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Title [Industrial relations]
Published 1816-
Table of Contents
Box 1:1Age and employment : technical international seminar at Stockholm 15th-19th April 1962, 1962 / Dr. Alastair Heron 
Box 1:2Annals of the American Academy of political and social science : collective bargaining and the democratic process, 1951 1887-1960 / Edwin E. Witte 
Box 1:3Arbitration and wage-fixing in Australia, 1918 
Box 1:4Arbitration its differences and its drawbacks, 1964 / Frank Traver de Vyver 
Box 1:5Award restructuring : better jobs better future, 1989 / Department of Industrial Relations, Australia 
Box 1:6Basic wage : what is it's basis? 1941 1905-1965 / Fitzpatrick, Brian, 
Box 1:7Battle for working class organisation on the shop floor, [197?] 
Box 1:8Brief guide to the law relating to safety in factories, 1962 / Dept. of Labour and Industry,Victoria 
Box 1:9Change or decay : men at work, 1963 / a group of Conservative Members of Parliament 
Box 1:10Church and the labour movement, 1930 / C. A. White 
Box 1:11Civil service in the constitution, 1954 / K. C. Wheare 
Box 1:12Community and the company : reform of company law, 1974 
Box 6:1Comprehensive ready to use plain english Australian workplace agreement : for small business employers and employees,  
Box 1:13Compulsory arbitration?, 1956 / Economics Division, The Victorian Employers' Federation 
Box 1:14Conservatism and social security, 2nd ed. 1943 
Box 1:15Consumption : domestic imperialism / Dave Gilbert 
Box 1:16Dangerous tendencies in the workmen's compensation laws, 1926 / F. Robertson Jones 
Box 1:17Declaration on manpower adjustments to technological and other change, 1966 / Economic Council of Canada 
Box1:18Defend, peace - union rights - liberty : defeat Barwick's Crimes Bill 
Box 6:2Drafting and lodging an Australian workplace agreement, 2004 / Office of the Employment Advocate, Australian Government 
Box 2:1Economic institution, to promote the knowledge, collection, manufacture, and use of articles, the growth of this country; and other objects calculated to give employment to the poor, 1816 / T. J. Pettigrew 
Box 2:2Economic significance of automatic wage adjustments, 1959 / J. W. Garbarino 
Box 2:3Employee savings programs : an analysis of recent trends, 1937 / Helen Baker 
Box 2:4Employer and fair employment practices : the open door to full employment opportunity 
Box 2:5Employment and income with special reference to the initial period of reconstruction, 1945 
Box 2:6Employment, inflation and growth, 1961 / A. W. Phillips 
Box 2:7Employment relations and the basic wage : lectures and papers published in connection with the Pitt Cobbett Foundation, 1925 
Box 2:8Food and people : seven essays 
Box 2:9Equal pay for equal work, 1960 / United Nations 
Box 2:10Equal pay policy statement / Department of Industrial Relations 
Box 2:11Essence of "progress and poverty", extracted from the American of Henry George, and done into and dealt with in plain English / E. G. Fitzgibbon 
Box 2:12Europe today : as portrayed by speakers at the International Labour Conference in Paris, 1946 
Box 2:13Exhibit of the Department of Labour at the International Exhibition at Christchurch, November, 1906, to April, 1907, 1907 
Box 2:14Fork in the road cafĂ© : workplace ethics and you 
Box 2:15Forty-hour week, 1946 / May Brodney 
Box 2:16Free enterprise and rising living standards, [1958?] / Institute of Public Affairs 
Box 2:17Future of industrial assurance : Labour's proposals for mutual ownership by the policyholders, 1950 
Box 2:18Government response to the Senate Economics References Committee 1998 report entitled "Review of the inquiry into outworkers in the garment industry", 1998 / Australia. Senate Economics References Committee 
Box 2:19Growth, wagess money, 1961 / Sir Dennis Robertson 
Box 2:20Guaranteed wages the year round, [1947?] / Congress of Industrial Organizations Department of Research and Education 
Box 6:3Guide to Australian workplace agreements and the Office of the Employment Advocate, 2004 / Office of the Employment Advocate, Australian Government 
Box 2:21Guidelines for employers : on job advertising and recruitment, [1987] / National Labour Consultative Council 
Box 6:4How to guide : Australian workplace agreement a step by step guide to drafting and filing Australian worplace agreements, 2003 / Office of the Employment Advocate, Australian Government 
Box 2:22How unemployment compensation insures employment : an answer to the next depression, 1936 / California Unemployment Reserves Commission 
Box 3:1If : what a wonderful world it would be if, [194?] / Stanley F. Allen 
Box 3:2Industrial arbitration in New Zealand : is it a success?, 1901 / J. MacGregor 
Box 3:3Industrial relations in conditions of full employment, 1945 / Kirkaldy, H. S. 
