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MacGibbon, Marti. : Fierce, funny, and female : a journey through middle America, the Texas oil field, and standup comedy / Marti MacGibbon  2017 1
MacGibbon, Ross,   18

MacGibbon, Ross, director -- See MacGibbon, Ross

MacGibbon, W. C. (William Carmichael) : MacGibbon's pictorial drawing book for marine engineers, Ministry of Transport examinations, steam and motor / by Hugh Barr and James H. Holburn, of MacGibbon's School of Marine Engineering  1959 1
MacGilchrist, Alastair, / author : SAGE mixed methods research / Louise Doyle, Anne-Marie Brady, Gobnait Byrne, Ingeborg Rossow, Bergljot Baklien, Merrill J. Turpin, Miho Asano, Marcia Finlayson, Mandy M. Archibald, Amanda I. Radil, Xiaozhou Zhang, William E. Hanson, Liam J Caffery, Melinda Martin-Khan, Victoria Wade, Roslyn Cameron, Shankar Sankaran, Jeffery Scales, Kimberley O'Sullivan, Philippa Howden-Chapman, Scott Lichtenstein, Gary Lichtenstein, Malcolm Higgs, K McCusker, S Gunaydin, Anna Cronin de Chavez, Jan Gilbertson, Angela Mary Tod, Peter Nelson, Vanessa Powell-Hoyland, Catherine Homer, Adelaide Lusambili, Ben Thomas, Claudia Kouyoumdjian, Bianca L. Guzman, Nichole M. Garcia, Valerie Talavera-Bustillos, Katie Gambier-Ross, David J McLernon, Heather M Morgan, Curtis D. Beck, Daniel J. Mallinson, Erin O'Hanlon, Janne Scheffels, Inger Synnøve Moan, Elisabet Storvoll, Zulal A. Malik, Sarah S. Khan, Manzil-e Maqsood, Nopphong Kerdngern, Phithagorn Thanitbenjasith, Simon Wakeling, Sophie Rutter, Briony Birdi, Stephen Pinfield, Victoria Coathup, Teresa Finlay, Harriet JA Teare, Jane Kaye, Matthew South, Fiona E Watt, Raashid Luqmani, Raven H. Weaver, Karen A. Roberto, Rosemary Blieszner, Janie Houle, Sophie Meunier, Simon Coulombe, Coralie Mercerat, Isabelle Gaboury, Gilles Tremblay, Francine de Montigny, Lyne Cloutier, Bernard Roy, Nathalie Auger, Brigitte Lavoie, Linda L Rath, Melinda Hermanns, Joyce Ballard, Barbara K Haas, Rebecca Covarrubias, Ronald Gallimore, Lynn Okagaki, JD Carpentieri, Jane Elliott, Caroline Brett, Ian Deary, Hermann Frank, Alexander Kessler, Thomas Rusch, Julia Suess-Reyes, Daniela Weismeier-Sammer, Cathlin V. Clark-Gordon, Kimberly E. Workman, Darren L. Linvill, Linchi Kwok, Carsten C. Schermuly, Franziska Scholmerich, Lisle S. Hites, Matthew Fifolt, Heidi Beck, Wei Su, Shatomi Kerbawy, Jessica Wakelee, Ariann Nassel, Norbert Gebbeken, Paul Warnstedt, Lars Rüdiger, Carolyn Birdsall, Danielle Drozdzewski, Shiri Pearlman-Avnion, Mor Grayevsky, Stanley T. Asah, David N. Bengston, Lynne M. Westphal, Catherine H. Gowan, Filiz Garip, Asad L. Asad, Amalia Dache-Gerbino, David Aguayo, Marquise Griffin, Sarah L Hairston, Christal Hamilton, Christopher Krause, Dena Lane-Bonds, Heather Sweeney, Adele Pitt, Florin Oprescu, Geraldine Tapia, Marion Gray, Loris Di Giammaria, Maria Paola Faggiano, Nathian Shae Rodriguez, Terri Hernandez, David Moats, Erik Borra, Tine Ustad Figenschou, Rune Karlsen, Kristoffer Kolltveit, Kjersti Thorbj⊘rnsrud, Shelley Doucet, Daniel A. Nagel, Rima Azar, William J. Montelpare, Pat Charlton, Nicky Hyndman, Alison Luke, Roger Stoddard, Dorien Brosens, Liesbeth De Donder, Sarah Dury, Dominique Verte, Qiaohong Guo, Harvey Max Chochinov, Susan McClement, Genevieve Thompson, Tom Hack, Othelia E. Lee, Seungah Ryu, Joanne Cacciatore, Cybele Blood, Sarah Kurker, Barbara Kimbell, Scott A Murray, Heidi Byrne, Andrea Baird, Peter C Hayes, Alastair MacGilchrist, Anne Finucane, Patricia Brookes Young, Ronan E O'Carroll, Christopher J Weir, Marilyn Kendall, Kirsty Boyd, Aubyn C Stahmer, Lauren Brookman-Frazee, Sarah R Rieth, Julia Trigeiro Stoner, Joshua D Feder, Karyn Searcy, Tiffany Wang, Siebrecht Vanhooren, Mia Leijssen, Jessie Dezutter, Saira N Haque, Heather Territo, Robert Bailey, Barbara Massoudi, Ross Loomis, Gale Burstein, Chantelle Makin, Vivian Hill, Elizabeth Pellicano  2019 1
MacGilchrist, Barbara.   3

