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Title [Communism and socialism, USSR]
Published 1918-
Table of Contents
Box 1:1XXV anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, 1942 / J. Stalin 
Box 1:236 million communists say ... statement and appeal of the world's Communist Parties, Moscow, November 1960 
Box 1:350 years of the Russian socialist revolution : statement by the Central Committee, Communist Party of the Soviet Union, 1967 
Box 1:4Aims and tasks of democratic socialism, 1951 / Socialist International 
  Box 1:5Policy-making in the U.S.S.R. : two views, No. 4 1962 / T. H. Rigby 
  Box 4:14Law and justice in Soviet Russia, No. 23 / Harold J. Laski 
Box 1:6Democracy and fascism : from his recent work - Germand what next?, [1933] / Leon Trotsky 
Box 1:7Development of socialism during the past fifty years, 1952 / G. D. H. Cole 
Box 1:8Dimitrov accuses the Nazis at the Reichstag fire trial, 1942 
Box 1:9Documents adopted by the International Conference of Communist and Workers' Parties (Moscow, June 5-17, 1969) 
Box 1:10Earth and man, 1950 / M. Ilyin 
Box 1:11Education in the Soviet Union / Doris McRae 
Box 1:12Events in the CSSR in the light of Marxism, 1968 / Bernd Hartmann 
Box 1:13Freedom of the individual in the USSR / G. Anashkin 
Box 1:14Health in the Soviet Union, 1942 / Reg. S. Ellery 
Box 1:15Health in the Soviet Union, 1943 / Reg. S. Ellery 
Box 1:16History of the Red Army / V. Antonov Ovisenko 
Box 1:17How Soviet workers take part in production management / Ivan Tyurin 
Box 2:1Imperialism : the defeat of imperialism in Russia in 1917 saves the world in 1943 / G. H. Burchett 
Box 2:2Living up to the standards of developed socialism : some current problems of the theory, strategy and tactics of the CPSU, 1985 / K. U. Chernenko 
  Box 2:3Revolutionary communism, No. 3 / G. V. Portus 
Box 2:4Moscow trial was fair / D. N. Pritt 
Box 2:5On the 60th anniversary of the great October socialist revolution : resolution of the CPSU Central Committee of January 31, 1977 
Box 2:6On the political position of social-democracy, 1958 / Wilhelm Liebknecht 
Box 2:7Operation rewrite : the agony of Soviet historians, 1952 / Bertram D. Wolfe 
Box 2:8Paradise in this world : an address delivered to a working class audience on April 14th, 1918 / Leo Trotsky 
Box 2:9Place of the individual in Soviet Russia, 1946 / Kurt Merz 
Box 2:10Political theory of Bolshevism : a critical analysis, 1955 / Hans Kelsen 
Box 2:11Price of recognition : an exposure of the Soviet agreement with the United States, [192?] / Max Shactman 
Box 2:12Reply to Maloney : the real facts about Russia, [1946?] / R. M. Crawford 
Box 2:13Red Army, 2nd ed. 1941 / Australia-Soviet Friendship League 
Box 2:14Russia "dry" : through tribulation to triumph, 1921 / John Vale 
Box 2:15Russia : what you want to know, 1941 / W. J. Thomas 
Box 2:16Russian question, 1947 / Konstantin Simonov 
Box 2:17Russia's African adventure, 1982 / Australian Independence Movement (A.I.M.) 
Box 2:18Russia's way to victory / J. R. Campbell 
Box 2:19Safeguarding the socialist gains, 1976 / S. Isachenko 
Box 2:20Socialism's first half-century, 1968 / L. I. Brezhnev 
Box 2:21Socialist Russia : a new socialist order, 1940 / Jack Lindsay 
Box 3:1Socialist vs. capitalist economics (Marx on Mallock), 1963 / Daniel De Leon 
Box 3:2Soviet education as we saw it, [1932?] 
