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Title The Nature and process of law : an introduction to legal philosophy / edited by Patricia Smith
Published New York : Oxford University Press, 1993


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Description xviii, 856 pages ; 25 cm
Contents Machine derived contents note: Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., "The Path of the Law" -- Introduction -- UNIT I: Formal Foundations of Law -- CHAPTER ONE: The Nature of the Political Process -- 1. Constitutional Government and the Rule of Law -- George Dargo, from Law in the New Republic -- Edward S. Corwin, from The "Higher Law" Background of American Constitutional Law -- Aristotle, from Politics -- Montesquieu, from The Spirit of the Laws -- Laurence Tribe, from American Constitutional Law -- Collected Documents: Concord Resolutions (1776); Pennsylvania Constitution (1776); New York Constitution (1777); Articles of Confederation (1781); James Madison, The Federalist 45; James Madison, The Federalist 50 -- 2. Constitutional Rights and Natural Law -- Lawrence C. Becker, from Individual Rights -- Wesley Newcomb Hohfeld, from Fundamental Legal Conceptions -- Joel Feinberg, from Social Philosophy -- Edward S. Corwin, from The "Higher Law" Background of American Constitutional Law -- John Locke, from The Second Treatise on Government -- Jeremy Bentham, from Anarchical Fallacies -- Collected Documents: Declaration of the Rights of Man and of Citizens (1789); Virginia Declaration of Rights (1776); Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist 84 -- 3. Democracy, Representation, and Legislative Process -- Aristotle, from Politics -- John Stuart Mill, from Considerations on Representative Government -- Alexis de Tocqueville, from Democracy in America -- Robert Paul Wolff, from In Defense of Anarchism -- Ideas for Class Projects, Papers, or Debates -- CHAPTER TWO: The Nature of the Judicial Process and the Concept of Law -- 1. Judicial Review and the Common Law -- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., from The Common Law -- Benjamin Cardozo, from Paradoxes of Legal Science -- Edward Levi, from An Introduction to Legal Reasoning -- Julius Stone, from Legal System and Lawyers' Reasonings -- David Kairys, from The Politics of Law -- Robert Bork, from The Tempting of America -- Frederick Schauer, "An Essay on Constitutional Language" -- John Hart Ely, from Democracy and Distrust -- Martha Minow, from Justice Engendered -- 2. The Concept of Law -- H.L.A. Hart, from The Concept of Law -- Ronald A. Dworkin, from "Natural" Law Revisited -- John Chipman Gray, from The Nature and Sources of Law -- Janet Rifkin, "Toward a Theory of Law and Patriarchy" -- Ideas for Class Projects, Papers, or Debates -- How to Read a Case -- How to Evaluate a Theory -- Lon L. Fuller, from The Morality of Law -- Jerome Frank, from Law and the Modern Mind -- UNIT II: Private Law and Individual Interests -- George Dargo, from Law in the New Republic -- CHAPTER THREE: The Nature of Contracts and the Value of Freedom -- Charles Fried, from Contract as Promise -- Patrick S. Atiyah, from Promises, Morals, and Law -- Henry Maine, from Ancient Law -- M.E. Tigar and M.R. Levy, from Law and the Rise of Capitalism -- Max Radin, "Contract Obligation and the Human Will" -- Cases on Freedom of Contract: Mugler v. Kansas (1887); Chicago, Minneapolis, and St. Paul Railroad Co. v. Minnesota (1890); Allgeyer v. Louisiana (1897); Lochner v. New York (1905); Muller v. Oregon (1908); Coppage v. Kansas (1915); Adkins v. Children's Hospital (1923); Nebbia v. New York (1934); West Coast Hotel Co. v. Parrish (1937) -- Ideas for Class Projects, Papers, or Debates -- Surrogate Mother Contracts: The Case of Baby M -- CHAPTER FOUR: The Nature of Property and the Value of Justice -- A.M. Honore, "Ownership" -- John Locke, from Treatise of Civil Government -- John Stuart Mill, from Principles of Political Economy -- Henry George, from Progress and Poverty -- Karl Marx, from Capital -- Robert Nozick, from Anarchy, State, and Utopia -- A.M. Honore, from Property, Title and Redistribution -- Ideas for Class Projects, Papers, or Debates -- Cases on Property: Euclid v. Amber Realty Co. (1926); Village of Belle Terre v. Boraas (1974); State of New Jersey v. Peter K. Shack and Frank Tejeras (1971); Penn Central Transportation Co. et al. v. City