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Author Muller-Lyer, F

Title The History of Social Development
Published Milton : Routledge, 2018
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Description 1 online resource (365 pages)
Series Routledge Revivals Ser
Routledge Revivals Ser
Contents Cover -- Half Title -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Original Title Page -- Introductory Note -- Introductory Note -- Translators' Preface -- Preface -- Table of Contents -- Book I Introduction to Sociology -- Chapter I Concerning Culture and the Science of Culture -- Conception of culture -- Historic and prehistoric phases of culture -- Deductions from the prehistoric phases -- By means of palæontology -- By means of comparative ethnology -- By means of comparative mythology, the science of religion and other modern sciences -- Sociology -- Its problems and aims -- Uses of Sociology -- Literature -- Chapter II Concerning the Origin of Culture (Primordial Times) -- Geological phases -- Prehistoric phases -- The uncultured ancestors of man -- The genealogy of the hand -- The origin of speech -- The creation of man -- Hand and tool -- Fire -- Conclusion -- Chapter III The Classification of the Whole Sphere of Culture -- Observations on diagrammatic arrangement -- Sociological table -- Book II The History of the Evolution of Food, Implements, Clothes and Dwellings -- Classification of material phenomena -- Chapter I Food -- Forms of food production -- Hunting and fishing -- The lower hunters -- The higher hunters -- Fishers -- Cattle breeding -- Agriculture -- Its various fprms : hoe culture (hoe culture with hunting, with fishing, with cattle breeding, etc.) -- Plough culture -- Horticulture -- Commerce culture, -- Genealogy of the forms of food production -- Sociological importance of the hunting stage -- The place of cattle breeding in the phase series -- The phases of husbandry -- An abstract representation of the genealogy of food production -- The phases of food production and the culture stages -- Chapter II The Tool (The Development of Technical Arts) -- Conclusions from Ethnology and History -- The Bronze Age -- The Iron Age
From the end of the eighteenth century in England, from the middle of the nineteenth century in Germany -- 7. Late Capitalistic Phase -- Emergence of new forms of organization from the old: socialized trade -- Chapter II Reflections on the Structure of Organization of Labour -- Table of the structure of labour organization -- I Epoch. Clan Organization -- II Epoch. Industrial Organization -- III Epoch. Capitalistic Organization -- The organoplasty groups -- The two kinds of group unions: 1. The social union -- 2. The family union -- Chapter III Development of Division of Labour (Differentiation) -- Introduction : Differentiation a universal and fundamental law of development -- I. Epoch ofdifferentiation between the sexes -- Among hunting peoples -- Among pastoral people and hoe culturists -- II. Epoch of differentiation among men -- Economic and social differentiation -- Differentiation among men and civilization -- III. Epoch of differentiation among women -- Early history of the differentiation among women -- The modern differentiation of women -- Causes of the modern "woman's movement -- Concerning the future of differentiation among women -- Chapter IV Development of Integration. Distribution of Goods -- The history of the medium of exchange of money -- I Phase : Hordes without barter -- II Phase : Intertribal barter without a medium of exchange (money) -- III Phase: Indirect exchange of goods by means of natural money. The different kinds of natural money : shells, skins, cattle, metal money -- IV Phase: Exchange by means of minted metal currency -- V Phase: Exchange by means of "token" money -- The three epochs of Integration : Natural Economy, Money Economy and Credit Economy -- Phaseology of the means of Transport -- Phaseology of the means of Intercourse -- Chapter V A Further System of Stages
Recapitulation and summary of economic system of stages -- Chapter VI The Economic Laws of Development -- 1. Law of Size -- 2. Law of Form -- 3. Law of Organoplastic groups -- 4. Law of Co-operation -- 5. Law of Differentiation -- 6. Law of Integration -- 7. Law of Centralization -- 8. Law of Concentration -- 9. Law of Association, of Socialization -- Book IV The Causes of the Progress of Culture -- Chapter I The Causes of Economic Development -- 1. The origin of the separate family and of division of labour between the sexes -- 2. The origin of primitive trade -- 3. The origin of specialized industries -- 4. The origin of developed industrial organization -- 5. The origin of capitalism -- 6. The origin of mid-capitalistic organization -- 7. The origin of the late capitalistic phase -- Associations of workmen -- Associations of entrepreneurs -- Insurance -- National organization -- The modern woman's movement -- Chapter II The General Causes of Progress (The Theory Of Progress) -- The phaseology of group contact: in antiquity, in the early and mid clan phases and the early and mid industrial phases -- Book V A Summary of the Culture Stages -- Chapter I The Stages of Culture -- Synopsis of economic development -- Chapter II On the Duration of the Culture Periods -- On the age of the earth -- Age of the human race and of culture -- Age of the Neolithic period -- The comparative duration of the different culture epochs -- General summary of the phases of geology and of culture -- Book VI Culture and Happiness
The Machine Age -- Conclusions drawn from Archæology (prehistory) -- Summary of the prehistoric phases -- Tertiary -- Diluvial -- Alluvial -- The earlier Neolithic stage -- The fully developed Neolithic period (Robenhausen), pile dwellings -- Copper and Bronze Age -- The Hallstatt period -- The La Tène period (Celtic) -- The early forms and genealogy of the tool -- Chapter III Clothing -- Primitive nakedness -- Primitive clothing -- Clothing from manufactured materials -- Fashion -- Chapter IV Dwelling -- Primitive shelterlessness -- Primitive huts -- Settlements : Villages and towns -- Book III The History of the Evolution of Labour -- Introduction -- Chapter I The Structure of the Organization of Labour -- 1. Early Kinship Phase -- 2. High Kinship Phase -- Forms of primitive barter -- Dumb barter, -- The "Guest gift, -- The clan and family on this stage -- 3. Early Industrial Phase (Farm and Village Economy) -- Organization of labour in Polynesia -- Authoritarian joint household -- Free handicrafts -- Clan and village communities -- The family -- Organization of labour in Africa -- Clan and village communities -- The family -- Inter-tribal organization of labour -- Authoritarian joint households -- Free industries -- 4. High Industrial Phase (Town Economy) -- State and City -- The family household -- The authoritarian joint household -- International trade -- Free artisans -- 5. Early Capitalistic Phase in Antiquity -- Capitalistic enterprise -- Trading and industrial enterprise -- Introduction to the Sixth, or High Capitalistic Phase -- The Germans before the " Völkerwanderung " (in the transition from the high kinship to the early industrial phase) -- The Germans in the early Middle Ages -- Town economy in the Middle Ages (industrial and early capitalistic organization) -- 6. High Capitalistic Phase
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