Macgilchrist, Felicitas -- See Also Palgrave studies in educational media

Macgilchrist, Felicitas. : Journalism and the political : discursive tensions in news coverage of Russia / Felicitas Macgilchrist  2011 1
MacGill-Eain, Somhairle, 1911-1996.   2
MacGill, Gary, / contributor : 7.30: 19/02/15  2015 1
Macgill, Iain,   2

MacGill, Jessica Beatrice -- See Fletcher, Jessica

MacGill, Patrick, 1890-1963.   2
MacGill, Stuart,   2
MacGillavry, Caroline H., 1904-1993. : Symmetry aspects of M.C. Escher's periodic drawings / by Caroline H. Macgillavry  1976 1

MacGillʼÌosa, Uilleam -- See Gillies, William

MacGillivary, William Warren, 1937- : Perceptual style and ball skill acquisition / by William W. MacGillivary  1978 1

MacGillivray, A. (Alan) -- See MacGillivray, Alan

MacGillivray, Alan. / : Teaching Scottish literature : curriculum and classroom applications / edited by Alan MacGillivray  1997 1
MacGillivray, Alex. : Rachel Carson's silent spring : words that changed the world / Alex MacGillivray  2004 1
MacGillivray, Alexander, / contributor : Atlantis: The Evidence / Director: Maynes, Natalie  2010 1
MacGillivray, Allister Composer   3
MacGillivray, Carol. : 3D for the Web : interactive 3D animation using 3DS Max, Flash and Director / Carol MacGillivray and Anthony Head ; illustrations, Carol MacGillivray and Anthony Head  2005 1
MacGillivray, Catherine A. F. / : Straight with a twist : queer theory and the subject of heterosexuality / edited by Calvin Thomas ; with the assistance of Joseph O. Aimone and Catherine A.F. MacGillivray  2000 1
Macgillivray, Don, 1942-   2
MacGillivray, Duncan, / contributor : Landline: 17/02/13  2013 1
Macgillivray, Duncan, active 20th century. / : Britain and her neighbours  1914 1
MacGillivray, Duncan Arranger : SCOTLAND Scottish Bagpipes    1
MacGillivray, Evan James, 1873-1955.   10
MacGillivray, Helen,   4
MacGillivray, Helen L : Data analysis : introductory methods in context / Helen L. MacGillivray  2005 1
MacGillivray, Jessie Scott : My grandmother's story : an authentic account of pioneering life in Victoria / compiled from the diaries of Jessie Scott MacGillivray by Jean M. Mackenzie  1986 1
MacGillivray, John, 1822-1867 : Narrative of the voyage of H.M.S. Rattlesnake, commanded by the late Captain Owen Stanley, R.N., F.R.S. &c., during the years 1846-1850 : including discoveries and surveys in New Guinea, the Louisiade Archipelago, etc. : to which is added the account of Mr. E.B. Kennedy's expedition for the exploration of the Cape York Peninsula / by John MacGillivray  1852 1
MacGillivray, Laurie. / : Literacy in times of crisis : practices and perspectives / edited by Laurie MacGillivray  2009 1
MacGillivray, Leonard : Metal-organic frameworks : design and application / edited by Leonard MacGillivray  2010 1

MacGillivray, Margaret H., 1930- -- See MacGillivray, Margaret H., 1930-2016

MacGillivray, Margaret H., 1930-2016. / : Pediatric endocrinology : a practical clinical guide / Sally Radovick, Margaret H. MacGillivray, editors  2013 1

MacGillivray, R. C. (Ronald Charles) -- See MacGillivray, Ronald C. (Ronald Charles)

MacGillivray, Ronald C. (Ronald Charles) / : The care and training of the mentally handicapped : a manual for the caring professions / by Charles H. Hallas, William I. Fraser, Ronald C. MacGillivray ; with a foreword by Sir Samuel Curran  1978 1

MacGillvray, Alan -- See MacGillivray, Alan

MacGilvray, Eric, 1971- : The invention of market freedom / Eric MacGilvray  2011 1
MacGimsey, Robert Composer   16

MacGinitie, Walter -- See MacGinitie, Walter H

MacGinitie, Walter H. : Assessment problems in reading / Walter H. MacGinitie, editor  1973 1
MacGinley, M. R. (Mary Rosa), 1931-   3
MacGinley, T. J. (Thomas Joseph) : Structural steelwork : design to limit state theory / T.J. MacGinley, T.C. Ang  1992 1
MacGinnis, John, : A city from the dawn of history : Erbil in the cuneiform sources / John MacGinnis  2014 1
MacGinnis, Niall, / actor : The Edge of the World  1937 1
MacGinnis, Niall, 1913-1977.   2
MacGinty, Roger : The Liberal Peace and Post-War Reconstruction : Myth or reality?  2013 1
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