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-- See Anti-imperialist movements

Here are entered works discussing collectively organizations and movements, whose stated purpose is to work against what they regard as imperialism, i.e. the policy or practice of a country extending power over other states or areas of the world, often by annexing territory

-- See Colonies

Here are entered works on colonies in general and colonialism, subdivided further by Africa, America, Asia, or Oceania, if appropriate. Works on the policy of settling immigrants or nationals in colonial areas are entered under Colonization. Works discussing collectively the colonies ruled by a country or other jurisdiction are entered under the name of the country or other jurisdiction subdivided by Colonies, e.g. Great Britain--Colonies. Headings of the type [country]--Colonies may be further subdivided by the regions and topics that appear as subdivisions under Great Britain--ColoniesWorks on the colonial period of individual regions or countries are entered under the name of the region or country with appropriate subdivision, e.g. India--Politics and government--1919-1947Works on the influence of former colonial policies and structures on the existing institutions of former colonies are entered under the current name of the particular region or country with subdivision Colonial influence

--subdivision Colonies under names of countries, cities, etc., e.g. France--Colonies, and under headings of the type [topic]--[place] for works discussing collectively the colonies of a place in relation to a topic, e.g. Education--Great Britain--Colonies
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