, Xiao-ning Zhu -- Study on Urban ITS Architecture Based on the Internet of Things -- Zinan Yang, Xifu Wang, Hongsheng Sun -- The Pedestrian and Cycling Planning in the Medium-Sized City: A Case Study of Xuancheng / Yiling Deng [and others] -- A Model to Evaluate the Modal Shift Potential of Subsidy Policy in Favor of Sea-Rail Intermodal Transport / Xuezong Tao -- Study of Training System Applying on Energy-Saving Driving / Haili Yuan, Bin Li, Wei Wang -- The Outlook of Low-Carbon Transport System: A Case Study of Jinan / Qiang Han, Yong Zhou -- The Logit Model in the Urban Low Carbon Transport and Its Application / Zinan Yang, Xifu Wang -- Comprehensive Evaluation of Highway Traffic Modernization Based on Low-Carbon Economy Perspective / Linlin Zheng [and others]
Traffic Congestion Measurement Method of Road Network in Large Passenger Hub Station Area / Yu Han, Xi Zhang, Lu Yu -- The Governance of Urban Traffic Jam Based on System Dynamics: In Case of Beijing, China / Haoxiong Yang [and others] -- The Design and Realization of Urban Mass Information Publishing System / Kai Yan [and others] -- Research on Multiple Attribute Decision Making of BRT System Considering Low Carbon Factors / Jia-qing Wu, Rui Song, Li Zheng -- Research on Time Cost of Urban Congestion in Beijing / Qifu He -- The Development and Application of Transport Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emission Calculation Software Based on the Beijing Low-Carbon Transport Research / Weiming Shen, Feng Chen, Zijia Wang -- Operational Planning of Electric Bus Considering Battery State of Charge / Qian Qiu, Jun Li, Hongru Yu -- Scheme Research of Urban Vehicle Restriction Measures According to Synthesis Criterion / Long Chen, Ming-jiang Shen, Xing-yi Zhu
The Research of Low-Carbon Transportation Management System / Wen-shuai Guo, Chao-he Rong -- Urban Low-Carbon Transport System / Peng Xing, Tianjun Hu -- Study on the Control of AC Dynamometer System for Hybrid Electrical Vehicle Test Bench / Ying Tian [and others] -- Low-Carbon Transport System by Bicycle, in Malmö, Sweden / Yingdong Hu, Xiaobei Li -- A Study on Low-Carbon Transportation Strategy Based on Urban Complex: Taking Shenzhen and Hong Kong as Examples / Yezi Dai -- Study on Data Storage Particle Size Optimization of Traffic Information Database for Floating Car Systems Based on Minimum Description Length Principle / Rui Zhao [and others] -- Design of Double Green Waves Scheme for Arterial Coordination Control / Chengkun Liu [and others] -- An Evaluation Indicator System of Low-Carbon Transport for Beijing / Siyuan Zhu, Xuemei Li -- Design and Implementation of Regional Traffic Information Disseminating System Based on ZigBee and GPRS / Weiran Li [and others]
Studying Electric Vehicle Batteries Consumption with Agent Based Modeling / Jinjin Fu, Xiaochun Lu -- Low-Carbon Scenario Analysis on Urban Transport of a Metropolitan of China in 2020 / Xiaofei Chen, Zijia Wang -- Impact Study of Carbon Trading Market to Highway Freight Company in China / Li Chen, Boyu Zhang, Hanping Hou, Alfred Taudes -- The Importance and Construction Measures of Chinese Low-Carbon Transportation System / Xinyu Wang, Yurong Gong -- Planning Model of Optimal Modal-Mix in Intercity Passenger Transportation / Makoto Okumura, Huseyin Tirtom, Hiromichi Yamaguchi -- Research on the Optimization Scheme of Beijing Public Bicycle Rental System Life Cycle / Kaiyan Jiang, Hao Wu -- The Primary Condition of Bicycle Microcirculation System Benign Operation in Urban: Taking Hangzhou and Beijing for Example / Hao Wu, Xiao You -- The New Energy Buses in China: Policy and Development / Jingyu Wang, Yingqi Liu, Ari Kokko
