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ReadNK SUG : Girl online / Zoe Sugg     
      Girl online / Zoe Sugg WATERFT  Book 2014
ReadNK SUL    
      Theft of swords / Michael J. Sullivan MELB  Book 2011
      Heir Of Novron / Michael J. Sullivan MELB  Book 2012
      Maine / Courtney Sullivan MELB  Book 2012
ReadNK SUM    
      Noon lady of Towitta WATERFT  Book 2010
      The suspicions of mr. whicher : or the murder at road hill house (tv tie-in edition) W'BOOL  Book 2011
      Trust me, I'm lying / Mary Elizabeth Summer W'PONDS  Book 2015
ReadNK SUN    
      We should hang out sometime : embarrassingly, a true story / Josh Sundquist MELB  Book 2015
      The crow girl / Erik Axl Sund ; translated by Neil Smith WATERFT  Book 2016
ReadNK SUT    
      Get me out of here W'PONDS  Book 2011
      Concentr8 / William Sutcliffe WATERFT  Book 2016
      Actual one W'PONDS  Book 2016
      Elefant / Martin Suter ; translated from the German by Jamie Bulloch WATERFT  Book 2018
ReadNK SUZ : Letters to my grandchildren / David Suzuki     
      Letters to my grandchildren / David Suzuki MELB  Book 2015
ReadNK SVE    
      The father / Anton Svensson ; translated by Elizabeth Clark Wessel W'BOOL  Book 2016
      The chestnut man / Soren Sveistrup ; translated by Caroline Waight W'PONDS  Book 2019
ReadNK SWA    
      The girl with a clock for a heart / Peter Swanson MELB  Book 2014
      The kind worth killing / Peter Swanson W'BOOL  Book 2016
      Her every fear / Peter Swanson WATERFT  Book 2017
ReadNK SWI    
      Wish you were here / Graham Swift MELB  Book 2011
      Hell & gone / Duane Swierczynski MELB  Book 2011
      Wish You Were Here / Graham Swift W'PONDS  Book 2012
ReadNK SWY : The book of speculation / Erika Swyler, with illustrations by the author     
      The book of speculation / Erika Swyler, with illustrations by the author MELB  Book 2016
ReadNK SYK    
      Hockney. Volume 1, 1937-1975 : the biography / Christopher Simon Sykes W'PONDS  Book 2011
      Fitness junkie / Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza WATERFT  Book 2017
      The bone fire / S. D. Sykes MELB  Book 2019
ReadNK SZU : Reckoning : a memoir / Magda Szubanski     
      Reckoning : a memoir / Magda Szubanski W'PONDS  Book 2015
ReadNK TAB : Blind descent     
      Blind descent W'PONDS  Book 2011
ReadNK TAD : Three women / Lisa Taddeo     
      Three women / Lisa Taddeo MELB  Book 2019
ReadNK TAH : An ember in the ashes / Sabaa Tahir     
      An ember in the ashes / Sabaa Tahir W'PONDS  Book  
ReadNK TAM : Songwoman / Ilka Tampke     
      Songwoman / Ilka Tampke W'BOOL  Book 2018
ReadNK TAN    
      A break in the chain : the early Kozminskys / Tangea Tansley W'PONDS  Book 2011
      The valley of amazement / Amy Tan W'PONDS  Book 2014
      Comfort zone / Lindsay Tanner MELB  Book 2016
      Sarong party girls / Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan W'PONDS  Book 2016
      Where the past begins : a writer's memoir / Amy Tan MELB  Book 2017
ReadNK TAS    
      Noon W'PONDS  Book 2011
      The geek's guide to unrequited love / Sarvenaz Tash WATERFT  Book 2016
ReadNK TAT : The love triangle / Nic Tatano     
      The love triangle / Nic Tatano W'PONDS  Book 2016
ReadNK TAY    
      Conversations with Mr. Prain W'PONDS  Book 2011
      Home for Christmas / Cally Taylor MELB  Book 2011
      Daughter of Smoke and Bone / Taylor, Laini W'PONDS  Book 2012
      The ashes of London / Andrew Taylor MELB  Book 2016
ReadNK TCH : Something was there, Asham award short stories     
      Something was there, Asham award short stories W'PONDS  Book 2011
ReadNK TEL : All the ever afters : the untold story of Cinderella's stepmother / Danielle Teller     
      All the ever afters : the untold story of Cinderella's stepmother / Danielle Teller W'BOOL  Book 2018
ReadNK TEM    
      Bad debts : TV tie-in / Peter Temple W'PONDS  Book 2012
      Black tide / Peter Temple W'BOOL  Book 2012
ReadNK TEP    
      A plague of angels / Sheri S. Tepper MELB  Book 2011
      The waters rising MELB  Book 2011
      The Margarets / Sheri S. Tepper MELB  Book 2009
ReadNK TER : Frayed / Kara Terzis     
      Frayed / Kara Terzis W'BOOL  Book 2016
