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Bills of exchange -- See Also Acceptances

Here are entered works on drafts or bills of exchange for which a bank or other drawee has accepted the obligation to honor at maturity
2 Bills of exchange.   7
3 Great Britain. Bills of Exchange Act 1882. : The Bills of Exchange Act, 1882 (45 & 46 Vict., ch. 61) : an act to codify the law relating to bills of exchange, cheques, and promissory notes : with explanatory notes and index, and the Amending Acts of 1906, 1914 and 1917 / by Sir M.D. Chalmers  1918 1
4 Australia. Bills of Exchange Act 1909-1912 : The law relating to bills of exchange in Australia : a work on bills, cheques and promissory notes annotating the Bills of Exchange Act 1909-1912 (Commonwealth) / by F.A.A. Russell and D.S. Edwards  1928 1
5 Australia. Bills of Exchange Act 1909.   2
6 Bills of exchange -- Australia.   14
7 Bills of exchange -- Australia -- Econometric models. : GARCH-M estimates of variable risk premia for 180-day Australian bank bills / A. David McDonald, Jon D. Kendall and Tim I. A. Ridley  1992 1
8 Bills of exchange -- Early works to 1800. : Consuetudo, vel, Lex mercatoria ; or, The ancient law-merchant, divided into three parts: according to the essentials of traffick, necessary for all statesmen, judges, magistrates, temporall and civill lawyers, mint-men, merchants, mariners and all others negotiating in all places of the world / by Gerard Malynes  1656 1
9 Bills of exchange -- Great Britain.   6
10 Bills of exchange -- Great Britain -- History. : The early history of the Law of Bills and Notes : a study of the origins of Anglo-American law / James Steven Rogers  1995 1

Bills of exchange Law and legislation -- See Bills of exchange

12 Bills of exchange -- United States. : Commentaries on the law of bills of exchange : foreign and inland, as administered in England and America; with occasional illustrations from the commercial law of the nations of continental Europe / by Joseph Story  1853 1
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