of New York et al. (1978); Construction Industry Ass'n of Sonoma County v. The City of Petaluma (1976) -- CHAPTER FIVE: The Nature of Tort Law and Personal Responsibilty -- Dan B. Dobbs, from Torts and Compensation -- William Prosser, from The Law of Torts -- Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad Company, In Re Arbitration between Polemis and Furness, Withy & Co., Limited -- H.L.A. Hart and A.M. Honore, from Causation in the Law -- Douglas N. Husak, "Omissions, Causation and Liability" -- Jeremy Bentham, from An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation -- Fowler Harper and Fleming James, from The Law of Torts -- Ideas for Class Projects, Papers, or Debates -- Susan J. Hoffman, from Statutes Establishing a Duty to Report Crimes or Render Assistance to Strangers: Making Apathy Criminal -- UNIT III: Public Law and the Public Interest -- Abram Chayes, "The Role of the Judge in Public Law Litigation" -- CHAPTER SIX: The Nature of Crime and Punishment -- 1. What Justifies Criminal Prohibitions? -- John Stuart Mill, from On Liberty -- John Kleinig, "Crime and the Concept of Harm" -- Lawrence Friedman, A History of American Law -- Louis B. Schwartz, from Morals Offenses and the Model Penal Code -- 2. Criminal Responsibility and the Meaning of Guilt -- Richard B. Brandt, from Ethical Theory -- Lawrence Friedman, from A History of American Law -- Jerome Hall, from General Principles of Criminal Law -- Herbert Packer, from The Limits of the Criminal Sanction -- 3. Punishment: Justification and Alternatives -- Lawrence Friedman, from A History of American Law -- Richard B. Brandt, "The Utilitarian Theory of Criminal Punishment" -- Edmund L. Pincoffs, from The Rationale of Legal Punishment -- Jeffrie G. Murphy, "Marxism and Retribution" -- Karl Menninger, from The Crime of Punishment -- Randy E. Barnett, "Restitution: A New Paradigm of Criminal Justice" -- Ideas for Class Projects, Papers, or Debates -- Cases on Capital Punishment: Furman v. Georgia (1972); Gregg v. Georgia (1976); Penry v. Lynaugh (1988) -- CHAPTER SEVEN: The Nature of Civil Rights -- 1. Civil Rights and the Value of Freedom -- John Stuart Mill, from On Liberty -- Fred R. Berger, "Symbolic Conduct and Freedom of Speech" -- Nat Hentoff, "The Enemy Within: The American Nazis and Symbolic Conduct" -- Cases on Civil Liberties and the First Amendment: Schenck v. United States (1919); Abrams et al. v. United States (1919); Dennis v. United States (1951); Feiner v. New York (1951); Edwards v. South Carolina (1963); Cox v. Louisiana (1965); Brandenburg v. Ohio (1969); Village of Skokie v. National Socialist Party of America (1977) -- Hyman Gross, "Privacy and Autonomy" -- Judith Wagner DeCrew, "The Scope of Privacy in Law and Ethics" -- Cases on the Constitutional Right of Privacy: Meyer v. Nebraska (1923); Pierce v. Society of Sisters (1925); Griswold v. Connecticut (1965); Loving v. Virginia (1967); Stanley v. Georgia (1969); Eisenstadt v. Baird (1972); Roe v. Wade (1973); Bowers v. Hardwick (1987); Planned Parenthood of S.E. Pennsylvania v. Casey (1992) -- 2. Civil Rights and the Value of Justice -- Aristotle, from The Nichomachean Ethics -- John Rawls, "Justice as Fairness" -- Kimberle Williams Crenshaw, "Race, Reform, and Retrenchment: Transformation and Legitimation in Antidiscrimination Law" -- Cases on Discrimination and Equal Protection of the Law: Plessy v. Ferguson (1896); Shelley v. Kraemer (1948); Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas I (1954); Regents of the University of California v. Bakke (1978) -- Frank I. Michelman, "On Protecting the Poor Through the Fourteenth Amendment" -- Lawrence M. Friedman, from A History of American Law -- L.J. Barker and T.W. Barker, Jr., from Civil Liberties and the Constitution -- Cases on Poverty and Equal Protection of the Law: Ortwein v. Schwab (1973); United States v. Kras (1973); San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez (1973); Harris v
McRae (1980) -- Ideas for Class Projects, Papers, or Debates -- Appendix: The Constitution of the United States of America; The Declaration of Independence; United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Analysis Jurisprudence
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Subject Law -- Philosophy.
Law -- United States.
Author Smith, Patricia, 1956-
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