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Description MILITARYnetBASE explores war history, weaponry, politics, and global conflicts as well as terrorism and national security.
Subject area Political Science
  Social Sciences
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MILITARYnetBASE 11 September 2001 : war, terror, and judgement / editors, Bülent Gökay, R.B.J. Walker
MILITARYnetBASE Advertising / Iain MacRury
MILITARYnetBASE America and Iraq : policy-making, intervention and regional politics / edited by David Ryan and Patrick Kiely
MILITARYnetBASE American Intelligence in War-time London : The Story of the OSS
MILITARYnetBASE American policy toward Israel : the power and limits of beliefs / Michael Thomas
MILITARYnetBASE America, technology and strategic culture : a Clausewitzian assessment / Brice F. Harris
MILITARYnetBASE America, the EU and strategic culture : renegotiating the transatlantic bargain / Asle Toje
MILITARYnetBASE America, war and power : defining the state, 1775-2005 / edited by Lawrence Sondhaus and A. James Fuller
MILITARYnetBASE Anti-submarine warfare in World War I : British naval aviation and the defeat of the U-Boats / John J. Abbatiello
MILITARYnetBASE Armed groups and the balance of power : the international relations of terrorists, warlords and insurgents / Anthony Vinci
MILITARYnetBASE The Army of Northern Virginia : Lee's army in the American Civil War, 1861-1865 / Philip Katcher
MILITARYnetBASE Asia Pacific security : values and identity / Leszek Buszynski
MILITARYnetBASE Asia-Pacific security : US, Australia and Japan and the new security triangle / edited by William T. Tow [and others]
MILITARYnetBASE Austro-Hungarian naval policy, 1904-14 / Milan N. Vego
MILITARYnetBASE The Balkan Wars, 1912-1913 : prelude to the First World War / Richard C. Hall
MILITARYnetBASE Battle for the Ukraine : The Korsun'-Shevchenkovskii Operation
MILITARYnetBASE Britain as a military power, 1688-1815 / Jeremy Black
MILITARYnetBASE Britain's anti-submarine capability, 1919-1939 / George Franklin
MILITARYnetBASE Britain's economic blockade of Germany, 1914-1919 / Eric W. Osborne
MILITARYnetBASE Britain, France and the Naval Arms Trade in the Baltic, 1919 -1939 : Grand Strategy and Failure