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Author International Conference on Operations Research (2011 : Zurich, Switzerland)

Title Operations research proceedings 2011 : selected papers of the International Conference on Operations Research (OR 2011), August 30 - September 2, 2011, Zurich, Switzerland / Diethard Klatte, Hans-Jakob Lüthi, Karl Schmedders, editors
Published Berlin ; New York : Springer, [2012]
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Description 1 online resource
Series Operations research proceedings, 0721-5924
Operations research proceedings
Contents Part 1. Continuous Optimization and Control. -- On the controlling of liquid metal solidification in foundry practice / Andrey Albu and Vladimir Zubov -- Optimal dividend and risk control in diffusion models with linear costs / Hiroaki Morimoto -- An optimal control problem for a tri-trophic chain system with diffusion / N.C. Apreutesei -- Necessary Optimality Conditions for Improper Infinite-Horizon Control Problems / Sergey M. Aseev and Vladimir M. Veliov -- Efficient Serial and Parallel Coordinate Descent Methods for Huge-Scale Truss Topology Design / Peter Richtárik and Martin Takáč -- About error bounds in metric spaces / Marian J. Fabian, René Henrion, Alexander Y. Kruger and Jiří V. Outrata -- Electricity Price Modelling for Turkey / Miray Hanım Yıldırım, Ayşe Özmen, Özlem Türker Bayrak and Gerhard Wilhelm Weber
Part 2. Discrete Optimization, Graphs and Networks. -- The stable set polytope of claw-free graphs with stability number greater than three / Anna Galluccio, Claudio Gentile and Paolo Ventura -- Packing Euler graphs with traces / Peter Recht and Eva-Maria Sprengel -- Minimum Cost Hyperassignments with Applications to ICE/IC Rotation Planning / Olga Heismann and Ralf Borndörfer -- Primal Heuristics for Branch-and-Price Algorithms / Marco Lübbecke and Christian Puchert -- Rounding and Propagation Heuristics for Mixed Integer Programming / Tobias Achterberg, Timo Berthold and Gregor Hendel -- Inverse Shortest Path Models Based on Fundamental Cycle Bases / Mikael Call and Kaj Holmberg -- Parallel algorithms for the maximum flow problem with minimum lot sizes / Mujahed Eleyat, Dag Haugland, Magnus Lie Hetland and Lasse Natvig -- Estimating trenching costs in FTTx network planning / Sebastian Orlowski, Axel Werner and Roland Wessäly
Part 3. Decision Analysis, Decision Support. -- Why pairwise comparison methods may fail in MCDM rankings / PL Kunsch -- Ranking of qualitative decision options using copulas / Biljana Mileva-Boshkoska and Marko Bohanec -- Learning utility functions from preference relations on graphs / Géraldine Bous -- Dealing with conflicting targets by using group decision making within PROMETHEE / Ute Weissfloch and Jutta Geldermann -- Relation between the Efficiency of Public Forestry Firms and Subsidies: The Swiss Case / Bernur Açıkgçz Ersoy and J. Alexander K. Mack
Part 4. Energy, Environment and Climate. -- Modeling impacts of the European Emission Trade System on the future energy sector / Carola Hammer -- Feasibility on using carbon credits: A multiobjective model / Bruna de Barros Correia, Natália Addas Porto and Paulo de Barros Correia -- Integration of Fluctuating Renewable Energy in Europe / Stephan Spiecker and Christoph Weber -- Price-Induced Load-Balancing at Consumer Households for Smart Devices / Cornelius Köpp, Hans-Jörg von Metthenheim and Michael H. Breitner -- Integration of renewable energy sources into the electricity system with new storage and flexibility options / Matthias Koch and Dierk Bauknecht
Part 5. Financial Modeling, Risk Management, Banking. -- Performance Evaluation of European Banks Using Multicriteria Analysis Techniques / Michael Doumpos and Kyriaki Kosmidou -- Growth Optimal Portfolio Insurance in Continuous and Discrete Time / Sergey Sosnovskiy -- The Regularization Aspect of Optimal-Robust Conditional Value-at-Risk Portfolios / Apostolos Fertis, Michel Baes and Hans-Jakob Lüthi -- The effect of different market opening structures on market quality -- experimental evidence / Gernot Hinterleitner, Philipp Hornung, Ulrike Leopold-Wildburger, Roland Mestel and Stefan Palan -- Reassessing recovery rates -- floating recoveries / Chris Kenyon and Ralf Werner -- Downside Risk Approach for Multi-Objective Portfolio Optimization / Bartosz Sawik
Part 6. Game Theory, Computational and Experimental Economics. -- Social Values and Cooperation. Results from an Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma Experiment. / Jürgen Fleiß and Ulrike Leopold-Wildburger -- Honesty in Budgetary Reporting -- an Experimental Study / Arleta Mietek and Ulrike Leopold-Wildburger -- Points Scoring Systems in Formula 1: A Game Theoretic Perspective / Krystsina Bakhrankova -- An experiment examining insider trading with respect to different market structures / Philipp Hornung, Gernot Hinterleitner, Ulrike Leopold-Wildburger, Roland Mestel and Stefan Palan -- Markov Simulation of an Iterated Prisoners' Dilemma Experiment / Thomas Burkhardt, Armin Leopold and Ulrike Leopold-Wildburger -- Determining the Optimal Strategies for Antagonistic Positional Games in Markov Decision Processes / Dmitrii Lozovanu and Stefan Pickl
