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Title [History]
Published 1852-
Table of Contents
Box 1:1Address of Charles Francis Adams, of Massachusetts on the life, character, and services of William H. Seward, 1873 1835-1915 / Charles Francis Adams 
Box 4:1After the Arusha declaration, 1967 / Julius K. Nyerere 
Box 1:2African history for the outside world, 1964 / Roland Oliver 
Box 1:3American empire : its historical pattern and evolution, 1960 / Richard W. Van Alstyne 
Box 1:4American history in Britain : an inaugural lecture delivered at University College, London, 27 October 1955, 1956 / H. C. Allen 
Box 4:2Arusha declaration : answers and questions, 1967 / United Republic of Tanzania  
Box 4:3Australasia and the pacific, 1921 / Rev. Dr. Radford 
Box 1:5Balkans fight for freedom / Edward Jamieson 
  Box 4:4Reports f observers on the attitude of the Bamangwato tribe to the return of Tshekedi Khama to the Bamangwato reserve, no. 8423, 1951 / Commonwealth Relations Office 
  Box 4:5Succession to the Chieftainship of the Bamangwato tribe, no.7913, 1950 / Commonwealth Relations Office 
Box 4:6Beechworth and the powder magazine, [1970] / National Trust of Australia (Victoria) 
Box 4:7Belgian congo : reservoir of the allies, 1942 / Arthur Wauters  
  Box 7:11Modern mind, vol 19 : 3, May 1956 / Arnold Toynbee 
Box 4:8Cambodia and neutrality, 1962 / MIchael Leifer 
Box 4:9Case for Israel, 1956 / Zionist Federation of Australia and New Zealand 
Box 4:10Case of West Irian (West New Guinea) : dispute between Indonesia and Netherlands, 1954 / Ministry of Forreign Affairs, Republic of Indonesia 
Box 4:11Castlemaine is live history, 1965 / Donald Grant 
Box 4:12Castlemaine the great centre 1866 : a contemporary guide to the fascinating past / Castlemaine Art Gallery 
Box 4:13Challenge of expansion, 1967 / Douglas Hoffe 
Box 4:14China : a handbook for leaders, 1942 / Winifred Warr 
Box 4:15China and the Chinese, 1944 / Aldred F. Barker 
Box 4:16Chinas co-operative societies : their genesis and development, [1940?] / G. H. Burchett 
Box 4:17Civil war in Austria the full facts : a reply to Otto Bauer, [1934?] / Alexander Schonau 
Box 4:18Closer association in Central Africa, 1951 / Secretaries of State for Commonwealth Relations  
Box 1:6Considerations on the great advantages which would arife from the discovery of the North West Passage, and a clear account of the moft practicable method for attempting that discovery, 1959 / Henry Ellis 
Box 5:1Cost of imperialism in South Africa, 1900 / South African News 
Box 5:2Criterion of Dutch nationhood, 1945 / G. J. Renier 
Box 5:3Culture contact in Australia before 1788, 1975 / Department of Aboriginal Affairs 
Box 7:14Deutsche burgertum und die reichsgrundung, 1948 / Mielcke, Karl 
Box 7:15Deutschland und England 1904-1914, 1955 / Eckert, Georg 
Box 7:12Deux tendances dans la societe feodale de la Chine de la basse periode, 1960 / Simonovskaia, L.W. 
Box 5:4Dimensions of the Palestine problems, 1967 / Henry Cattan 
Box 5:5Eastern region of Nigeria : policy for land, 1953 / Nigerian Government 
Box 1:7Essai sur l'histoire de la colonisation en Sibérie, 1900 
Box 1:8Europe in the age of Napoleon, 1927 / R. B. Mowat 
Box 5:6Crisis in Africa, no. 2, 1947 / L. Silberman 
Box 5:7Facts about Cyprus, 1956 / K. Buckley 
Box 5:8Facts about South Vietnam, [1965?] / Liberal Party of Australia 
Box 1:9Facts relating to the Shameen incident of June 23rd, 1925 / Publicity Bureau for South China, Hong Kong 
Box 5:9Farm relief : and its antecedents, 1929 / R. W. Kelsey 
Box 5:10Fiji to-day, 1886 / M.A.T.E. 
