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Van Wyck, Pierre Cortlandt, -1827. / : The trial of Amos Broad and his wife, on three several indictments for assaulting and beating Betty, a slave, and her little female child Sarah, aged three years : had at the Court of Special Sessions of the Peace, held in and for the city and county of New-York, at the City-hall, of the said city, on Tuesday, the 28th day of February, 1809 : present, the Hon. Pierre C. Van Wyck, recorder, Peter Mesier and James Drake, Esquires, aldermen : to which is added, the motion of counsel in Mr. Broad's behalf, to mitigate the imprisonment of his person, and impose a fine--and the reply of Mr. Sampson : also, the prayer or invocation of Mr. Broad, to the court, for mercy--and the address of His Honor, the recorder, on passing sentence on the defendants  1809 1
Van Wyhe, John, 1971-   6
Van Wyk, Alan, 1973- / : Creativity and its discontents : the response to Whitehead's Process and reality / Alan Van Wyk and Michel Weber, eds  2009 1
Van Wyk, Ben-Erik, : Medicinal plants of the world an illustrated scientific guide to important medicinal plants and their uses / Ben-Erik van Wyk, Michael Wink  2017 1
Van Wyk, Chris. / : We write what we like : celebrating Steve Biko / edited by Chris van Wyk  2007 1

Van Wyk, Christopher, 1957-2014 -- See Van Wyk, Chris

Van Wyk, Christopher J. / : Algorithms in C++. Part 5, Graph algorithms / Robert Sedgewick  2002 1
Van Wyk, Danie. / : Space-time processing for CDMA mobile communications / Pieter van Rooyen, Michiel Lötter, Danie van Wyk  2000 1
Van Wyk, Eric,   2
Van Wyk, Gary. : African painted houses : Basotho dwellings of Southern Africa / Gary N. van Wyk  1998 1
Van Wyk, Jo-Ansie. / : South African foreign policy review. Volume 1 / edited by Chris Landsberg and Jo-Ansie van Wyk  2012 1
Van Wyk, Judy A., / author : Turning the tide of male juvenile delinquency : the Ocean Tides approach / Lawrence C. Grebstein, Ph. D., ABPP, Judy A. Van Wyk, Ph. D  2016 1
Van Wyk, Ken : Incident response / Kenneth R. van Wyk and Richard Forno  2001 1
Van Wyk, Kenneth R.,   4
Van Wyk Smith, Malvern.   2
Van Wyk, Susan.   6
Van Wylen, Gordon J. (Gordon John), 1920-   5

Van Wynsberghe, Aimee -- See Wynsberghe, Aimee van

Van Wynsberghe, Donna. / : Anatomy & physiology : the unity of form and function / Kenneth S. Saladin with Leslie Miller  2004 1
Van Yeboah, Vanessa,   4
Van Young, Eric.   5

Van Yperen, Tom A., 1958- -- See Yperen, Tom A. van, 1958-

Van Zandbergen, Ger : Neutrophils in Infectious Diseases  2011 1
Van Zanden, Henry : 1606 discovery of Australia / by Henry van Zanden  1997 1

Van Zanden, J. L -- See Zanden, J. L. van

Van Zandt, C : Lee's priceless recipes : the standard collection of famous formulas and simple methods ... / compiled by N.T. Oliver ; edited by C. Van Zandt  1912 1
Van Zandt, Cynthia Jean. : Brothers among nations : the pursuit of intercultural alliances in early America 1580-1660 / Cynthia J. Van Zandt  2008 1
Van Zandt, David E., 1953- : Living in the Children of God / David E. Van Zandt  1991 1
Van Zandt, Eleanor. / : The city : yesterday, today and tomorrow / Emrys Jones and Eleanor Van Zandt  1974 1
Van Zandt, John, 1791-1847, / defendant : Reclamation of fugitives from service : an argument for the defendant, submitted to the Supreme Court of the United States, at the December term, 1846, in the case of Wharton Jones vs. John Vanzandt / by S.P. Chase  1847 1
Van Zandt, Joseph, 1940- / : Ethical issues in business : a philosophical approach / [edited by] Thomas Donaldson, Patricia H. Werhane, Joseph Van Zandt  2008 1

Van Zandt, Rev. (Washington) -- See Van Zandt, Washington

Van Zandt, Trisha, / author : Human factors in simple and complex systems / Robert W. Proctor, Trisha Van Zandt  2008 1
Van Zandt, Washington. / : A full report of the trial and conviction of the Reverend Washington Van Zandt : of the Episcopal Church, Rochester, N.Y., for the seduction of Miss Sophia Murdock (sixteen years of age), a member of his church : to which is added the speech of Hon. Mark H. Siblay, of Canandaigua, for the defence, of Henry R. Selden of Clarkson, and Judge Sampson of Rochester, for the prosecution ; together with Judge Dayton's charge, of Lockport, to the jury / reported by W.L. M'Kenzie  1842 1
Van Zant, Ronnie Composer : UNITED STATES AIR FORCE BAND OF MID-AMERICA: Hot Brass    1
Van Zante, Gary, / author, curator : The Polaroid project : at the intersection of art and technology / William A. Ewing, Barbara P. Hitchcock, Deborah G. Douglas, Gary van Zante, Rebekka Reuter, Christopher Bonanos, Todd Brandow, Peter Buse, Dennis Jelonnek, John Rohrbach  2017 1

Van Zanten, Agnès -- See Zanten, Agnès van


Van Zanten, Agnès Henriot- -- See Zanten, Agnès van

Van Zanten, David, 1943-   5

Van Zanten, Ellen -- See Zanten, Ellen van


Van Zeebroeck, Nicolas -- See Zeebroeck, Nicolas van


Van Zeeland, Cees -- See Zeeland, Cees van


Van Zeggeren, F -- See Zeggeren, F. van

Van Zelst, Hans. / : City gardening : planting, maintaining, and designing the urban garden / Deirdre Colby ; Ken Druse, consulting editor ; Maria C. Gleason, contributing editor ; Hans Van Zelst, special consultant ; principal photographer, Ken Druse  1993 1
van Zijil Langhout, Martine,   2

Van Zijl, G. P. A. G -- See Zijl, G. P. A. G. van


Van Zijl, Gideon P. A. G -- See Zijl, G. P. A. G. van


Van Zijl, Ida -- See Zijl, Ida van


Van Zijp, Rudy, 1961- -- See Zijp, Rudy van, 1961-


van Zijverden, Wilko Kornelius, 1969- -- See Zijverden, Wilko Kornelius van, 1969-

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