Box 3:3Soviet finance, [194?] / Australia-Soviet Friendship League 
Box 3:4Soviet foreign policy yesterday and today, 1937 / Australia-Soviet Friendship League 
Box 3:5Soviet intrigues in China : mischievous interference in internal affairs / Publicity Bureau for South China, Hong Kong 
Box 3:6Soviet Russia : an introduction, 1942 / K. Gibberd 
Box 3:7Soviet, the terror and intervention, 1918 / M. Philips Price 
Box 3:8Soviet Union's contribution to humanity : written as a tribute on the occasion of its 52nd anniversary, November 7, 1969 / Ralph Gibson 
Box 3:9Speeches of V. M. Molotov : Minister for Foreign Affairs of the USSR and Head of the Soviet Delegation at the Conference, 1946 / Paris Peace Conference (July-October, 1946) 
Box 3:10Spotlight on red spy rings : a factual statement of the evidence proving the existence of an international spy ring 
Box 3:11Stalin's slave state : a warning / 1905 
Box 3:12Timoshenko / Rupert Lockwood 
Box 3:13To avert the war danger and stop the arms race : speech at the 39th session of the United Nations General Assembly, September 27, 1984 / A. A. Gromyko 
Box 3:14Truth about forced labour in Russia : (a summarised edition of 'The conscription of a people'), 1932 / Duchess of Atholl 
Box 3:15Truth about the "Secret treaties", 1918 / C. A. McCurdy 
Box 4:1Turning point of the world / R. Palme Dutt 
Box 4:2Twenty-five years of Soviet power, [194?] / Emelyan Yaroslavsky 
Box 4:3Twenty-five years of Soviet power : 1917-1942 / M. Mitin 
Box 4:4U.S.S.R. on guard over the peace and security of the nations : A. Y. Vyshinsky's speech to the UNO General Assembly on September 25, 1948 / A. Y. Vyshinsky 
Box 4:5U.S.S.R. our ally, 1941 / D. N. Pritt 
Box 4:6U.S.S.R. our ally, 2nd ed. 1941 / D. N. Pritt 
Box 4:7Utopian socialism of the nineteenth century, 1959 / G. Plekhanov 
  Box 4:8Webbs and Soviet communism, no. 3, 1947 / Harold J. Laski 
Box 4:9What is happening in the Communist Party, 1937 1905-1974 / Gil Roper 
Box 4:10Why Khrushchov fell : editorial, Hongqi (Red Flag), Nos. 21-22, 1964 
Box 4:11Why the Red Army is winning / Rupert Lockwood 
Box 4:12Workers in the Soviet Union, 2nd ed. 1942 / Andrew Rothstein 
Box 4:13Year of peoples war : lessons for victory, [194?] / W. A. Wood 
Box 4:14Voevoe krasnoe znam︠i︡a / Tsentralʹnyĭ muzeĭ sovetskoĭ armii  


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Series [Pamphlet collection]
Summary Consists of pamphlets collected over an extended period of time covering the subjects of communism and socialism in the USSR. Includes material from a variety of countries from 1918-.
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Subject Dimitrov, Georgi, 1882-1949
Khrushchev, Nikita Sergeevich, 1894-1971
Lenin, Vladimir Ilʹich, 1870-1924
Stalin, Joseph, 1878-1953
Timoshenko, S. K. (Semen Konstantinovich), 1895-1970
Trotsky, Leon, 1879-1940
Webb, Beatrice, 1858-1943 -- Contributions in Political science
Soviet Union. Constitution
Soviet Union. Raboche-Krestʹ︠i︡anska︠i︡a Krasna︠i︡a Armi︠i︡a
Kommunisticheska︠i︡a parti︠i︡a Sovetskogo So︠i︡uza -- Congresses
Paris Peace Conference (1946)
Arms race
Communism and individualism
Communism and liberty
Communism -- Philosophy
Communist revisionism
Communist strategy
Cost and standard of living
Defense industries -- Soviet Union
Education -- Soviet Union
Forced labor
Justice, Administration of
Management -- Employee participation
Marxian economics
Official secrets
Policy sciences
Public health -- Soviet Union
Security, International
Spies -- Soviet Union
Sustainable agriculture
Theater -- Soviet Union
World War, 1939-1945 -- Campaigns -- Soviet Union
USSR -- Defenses
USSR -- Foreign relations
USSR -- Foreign relations -- Africa
USSR -- Foreign relations -- China
USSR -- Foreign relations -- United States
USSR -- History
USSR -- History -- Revolution, 1917-1921
USSR -- History -- 1939-1945
Utopian socialism