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Description Bloomsbury Open E-books delivers access to open access research and e-book collections across the humanities and social sciences.
Subject area Multi-disciplinary


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Bloomsbury Open E-books Abraham in Jewish and early Christian literature / edited by Sean A. Adams and Zanne Domoney-Lyttle
Bloomsbury Open E-books Access to knowledge in Brazil : new research on intellectual property, innovation and development / edited by Lea Shaver
Bloomsbury Open E-books Access to Knowledge in Egypt
Bloomsbury Open E-books Access to Knowledge in India
Bloomsbury Open E-books Alternative and mainstream media : the converging spectrum / Linda Jean Kenix
Bloomsbury Open E-books Alternative Development Strategies for the Post-2015 Era
Bloomsbury Open E-books Anarchism and political modernity / Nathan Jun
Bloomsbury Open E-books Angelic troublemakers : religion and anarchism in America / by A. Terrance Wiley
Bloomsbury Open E-books Animal history in the modern city : exploring liminality / edited by Clemens Wischermann, Aline Steinbrecher and Philip Howell
Bloomsbury Open E-books Are South Africans free? / Lawrence Hamilton
Bloomsbury Open E-books Arguing about the World : the Work and Legacy of Meghnad Desai
Bloomsbury Open E-books Barack Obama's post-American foreign policy : the limits of engagement / Robert Singh
Bloomsbury Open E-books Basic income : a transformative policy in India / Sarath Davala, Renana Jhabvala, Soumya Kapoor Mehta and Guy Standing
Bloomsbury Open E-books Beyond Black : Celebrity and Race in Obama's America
Bloomsbury Open E-books Beyond Control
Bloomsbury Open E-books Biofictions : race, genetics and the contemporary novel / Josie Gill
Bloomsbury Open E-books Bioscience and the good life / Iain Brassington
Bloomsbury Open E-books The Black Pacific : Anti-Colonial Struggles and Oceanic Connections / Robbie Shilliam
Bloomsbury Open E-books Bodies of water : posthuman feminist phenomenology / Astrida Neimanis
Bloomsbury Open E-books Caesarism in the post-revolutionary age : crisis, populace and leadership / Markus J. Prutsch