The Determinants of Public Acceptance of Electric Vehicles in Macau / Ivan Ka-Wai Lai, Donny Chi-Fai Lai, Weiwei Xu -- Synthetical Benefit Evaluation of High-Speed Rail, Take Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Rail for Example / Han-bo Jin, Hua Feng, Fu-guang Cui -- Strategy Research on Planning and Construction of Low-Carbon Transport in Satellite Towns: The Case of Shanghai / Luwei Wang, Xinsheng Ke -- Study on Intensive Design of Urban Rail Transport Hub from the Perspective of Low-Carbon / Haishan Xia, Xiaobei Li -- The Roles of Railway Freight Transport in Developing Low-Carbon Society and Relevant Issues / Guoquan Li -- SS-Industrial Security Under Low Carbon Development. Preliminary Study on Coal Industrial Safety Evaluation Index System Under Low-Carbon Economy / Lei Zhang, Cheng Chen -- China's Energy Economy from Low-Carbon Perspective / Xiaonan Qu -- Analysis for Transformation and Development of China PV Industry / Shengzhen Ma -- Non-decomposable Minimax Optimization on Distribution Center Location Selected / Zhucui Jing, Menggang Li, Chuanlong Wang
Green Finance and Development of Low Carbon Economy / Shuo Chen -- Workshop on Green Supply Chain Management. Research on Network Optimization of Green Supply Chain: A Low-Carbon Economy Perspective / Cuizhen Cao, Guohao Zhao -- The Research on Evolutionary Game of Remanufacturing Closed-Loop Supply Chain Under Asymmetric Situation / Jian Li [and others] -- A Sequencing Problem for a Mixed-Model Assembly Line on Supply Chain Management / Shusaku Hiraki, Zhuqi Xu, Shaolan Yang -- Price Competition in Tourism Supply Chain with Hotels and Travel Agency / Yun Huang -- Evaluation on Bus Rapid Transit in Macau Based on Congestion and Emission Reduction / Huajun Tang, Xinlong Xu, Bo Huang -- The Analysis and Strategy Research on Green Degree of Enterprise in Green Supply Chain / Lijin Liu -- The Ways for Improving the Operations of Hospital Industry: The Case in Macau / Yan Chen, Harry K.H. Chow, Ting Nie -- The Social Costs of Rent-Seeking in the Regulation of Vehicle Exhaust Emission / Yan Pu, Xia Liu
Low Carbon Logistics. CO2 Emissions Embodied in 42 Sectors' Exports of China / Yufeng Wang, Shulin Liu, Changcai Qin -- The Study on Risk Assess Model of Rail Transit Projects / Xiangdong Zhu, Xiang Xiao, Chaoran Wu -- Low Carbon Supply Chain Performance Evaluation Based On BSC-DEA Method / Yunlong Li, Xianliang Shi -- Research on a Reverse Logistics of Waste Household Appliances Includes the Impact of Carbon Tax / Youmei Gan, Xianliang Shi -- Electric Power Enterprises Supply Relationships Integration: Achieve Low-Carbon Procurement / Jingchen Gao, Jie Xu, Meiying Cheng -- Coordination of Low Carbon Agricultural Supply Chain Under Contract Farming / Guohua Sun, Shengyong Du -- Logistics Financial Innovation Mode Analysis in the Low-Carbon Economy: Based on Comparative Analysis Between the Logistics Enterprise and the Professional Market / ZeBin Wang -- Order Decision with Random Demand: A Research from the Perspective of Carbon Emission Cap and Carbon Trade Mechanism / Weihua Liu, Wenchen Xie, Guowei Hua
