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Blood protein electrophoresis -- See Also Blood proteins Separation

Blood protein electrophoresis.   2

Blood protein fractionation -- See Blood proteins Separation


Blood protein separation -- See Blood proteins Separation

  Blood proteins -- 11 Related Subjects   11
Blood proteins.   7
Blood proteins -- Analysis.   2
Blood proteins -- Analysis -- History. : Origins of Clinical Chemistry : the Evolution of Protein Analysis  1982 1
Blood Proteins -- chemical synthesis.   2

Blood proteins Diseases -- See Blood protein disorders


Blood proteins Fractionation -- See Blood proteins Separation


Blood proteins Separation -- See Also Blood protein electrophoresis

Blood proteins -- Separation -- Australia. : Review of Australia's plasma fractionation arrangements / Philip Flood [and others]  2006 1
Blood proteins -- Therapeutic use.   2
Blood proteins -- Therapeutic use -- Congresses. : Current topics in complement. II / John D. Lambris, editor  2008 1

Blood Purge, Germany, 1934 -- See Germany History Night of the Long Knives, 1934


Blood Religious aspects -- See Also the narrower term Blood accusation

Blood -- Religious aspects.   8
  Blood Religious aspects Christianity -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Blood -- Religious aspects -- Christianity.   3
Blood -- Religious aspects -- Judaism   3
Renal Insufficiency, Chronic -- blood. : Anaemia in chronic kidney disease / Ian C. Macdougall  2016 1
Renin -- blood. : Controlling resistant hypertension / J. David Spence  2017 1
Blood -- Research : Computational blood cell mechanics : road towards models and biomedical applications / Ivan Cimrák, Iveta Jančigová  2019 1

Blood-Retinal Barrier -- See Also Capillary Permeability

The property of blood capillary ENDOTHELIUM that allows for the selective exchange of substances between the blood and surrounding tissues and through membranous barriers such as the BLOOD-AIR BARRIER; BLOOD-AQUEOUS BARRIER; BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER; BLOOD-NERVE BARRIER; BLOOD-RETINAL BARRIER; and BLOOD-TESTIS BARRIER. Small lipid-soluble molecules such as carbon dioxide and oxygen move freely by diffusion. Water and water-soluble molecules cannot pass through the endothelial walls and are dependent on microscopic pores. These pores show narrow areas (TIGHT JUNCTIONS) which may limit large molecule movement
Blood-Retinal Barrier.   2
Blood-Retinal Barrier -- physiology. : The blood-retinal barrier / José Cunha-Vaz  2016 1

Blood-Retinal Barriers -- See Blood-Retinal Barrier

A specialized transport barrier, in the EYE, formed by the retinal pigment EPITHELIUM, and the ENDOTHELIUM of the BLOOD VESSELS of the RETINA. TIGHT JUNCTIONS joining adjacent cells keep the barrier between cells continuous

Blood Rheology -- See Also the narrower term Blood Viscosity

Blood -- Rheology.   3
Blood -- Rheology -- Computer simulation. : Computer simulation study of collective phenomena in dense suspensions of red blood cells under shear / Timm Krüger  2012 1
  Blood Safety -- 2 Related Subjects   2

Blood Semiology -- See Blood Examination

Here are entered works on the examination of the formed elements of the blood by microscopic and other techniques, and on the diagnostic significance of the results. Works on the physicochemical analysis of serum or plasma and on the diagnostic significance of the results are entered under Blood--Analysis

Blood Serum -- See Serum

Blood -- Social aspects.   5
Blood -- Social aspects -- India -- Delhi. : Veins of devotion : blood donation and religious experience in north India / Jacob Copeman  2009 1
Blood -- Social aspects -- India, North : Hematologies : the political life of blood in India / Jacob Copeman and Dwaipayan Banerjee  2019 1
Blood -- Social aspects -- Malaysia -- Pulau Pinang (State) : Blood work : life and laboratories in Penang / Janet Carsten ; foreword by Thomas Gibson  2019 1
Blood -- Social measures : The politics of blood : ethics, innovation, and the regulation of risk / Anne-Maree Farrell  2012 1

Blood spatter analysis -- See Bloodstain pattern analysis

Blood Specimen Collection.   2
Blood Specimen Collection -- ethics.   2
Blood Specimen Collection -- instrumentation.   2
Blood Specimen Collection -- methods.   2
Blood Specimen Collection -- veterinary   2

Blood Specimen Collections -- See Blood Specimen Collection

The taking of a blood sample to determine its character as a whole, to identify levels of its component cells, chemicals, gases, or other constituents, to perform pathological examination, etc

Blood splatter analysis -- See Bloodstain pattern analysis


Blood Stain -- See Blood Stains

Antigenic characteristics and DNA fingerprint patterns identified from blood stains. Their primary value is in criminal cases

Blood stains -- See Bloodstains

Blood Stains   3
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