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Oxford Scholarship Online 100 years of the Nineteenth Amendment : an appraisal of women's political activism / edited by Holly J. McCammon and Lee Ann Banaszak
Oxford Scholarship Online The 1926 miners' lockout : meanings of community in the Durham coalfield / Hester Barron
Oxford Scholarship Online 23 problems in systems neuroscience / edited by J. Leo van Hemmen and Terrence J. Sejnowski
Oxford Scholarship Online 4-manifolds / Selman Akbulut
Oxford Scholarship Online 4E cognition and eighteenth-century fiction : how the novel found its feet / Karin Kukkonen
Oxford Scholarship Online 5-Hydroxytryptamine in psychiatry : a spectrum of ideas / edited by Merton Sandler, Alec Coppen and Sara Harnett
Oxford Scholarship Online 9 months in, 9 months out : a scientist's tale of pregnancy and parenthood / Vanessa LoBue
Oxford Scholarship Online The 9 pitfalls of data science / Gary Smith and Jay Cordes
Oxford Scholarship Online A.J. Tomlinson : plainfolk modernist
Oxford Scholarship Online A.J. Appasamy and his reading of Rāmānuja : a comparative study in divine embodiment / Brian Philip Dunn
Oxford Scholarship Online A priori justification / Albert Casullo
Oxford Scholarship Online The a priori in philosophy / Albert Casullo and Joshua C. Thurow
Oxford Scholarship Online Aaron Hill : the muses' projector, 1685-1750 / Christine Gerrard
Oxford Scholarship Online The Abbey Theatre, 1899-1999 : form and pressure / Robert Welch
Oxford Scholarship Online The abbots and priors of late medieval and Reformation England / Martin Heale
Oxford Scholarship Online Abelard and Heloise / Constant J. Mews
Oxford Scholarship Online Aboriginal societies and the common law : a history of sovereignty, status, and self-determination / P.G. McHugh
Oxford Scholarship Online Aboriginal title : the modern jurisprudence of tribal land rights / by P.G. McHugh
Oxford Scholarship Online Abortion and social responsibility : depolarizing the debate / Laurie Shrage
Oxford Scholarship Online Abortion politics, women's movements, and the democratic state : a comparative study of state feminism / edited by Dorothy McBride Stetson