Evaluation of Low Carbon Inventory Control Policy for Creative Products in Hybrid Distributing Channels / Chun-rong Guo, Zhan-feng Zhu, Xiao-dong Zhang -- Analysis of Cooperative Game in Low Carbon Supply Chain / Xiao-dong Zhang, Zhan-feng Zhu, Chun-rong Guo -- Low-Carbon Economic Development Model on Road Freight Transport Industry in Beijing / Haoxiong Yang [and others] -- The Research of Carbon Footprint in the Manufacturing Supply Chain Management / Ruyan Hao, Shaochuan Fu -- Research on Collaborative Pricing Decisions of Enterprises in Supply Chain Under Constraints of Carbon Emission / Qian Liu, Huiping Ding -- Research on the Low Carbon District Development Mechanism of Beijing / Yingkui Zhang, Di Wu, Jia Liu -- Current Trends for Development in the Aviation Industry World Integration Groups / Bo Wang, Shaolan Yang -- Shipping Enterprise Develop Strategies Based on Low-Carbon Integrated Logistics / Lei Yang, Guilu Tu, Xiaocui Xiao -- An Estimation Method of the Carbon Footprint in Manufacturing Logistics Systems / Xiaolong Qu, Bo Li
The Optimization Model and Algorithm of Reverse Logistics Network for Resource Recovery / Wei Cao [and others] -- Analysis of the Development of Low-Carbon Logistics Based on a Low-Carbon Economy / Xiu-Ying Liu -- Eco-Efficient Based Logistics Network Design in Hybrid Manufacturing/Remanufacturing System Under Low-Carbon Restriction / Yacan Wang, Xiaoxia Zhu, Tao Lu -- Research on Household Electrical Appliances' Supply Chain Based on the LCA Method in the Situation of Low-Carbon Product Certification / Honghao Gao, Xianliang Shi -- Comparative Research on the Environmental Cost of Replacement and Maintenance of the Computer / Jing Zhang, Yaoqiu Wang -- Hoteling Price Competition Model Under the Carbon Emissions Constraints / Bin Zhang, Wenliang Bian -- Reverse Logistics Practices: A Survey in Electronic Industry in Guangdong Province of China / Yacan Wang, Junjun Yu, Yakun Wang -- Study on the Legal System Development and Countermeasures of Low-Carbon Logistics in China / Chen Wang, Jia Jiang
Analysis of Warehouse Location in Low-Carbon Supply Chain Based on the Cost / Zongxu Liu, Hongjie Lan -- Research on Multi-Facility Weber Problem to Reduce Carbon Emissions / Sen Zheng, Jianqin Zhou -- Impact of Carbon Emission Control Policies on Food Logistics Chain Speed and Cost Performance / Zurina Hanafi, Dong Li -- The Research on Driver Model of Sustainable Supply Chain Management / Xiaohua Tang -- Green Buildings. The Construction of Green Shipbuilding System / Hong-zhi Wang, Yang Zhao -- Research on the Mahoney Tables Used in Shanghai Building Energy Efficiency Design / Bo Xia -- Healthy Development of Green Real Estate a Report on Current Status and Prospect of China's Green Real Estate Development in 2012 / Xianming Huang [and others] -- Research of Chinese Ancient Urban Morphologies Based on Climate Adaptability / Zhongzhong Zeng, Haishan Xia, Haoxia Chen -- Case Study of BIM-Based Building Energy Evaluation / Runmei Zhang, Changcheng Liu, Tao Xu
High Green Value with Low Resource Cost: Case Study of Pearl Region Delta Greenway in China / Huibin Zhu -- Research on Economic Incentive Policy to Promote the Development of Green Buildings in China / Lei Fan, Dao-zhai Zhu, Yuan-feng Wang -- A Study on the Measures in Multi-Angles for Developing Green Building in Beijing / Nana Zhang, Jing Liu -- A Study on the Connotation and Evaluation System of Green Railway Station / Gaiping Zhang, Chaohe Rong -- Investigation of Application of Evaluation Standard for Green Building / Ling Ye, Zhijun Cheng, Qingqin Wang -- Study and Application on China Railway Construction Project Scheduling Model Based on Resource Leveling / Yuanjie Tang, Rengkui Liu, Quanxin Sun -- Study on Comprehensive Evaluation of External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems Based on Total Life Cycle of Building / Yisheng Liu, Xiaowen Wang -- Analysis on Green Building's Technological Development and Economic Feasibility in China / Jie Li -- Durability of Green Reactive Powder Concrete / Yue Wang [and others]