Part 7. Health, Life Sciences, Bioinformatics / Analyses of Two Different Regression Models and Bootstrapping / Fulya Gokalp -- Modifications of BIC for data mining under sparsity / Florian Frommlet
Part 8. Location, Logistics, Transportation and Traffic. -- Scheduling of outbound luggage handling at airports / Torben Barth and David Pisinger -- A tree search heuristic for the container retrieval problem / Florian Forster and Andreas Bortfeldt -- Spatial and temporal synchronization of vehicles in logistics networks / Dorota Slawa Mankowska, Christian Bierwirth and Frank Meisel -- Sequential Zone Adjustment for Approximate Solving of Large p-Median Problems / Jaroslav Janacek and Marek Kvet -- A new alternating heuristic for the (r : p)-centroid problem on the plane / Emilio Carrizosa, Ivan Davydov and Yury Kochetov -- Column Generation for Multi-Matrix Blocking Problems / Robert Voll and Uwe Clausen -- Reduction of Empty Container Repositioning Costs by Container Sharing / Herbert Kopfer and Sebastian Sterzik -- Optimizing strategic planning in median systems subject to uncertain disruption and gradual recovery / Chaya Losada and Atsuo Suzuki -- A new simulated annealing algorithm for the freight consolidation problem / Erk Struwe, Xin Wang, Christopher Sander and Herbert Kopfer -- Models and Algorithms for Intermodal Transportation and Equipment Selection / Christina Burt and Jakob Puchinger -- Contraction Hierarchies with A* for digital road maps / Curt Nowak, Felix Hahne and Klaus Ambrosi -- An IP approach to toll enforcement optimization on German motorways / Ralf Borndörfer, Guillaume Sagnol and Elmar Swarat -- Driver scheduling based on "driver-friendly" vehicle schedules / Viktor Árgilán, János Balogh, József Békési, Balázs Dávid and Miklós Krész, et al. -- Optimizing ordered median functions with applications to single facility location / Victor Blanco, Justo Puerto and Safae El Haj Ben Ali -- A Column-and-Row Generation Algorithm for a Crew Planning Problem in Railways / A. Ç. Suyabatmaz and G. Şahin
Part 9. Metaheuristics and Biologically Inspired Approaches. -- Harmony Search Algorithms for binary optimization problems / Miriam Padberg -- Modeling Complex Crop Management-Plant Interactions in Potato Production under Climate Change / Niklaus Lehmann, Robert Finger and Tommy Klein -- An Enhanced Ant Colony System for the Sequential Ordering Problem / L.M. Gambardella, R. Montemanni and D. Weyland -- Evolutionary Exploration of E/E-Architectures in Automotive Design / Ralph Moritz, Tamara Ulrich and Lothar Thiele
Part 10. Network Industries and Regulation. -- Optimal dimensioning of pipe networks: the new situation when the distribution and the transportation functions are disconnected / Daniel de Wolf and Bouchra Bakhouya -- Analysis of Investment Incentives and the Influence of Growth Options in Regulated Industries / Sabine Pallas -- Robust Optimization in Non-Linear Regression for Speech and Video Quality Prediction in Mobile Multimedia Networks / Charalampos N. Pitas, Apostolos G. Fertis, Athanasios D. Panagopoulos and Philip Constantinou
Part 11. OR in Industry, Software Applications, Modeling Languages. -- Scheduling steel plates on a roller furnace / Eric Ebermann and Stefan Nickel -- Check-In Counter Planning via a Network Flow Approach / Torsten Fahle -- OpenSolver -- An Open Source Add-in to Solve Linear and Integer Progammes in Excel / Andrew J Mason -- Producing Routing Systems Flexibly Using a VRP Metamodel and a Software Product Line / Tuukka Puranen
Part 12. Production Management, Supply Chain Management. -- Fill Time, Inventory and Capacity in a Multi-Item Production Line under Heijunka Control / Andreas Tegel and Bernhard Fleischmann -- Tight lower bounds by semidefinite relaxations for the discrete lot-sizing and scheduling problem with sequence-dependent changeover costs / Celine Gicquel and Abdel Lisser -- Condition-based Maintenance Policy for decentralised Production/Maintenance-Control / Ralf Gössinger and Michael Kaluzny -- Mid-Term Model-Plant Allocation for Flexible Production Networks in the Automotive Industry / Kai Wittek, Achim Koberstein and Thomas S. Spengler -- Optimal (R, nQ) Policies for Serial Inventory Systems with Guaranteed Service / Peng Li and Haoxun Chen -- Channel coordination in a HMMS-type supply chain with profit sharing contract / Imre Dobos, Barbara Gobsch, Nadezhda Pakhomova, Grigory Pishchulov and Knut Richter -- Enhancing Aggregate Production Planning with an Integrated Stochastic Queuing Model / Gerd J. Hahn, Chris Kaiser, Heinrich Kuhn, Lien Perdu and Nico J. Vandaele -- Remanufacturing of used products in a closed-loop supply chain with quantity discount / Grigory Pishchulov, Imre Dobos, Barbara Gobsch, Nadezhda Pakhomova and Knut Richter -- Integrated capacity and inventory decisions / N.P. Dellaert, S.D.P. Flapper, T. Tan and J. Jeunet
