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Author Wallech, Steven.

Title World history : a concise thematic analysis / Steven Wallech, Long Beach City College, Craig Hendricks, Long Beach City College, Touraj Daryaee, University of California, Irvine, Anne Lynne Negus, Fullerton College, Peter Wan, Fullerton College, Gordon Morris Bakken, California State University, Fullerton ; Brenda Farrington, Developmental Editor, Chapman University
Edition Second edition
Published Chichester, West Sussex, UK : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2013
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Contents Machine-generated contents note: v. I World History -- UNIT ONE THE ANCIENT WORLD -- ch. 1 Biology and World History: Civilization and Nomads -- ch. 2 Mesopotamia: The Land between the Rivers -- ch. 3 Pre-Islamic Africa: Egyptian, Nilotic, and Sub-Saharan Africa -- ch. 4 India: From the Indus to the Ganges -- ch. 5 China: The Yellow River Civilization -- ch. 6 The Nomads' Trade and the Great Migrations -- ch. 7 Greece: The Rainfall Zone -- ch. 8 The Hellenistic East and Persia: A Culture Bridge -- ch. 9 Rome: From Citizenship to Imperial Rule -- ch. 10 Origins of Native American Cultures: Geographic Isolation -- ch. 11 The Fall of the Ancient Eurasian World: Rome, China, and Gupta India -- UNIT TWO THE MIDDLE YEARS -- ch. 12 The Rise of Islam: The Ancient Near East Becomes the Middle East -- ch. 13 China in an Era of Recovery and Cultures on the Fringe: Korea, Japan, and the Mongols -- ch. 14 India and Islam: An Era of Political Chaos photographer at work -- ch. 15 Europe in the Middle Ages: The Advent of Modernization -- ch. 16 Islamic Africa: A Complex Pattern of Cultures -- ch. 17 The Americas: A Time of Trouble Index -- v. II World History -- UNIT THREE THE MODERN WORLD -- ch. 18 Spontaneous European Modernization: Phase One -- ch. 19 The Differential of Power, Phase One -- ch. 20 Spontaneous European Modernization: Phase Two, The Origins of Public Opinion, the Concept of Culture, and the Nation State -- ch. 21 The Nation-State: Diffusion of the French-British Model -- ch. 22 The Differential of Power, Phase Two: Ideology, Medicine, and Technology Redefine Global Power -- ch. 23 Nation-State Formation Outside Europe: The United States and Japan -- ch. 24 Internal Divisions and Contradictions: Russia and Latin America -- ch. 25 In the Crosshairs of Modernity: India and China -- ch. 26 Targets of Imperialism: Africa and the Middle East -- UNIT FOUR GLOBAL VIOLENCE AND THE POST-MODERN ERA -- ch. 27 World War I: The Consequences of Power -- ch. 28 Totalitarianism: The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany -- ch. 29 The Inheritors of Power: The United States and Japan -- ch. 30 Decolonization: Phase One -- ch. 31 World War II and the Beginning of the Cold War: Expanding the Potential of Self-Destruction -- ch. 32 Global Decolonization: Phase Two -- ch. 33 The End of the Cold War and the Contemporary World: The Complex Problems Facing A Multicultural Era -- UNIT ONE The Ancient World -- THEMES: The artificial existence of civilization -- The biology of civilization -- The geography of civilization -- The climate of civilization -- The relationship between belief and action -- ch. 1 Biology And World History Civilization and Nomads -- Climate -- The Geography of Cultivation -- The Domestication of Animals -- Urban Development -- The Nomads -- Disease History -- Suggested Reading -- ch. 2 Mesopotamia The Land between the Rivers -- A Temple Economy -- The Causes of Trade -- Kings, War, and Ecocide -- The Art of Writing and Hammurabi's Code -- The General Matrix of Civilization -- The Dawn of Religion: Creation Myths -- Iron and Mesopotamia -- The Hebrews -- The Emergence of Monotheism -- Suggested Readings -- ch. 3 Pre-Islamic Africa Egyptian, Nilotic, and Sub-Saharan Africa -- Egypt, the Gift of the Nile -- The Archaic Period (ca. 3100-2700 BCE) and the Pyramid Age of the Old Kingdom (ca. 2700-2200 BCE) -- The First Intermediate Period (ca. 2200-2000 BCE) and the Middle Kingdom (ca. 2000-1786 BCE) -- The Hyksos and Second Intermediate Period (ca. 1786-1575 BCE) and the New Kingdom (ca. 1575-1050 BCE) -- Special Topic: The Distant but Powerful Link between