Study on the Strategy of Green Buildings Development in China / Yisheng Liu, Mengyuan Hua -- The Green Building Materials Enterprises in the Management of Innovation and Production Technology Improvement / Yunlu Li -- Building Life Cycle Energy Consumption Estimation Based on the Work Breakdown Structure / Jian Xiao, Xueqing Zhang -- Research on Railway Tunnel Construction Scheduling Technique Based on LSM / Liqiang Liu [and others] == Solar Design in the Application of the City Planning / Xia Wang, Ze-Song Wei, Xiaolong Pang -- Discussions on Integration Designs of Solar Collectors and Building Envelopes / Lan Chen [and others] -- Study on Collaborative Design of Green Building Based on BIM Technology / Haishan Xia, Kuangyi Yi -- Research on the Structural Design of Real Estate Green Supply Chain / Jingjuan Guo, Ting Xie, Aibo Hao -- SS-Low-Carbon Technology and Low-Carbon Policy. The Decoupling of Carbon Emissions from Economic Growth in Jiangsu, China: 2000-2010 / Hui Zhou, Jie Cao
Research of the Criteria of Choosing Leading Industry in Under developed Areas: Guangxi Province / Tong- Li [and others] -- Analysis on China's Power Industry Development and Countermeasures in Low Carbon Economy Environment / Ze-min Yan [and others] -- System Dynamics Analysis of Port City Development Under the Low-Carbon Economy-A Case Study of Ningbo / Sen Yan, Fangchu Liang -- Empirical Analysis on Technical Factors Impacting Energy Consumption Efficiency / Feixue Zhou, Zaiwu Gong -- Construction of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan Low-Carbon Urban Agglomerations: Major Progress and Basic Experience / Xinsha Peng, Dalun Tian -- Constructive Research of Carbon Accounting Information Disclosure of Listed Companies / Bohan Wang, Xuemeng Guo, Dongfang Gao -- An Empirical Study on the Factors Affecting Carbon Accounting Information Disclosure of Chinese Listed Companies / Zengjun Gu, Xuemeng Guo, Lixia Jian -- Study of Jiangsu Manufacturing Energy Consumption Structure Under Low Carbon Economy / Xiaodong Zhu, Chuhui Hua, Yingcui Sun
The Framework of Security Mechanism on the Internet of Things Based on RFID Boosting Low-Carbon Economy / Xindi Wang, Zhongyun Li -- The Impact Brought by Global Warming and Countermeasures / Cuifeng Huo, Menghan Xu, Xuan Ding -- SS-Low-Carbon Project Management. Evolutionary Analysis of Cooperative Behavior of the Countries in Cancun Climate Summit / Lei Zhao [and others] -- How Does the Carbon Emission of China's Transportation Industry Change with the Fluctuation of GDP and International Oil Price? / Guoxing Zhang [and others] -- Cluster Analysis for Study Ecological Landscape Sustainability: An Empirical Study in Xi'an of China / Liyun Liu, Hongzhen Lei -- The Construction and Empirical Study of Low-Carbon City Comprehensive Evaluation / Chungui Liu [and others] -- Workshop on Low-Carbon Transportation and Low-Carbon Tourism. SLP Method Based on Low-Carbon Logistics in Professional Agricultural Logistics Park Layout / Yong Chen -- Low-Carbon Tourism Planning Study: A Theoretical Framework / Ping Yin -- Measuring the Ecological Embeddedness of Tourism Industrial Chains / Yan Wang, Hui Zhang
Summary The LTLGB 2012 conference is intended to bring together researchers and related government officials involved in low carbon transportation, low carbon logistics and green building, industrial practitioners to present, discuss and exchange ideas, results and experiences in the area of low carbon transportation, low carbon logistics and green building and interdisciplinary applications
Notes International conference proceedings
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