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Description ProQuest Ebook Central is a multi-disciplinary platform for e-books offering titles in a wide range of subjects featuring content from hundreds of publishers.
Subject area Multi-disciplinary
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ProQuest Ebook Central The 1.5 billion people question : food, vouchers, or cash transfers? / Harold Alderman, Ugo Gentilini, and Ruslan Yemtsov, editors
ProQuest Ebook Central 10 LED projects for geeks : build light-up costumes, sci-fi gadgets, and other clever inventions / edited by John Baichtal
ProQuest Ebook Central 10 seconds of courage : how to recognise and embrace those life-changing moments / Nadine Champion
ProQuest Ebook Central 100 feature films of India : a filmography / Anil Srivastava, Shampa Banerjee
ProQuest Ebook Central 100 Great Mindset Changing Ideas
ProQuest Ebook Central 100 great war movies : the real history behind the films / Robert Niemi
ProQuest Ebook Central The 100 worst military disasters in history / John T. Kuehn with David W. Holden
ProQuest Ebook Central 100 ways to fly / Michelle Taylor
ProQuest Ebook Central 100 years of music : after Beethoven and Wagner / Gerald Abraham
ProQuest Ebook Central 100+ ideas to inspire smart spaces and creative places / Elisabeth Doucett
ProQuest Ebook Central 101 African Americans who shaped South Carolina / edited by Bernard E. Powers, Jr. ; foreword by Walter Edgar
ProQuest Ebook Central 101 defenses : how the mind shields itself / Jerome S. Blackman
ProQuest Ebook Central 101 fascinating hockey facts / Brian McFarlane
ProQuest Ebook Central 101 Interventions in Family Therapy / Thorana S Nelson, Terry S Trepper
ProQuest Ebook Central 101 Investment Tools for Buying Low & Selling High
ProQuest Ebook Central 101 more interventions in family therapy / Thorana S. Nelson, Terry S. Trepper, editors
ProQuest Ebook Central 101 Middle Eastern tales and their impact on Western oral tradition / Ulrich Marzolph
ProQuest Ebook Central 101 tips for improving your business communication / Edward Barr