Box 5:11Five-year plan : introduction and explanatory notes to the map of the five-year plan for the development of the national economy of U.S.S.R., 1930 / W. P. Coates 
Box 1:10Five years' progress of the slave power : a series of papers, 1852 
Box 7:13Freiherr vom stein und die preubischen reormen, 1948 / Eckert, Georg 
Box 5:12Friends and neighbours : an introduction to South-east Asia, [196?] / Malcolm Salmon 
Box 6:1Future of South-West Africa, 1946 / J. D. Rheinallt Jones 
Box 2:1Great pyramid in Egypt : an inspired prophecy, and divinely imparted scientific text book, inscribed in stone, 5th ed. 1928 / R. B. Amery 
Box 2:2Historian and character, 1955 / David Knowles 
Box 2:3Historians & the new deal / Brad Wiley 
Box 2:4Historical Association 1906-1966 presidential address, 1966 / Geoffrey Barraclough 
Box 2:5History of the American compromises, 1856 1802-1876 / Harriet Martineau 
Box 2:6History : professional and lay, 1957 / H. R. Trevor-Roper 
Box 2:7Homestead inaugural : being an eye witness account of the administration of the presidential oath of office to Calvin Coolidge in his father's homestead at Plymouth, Vermont August 3, 1923, c.1950 / Joe H. Fountain 
Box 6:2How the North China affairs arose, 1937 / Foreign Affairs Association of Japan 
Box 2:8Journals and periodicals published in France and other countries during the revolution & Napoleonic period 1789-1815 
Box 6:3Korea 1945 to 1948, 1948 / Department of State, Washington 
Box 2:9Long before Pearl Harbor : Hawaii's historical highlights, c.1973 / George T. Armitage 
Box 2:10MacArthur, 1950 1908-1997 / Rupert Lockwood 
Box 2:11Modern spirit : broadcast talks, 1933 / John Macmurray 
Box 6:4Netherlands New Guinea : a people on the way to self-determination, 1960 / Netherlands New Guinea Institute 
Box 2:12On the nature of African history : an inaugural lecture delivered in the University of Birmingham on 10th March 1965, 1965 / J. D. Fage 
Box 6:5Other side of the medal, 1947 / E. N. van Kleffens 
Box 6:6Otto of Austria : monarchy in the atomic age, 1960 / Cambridge University Royalists 
Box 7:10Palatinate in European history 1559 - 1660, 1963 / Claus-Peter Clasen 
Box 6:7Papuans on the threshold of self-determination, 1961 / Government of Netherlands New Guinea 
Box 6:8Pioneer settlement : Swan Hill Victoria / Swan HIll Pioneer Settlement Authority 
Box 3:1Polish question : Poland's place in modern history, 1964 / R. F. Leslie 
Box 3:2Present need for history : an inaugural lecture delivered on 26 January 1949, 1949 / J. R. M. Butler 
Box 3:3Present position of history : an inaugural lecture delivered at Cambridge, October 26, 1927, 1927 / George Macaulay Trevelyan 
Box 2:13Risorgimento, 1962 / Agatha Ramm 
Box 6:9Roosevelt, [1942] / C. Harvard Gibbs-Smith 
Box 3:4Ruhr : the history of the French Occupation of the Ruhr, its meaning and consequences, 1924 / Joseph King 
Box 3:5Short history of Malaya, 1953 / M. C. ff Sheppard 
Box 6:10Some developments in English historiography during the eighteenth century, 1956 / M. A. Thomson 
Box 3:6South African war in Nuce, 1900 
Box 3:7South East Asian history in London, 1963 / C. D. Cowan 
Box 6:11Study of ancient history in Oxford, 1912 / F. Haverfield 
Box 7:1Study of modern Arab history, 1965 / P. M. Holt 
Box 7:2Study of modern history, 1944 / H. Butterfield 
Box 7:3Study of the anicent background of history, 1940 / A. H. McDonald 
Box 3:8Tahitiens D'Autrefois : Tahitians of the past, 1978 / José Garanger 
Box 3:9Tradition and revolt in Latin America, 1965 / R. A. Humphreys 
Box 3:10Twenty years of Polish independence, 1944 / Zbigniew Grabowski 
Box 3:11Two pages from Roman history / Daniel De Leon 
Box 3:12Unconquered Abyssinia, [1935] / K. Frobisher 
Box 7:4United States policy in the Korean crisis, 1950 / Department of State, U.S.A. 