Part 13. Scheduling, Time Tabling and Project Management. -- Lower bounds for a multi-skill project scheduling problem / Cheikh Dhib, Anis Kooli, Ameur Soukhal and Emmanuel Néron -- Synchronized Two-Stage Lot Sizing and Scheduling Problem in Automotive Industry / Fadime Uney-Yuksektepe and Rifat Gurcan Ozdemir -- A branch-and-price algorithm for the long-term home care scheduling problem / M. Gamst and T. Sejr Jensen -- On a multi-project staffing problem with heterogeneously skilled workers / Matthias Walter and Jürgen Zimmermann -- Integrated schedule planning with supply-demand interactions for a new generation of aircrafts / Bilge Atasoy, Matteo Salani and Michel Bierlaire
Part 14. Stochastic Programming, Stochastic Modeling and Simulation. -- Approximate Formula of Delay-Time Variance in Renewal-Input General-Service-Time Single-Server Queueing System / Yoshitaka Takahashi, Yoshiaki Shikata and Andreas Frey -- On solving strong multistage nonsymmetric stochastic mixed 0-1 problems / Laureano F. Escudero, M. Araceli Garín, María Merino and Gloria Pérez -- A Cost-Equation Analysis of General-Input General-Service Processor Sharing System / Kentaro Hoshi, Naohisa Komatsu and Yoshitaka Takahashi -- Multiperiod Stochastic Optimization Problems with Time-Consistent Risk Constraints / M. Densing and J. Mayer -- Robustness in SSD portfolio efficiency testing / Miloš Kopa -- Order Fulfillment and Replenishment Policies for Fully Substitutable Products / Beyazit Ocaktan and Ufuk Kula -- Stochastic Programming DEA Model of Fundamental Analysis of Public Firms for Portfolio Selection / N.C.P. Edirisinghe
Part 15. Accounting and Revenue Management. -- Consumer Choice Modelling in Product Line Pricing: Reservation Prices and Discrete Choice Theory / Stefan Mayer and Jochen Gönsch -- Incentives for Risk Reporting with Potential Market Entrants / Anne Chwolka and Nicole Kusemitsch -- On the Integration of Customer Lifetime Value into Revenue Management / Johannes Kolb
Part 16. Forecasting, Neural Nets and Fuzzy Systems. -- Formulation of A Sale Price Prediction Model Based on Fuzzy Regression Analysis / Michihiro Amagasa -- Visualizing Forecasts of Neural Network Ensembles / Hans-Jörg von Metthenheim, Cornelius Köpp and Michael H. Breitner -- Forecasting Market Prices with Causal-Retro-Causal Neural Networks / Hans-Georg Zimmermann, Ralph Grothmann and Christoph Tietz
Part 17. AwardWinners / The Gomory-Chvátal Closure of a Non-Rational Polytope is a Rational Polytope. -- Juliane Dunkel and Andreas S. Schulz -- Dynamic Fleet Management for International Truck Transportation / Steffen Schorpp -- Algorithmic Cost Allocation Games: Theory and Applications / Nam-Dũng Hoàng
Summary This book contains a selection of refereed papers presented at the "International Conference on Operations Research (OR 2011)" which took place at the University of Zurich from August 30 to September 2, 2011. The conference was jointly organized by the German speaking OR societies from Austria ( -GOR), Germany (GOR) and Switzerland (SVOR) under the patronage of SVOR. More than 840 scientists and students from over 50 countries attended OR 2011 and presented 620 papers in 16 parallel topical streams, as well as special award sessions. The conference was designed according to the understanding of Operations Research as an interdisciplinary science focusing on modeling complex socio-technical systems to gain insight into behavior under interventions by decision makers. Dealing with "organized complexity" lies in the core of OR and designing useful support systems to master the challenge of system management in complex environment is the ultimate goal of our professional societies. To this end, algorithmic techniques and system modeling are two fundamental competences which are also well-balanced in these proceedings
Analysis Economics
Mathematical optimization
Economics/Management Science
Operations Research/Decision Theory
Operations Research, Management Science
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Subject Operations research -- Congresses.
Genre/Form Conference papers and proceedings.
Conference papers and proceedings.
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Author Klatte, Diethard.
Lüthi, Hans-Jakob, 1946-
Schmedders, Karl.
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3642292100 (electronic bk.)
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