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Title [Education]
Published 1898-
Table of Contents
Box 1:1Advancement of learning 1605-2005 A.D., 1965 / R. V. Jones 
  Box 1:2Story of antigonish, no. 315, 1944 
Box 3:15Battering ram : cardboard modelling 
Box 1:3Birkbeck College (University of London) : foundation oration delivered by the vice-Chancellor of the University Professor Lillian M. Penson..., 1949 / Lillian M. Penson 
Box 3:14Charlecote series of guide-catalogues of educational apparatus for infants and juniors, [1932?] / Charles and Son Ltd. 
Box 1:4Church and state in Australian education : a study of the principles and issues involved / Ralph Sutton 
Box 1:5Education and the United Nations, 1943 
Box 1:6Education and war, 1944 / Sir John Latham 
Box 1:7Education for all the year 2000 assessment : general guidelines, 1998 / UNESCO 
Box 1:8Education, population and development / United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization 
Box 3:13Education question : its present position and the Roman Catholic claims, 1898 / Rev. Colin Campbell 
Box 1:9Educational and psychological problems of evacuation : an analysis of experience in England, 1942 / J. C. Kenna 
Box 1:10Efficiency of freedom : report of the Committee on Government and Higher Education, 1959 
Box 3:12English bible in schools system : advocated for New Zealand, 1921 / John Aston 
Box 1:11Group discussion scheme / Department of Tutorial Classes, University of Sydney 
Box 1:12Group listening : a report prepared for the National Advisory Council on Radio in Education, Inc., 1933 / British Institute of Adult Education 
Box 3:16Hints on studying / Crago, A.I.H. 
Box 1:13Introducing N.U.A.U.S, [1960] / National Union of Australian University Students 
Box 1:14Mental defective in school and after, 1949 / H. T. Parker 
  Box 1:15Secondary modern schools : vol. 22, no.396, 1956 
Box 1:16Principles on which a history syllabus for schools should be planned, [1943] / Historical Association 
Box 1:17Role of Oriental studies in the humanities : proceedings of a symposium held at New Delhi on the 6th January 1964 on the occasion of the twenty-sixthe International Congress of Orientalists, 1964 / International Congress of Orientalists 
Box 1:18Some aspects of education in England and Scandinavia / Florence Christian 
Box 1:19Speech machine : some notes for candidates in the Schools Boart "Art of speech" course, 1962 / Clive Sansom 
Box 1:20Spoken English as an auxiliary world language, 1945 / Robert Barr 
Box 2:1State aid for non-state schools, 1971 / R. G. Kitchenn 
Box 2:2Study of success, 1976 / Hugh Stretton 
  Box 2:3Development of machines in production, no. 18, 1927 / A. Serner 
  Box 2:4Economic geography : a study course for student, no. 13 / J. F. Horrabin 
  Box 2:5Guide to the study of Marx : an introductory course for classes and study circles, no. 14 / Max Beer 
  Box 2:6Introduction to world history, no. 12 / Margaret I. Cole 
  Box 2:7Russian revolution : a narrative and a guide for reading, no. 6 / R. Page Arnot 
  Box 2:8Scientific method : a syllabus for classes and study circles, no. 17 / James Johnstone 
  Box 2:9Unemployment : a study syllabus, no. 8 / G. D. H. Cole 
Box 2:10Teacher as artisit, 1954 / Basil Fletcher 
Box 2:11Teaching as a career : for men and women released from H. M. forces and other national service, 1945 / Ministery of Education 
  Box 2:12Social studies and the history teacher, no. 15, 1954 / W. H. Burston 
  Box 3:1Book list of economic theory : no. 24, 1928 
  Box 3:2Annual report, 1928 : no. 25, 1928 
  Box 3:3Book list of evolutionary biology : no. 26, 1928 
  Box 3:4Books on recent economic history : no. 28, 1929 
  Box 3:5Spring double number : no. 30, 1930 
Box 3:6Universities and conservation, 1973 / Garfield Barwick 
Box 3:7Universities and the world of business, 1965 / Ronald Edwards 
Box 3:8University in the community, 1977 / Donald R. Stranks 
Box 3:9University vote, 1953 / Colin Jones 
  Box 3:10Shared control of education, no. 329 / Abdun Noor 
Box 3:11World crisis and the teaching of the Manchester school, 1931 / Moritz J. Bonn 


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