Box 7:5Visit Beechworth and Chiltern : the historic centres of the North East / National Trust of Australia (Victoria) 
Box 3:13Visit of R.M.S. Strathnaver to Suva, April 13-14, 1935 : souvenir programme, 1935 / Fiji Publicity Board 
Box 7:6War and peace 1680-1720, 1969 / Ragnhild Hatton 
Box 7:7What is the Commonwealth?, 1954 / Central Office of Information, London 
Box 7:8Why we study history, no.131, 1944 / R. C. K. Ensor 
Box 3:14World history for the workers : a story of man's doings from the dawn of time, from the standpoint of the disinherited, 1926 / Alfred Barton 
  Box 7:9China today, no. 4, [1941] / Noel Goss 
Box 7:16Zur geschichte und problematik der Daisch - Deutschen beziehungen, 1953 / Eckert, Georg 


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Series [Pamphlet collection]
Summary Consists of pamphlets collected over an extended period of time covering the broad subject area of general history. Includes material from 1852- covering general history of the world.
Notes Title and series title supplied by Cataloguer
Subject Napoleon I, Emperor of the French, 1769-1821
MacArthur, Douglas, 1880-1964.
Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945
Historical Association (Great Britain)
Arab-Israeli conflict
Architecture, Colonial -- Victoria -- Castlemaine
Arusha (African people)
Church and state -- Germany -- History
Civil war -- Austria
Economic history
Great Pyramid (Egypt)
Historic buildings -- Victoria -- Beechworth
Historiography -- Great Britain
Imperialism -- South Africa
Italo-Ethiopian War, 1935-1936 -- Causes
Megalithic monuments -- Great Britain
Monarchy -- Austria
Natural resources -- Nigeria -- Management
Plebs (Rome) -- Political activity
Polish question
Public welfare -- United States -- History
South African War, 1899-1902
Tribal government
Working class -- Europe -- Political activity -- History
Working class -- History
World history
Africa -- Historiography
Africa -- History
Arabian Peninsula -- History
Asia, Southeastern -- History -- Study and teaching -- Great Britain
Asia, Southeastern -- Social life and customs
Australasia -- History
Balkan Peninsula -- History
Beechworth Region (Vic.) -- History
Cambodia -- Foreign relations
Castlemaine (Vic.) -- History
China -- History
Congo (Democratic Republic) -- History
Cyprus -- History
Ethiopia -- History
Europe -- History -- 1789-1815
Germany -- History
Germany -- History -- 20th century
Hawaii -- History
Irian Jaya (Indonesia) -- History
Italy -- History -- 1815-1870
Korea -- Economic conditions
Korea -- History -- 1945-
Latin America -- History
Malaysia -- History
Netherlands -- Social conditions -- History
New Guinea -- History
Northwest Passage
Oxford (England) -- History
Poland -- History
Poland -- Politics and government -- 1918-1945
Rome (Empire) -- Politics and government -- 510-30 B.C
Ruhr (Germany : Region)
USSR -- Economic conditions
Suva (Fiji) -- History
Polynesia -- History
Polynesia -- Social life and customs
United States -- History
United States -- History -- Study and teaching
United States -- Territorial expansion
Vietnam -- History