Pacific Currents and Egyptian Floods -- Egypt and the Iron Age -- Nilotic Africa -- Sub-Saharan Africa -- Iron -- Suggested Reading -- ch. 4 India From the Indus to the Ganges -- Iron, Rice, and India -- Indian Religions -- Religious Opposition -- The Maturation of India's Faiths -- Suggested Reading -- ch. 5 China The Yellow River Civilization -- The Land and the People -- Mythological China -- The Bronze Age: The Xia, Shang, and Zhou Dynsties -- The Iron Age: Economic, Military, and Commercial Revolutions -- The Golden Age of Classical Chinese Philosophy -- China's First Empire: The Qin and Han Dynasties -- Centres of Power within and beyond the Han Empire -- Special Topic: Lady Lu: Empress Dowager -- Suggested Reading -- ch. 6 The Nomads' Trade and the Great Migrations -- The First Wave of Mass Migrations: The Wheel, the Chariot, and Nomads -- A Second Wave of Migrations: The Iron Age -- Cavalry: The Third Wave of Migrations -- Suggested Reading -- ch. 7 Greece The Rainfall Zone -- Network Cities and the Special Case of Athens -- The Role of Coins in Athenian History -- The Limits of Democracy -- Sparta -- The Failure of Greek Politics -- Philip of Macedon, Alexander the Great, and the Hellenistic World -- Greek Philosophy -- Physics -- Math and Logic: Metaphysics -- Socrates and his Followers -- Drama -- The Origins of History -- Suggested Reading -- ch. 8 The Hellenistic East And Persia A Cultural Bridge -- The Hellenistic East -- Diffusion of Hellenism to the East -- Kings, Cities, and Soldiers -- Hellenistic Philosophy -- The Stoics -- One God, One Lord -- The Persians -- The Persian Sassanian Empire (224-651 CE) -- Khusro I and the Height of the Sassanian Empire -- Suggested Reading -- ch. 9 Rome From Citizenship to Imperial Rule -- pt. One The Republic -- pt. Two The Empire -- Roman Society -- Roman Philosophy -- Christianity -- Suggested Reading -- ch. 10 Origins Of Native American Cultures Geographic Isolation -- Origins of the Americas' First Cities -- Mesoamerica -- Teotihuacan -- The Maya -- South America -- Elsewhere in the Americas -- Suggested Reading -- ch. 11 The Fall Of The Ancient Eurasian World Rome, Han China, and Gupta India -- Trade, Disease, and Religious Ideas -- Special Topic: Manichaeism -- Internal Decay: The Roman Story -- Special Topic: Malaria -- Special Topic: Smallpox -- The Han Dynasty, 206 BCE-220 CE -- Chaos and Religion: Buddhism and Daoism -- The Last Days of the Han -- Gupta India: The Great Exception -- The Nomads -- Suggested Reading -- UNIT TWO The Middle Years -- Themes: Culture -- Learned -- Shared -- Symbolic -- Integrated -- ch. 12 The Rise Of Islam The Ancient Near East Becomes the Middle East -- The Prophecy -- The Pillars of Islam -- The Umma -- The Caliphs -- Suggested Reading -- ch. 13 China In An Era Of Recovery And Cultures On The Fringe Korea, Japan, and the Mongols -- China's Second Empire: Sui and Tang Dynasties -- The Tang Dynasty, 618-907 -- The Song Dynasty, 960-1127 -- The Yuan Dynasty, 1279-1368: The Mongol Conquest of China -- Sinicization: The Influence of Chinese Culture on Korea, Japan, and Mongolia -- Korea -- Japan -- The Mongols: The End of Nomadism -- Suggested Reading -- ch. 14 India And Islam An Era of Political Chaos -- Internal Fragmentation -- The Arrival of Islam -- Hindu Revival -- Delhi Sultanate -- Dhimmis, Being Cared for by the Faithful -- Suggested Reading -- ch. 15 The European Middle Ages The Failure of Tradition -- pt. One The Early Middle Ages, 500-1000 -- pt. Two The Byzantine Empire -- pt. Three Europe and the High Middle Ages, 1000-1300 -- Special Topic: The Magna Carta -- pt. Four The Late Middle Ages, 1300-1450 -- Special Topic: The Bubonic/Pneumonic Plague -- Special Topic: Joan Of Arc -- pt. Five The Renaissance -- Suggested Reading -- ch. 16 Islamic Africa A Complex Pattern of Cultures -- Corporate Lineage and State Formation after 500 -- Muslim Africa -- Special Topic: Abu Abdullah Mohammed Battuta -- South Africa -- Suggested Reading -- ch
17 The Americas A Time of Trouble -- The Toltecs -- The Aztecs -- Special Topic: Ixiptla: An Aztec God-Representative -- The Incas -- North America -- The Unmistakable Influence of Isolation -- Suggested Reading
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