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Description Edward Elgar Publishing is an academic and professional publisher with a focus on the social sciences and legal fields. Elgaronline includes scholarly research monographs, Research Handbooks, companions, dictionaries, encyclopedia and journals.
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Elgar online Academic entrepreneurship / edited by Phillip H. Phan
Elgar online Academic learning in law : theoretical positions, teaching experiments and learning experiences / edited by Bart van Klink, Ubaldus de Vries
Elgar online Academic Spin-offs and Technology Transfer in Europe : Best Practices and Breakthrough Models
Elgar online Accessibility, equity and efficiency : challenges for transport and public services / edited by Karst T. Geurs, Roberto Patuelli, Tomaz Ponce Dentinho
Elgar online Achieving proof of concept in drug discovery and development : the role of competition law in collaborations between public research organizations and industry / Helen Yu
Elgar online Active labor market policies : an Edward Elgar research review / Robert J. LaLonde, Professor, Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies, University of Chicago, US
Elgar online Against the new constitutionalism / Tamas Gyorfi
Elgar online American judicial power : the state court perspective / Michael L. Buenger and Paul J. De Muniz
Elgar online Annals of Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy -- 2016
Elgar online Aquaculture law and policy : global, regional and national perspectives / edited by Nigel Bankes, Irene Dahl, David L VanderZwagg
Elgar online The Arab Spring : an essay on revolution and constitutionalism / Antoni Abat i Ninet and Mark Tushnet
Elgar online Arts, culture and the making of global cities : creating new urban landscapes in Asia / Lily Kong, Chia-ho Ching, Tsu-Lung Chou
Elgar online The ASEAN comprehensive investment agreement : the regionalization of laws and policy on foreign investment / Julien Chaisse
Elgar online The Asian 'poverty miracle' : impressive accomplishments or incomplete achievements / edited by Jacques Silber, Department of Economics, Bar-Ilan University, Israel, Guanghua Wan, Asian Development Bank Institute, Tokyo, Japan
Elgar online Authoritarian capitalism in the age of globalization / Peter Bloom
Elgar online Authority in transnational legal theory : theorising across disciplines / [edited by] Roger Cotterrell, Maksymilian Del Mar
Elgar online Balancing the regulation and taxation of banking / Sajid M. Chaudhry, Andrew W. Mullineux and Natasha Agarwal
Elgar online Bank funding, liquidity, and capital adequacy : a law and finance approach / Jose Gabilondo
Elgar online Benefit-cost analyses for security policies : does increased safety have to reduce efficiency? / edited by Carol Mansfield, V. Kerry Smith
Elgar online Beyond uneconomic growth : economics, equity and the ecological predicament / edited by Joshua Farley, Deepak Malghan