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Description NUTRITIONnetBASE covers sports nutrition, phytonutrients, the cancer diet connection, and oxidative stress
Subject area Food, Nutrition and Dietetics
  Health Sciences and Allied Health
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NUTRITIONnetBASE Adequate food for all : culture, science, and technology of food in the 21st century / edited by Wilson G. Pond, Buford L. Nichols, Dan L. Brown
NUTRITIONnetBASE Adipose tissue and inflammation / edited by Atif B. Awad, Peter G. Bradford
NUTRITIONnetBASE Adult Obesity : a Paediatric Challenge
NUTRITIONnetBASE Advances in isotope methods for the analysis of trace elements in man / edited by Nicola Lowe and Malcolm Jackson
NUTRITIONnetBASE Advances in conjugated linoleic acid research. Vol. 3 / editors, Martin P. Yurawecz [and others]
NUTRITIONnetBASE Advances in conjugated linoleic acid research. Vol. 2 / editors, Jean-Louis Sebedio, William W. Christie, Richard Adlof
NUTRITIONnetBASE Advances in food biochemistry / edited by Fatih Yildiz
NUTRITIONnetBASE Advancing medicine with food and nutrients / edited by Ingrid Kohlstadt
NUTRITIONnetBASE Advanced nutrition : micronutrients / Carolyn D. Berdanier ; illustrations by Toni Kathryn Adkins
NUTRITIONnetBASE Ageing well : nutrition, health, and social interventions / [edited by] Alan Dangour, Emily Grundy and Astrid Fletcher
NUTRITIONnetBASE Alcohol and coffee use in the aging / edited by Ronald R. Watson
NUTRITIONnetBASE Amino acid chelation in human and animal nutrition / H. DeWayne Ashmead
NUTRITIONnetBASE Amino acids and proteins for the athlete : the anabolic edge / Mauro G. Di Pasquale
NUTRITIONnetBASE Anti-angiogenic functional and medicinal foods / edited by Jack N. Losso, Fereidoon Shahidi, Debasis Bagchi
NUTRITIONnetBASE Appetite and food intake : behavioral and physiological considerations / edited by Ruth B.S. Harris, Richard D. Mattes
NUTRITIONnetBASE Arthritis : pathophysiology, prevention, and therapeutics / editors, Debasis Bagchi, Hiroyoshi Moriyama, Siba P. Raychaudhuri
NUTRITIONnetBASE An atlas of obesity and weight control / George A. Bray
NUTRITIONnetBASE Berry Fruit : Value-Added Products for Health Promotion / edited by Yanyun Zhao
NUTRITIONnetBASE Bioactive foods and extracts : cancer treatment and prevention / edited by Ronald Ross Watson, Victor R. Preedy
NUTRITIONnetBASE Bioactive peptides : applications for improving nutrition and health / Richard Owusu-Apenten