Box 3:4Integrity in arbitration, 1971 / A. T. Brodney 
Box 3:5Jam to-day : the psychology and technique of modern incentive management, 1956 / Kenneth G. Briskham 
Box 3:6Labor arbitration : procedures and techniques / American Arbitration Association 
Box 3:7Let's go shares : partner!, 1945 / J. Wallace-Alexander 
Box 3:8Living wage : a report submitted to the National Administrative Council of the Independent Labour Party, 1926 / H. N. Brailsford 
Box 3:9Looking ahead to the world of work, 1965 / Economics and Research Branch of the Department of Labour, Canada 
Box 3:10Maternity protection for women workers in Canada, 1967 / Sheila Woodsworth 
Box 3:11Mount Isa Mines award, [1964] 
Box 3:12Must full employment mean ever-rising prices?, [195?] 
Box 3:13New Zealand Department of Labour : its organization and work, 1907 
Box 3:14Notes on conditions of employment, 1962 / Public Service Association of New South Wales 
Box 4:1Organisation of the productivity group movement, 1963 / Joint Committee for Productivity Group Promotion 
Box 4:2Outline of industrial policies and practices in time of reduced operation and employment, 1931 / prepared for The President's Emergency Committee for Employment 
Box 4:3People on the move : UNESCO food and people, 1950 / Dr. Kingsley Davis 
  Box 4:4Organization and action for improved administraltion : including a paper on personnel budgeting : No. 173, 1957 
Box 4:5Poverty old and new, 1932 / Professor Frederick Soddy 
Box 4:6 
Box 4:7Progress and poverty, a criticism of Mr. Henry George : being two lectures delivered in St. Andrews Hall, Newman Street, London, 1884 / Arnold Toynbee 
  Box 4:8Workers and bosses are human : No. 76, 1943 / Thomas R. Carskadon 
  Box 4:9Unemployment insurance : No. 3, 1933 / Mary B. Gilson 
Box 4:10Raise wages! reduce prices! : how to increase the standard of living, [194?] / R. Dixon 
Box 4:11Rate for the job, 1965 / A. M. Magoffin & Doris M. Osborne 
Box 4:12Report of the Economic Commission on the Queensland basic wage, 1924 / Court of Industrial Arbitration, Queensland 
Box 4:13Reports and accounts 1954-55 : mineworkers' pension, industrial injuries supplementary benefits and special fatal accident schemes, [1955] / Coal Industry 
Box 4:14Restrictive work practices : submission to the Economic Planning Advisory Council, 1986 / B. N. Kelman 
Box 4:15Review of federalism : industrial relations, 1954 / Australian Broadcasting Commission 
Box 5:1Seniority policy and procedures as developed through collective bargaining / Frederick H. Harbison 
Box 5:2Social security budget information 1987-88 : family package, 1988 / Department of Social Security 
Box 5:3Story of voluntary health insurance in Australia : how Blue Cross finds began, 1964 / Voluntary Health Insurance Council of Australia 
Box 5:4Superannuation complaints tribunal : how it can help, 1996 / A.G.P.S. 
Box 5:5Taft-Hartley Act in action, 1947-1954 / Jack Barbash 
Box 5:6Tax cut : price of prosperity?, 1963 / Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia 
Box 5:7Three aspects of industrial relations in our expanding economy, 1959 / Industrial Relations Society 
Box 5:8To members of the Rationalist Society of Australia and readers of "The rationalist", 1938 / J. S. Langley 
Box 5:9Towards a fairer Australia : social justice and program management a guide, 1989 / Department of Finance 
Box 5:10Towards better communications between labour and management, 1967 / Economic Council of Canada 
Box 5:11Trends in Australian industrial relations, 1962 1922- / J. E. Isaac 
Box 5:12Two important papers from "Public interest or vested interest?", 1990 / Don M. Swan 
Box 5:13U. E. guide to wage payment plans time study and job evaluation, 2nd ed. 1943 / United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America 
Box 5:14Wages problem and the money power / John Stafford 
Box 5:15Wages, prices, profits, 1949 / John Arrowsmith 
Box 5:16Worker's legal manual, 1957 / Alfred O'Connor & Charles Healy 
  Box 5:17Some effects of shift work on social and domestic life : No. 2, 1959 / H. G. Brown 


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