ReadNK TES    
      The philanthropist W'PONDS  Book 2010
      The debutante / by Kathleen Tessaro MELB  Book 2010
      The last will and testament of Henry Hoffman / John Tesarsch W'BOOL  Book 2015
ReadNK THA : Narcopolis     
      Narcopolis MELB  Book 2012
ReadNK THE    
      The consul's file WATERFT  Book 2011
      Fatal crossing / Lone Theils, translated by Charlotte Barslund MELB  Book 2017
      On the plain of snakes : a Mexican journey / Paul Theroux MELB  Book 2019
      Gotta get Theroux this : [my life and strange times in television] / Louis Theroux W'BOOL  Book 2019
ReadNK THO    
      Night Street MELB  Book 2010
      The Kashmir shawl / Rosie Thomas MELB  Book 2011
      Our tragic universe W'PONDS  Book 2011
      Jackaroo W'PONDS  Book 2011
16 additional entries    
ReadNK THR : Cedar Valley / Holly Throsby     
      Cedar Valley / Holly Throsby MELB  Book 2018
ReadNK THU    
      Ru / Thuy, Kim W'PONDS  Book 2012
      No one is too small to make a difference / Greta Thunberg W'BOOL  Book 2019
ReadNK THW : GoatMan : how I took a holiday from being human / Thomas Thwaites     
      GoatMan : how I took a holiday from being human / Thomas Thwaites WATERFT  Book 2016
ReadNK TIE : Love me back : a novel / Merritt Tierce     
      Love me back : a novel / Merritt Tierce MELB  Book 2015
ReadNK TIF    
      Mateship with birds / Carrie Tiffany MELB  Book 2012
      Everyman's Rules for Scientific Living / Carrie Tiffany W'PONDS  Book 2012
ReadNK TOB    
      The faculty club WATERFT  Book 2011
      The barbarian nurseries WATERFT  Book 2011
      The sea on our skin / Madeleine Tobert MELB  Book 2012
      The Witcher / Paul Tobin W'PONDS  Book 2018-
      Sissy : a coming-of-gender story / Jacob Tobia WATERFT  Book 2019
ReadNK TOD    
      A lonely death : an Inspector Ian Rutledge mystery / Charles Todd MELB  Book 2011
      An Unmarked Grave / Todd, Charles W'PONDS  Book 2012
      After / Anna Todd MELB  Book 2019
ReadNK TOE : Irma Voth / Miriam Toews     
      Irma Voth / Miriam Toews MELB  Book 2011
ReadNK TÓI    
      Nora Webster / Colm Tóibín W'BOOL  Book 2014
      House of names / Colm Toibin W'PONDS  Book 2017
ReadNK TOL    
      The lord of the rings / by J.R.R. Tolkien W'BOOL  Book 1999
      The lord of the rings / by J.R.R. Tolkien W'BOOL  Book 1999
      The lord of the rings / by J.R.R. Tolkien W'BOOL  Book 1999
      Final witness W'PONDS  Book 2011
5 additional entries    
ReadNK TOO : Baby be mine / by Paige Toon     
      Baby be mine / by Paige Toon W'PONDS  Book 2011
ReadNK TOR    
      More than you can say / Paul Torday MELB  Book 2011
      The hopeless life of Charlie Summers / Paul Torday MELB  Book 2010
      The legacy of Hartlepool Hall / Paul Torday MELB  Book 2012
      Salmon fishing in the Yemen / Paul Torday W'PONDS  Book 2007
ReadNK TOW    
      Rules of civility / Amor Towles MELB  Book 2011
      A gentleman in Moscow / Amor Towles WATERFT  Book 2017
ReadNK TRA    
      Sex and Stravinsky MELB  Book 2010
      Halo : glasslands W'PONDS  Book 2011
      The rome prophecy MELB  Book 2011
      A common loss MELB  Book 2012
ReadNK TRE    
      The girl and the ghost-grey mare W'PONDS  Book 2011
      Advent / James Treadwell W'PONDS  Book 2012
      The ice twins / S.K. Tremayne W'BOOL  Book 2015
      The cabin at the end of the world : a novel / Paul Tremblay WATERFT  Book 2018
ReadNK TRO    
      The other family / Joanna Trollope MELB  Book 2010
      This is where I leave you / Jonathan Tropper W'PONDS  Book 2010
ReadNK TRU    
      Cat out of Hell / Lynne Truss W'PONDS  Book 2014
      Hotel du Barry / Lesley Truffle MELB  Book 2016
ReadNK TUC    
      I married you for happiness W'PONDS  Book 2011
      How to be single / Liz Tuccillo WATERFT  Book 2016
ReadNK TUD    
      The chalk man / C. J. Tudor W'PONDS  Book 2018
      The hiding place : a novel / C.J. Tudor W'PONDS  Book 2019
ReadNK TUL : Beneath the darkening sky / Majok Tulba     
      Beneath the darkening sky / Majok Tulba W'PONDS  Book 2012
ReadNK TUN : The colour of tea / Hannah Tunnicliffe     
      The colour of tea / Hannah Tunnicliffe W'PONDS  Book 2011
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